๒ Read full length 1968: The Year That Rocked the World online free ᐤ Ebook Author Mark Kurlansky ឮ

๒ Read full length 1968: The Year That Rocked the World online free ᐤ Ebook Author Mark Kurlansky ឮ ๒ Read full length 1968: The Year That Rocked the World online free ᐤ Ebook Author Mark Kurlansky ឮ THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT The things of the eye are done.On the illuminated black dial,green ciphers of a new moon One, two, three, four, five, six I breathe and cannot sleep.Then morning comes,saying, This was night. Robert Lowell, Myopia a Night,from For the Union Dead, 1964CHAPTER 1THE WEEK IT BEGANThe year 1968 began the way any well ordered year should on a Monday morning It was a leap year February would have an extra day The headline on the front page of The New York Times read, world bids adieu to a violent year city gets snowfall.In Vietnam, 1968 had a quiet start Pope Paul VI had declared January 1 a day of peace For his day of peace, the pope had persuaded the South Vietnamese and their American allies to give a twelve hour extension to their twenty four hour truce The People s Liberation Armed Forces in South Vietnam, a pro North Vietnamese guerrilla force in the South popularly known as the Viet Cong, announced a seventy two hour cease fire In Saigon, the South Vietnamese government had forced shop owners to display banners that predicted, 1968 Will See the Success of Allied Arms.At the stroke of midnight in South Vietnam s Mekong Delta, the church bells in the town of Mytho rang in the new year Ten minutes later, while the bells were still ringing, a unit of Viet Cong appeared on the edge of a rice paddy and caught the South Vietnamese 2nd Marine Battalion by surprise, killing nineteen South Vietnamese marines and wounding another seventeen.A New York Times editorial said that although the resumption of fighting had shattered hopes for peace, another chance would come with a cease fire in February for Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.L anne 1968, je la salue avec srnit, pronounced Charles de Gaulle, the tall and regal seventy eight year old president of France, on New Year s Eve I greet the year 1968 with serenity, he said from his ornate palace where he had been governing France since 1958 He had rewritten the constitution to make the president of France the most powerful head of state of any Western democracy He was now three years into his second seven year term and saw few problems on the horizon From a gilded palace room, addressing French television whose only two channels were entirely state controlled he said that soon other nations would be turning to him and that he would be able to broker peace in not only Vietnam but also the Middle East All signs indicate, therefore, that we shall be in a position to contribute most effectively to international solutions In recent years he had taken to referring to himself as we.As he gave his annual televised message to the French people, the man the French called the General or Le Grand Charles seemed unusually mellow, almost avuncular, sparing harsh adjectives even for the United States, which of late he had been calling odious His tone contrasted with that of his 1967 New Year s message, when he had spoken of the detestable unjust war in Vietnam in which a big nation was destroying a small one The French government had grown concerned at the level of animosity that France s allies had been directing at it.France was enjoying a quiet and prosperous moment After World War II, the Republic had fought its own Vietnam war, a fact that de Gaulle seemed to have forgotten Ho Chi Minh, America s enemy, had been born under French colonial rule the same year as de Gaulle and had spent most of his life fighting the French He had once lived in Paris under the pseudonym Nguyen O Phap, which means Nguyen who hates the French During World War II, Franklin Roosevelt had warned de Gaulle that after the war France should give Indochina its independence But de Gaulle told Ho, even as he was enlisting his people in the fight against the Japanese, that after the war he intended to reestablish the French colony Roosevelt argued, The people of Indochina are entitled to something better than that De Gaulle was determined that his Free French troops participate in any action in Indochina, saying, French bloodshed on the soil of Indochina would constitute an impressive territorial claim.After World War II, the French fought Ho for Vietnam and suffered bitter defeat Then they fought and lost in Algeria But since 1962 France had been at peace The economy was growing, despite de Gaulle s notorious lack of interest in the fine points of economics Between the end of the Algerian war and 1967, real wages in France rose 3.6 percent each year There was a rapid increase in the acquisition of consumer goods especially cars and televisions And there was a dramatic increase in the number of young people attending universities.De Gaulle s prime minister, Georges Pompidou, anticipated few problems for the year ahead He predicted that the Left would be successful in unifying than they would in actually taking power The opposition will harass the government this year, the prime minister announced, but they will not succeed in provoking a crisis.The popular weekly Paris Match placed Pompidou on a short list of politicians who would maneuver in 1968 to try to replace the General Yet the editors predicted there would be to watch abroad than in France The United States will unleash one of the fiercest electoral battles ever imagined, they announced In addition to Vietnam, they saw the potential hot spots as a fight over gold and the dollar, growing freedom in the Soviet Union s Eastern satellite countries, and the launching of a Soviet space weapons system.It is impossible to see how France today could be paralyzed by crisis as she has been in the past, said de Gaulle in his New Year s message.Paris had never looked brighter, thanks to Culture Minister Andr Malraux s building cleaning campaign The Madeleine, the Arc de Triomphe, the Pantheon, and other landmark buildings were no longer gray and charcoal but beige and buff, and this month cold water sprays were going to remove seven hundred years of grime from Notre Dame Cathedral It was one of the great controversies of the moment in the French capital Would the water spray damage the building Would it look oddly patchwork, revealing that not all the stones were originally of matching color De Gaulle, seated in his palace moments before midnight on the eve of 1968, was serene and optimistic In the midst of so many countries shaken by confusion, he promised, ours will continue to give an example of order France s primordial aim in the world is peace, the General said We have no enemies.Perhaps this new Gaullian tone was influenced by dreams of a Nobel Peace Prize Paris Match asked Pompidou if he agreed with some of the General s inner circle who had expressed outrage that de Gaulle had not already received the prize But Pompidou answered, Do you really think that the Nobel Prize could be meaningful to the General The General is only concerned about history, and no jury can dictate the judgment of history.Aside from de Gaulle, the American computer industry struck one of the new year s rare notes of optimism, predicting a record year for 1968 In the 1950s computer manufacturers had estimated that six computers could serve the needs of the entire United States By January 1968 fifty thousand computers were operating in the country, of which fifteen thousand had been installed in the past year The cigarette industry was also optimistic that its 2 percent growth in sales in 1967 would be repeated in 1968 The executive of one of the leading cigarette manufacturers boasted, The they attack us the higher our sales go.But by most measurements, 1967 had not been a good year in the United States A record number of violent, destructive riots had erupted in black inner cities across the country, including Boston, Kansas City, Newark, and Detroit.1968 would be the year in which Negroes became blacks In 1965, Stokely Carmichael, an organizer for the remarkably energetic and creative civil rights group the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or SNCC, invented the name Black Panthers, soon followed by the phrase Black Power At the time, black, in this sense, was a rarely used poetic turn of phrase The word started out in 1968 as a term for black militants, and by the end of the year it became the preferred term for the people Negro had become a pejorative applied to those who would not stand up for themselves.On the second day of 1968, Robert Clark, a thirty seven year old schoolteacher, took his seat in the Mississippi House of Representatives without a challenge, the first black to gain a seat in the Mississippi State Legislature since 1894.But in the civil rights struggle, action was shifting from the soft spoken rural South to the hard edged urban North Northern blacks were different from blacks in the South While the mostly southern followers of Martin Luther King, Jr., studied Mohandas Gandhi and his nonviolent anti British campaign, Stokely Carmichael, who had grown up in New York City, became interested in violent rebels such as the Mau Mau, who had risen up against the British in Kenya Carmichael, a good hud man with a biting wit and a sense of theater that he brought from his native Trinidad, had been for years regularly jailed, threatened, and abused in the South, as had all the SNCC workers And during those years there were always moments when the concept of nonviolence was questioned Carmichael began hurling back abuse verbally and sometimes physically, confronting segregationists who harassed him The King people chanted, Freedom now The Carmichael people chanted, Black Power King tried to persuade Carmichael to use the slogan Black Equality rather than Black Power, but Carmichael kept his slogan.Increasing numbers of black leaders wanted to fight segregation with segregation, imposing a black only social order that at least paid lip service to excluding even white reporters from press briefings In 1966 Carmichael became head of SNCC, replacing John Lewis, a soft spoken southerner who advocated nonviolence Carmichael turned SNCC into an aggressive Black Power organization, and in so doing Black Power became a national movement In May 1967 Hubert Rap Brown, who had not been a well known figure in the civil rights movement, replaced Carmichael as the head of SNCC, which by now was nonviolent in name only In that summer of bloody riots, Brown said at a press conference, I say you better get a gun Violence is necessary it is as American as cherry pie.King was losing control over a badly divided civil rights movement in which many believed nonviolence had outlived its usefulness 1968 seemed certain to be the year of Black Power, and the police were readying themselves By the beginning of 1968 most American cities were preparing for war building up their arsenals, sending undercover agents into black neighborhoods like spies into enemy territory, recruiting citizenry as a standing reserve army The city of Los Angeles, where thirty four people had been killed in an August 1965 riot in the Watts section, was contemplating the purchase of bulletproof ard vehicles, each of which could be armed with a.30 caliber machine gun a choice of smoke screen, tear gas, or fire extinguishing launchers and a siren so loud it was said to disable rioters When I look at this thing, I think, My God, I hope we ll never have to use it, said Los Angeles deputy chief Daryl Gates, but then I realize how valuable it would have been in Watts, where we had nothing to protect us from sniper fire when we tried to rescue our wounded officers Such talk had become good politics since California governor Pat Brown had been defeated the year before by Ronald Reagan, largely because of the Watts riots The problem was that the vehicles cost 35,000 each The Los Angeles Sheriff s Office had a cost effective idea a surplus army M 8 ard car for only 2,500.In Detroit, where forty three people died in race riots in 1967, the police already had five ard vehicles but were stockpiling tear gas and gas masks and were requesting antisniper rifles, carbines, shotguns, and 150,000 rounds of ammunition One Detroit suburb had purchased an army half track a quasi tank The city of Chicago purchased helicopters for its police force and started training 11,500 policemen in using heavy weapons and crowd control techniques in preparation for the year 1968 From the outset of the year, the United States seemed to be run by fear.On January 4, thirty four year old playwright LeRoi Jones, an outspoken Black Power advocate, was sentenced to two and a half to three years in the New Jersey State Penitentiary and fined 1,000 for illegal possession of two revolvers during the Newark riots the previous summer In explaining why he had imposed the maximum sentence, Essex County judge Leon W Kapp said that he suspected Jones was a participant in formulating a plot to burn Newark on the night he was arrested Decades later, known as Amiri Baraka, Jones became the poet laureate of New Jersey.In Vietnam, the war U.S officials were forever telling correspondents was about to end still seemed far from over.When the French had left in 1954, Vietnam was divided into a North Vietnam ruled by Ho Chi Minh, who had largely controlled the region anyway, and a South Vietnam left in the hands of anti communist factions By 1961 the Northern communists had gained control of half the territory of South Vietnam through the Viet Cong, which met with little resistance from the Southern population That year the North began sending troops of their regular army south along what became known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail to complete the takeover The U.S responded with increased involvement though it had always been involved in 1954 the U.S had been financing an estimated four fifths of the cost of the French war effort In 1964 with North Vietnam s position steadily strengthening, Johnson had used an alleged naval attack in the Gulf of Tonkin as the pretext for open warfare From that point on, the Americans expanded their military presence each year.In 1967, 9,353 Americans were killed in Vietnam, than doubling the total number of Americans previously killed, which now stood at 15,997, with another 99,742 Americans wounded Newspapers ran weekly hometown casualty reports And the war was also taking a toll on the economy, at a cost of an estimated 2 billion to 3 billion a month During the summer, President Johnson had asked for a large tax increase to stanch the growing debt The Great Society, the massive social spending program that Johnson had begun as a memorial to his fallen predecessor, was dying from lack of funds A book published at the beginning of 1968 called The Great Society Reader The Failure of American Liberalism contended that the Great Society and liberalism itself were dying From the Hardcover edition.In this highly opinionated and highly readable history, Kurlansky makes a case for why 1968 has lasting relevance in the United States and around the world Whether you agree or disagree with its points, youll find it makes for fascinating reading.DAN RATHER, CBS NewsHighly readable a rich perspective Kurlansky is a writer of remarkable talents and interests.San Francisco ChronicleCarefully researched and remarkably readable Kurlansky has done a yeomans job of amassing an incredible amount of information and making it accessible for todays reader What a year it was.The Denver PostSplendid evocative No one before Kurlansky has managed to evoke so rich a set of experiences in so many different placesand to keep the story humming.Chicago TribuneKurlansky writes with a historians diligence He traces skillfully the astounding streams of revolt converging in that historic year A colorful, highly evocative report on the awfulness and the idealism of the time.The Seattle TimesA cornucopia of astounding events and audacious originality Like a reissue of a classic album or a PBS documentary, this book is about a subject its hard to imagine people ever tiring of revisiting They just dont make years like 1968 very often.The Atlanta Journal Constitution1968 breathes a new life into these moments Kurlansky has a flair for bringing wit and breezy intelligence to his subjects.Minneapolis Star TribuneFascinating Kurlansky re creates events with flair and drama.Seattle Post Intelligencer The year that changed history World news It was a of seismic social and political change across the globe From burgeoning anti Vietnam war civil rights movements in United States, to protests revolutions Europe Year That Changed America CNN CNN s four part Original Series Event looks back half century at marked by assassinations MLK RFK, contentious presidential election, escalating timeline events Brown University Timeline This focuses on some major When necessary or indicated, contextual background material, certain subsequent will be referenced TV With Renee Graham, Mark Kurlansky, Evan Thomas, Bowden A series , shifts American politics, movements, global relations, including cultural What Happened inc Pop Culture, Prices April th Martin Luther King, Jr is shot killed James Earl Ray assassination King leader Civil Rights Movement, takes place when he States Wikipedia In culture, Space Odyssey most profitable film year, earning million, while Oliver won Academy Award for Best Picture Hey Jude Beatles hottest single US according Billboard, demonstrating continued popularity bands associated with British Invasion began A Shattered Smithsonian Magazine Movements had been building along primary fault lines War, Cold rights, human youth culture exploded force Year Calendar Time Date holidays Yearly calendar showing months Calendars online print friendly any month unraveled Washington Post center did not hold many Americans saw their country spinning out control shocking time, moment danger, destruction division yet also time passion possibility polarization plagues nation later born, ways, Of Change Cat Stevens seems strange celebrate anniversary an event almost Stevens before d even reached his prime However, being stricken down near fatal tuberculosis can rightly seen as catalytic led blossoming into artist man peace world knows Rocked Kurlansky FREE shipping qualifying offers To some, sex, drugs, rock roll Yet it Forever Forever seemed having nervous breakdown battles erupted over values race By Kenneth T Walsh Contributor Dec pm baseball final no divisions within two leagues, only post season competition itself Four expansion teams would join following Unraveling ushistory turbulent boiling point began, President Johnson hoped win then cruise second term finish Great Society One An National Portrait As installations celebrating its golden anniversary, Gallery present One Odyssey, one room exhibition extraordinarily important memorable Billboard End Hot singles list Billboard magazine Top songs Title Artist Love Blue Paul Mauriat Honey Bobby Goldsboro Sittin On Dock Bay Otis Redding TIME Shaped Generation The shaped generation transformative history, shocked galvanized set course next years activism, politics Marvel sold zak site Stories longer challenge readers Until known innovation tackling big issues wanted eventually Stan have take stand USA Today filled conflict 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