⛅ New A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity 2018 ⛎ Ebook Author Nicholas D Kristof ⛴

⛅ New A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity 2018 ⛎ Ebook Author Nicholas D Kristof ⛴ ⛅ New A Path Appears: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity 2018 ⛎ Ebook Author Nicholas D Kristof ⛴ Dr Gary Slutkin was back in Chicago, his hometown, feeling restless He was a rumpled infectious diseases specialist who had spent most of his career in San Francisco and Africa, battling tuberculosis, AIDS, and cholera But he had burned out in refugee camps, his marriage had fallen apart, and now it was time to be nearer to his elderly parents He had no clue what to do for work.As he explored options, Slutkin began hearing about gang violence in Chicago, about ten year olds shooting other kids this was shocking, but it also sounded like Somalia and other places he knew Slutkin began to study inner city violence and pored over graphs of homicides and shootingsand to an epidemiologist they all seemed oddly familiar.It hit me this is an infectious disease, he said The Slutkin looked at urban violence, the he felt that it had been misdiagnosed as solely a crime problem when in many ways it was a contagion analogous to cholera or leprosy As with other contagions, an infection depends upon exposure among susceptible people who have low resistance or compromised immunity Slutkin saw that an epidemic of violence is than just a metaphor in some ways murder actually spreads like a contagious disease.It is just as tuberculosis begets tuberculosis, or flu begets flu, Slutkin says, that violence begets violence.Once Slutkin had the insight that violence could be considered, in part, an infectious disease, he decided to tackle it as a public health problem and slow the epidemic He started an organization called Cure Violence, and turned to ex convicts and former gang members to act as health outreach workers and interrupt the contagion When someone is shot, they go to the hospital room to counsel against a retaliatory hit They gather intelligence on threats and negotiate peaceful solutions More broadly, they try to change community norms so that those who use violence are scorned rather than respected Violence is learned behavior, says Gary Slutkin Violence can also be unlearned behavior.In recent years, the Cure Violence model has spread to other cities in the United States and abroadeven to Iraq and Colombiaand results have been remarkable Careful evaluations have found that Cure Violence can reduce serious violence by one quarter or , at a negligible cost Gary Slutkin thinks that with some tweaking and enough resources, the model could reduce homicides by 70 percent.Rachel Beckwith, Lester Strong, and Dr Gary Slutkin reflect a yearning to express our humanity by finding innovative and effective ways to give back We crave meaning and purpose in life, and one way to find it is to connect to a cause larger than ourselves This book is about innovators who are using research, evidence based strategies, and brilliant ideas of their own to prevent violence, improve health, boost education, and spread opportunity at home and around the worldand to suggest to the rest of us specific ways in which we too can make a difference in the world Some of these people we highlight raise or contribute the money, such as Rachel and her family and admirers who made something inspiring out of a tragedy Some are organizers, such as Slutkin and Strong Many are foot soldiers Together, they are all part of a revolution in tack ling social problems, employing new savvy, discipline, and experience to chip away at poverty and injustice On many issues ranging from failing schools in America to intestinal parasites in Africa, there are fascinating new approaches to making a difference in some cases, the progress is startling.So many social problems in the twenty first century seem intractable and insoluble We explore Mars and embed telephones in wrist watches, but we cant keep families safe in the inner cities We can map subatomic particles such as gluons, and we can design robots that drive cars, respond to speech, and defeat grandmasters in chess, but we grudgingly accept failure in our struggles to keep kids in school, off drugs, and out of gangs Many of us know that its wrong and unfair that boys growing up in certain zip codes are likely to end up in prison than in college, but we throw up our hands and surrender to the exigencies of ghetto life Violence and poverty, whether in Congo or Chicago, remain towering realities.We started our married life together as foreign correspondents for The New York Times, and we have wondered for years how we can do a better job addressing the needs around us Not everyone can help fight crime in a citys worst neighborhoods or volunteer in schools, so most of us are left to engage in piecemeal efforts such as a donation here or there Like many Americans, we have day jobs we need to keep, and we have been busy raising our children that has left us looking for great causes and people to support in modest ways We arent regular churchgoers who focus our giving on a particular religious establishment, and although we wanted to lend a hand, we never knew how to choose among the appeals from nonprofits that inundated us Basically, we were mystified about how best to assist at home as well as abroad So we investigated how one can do a better job of making a difference, how one can help institute effective change This book is the fruit of our labors.Nicholas D Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn show you, through many amazing vignettes matched with serious evidence, that you can make a difference Read this book Seize one of the many opportunities it lists, and change lives for the better, including your own The New York Times Book Review A Path Appears is an exhaustive though not exhausting profile of giving, with surprising guidanceindeed, coachingon how to be an effective giver Upon finishing the book, readers are likely to find themselves willing to do something in the world, unconcerned by questions of scale, but instead, to simply become engaged, and in that, alive The Boston Globe A Path Appears opens an important conversation for anyone interested in how to contribute to catalyzing positive change it sheds light on the exploitation and inequity that exist in our own backyard, while also spotlighting the individuals overcoming it Christian Science MonitorReaders will be inspired by the stories Kristof and WuDunn tell.There are so many problems in the world, and so many organizations wanting charitable donations, that we can sometimes feel overwhelmed The authors help us weed through those issues and find that path so we can make a difference National Geographic.comEngaging and informative Kristof and WuDunns commitment and passion for substantial action is inspiring Publishers Weekly Kristof and WuDunns vibrant portraits of ordinary citizens who are motivated to effect real and dramatic change present a rallying call to action and a voice for the power of volunteerism.This is a slow go read in the most positive sense it is hard not to constantly put down the book in order to further investigate the many exemplary causes that are profiled BooklistThe authors deliver a profound message that packs a wallop Kirkus A Path Appears shows how someone with little can make a massive difference to the world we live in The Christian PostThis is a lyrical guide that addresses the deep human yearning to make a difference Its full of indelible stories reminding us that, yes, helping people is hardbut its both possible and infinitely rewarding A Path Appearsoffers practical steps that any of us can take to empower others, and ourselves Anne RiceNobody clarifies the social challenges of our time, or the moral imperative to help meet them, better than Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn Their latest book, A Path Appears,offers an inspiring roundup of the many simple and effective ways in which we can lend our hearts and talents to grow hope and opportunity both at home and around the globeand an important reminder that just because we cant do everything doesnt mean we shouldnt do something President Bill ClintonNick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn have done us all a great service by shining a light on the problems faced by the poor These stories of real people struggling for survival and opportunity serve as a powerful reminder that poverty is complex and painful, but the call to action doesnt need to be With insight, compassion and optimism, Kristof and WuDunn show us that we can all play a role in making the world a better place A Path Appears is a compelling read that cant help but to educate and energize Bill and Melinda Gates, co chairs of the Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationCold facts, flesh and blood stories the written word is their loud hailer They write, we read, and our world view is not the same.Nick and Sheryls meticulous arguments and free flowing eloquenceis what inspires their readers to become activists myself included Bono, lead singer of U2 and Co Founder of ONE and RED A Path Appears is an insightful book focused on how individuals can contribute to positive change and the remarkable people behind the organizations that make it happen The authors desire to motivate people to support good causes, learn about the situation in other countries, and find the best way to help their fellow men and women is inspiring Angelina JolieThis book is a class act Itsinsights and honesty touch me on the deepest of levels and inspire me to raise my game to help the poor Bill Hybels, founding pastor, Willow Creek Community ChurchHelping suffering people around the world to transform their own lives is a rewarding challenge we all share as citizens of a global community A Path Appearsis a helpful and inspiring guide for anyone who wonders what difference a single person can make in building a hopeful world President Jimmy Carter, founder of the not for profit Carter CenterRare is the book that can actually transform us into better, fulfilled people Having combed through the research and documented case studies all over the world, Kristof and WuDunn present the clearest view I have ever seen of the human soul A Path Appears tells us whether we are intrinsically good, why specific ways we parent our newbornshelp predict their chances for success, and how we can live lives of greater significance This book, full of rich and riveting true stories, reminds us that human greatness is all around us, and even within us, if we dare to look Ann CurryHave you ever thought that compared with so many people in the world, you are blessed and should try to help those less fortunatebut you worry that you just dont know how to do it in a smart and effective way Your problem has been solved Read this engaging, moving, inspiring book It will tell you about the worlds myriad problems but also the dazzling array of efforts to solve them It will tell you how you can make a differenceeven if all you have is ten minutes or forty dollars And it will remind you that by giving to others you will gain for yourself the ultimate gift, a meaningful life Fareed ZakariaWhile reading A Path Appears, I felt I was taking a much needed rest under a shaded grove of trees on my own journey to make a difference I highly recommend it as an absolutely terrific investment of time that will leave those who read it hopeful and motivated Deborah Fikes, executive advisor of the World Evangelical Alliance A Path Appears Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunity A Nicholas Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn on FREE shipping qualifying offers With scrupulous research and the ground reporting, D Kristof explore how altruism affects us Kindle edition by Download it once read your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Noble Eightfold Wikipedia The Noble Pali ariyo a ha giko maggo Sanskrit ry gam rga is an early summary of path Buddhist practices leading to liberation from samsara, 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    • 24 December 2016

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