⫸ Format Kindle [ The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet ] ❙ Ebook Author Alicia Silverstone ⇾

⫸  Format Kindle [ The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet ] ❙ Ebook Author Alicia Silverstone ⇾ ⫸ Format Kindle [ The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet ] ❙ Ebook Author Alicia Silverstone ⇾ The Journey Starts Here These days, it seems like there are a million and one problems in the world global warming, droughts, rising food costs, toxic waterways, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, starvation its enough to make anyone want to crawl into a hole with a big bowl of ice cream Of course you know ice creams not the solution But what if I told you that the ice cream youre craving is actually one of the causes of every single one of those problems What if I said that by choosing nondairy ice cream instead, youd be taking a huge step toward solving them all And what about your health Do you feel like your body is some mystery that only your doctor understands Do you feel like getting older is just another way of saying falling apart What if I told you that, by eating a varied, plant based diet, you will strengthen your immune system, beautify your skin, increase your energy, and reduce your risk signifi cantly of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, and almost every other disease What if I said that I feel myself getting younger, powerful, and beautiful as I age simply because of what I eat Of course the food we choose is not the only factor in our health and well being, but its definitely one of the most importantand, luckily, its one we have control over How does that nondairy ice cream sound now If you want to lose weight, youve come to the right place But, unlike other diet books, I wont ask you to freak out about calories, carbs, or the glycemic index With the Kind Diet, your relationship to your body, food, and the concept of dieting itself will transform By staying away from nasty foods and making friends with grains and vegetables, a whole new, beautiful body will emerge.And finally, do you feel like youre at peace with yourself Comfortable in your own body In your life Or are you constantly battling yourself or others , never feeling whole or balanced Do you feel like youre in touch with your heartyour authentic self I know it might sound crazy to say that your diet is behind that, too, but it is When you begin to eat whole grains and abstain from craz ymaking foods like white sugar, you will see how amazing and joyous and peaceful life really is.By following the Kind Diet, you will lose weight easily, your skin will absolutely glow, you will have tons of energy, and you will become sensitive to all the important things in lifelike love, nature, and your deepest, truest self By eating this way, you will become stronger Your immune system will work efficiently as your body releases excess fats and toxins Released from the grip of certain foods, your body will begin to heal itself.So heres your end of the bargain Prioritize food I know, I know, youre thinking, I already prioritize foodIm always on a diet I think about food all the time But thats not what I mean Its time to really reacquaint yourself with actual food , the stuff that comes out of the ground, the stuff thats designed to go in our bodies, supporting not only our physical functions but our hearts and even our souls Heres another promise that perhaps your tongue needs to hear You will not feel deprived If you make that single decision to prioritize food, try out some recipes, and explore some great healthy restaurants, you will be amazed at how delicious this food is I didnt grow up vegetarianas a kid my favorite food was pork chopsso Ive made the transition that Im asking you to consider Not only was it possible, it was the best thing Ive ever done Period.By the way, this isnt a lifestyle designed for celebrities and rich people Im not selling you some glamorous program that requires ridiculous equipment, fancy private sessions, or expensive creams This radiant health is available to every single one of us because its natures way I lovethat And these days, the food is even cheap trade in steak for grains and beans, and your grocery bill goes down Find a local farmers market for great prices on organic vegetables Or even grow your own You may find, over time, that you see your doctor less often That you walk and drive less That you dont need that frappuccino, antacid, or sleeping pill.But thats not all One of the things I love best about the Kind Diet is that you will actually become part of the solution to our global problems Following a plant based diet dials down our insane consumption of resources like fresh water, oil, coal, and the precious rain forest It helps to heal the environment by denying support to toxic food industries It is a significant move toward ending world hunger and distributing food equitably I believe that at the core of every human is love, and it seeks to spread itselfthats what loves all about Your heart will open than ever and that love will start to spread, affecting all the people in your life And because the Kind Diet is sustainable, you areby making simple, delicious choicesloving the whole planet with every single bite I mean, come on How cool is that Finally, deciding to follow a plant based diet has introduced me to the most amazing individualsso many of them kind, interesting, and awake Wonderful people like Woody Harrelson So Ill end this introduction with a story About 10 years ago, right after becoming vegan, I was feeling sort of alone and disconnected I had bumped into Woody at a number of events, but wed never really talked, so one day I called him Woody, I said, Im so frustrated I keep learning about food, and the planet, and I feel like Im going crazy After a moment he said, in his Woody way, Im taking a trip to Peru, down the Wanna come Were trying to save the rain forest Uhh Im bringing my wife, Laura, maybe the kids Bring your boyfriend itll be fun Two months later, I met Woody Harrelson officially, for the first time, in the Lima airport Three days later, he and Christopher were racing canoes down the , stark naked and paddling furiously, with me and Laura behind them, laughing Vegan friends are the best Since then, Ive been inspired by the joy Woody and Laura take in living life while simultaneously caring for themselves, their kids, and the earth Their consciousness magically and mysteriously raises mine Through this book, I hope I can do the same for you As you get into this stuff, you will meet people full of hope and light, with a real love for this planet They will make your life richer and meaningful than you ever thought possible And that is the greatest gift of all.Part 1Kind versus NastyChapter 1What s So Kind About Dieting diet noun a way of living, or thinking, a day s journeyThis was the definition of diet when it entered the English language in the mid 1600s So simple So sane How did this cute little word become synonymous with deprivation, suffering, andlets be honesttotal hell With the Kind Diet, we are returning the word to its original defi nitions, for this journey is about changing how you think and live, one day at a time And by allowing your mind and your choices to change, you will see amazingeven magicalresults It wont happen overnight, but it will happen, I promise, because it happened to me By eating satisfying, delicious, plant based foods, I was released from the prison of dieting.Oh, the freedom of that How amazing it is never to have to start another diet To be able to think about my life, and the world, instead of spazzing out about calories and constantly asking myself, Can I eat that Its like I got my brain back These days, I get to eat as much as I wantof foods that I love, and I never have to fear them I feel truly and deeply nourished by food Imso grateful for that But what do I mean by kind Well, lets start with you This is about being really, really good to yourself The Kind Diet will give you tons of energy, mental clarity, gorgeous skin, and a zestfor life you wont want to miss Plus, its powerful doctors like Dean Ornish and John MacDougall have discovered that plant based diets have the power to reverse heart disease, diabetes, even cancer So this is about treating yourself like a total goddess and putting yourself first And you deserve that kindness, my friend I used to equate having self worth with being selfish, but now I understand that taking care of myself is the most beautiful thing I can do And quite frankly, I cant be a good actor, I cant be a good wife, friend, or mother to my dogs I cant be a good anythinguntil Ive taken care of myself fi rst So this kindness to yourself is paramount And it doesnt stop there Th is kindness extends to the earth itself because it requires less fuel, water, and other precious resources, a plant based diet is much lighter on the planet And because it is clean, this diet helps our soil, water, and atmosphere get healthy as well You will see that the Kind Diet reduces planetary suff ering on all levels following a plant based diet is just about the greenest thing you can do But lets not get ahead of ourselves this is a process My own journey, which started quite a while ago and continues to this day, has had its own back and forths and big opportunities for learning, growth, and letting go None of it happened overnight it took some time, as most transformations do Well start with my story It began innocently enoughjust a young girl wanting to save some dogs Little did I know that I was actually stepping into the Magical Life Altering Save the World Soul Expansion Machine You see, Ive always been an animal lover Since I was a little, little girl And my mom was the same way if we saw a dog running in the street that looked in need, shed slam on the brakes, and Id hop out of the car to run after iteven on the freeway We were a little dynamic duo Im still rescuing dogs to this day Every little kid is born with an innate love of animals Animals are complete and individual creatures, each with a distinct personality, and children connect with that But the second you get old enough, people say that relating to animals is juvenile and theytry to talk you out of it I know a lot of people who grew up on farms and were given a piglet or a calf to raise They loved it and cared for it, like any kid would And then one day the parent has the animal slaughtered and says, Toughen up This is what it is to be a grown up My love of animals came crashing down on my love of meat at the ripe old age of 8 My brother and I were on an airplane, and when my dinner came, it was a lamb chop Just as I stuck my fork in, my brother started making sheep sounds and bleating baa baa like a baby lamb He was 13 at this point and knew exactly how to torment me Suddenly it all came together in my head and I freaked I might as well have killed the lamb with my own hands I decided right there on that flight that I was now a vegetarian But what did I know about nutrition or dietary concerns at 8 For the next month I ate nothing but ice cream and eggs And then my resolve slipped I stopped and started a lot or forgot I had sworn off meat Truth be told, I think I conveniently forgot because I sure loved pork chops, bacon, steak, and everything else At 12, I went to my first acting class I loved it I loved being with all the older kids I loved feeling like I could touch a different world, one that provided so much excitement and possibility In acting class, I discovered my passion and began to consider the meaning of commitment My commitment to not eating animals, however, was faltering Id wake up and declare, Im a vegetarian today but it was sort of hard to keep the resolution Id sit with a friend and shed order a steak and Id say, Umm are you going to finish that and take a bite But I thought you were a vegetarian she would remind me, and Id counter with, But you cant eat all that I dont want it to go to waste Id use any excuse I was 18 when Cluelesscame out Going through adolescence is strange enough, but becoming famous at the same time is reallyweird It felt good to be recognized as an actor, but after Clueless, it was like I was sucked up into a hurricane You might assume that fame brings you friends, but I actually became very isolated I was no longer simply a girl with the freedom to make mistakes and have fun There was enormous pressure, which put me in full survival mode And being in survival mode made it hard to stay in touch with my truth I just couldnt hear it any.Well, almost One of the really goodthings about being a public person was that animal rights groups were hearing about my passion for their cause and began soliciting my help I worked on all sorts of campaigns antidissection, antifur, spay and neuter, as well as animal rescue All of that stuff made perfect sense to me in an otherwise chaotic life, these gestures were simple andstraightforward and good But, at that point, nobody had talked to me seriously about vegetarianism, and I was still doing my little dance back and forth After a heart wrenching day at an animal shelter, from which I took home a grand total of 11dogs who were scheduled for execution, I found myself thinking, Now what I was doing what I needed to do for my heart, but deep down I realized it wasnt a practical solution the next day the shelter would just put down another batch of dogs and then another and then another I was committing my heart, soul, time, and pocketbook to these poor creatures, and thats when it hit me How could I spend so much energy saving one group of animals, then turn around and eat other ones There was a fundamental hypocrisy in my thinking Werent they all living beings Why did we buy some of them cute little doggy beds while slaughtering others I had to ask myselfin all seriousnesswhy dont I just eat my dog That realization helped me make up my mind once and for all I realized that, until I stopped using my dollars to purchase meat or other products that are created through violence or cruelty, the suff ering would never end It wouldnt stop because I wanted it to It wouldnt stop because I wished it would If I really wanted to end cruelty to animals, I had to boycott it completely When I got home, I declared to my boyfriend now husband , Christopher, Im going vegan Forever You dont have to, and I blathered on about wanting to save the pigs and the cows, and the logistics of living with the newly vegan me I was getting all worked up planning everythingout, and he looked at me and said in the sweetest way, Baby, I dont want to hurt the pigs either Which confirms that I am the luckiest girl on Earth, because he was totally on board with me from day one.That night we grilled the final steak in our freezer and sat down to our last nonvegan supper It was quite solemn I remember crossing myself like a Catholic even though Im Jewish, because this was a total act of faith I had never tried to cook without meat I wasnt sure I would ever eat a yummy meal again But after only 2 weeks of being vegan, people were beginning to ask, What is going on with you You look amazing I was still eating lots of white pasta, french fries, and all sorts of sludgy things in fact, I still do sometimes All Id given up was meat and dairy, and yet I began to look better in just 2 weeks Something really wild was happening insideof me, too I noticed that my whole body felt lighter I was vibrant and spunky I felt like my heart had sort of opened a bit and my shoulders could relax, as if an overall softening had taken place I no longer carried heavy animal protein in my body, which takes tons of energy to digest Plus, I didnt have the heaviness of the suffering in me frightened animals produce lots of cortisol and adrenaline right before slaughter, and we can become stressed from eating their meat Something seemed to be happening on a deeper level as well The decision to be vegan was one I made purely for me, an expression of my truest self and deepest beliefs It was the first time Id stood up and said a definitive NO My real self began to emerge It was powerful One afternoon, a few years later, Christopher came home and announced that he wanted to try a macrobiotic diet Hed read interviews with people who claimed that this diet made them feel balanced and happy and he was intrigued Id heard incorrectly, as it turns out that macrobioticswas only for sick people and that fish was a requisite part of the diet No way was that for me He looked at me with that sweet face of his and said, Alright, baby Im going to do macrobiotics, but you dont have to Ironically, I was exploring another diet dimension myself at the timeraw foods I was eating tons of fruit, nuts, and other cool, uncooked delicacies Although I felt fine in sunny California, when I went to snowy, cold Manhattan to appear opposite Kathleen Turner and Jason Biggs in The Graduateon Broadway, it was another story After a few days of work, my body felt cold and my energy was low, but I was determined to stick to my raw regimen Between rehearsals, I would go out into the winter weather to hunt down wheatgrass juice, pineapples,and mangoes I found themit was New York, after allbut I wasnt feeling all that good My brain didnt want to know, but my body was giving me signals that I was out of balance.At work, I was teased by the other members of the cast for my extreme diet I swear Jason deliberately ordered veal and rabbit just to make me crazy Whenever I yawned or seemed tired, the director announced, Its because youre not eating any meat Its funny how the puzzle pieces of your life drop into place during that same stint in New York, I went to Candle Caf one of my favorite restaurants , and I noticed Temple, a waitress who I hadnt seen in years She was absolutely on fire Her hair, her skin, and her body just looked amazing She told me shed seen a macrobiotic counselor, and now she was the healthiest shed ever been in her life I decided I would give Christopher a consultation with her counselor for his birthday If she looked so fantastic, there had to be something to this macro business, right By the time the appointment rolled around, though, my defenses had reemerged When we got to the counselors office, I sat with my arms crossed, thinking, This is stupid She politely ignored me and worked with Christopher to design a regimen for him Just as we were getting ready to leave, she turned to me and said, Maybe you should try this, too You could have energy, and I could help you clear up your acne Damn She had noticed But of course everyone did Since going off the pill a few years before, my skin had become a nightmare, with really cystic acne Id even had to reshoot a scene for a movie because my skin looked so bad But she wasnt done Do you know how much energy is consumed to transport some of the food youre eating she asked These coconuts and pineapples and mangoes are flown in from all over the world Thats a huge waste of fuel I had never thought about it, but of course she was right Sensing that my resistance was faltering, she pressed on How can these foods be good for you, in the dead of winter, in New York If you eat something from another climate, how is your body supposed to cope with it Your body is here, in cold New York And the mango is designed to cool people off in tropical climates She definitely had my attention now You need to eat whats indigenous to the area to avoid stressing your body This made perfect sense to me on a holistic level Between the acne and the mangoes and the excessive energy consumption, she had won me over I decided to give it a try, and within a week of following her recommendations, my acnewhich had haunted me for such a long timehad improved significantly It was like magic But thats the Superhero diet, and I dont expect anyone to go full Superhero overnight The simplest elements of the counselors recommendations were to add whole grains to my diet at everymeal I also had miso soup almost every day and totally cranked up the vegetables I made sure that everything I was eating was local and seasonal, choosing apples over pineapples In terms of letting go, I said good bye to white sugar, substituting sweeteners like rice syrup and maple syrup I also gave up white flour and processed foods and, of course, still no meat or dairy A few tweaks and everything changed Although I felt good as a vegan, I had even energy when I adopted the macrobiotic suggestions At the same time, I was very calm and at peace within myself My mind focused easily and my thinking became really clear Although I had lost weight by going vegan, the macrobiotic diet helped me shed the few extra pounds I was holding on to and brought me to my perfect body eff ortlessly Over time, I became sensitive I started to feel things acutely and sense my intuition People used to say, Listen to your body, and I had no idea what they meant What is my body saying I dont know its just here But soon I really understood my body was trying to tell me things all the time, and once I stripped away all the layers of crap inside, I could hear it As I aligned with nature and the seasons, I aligned with myself Instead of constantly relying on the people around me for direction, I felt I was on my own journey and I was beginning to sensefrom inside of meeach next right step Which brings me to this book Ive known for quite a while that I wanted to help other people become their best selves And, in fact, forthe last few years, Ive seen how my practice has influenced the people around me The information I have to share is powerful because the food is powerful Literally Your deepest, truest self is released through food I encourage you to let this book gently lift your awareness, and you will begin to make the changes that work for you Th ere are plenty of little choices you can makechoices that will make huge impactswithout getting all uptight and thinking you have to be perfect.Based on these stages I went through, I have designed three diff erent approaches to the Kind Dieteach one for a different level of readinessand you can choose according to what feels right to you The first plan is called Flirting, and its simply sticking your toe in the pool of the Kind Diet The second plan is Vegan its for experienced Flirts and those of you who, after reading this book, want to commit to a plant based diet The third plan, Superhero, emphasizes whole grains, organic vegetables, and sea vegetables and will make you levitate Well, almost So as you read, keep in mind that these diff erent levels exist that no matter where youre coming from, theres plenty of room for you on this path Whether it takes you 2 weeks or 10 yearsto make my delicious rice crispy treats matters not a jot Its your path, based on what you think and feel while reading this book You will know whats right for you.But before you choose your path, lets dine on some information Its only by digesting and absorbing pertinent facts that you can make an informed choice In the following chapters, we look closely at specific foods and the very real impact they have on our bodies and our world Bon apptit In The Kind Diet, actress, activist, and committed conservationist Alicia Silverstone shares the insights that encouraged her to swear off meat and dairy forever, and outlines the spectacular benefits of adopting a plant based diet, from effortless weight loss to clear skin, off the chart energy, and smooth digestion She explains how meat, fish, milk, and cheesethe very foods we ve been taught to regard as the cornerstone of good nutritionare actually the culprits behind escalating rates of disease and the cause of dire, potentially permanent damage to our ecology Yet going meat and dairy free doesn t mean suffering deprivation to the contrary, The Kind Diet introduces irresistibly delicious food that satisfies on every levelit even includes amazing desserts to keep the most stubborn sweet tooth happy Alicia also addresses the nutritional concerns faced by many who are new to a plant based diet, and shows how to cover every nutritional base, from protein to calcium and beyond Alicia knows that changing life long dietary habits is a process, and that each person progresses at a different pace For that reason, The Kind Diet encompasses 3 separate levels, from Flirting to Superhero Flirts learn to dip a toe into the vegan pool, reducing their meat eating and swapping out a few key foods for plant based substitutes to see quickly how even small changes can reap big results Vegans get to experience the life altering effects of forgoing animal products entirely, while still enjoying many convenience foods and meat substitutes in addition to the wonderful grains, vegetables and fruits that form the core of that diet True enlightenment comes with the Superhero program, based on the principles of macrobiotics and built on a foundation of whole grains, vegetables, and other yummy foods that Alicia describes in detail Whether your goal is to drop a few pounds, boost your energy and metabolism, or simply save the world, Alicia provides the encouragement, the information, and the tools you need to make the transition to a plant based diet deliciously empowering. The Kind Diet A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing The Weight, and Saving the Planet Kindle edition by Alicia Silverstone, Neal D Barnard MD Download it once read on your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading Whether you want lose weight, get healthy, help save world, transitioning a vegan diet is easy with advice, tips, recipes from actress Silverstone Recipes kind life JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER Stay up date Life happenings sign for newsletter Kind Ayinde Howell life long chef He got his start in What of Fruits Are Candida aims control albicans, yeast human body that can cause infections when grown excess According website, an overgrowth lead uncomfortable symptoms such as inability focus, irritability, depression, digestive problems, bleeding gums, persistent cough, eye pain compromised immune system Gelatins Okay Clear Liquid Follow clear liquid directed physician no longer than recommended will not provide adequate nutrition It will, however, prepare recover certain medical tests procedures includes solid foods any Some Beans Good Low Purine Dec , low purine limit incidences gout those who are prone this condition Many protein sources tend be high purines, making potentially difficult people they need limiting purines This May Lower Risk Dying Breast Can food medicine new study suggests healthy may play role helping lower person s risk dying breast cancer Kinda Racist Try Racism YouTube Aug Do think only fair there White History Month Then we ve soda See LIKE us These Genes Predict What Exercise Researchers recently discovered obvious harder some weight others because their genesLet go over details then dive into how knowledge guide exercise decisions Diet Nutrition Advice Plans, Information, re trying drop dress size maintain all eating tips Check out our satisfying snack ideas, must try superfoods, smart swaps, Digestive gastropods Wikipedia slugs snails every has evolved suit almost feeding behavior Gastropods largest taxonomic class mollusca very diverse indeed group carnivores, herbivores, scavengers, filter feeders, even parasites In particular, radula often highly adapted specific various How Reverse Type Diabetes Naturally Doctor disease diabetes type means have too much sugar blood This page show best check You normalize naturally needed without pills, calorie counting hunger Definition Merriam Webster Did Know word first appeared English th century Its original meaning was same modern English, habitually taken drink But used another sense Middle early periods mean way living is, fact, Greek ancestor diaita, which derived verb Alicia IMDb Actress Clueless born October San Francisco, California, youngest three children She daughter Didi Radford former flight attendant, Monty real estate investor Rotten Tomatoes Celebrity Profile latest photo gallery, biography, pics, pictures, interviews, news, forums blogs at Tomatoes l v r t o n American made her film debut Crush earning MTV Movie Award Best Breakthrough Performance, gained further prominence teen idol Home Facebook Los Angeles, CA likes talking about Official Facebook profile actress, author AliciaSilv Twitter Tweets live aliciasilverstone Instagram photos k Followers, Following, Posts videos files divorce husband after Divorce documents say year old Christopher Jarecki share custody son filed nearly years, actor musician papers were Files court Friday, according Blast The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet


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