ಫ Relié @Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship For Free ಺ By Gregory Boyle ೫

ಫ Relié @Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship For Free ಺ By Gregory Boyle ೫ ಫ Relié @Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship For Free ಺ By Gregory Boyle ೫ Barking to the Choir INTRODUCTION Start with a title Its a terrible way to write a book So Im in my office at Homeboy Industries talking with Ramn, a gang member who works in our bakery Lately, he has been veering into the lane of oncoming traffic Hes late for work, sometimes missing it entirely, and his supervisors tell me he is in need of an emergency attitude ectomy Im running it down to him, giving him kletchaschooling him, grabbing hold of the steering wheel to correct his course He waves me off and says, self assuredly, Dont sweat it, bald headed Youre barking to the choir Note to self title of my next book I immediately liked, of course, the combo burger nature of his phraseology The marriage of barking up the wrong tree to preaching to the choir It works It calls for a rethinking of our status quo, no longer satisfied with the way the world is lulled into operating and yearning for a new vision It is on the lookout for ways to confound and deconstruct What gets translated in Scripture from the Greek metanoia as repent means to go beyond the mind we have And the barking is directed at the Choirthose folks who repent and truly long for a different construct, a radically altered way of proceeding and who seek a better God than the one we have The gospel can expose the game in which the Choir can find itself often complacently stuck The game that keeps us from the kinship for which we longthe endless judging, competing, comparing, and terror that prevents us from turning the corner and bumping into that something new That something is the entering of the kinship of God here and now, no longer satisfied with the pie in the sky when we die The Choir is everyone who longs and aches to widen their loving look at whats right in front of them What the Choir is searching for is the authentic In a recent New Yorker profile of American Baptists, the congregations leadership resigned itself to the fact that secular culture would always be hostile to Christianity I dont believe this is true Our culture is hostile only to the inauthentic living of the gospel It sniffs out hypocrisy everywhere and knows when Christians arent taking seriously, what Jesus took seriously It is, by and large, hostile to the right things It actually longs to embrace the gospel of inclusion and nonviolence, of compassionate love and acceptance Even atheists cherish such a prospect Human beings are settlers, but not in the pioneer sense It is our human occupational hazard to settle for little We settle for purity and piety when we are being invited to an exquisite holiness We settle for the fear driven when love longs to be our engine We settle for a puny, vindictive God when we are being nudged always closer to this wildly inclusive, larger than any life God We allow our sense of God to atrophy We settle for the illusion of separation when we are endlessly asked to enter into kinship with all The Choir has settled for little and the barking, like a protective sheepdog, wants to guide us back to the expansiveness of Gods own longing The Choir is certainly than the Church And in many ways, Homeboy Industries is called to be now, what the world is called to be ultimately The Choir understands this Homeboy wants to give rise not only to the idea of redemptive second chances but also to a new model of church as a community of inclusive kinship and tenderness The Choir consists of those people who want to Occupy Everywhere, not just Wall Street, and seek, in the here and now, what the world is ultimately designed to become The Choir, at the end of its living, hopes to give cause to those folks from the Westboro Baptist Church to protest at their funeral The Choir aims to stand with the most vulnerable, directing their care to the widow, the orphan, the stranger, and the poor Those in the Choir want to be taught at the feet of the least And they want to be caught up in a new model that topples an old order, something wildly subversive and new Begin with a title and work backward Its been than thirty years since I first met Dolores Mission Church as pastor and ultimately came to watch Homeboy Industries, born in that poor, prophetic community in 1988, evolve into the largest gang intervention, rehab, and reentry program on the planet Homeboy has similarly helped 147 programs in the United States and 16 programs outside the country find their beginnings in what we call the Global Homeboy Network As in my previous book, Tattoos on the Heart The Power of Boundless Compassion, the essays presented here, again, draw upon three decades of daily interaction with gang members as they jettison their gang past for lives full in freedom, love, and a bright reimagining of a future for themselves Ill try not to repeat myself I get invited to give lots of talks workshops, keynote addresses, luncheon gigs YouTube is the bane of my existence I can go to, say, the University of Findlay in Ohio, or Calvin College in Grand Rapidstwo places Ive never been beforeand there will be a handful of folks whove heard that story before It happens I was invited once to give the keynote at an annual gathering of Foster Grandparents in Southern California I had spoken at the same event the summer before Virtually the same people, and Im not sure why they invited me back two summers in a row After my talk, a grandmother approaches me I think she liked the talkthere were big tears in her eyes She grabs both my hands in hers and says, with great emotion, I heard you last year She pauses to compose herself It never gets better I suppose Im delusional in thinking she misspoke Anyway, Ill try not to repeat myself I cant think, breathe, or proceedeverwithout stories, parables, and wisdom gleaned from knowing these men and women who find their way into our headquarters on the outskirts of Chinatown We are in the heart of Los Angeles, representing the heart of Los Angeles, and always wanting to model and give a foretaste of the kinship that is Gods dream come true Homeboy Industries doesnt just want to join a dialogueit wants to create it It wants to keep its aim true, extol the holiness of second chances, and jostle our mind sets when they settle for less As a homie told me once, At Homeboy, our brand has a heartbeat In all my years of living, I have never been given greater access to the tenderness of God than through the channel of the thousands of homies Ive been privileged to know The day simply wont ever come when I am nobler or compassionate or asked to carry than these men and women Jermaine came to see me, released after than twenty years in prison He is a sturdy African American gang member now in his mid forties His demeanor is gentle and so, so kind As Im speaking with him, I ask if hes on parole and he says yes Then I ask, High control He nods affirmatively I hope you dont mind me asking this How did someone as kind and gentle and tender as you end up on high control parole Jermaine pauses, then says meekly, Rough childhood Both his manner and words make us laugh His mom was a prostitute and his father was killed when Jermaine, the oldest of three brothers, was nine After his fathers funeral, his mother rented an apartment, deposited all the boys there, walked to the door, and closed it They never saw her again In the many months that followed, Jermaine would take his two younger siblings and sit on the stoop of neighbors porches When the residents would inquire, hed say simply We aint leavin till ya feed us We ended our conversation that day with him telling me Ive decided to be loving and kind in the world Now just hopin the world will return the favor In the pages that follow are the lives of men and women who have pointed the way for me For my part, to sit at their feet, has been nothing short of salvific I cant write essays about things that matter to me without filling them with God, Jesus, and the gospel rubbing shoulders with stories, snapshots, parables, and wisdom from the barrio Also, there is here a regular infusion of Ignatian spirituality being a son of Ignatius myself, all the stories of my life get filtered through this Jesuit lens I only hope the vignettes, koans, and images wont feel too cobbled, the connections too forced, in the stringing of all this together in my second book In these elongated homilies, I want to capture the homies voices as a window of truth to soften the images of them often portrayed in TV and movies I should also say that, as in my last book, I dont mention the name of any gangtheyve been the cause of too much sadnessand Ive changed all the names of the homies here People had previously criticized the absence of a glossary and a reluctance to translate the Spanish Again, here, Im hopeful that the context and meaning will all become evident There will be the occasion when I do translate something I will, from time to time, step back and explain something For instance, when gang members say fool, they dont mean anything by it It roughly means guy Did you see that fool that walked by Once Martin came in excited to tell me that he had just gotten hired at White Memorial Hospital Congratulations What do ya do there Im the main fool at the gift shop Wow hey let me know if theres an opening for assistant fool In the end, each chapter aspires to connect us to a larger view and to participate in a larger love Ive learned from giving thousands of talks that you never appeal to the conscience of your audience but, rather, introduce them to their own goodness I remember, in my earliest days, that I used to be so angry In talks, in op ed pieces, in radio interviews, I shook my fist a lot My speeches would rail against indifference and how the young men and women I buried seemed to matter less in the world than other lives I eventually learned that shaking ones fist at something doesnt change it Only love gets fists to open Only love leads to a conjuring of kinship within reach of the actual lives we live When Karen Toshima, a graphic artist on a date, was caught in gang crossfire in Westwood Village in 1988, police were pulled from other divisions in Los Angeles and pumped into this area adjacent to UCLA Detectives were reassigned from other homicide investigations and directed to this case A hefty reward was offered for information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of whoever had done this I would soon be burying eight kids in a three week period in those early days No cops were shuffled around, no detectives were reassigned, and certainly no rewards were offered to anyone for anything leading me to think that one life lost in Westwood was worth than hundreds in the barrio I ranted and shook my fist a great deal As of this writing, I have buried exactly 220 young human beings killed because of gang violence In those early days, I would shake my fist a lot at this disparity I think Homeboy Industries has changed the metaphor in Los Angeles when it comes to gangs It has invited the people who live here to recognize their own greatness and does not accuse them of anything It beckons to their generosity and lauds them for being smart on crime instead of mindlessly tough It seeks an investment rather than futile and endless incarceration Both this book and Homeboy Industries do not want to simply point something out but rather to try and point the way Thomas Wolfe, in You Cant Go Home Again, writes, To lose the earth you know, for greater knowing to lose the life you have for greater life to leave the friends you loved, for greater loving to find a land kind than home, large than earth We have to lose and leaveunless the grain of wheat dies The kinship of God wont come unless we shake things upto lose the earth you knowto bark up the wrong tree, and to propose something new Barking declares that the real world is not what it is cracked up to be At Homeboy Industries, we dont prepare for the real worldwe challenge it For the opposite of the real world is not the unreal world but the kinship of God Therein lies our authenticity as people of faith and card carrying members of the human race In this authentic take, survival of the fittest is displaced by the survival of the unfittest Cherry picking makes way for reverse cherry picking What if we ceased to pledge our allegiance to the bottom line and stood, instead, with those who line the bottom Us versus Them or just Us Good people bad people or just Gods people Judgment or awe Not some accepted some rejected No the rejectedthe widow, orphan, strangerare to be favored Homeboy Industries and this book wants to bend the world to grace, and it doesnt need to turn up the volume in order to accomplish that It aspires to put a human face on the gang member If this doesnt happen then kinship is impeded It is also meant to soften our conventional take on who this gang member is and ushers in an abiding belief that we belong to each other It is anchored in the truth that all demonizing is untruth When we opened Homegirl Caf on East First Street eight years ago and the wildly colorful sign sat above the front door, a woman I didnt know called me screaming, Why would you name it such a thing You have ruined our neighborhood Oscar Romero wrote A church that doesnt provoke any crises, a gospel that doesnt unsettle, a word of God that doesnt get under anyones skin, a word that doesnt touch the real sin of the society in which it is being proclaimedwhat gospel is that It would seem not to take much these days, to provoke or unsettle A theme that runs throughout the entire biblical narrative is that God enters our midst to upset the status quoprecisely to bark up the wrong tree The Magnificat, in Lukes gospelwhere the powerful are brought low and the hungry filled with good thingswas seen as so subversive that the government of Guatemala, at one time, banned its public recitation But the truth is, my own tiny spirited, puny self accommodates the status quo all the time We adapt, we conform, and we reconfigure everything so that the status quo feels welcome and at home When I lived in Bolivia, over thirty years ago, I contracted a buga bichu, as they called it that wanted to live in me It did not want to upset the apple cart, so this bug didnt send me to the bathroom with violent, both ends activity It wanted to live at peace with me My only symptom was that I lost forty pounds Im thinking of returning to Bolivia The status quo doesnt want things to get upset But hidden in this dtente is division, polarity, and the striking of the high moral distance that separates us How do we awaken from the dream of separateness, from an abiding sense that the chasm that exists between us cannot be reconciled For it would seem that the gulf in our present age could not be wider between Us and Them How do we tame this status quo that lulls us into blindly accepting the things that divide us and keep us from our own holy longing for the mutuality of kinshipa sure and certain sense that we belong to each other Having said all this, this book feels playful than not Like talks Ive been inclined to give lately, they feel like stand up than stand up togetting folks to laugh rather than calling people to some grim duty But I dont want to become the Art Linkletter of the gang world Gang members say the darndest things For me, however, its all about delighting I enjoy their company, for it is light and affectionate, and charming and good for the soul To be with them ignites the contagion of Gods own tenderness I never once feel them less than bright, wise, and courageous even when they deal with things painful and unfamiliar Few gang members are well educated, and yet their core intelligence and insights arent diminished by this lack The laughter is never at their expense but seeks to broaden the welcome we all must offer each other Besides, its not for nuthin that Pope Francis speaks of the Joy of the Gospel Once the following of Jesus becomes a strain and a dour, odious task, a dangerous job somebodys got to do it , its lost its way Once discipleship morphs into the deadly serious and unsmilingly grim, would it not be safe to say that weve wandered far from the gospels delighting heart A woman, a volunteer at a very large probation camp, invites the designated kid to come up and do the first reading at mass The gym is packed with hundreds of minors Pablo will now do the first reading, she intones Pablo still needs to be beckoned with the flick of her hand, and though he has no doubt been previously selected to do this reading, he seems unusually tentative and hesitant He gets to the podium, and Im standing next to him, to assist, as I always do, with the occasionally difficult word He stares blankly at the page, then at the microphone, and then turns to me and whispers, Out loud Well, um yeah, I say Thats kind of the idea We want to live our lives out loudfor all the world to seenot with the volume cranked high but with our lives speaking for themselves Kinship is the game changer It is the Pearl of Great Price It is the treasure buried in the field Lets sell everything to get it Yet we think kinship is beyond our reach ms all de esta vida Yet Gospel Kinship always exposes the game, jostles the status quo in constant need of conversion, because the status quo is only interested in incessant judging, comparisons, measuring, scapegoating, and competition And we, the Choir, are stuck in complacency I need this conversion Thats why Im writing about it Our settling is a sleeping from which we are asked to awaken I met some magicians from Magicians Without Borders, who go to refugee camps and the Third World and desperate communities and speak the language of magic They wanted to bring the same ministry to Homeboy The currency of magic, they told me, was appear, disappear, and change This describes much of the pedagogy of Homeboy Industries and the stuff of attachment repair They sold the idea to me based on a principle of Harry Houdinis Houdini felt that the purpose of magic was not just to amaze and amuse It also sought to awaken hope that the impossible was indeed possible Not bad Why settle for less At Homeboy Industries, thousands and thousands of rival gang membersmen and womenhave worked in our nine social enterprises Homeboy Bakery, Homeboy Silkscreen and Embroidery, Homeboy Homegirl Merchandising, Homeboy Diner the only place to buy food in the Los Angeles City Hall , Homeboy Caf at Los Angeles International Airport, Homeboy Farmers Markets, Homeboy Grocery a line of food products , Homeboy Recycling, and Homegirl Caf and Catering Id like to think that if Jesus had time on this earth, he might well have explored the entrepreneurial Maybe a clothing line the Leper Colony, or the Tax Collectors Caf, or the Ritually Impure Maintenance Crew Beyond cure and healing, Jesus was always hopeful about widening the circle of compassion and dismantling the barriers that exclude He stood with the sinner, the leper, and the ritually impure to usher in some new remarkable inclusion, the very kinship of God Living the gospel, then, is less about thinking outside the box than about choosing to live in this ever widening circle of inclusion At Homegirl Caf, women with records, young ladies from rival gangs, and waitresses with attitude will gladly take your order and they cater At lunch, the place can be packed with celebs, elected officials, and the powerful whos who of Los Angeles Nearly all the Dodgers came one day for lunch It was pandemonium Jim Carrey has dined there several times and its always a manicomioa madhouse Joe Biden and a motorcade unexpectedly landed for lunch I was out of town Afterward, a homie is debriefing me While you were gone, we were visited by an MVP Do you mean, I ask, A VIP Yeah, dat one Then he adds, Imagine, G here at Homeboy, we were visited by the Vice President of the United States MICK ROMNEY File this under All white guys look alike We may need to add some currentaffairs classes to our curriculum Diane Keaton came in for lunch one day with a regular, weekly customer The Oscar winning Keaton is greeted by her waitress, Glenda She is a big girl who has just spent a long stint in a California state prison Glenda is tattooed, a felon, a gang member, and on parole Glenda does not know who Diane Keaton is She hands the movie star her menu, and Keaton asks her waitress, What do YOU recommend Glenda rattles off the three platillos dishes she particularly likes and Keaton makes her pick Ill have that second one That sounds good Its at this point that something suddenly dawns on Glenda Wait a minute, she says, bouncing her finger in Diane Keatons direction I feel like I know you Like maybe weve met The actress quickly and humbly seeks to deflect Glendas notice Oh I suppose I have one of those faces that people think theyve seen before Glenda ignites in a burst of recognition No wait now I know WE WERE LOCKED UP TOGETHER That took my breath away when I heard it And I dont believe weve had any further Diane Keaton sightings, now that I think of it But suddenly kinship so quickly Oscar winning actress Attitudinal waitress Exactly what God had in mind And I suppose, in order to know that mind, we need go no further than Jesus speaking to the gathered when he expresses his deepest longing that you may be one I suppose he could have been self referential But it would seem that Jesus wants this to be about us and our willingness, eventually, to connect to each other So the Choir gets barked at and, collectively, we move beyond the mind we have And with enough jostling and juggling, we find ourselves anchored in Gods dream come true Finally unsettledconnected to each other, entering kinship nowPraise for Barking to the Choir This is a beautiful and important and soul transporting book Its written by Gregory Boyle, a Jesuit priest in Los Angeles who has worked with and loved gang members for decades This book is about how to love people How to really love people And how to know God when you see God This is a fantastic book Please read it Elizabeth Gilbert If youre in the market for genuine inspiration, I urge you to read Barking to the Choir by Gregory Boyle, a book that shows what the platitudes of faith look like when theyre put into action Ann PatchettPraise for Tattoos on the Heart Destined to become a classic of both urban reportage and contemporary spirituality The Los Angeles TimesAn astonishing book about suffering and dignity, death and resurrection, one of my favorite books in years It is lovely and tough and tender beyond my ability to describe and left me in tears of both sorrow and laughter Anne Lamott, author of Grace Eventually One of the bravest, most humane, heartbreaking, brilliant, and hopeful stories Ive read in ages Father Greg, the Gandhi of the Gangs, fills Tattoos with unquenchable soul force and down to earth love Jack Kornfield, author of A Path With HeartFather Boyle reminds us all that every single child and youth is a part of Gods jurisdictionand when they know that we are seeing them as God does, they are capable of great things Father Boyle is a national treasure Marian Wright Edelman, President, Childrens Defense FundSometimes we are allowed to see in our own lifetimes what we were supposed to see in the life and ministry of Jesus Read, and let your life be changed Father Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New MexicoIncandescent, always hope filled and often hilarious Boyle somehow maintains an exuberant voice that celebrates the strength, compassion and humanity of people often demonized He simply highlights charity and goodness wherever they are found Boyle intersperses his narratives about gang members and his work with them with theological and spiritual reflections from a variety of theologians, poets and other writers By introducing book buying, highly educated readers to people we may never otherwise encounter, Boyle aspires to broaden the parameters of our kinship The Christian Century Tattoos on the Heart is an astounding book and a remarkable testament No one brings triumph and tragedy to the street gang story than Greg Boyle No one brings conviction and compassion than Greg Boyle And no one writes the gang story beautifully Malcolm Klein, Professor Emeritus, University of Southern CaliforniaA spiritual masterpiece touching the innermost sanctum of the human soul Boyle approaches each person as a child of God and fully deserving of love and compassion His capacity to reach the heart of the most hardened, and to see the best in everyone, inspires I laughed, wept, and underlined on virtually every page Kerry Kennedy, founder of The RFK Center for Justice and Human RightsAn extraordinary reflection of a life totally committed to reshaping and redirecting the lives of countless young gang members from L.A.s gang culture , Greg Boyles Tattoos on the Heart proves one man with courage is a majority Martin Sheen Barking Hills Country Club Where every human must Classes for the Family Pet A dog is forever Build a great relationship with obedience skills like sit, stay, walk on lead, and come when called, along The Barking Lounge Best Dog Daycare Dog Boarding in Seattle Canine Social Heart PORTION OF ALL OUR PROCEEDS GOES TO SUPPORT info FOSTER ADOPTION PROGRAM The provides dogs supervised daycare boarding hours day, portion of all our barking Dizionario inglese italiano WordReference barking Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, discussioni forum laws enforcement animal Laws, Law Enforcement, Courts Everything You Think Know Wrong Chronic one those topics about which everything you Ale House Ale Welcome We are proud to have created Haverhill, MA will find kind dishes traditional pub 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them store their products fulfillment centers, directly pack, ship, provide customer these Blog Backward Backward Blog Jameson Parker Span Life old barks backwards without getting remember he was pup Robert Frost Medical Group Information doctors Orchard Surgery,Gascoigne,Barking,Essex IG RS, surgery opening hours, appointments, prescriptions, health information much Choir Book Gregory Boyle Official Praise This beautiful important soul transporting book It written Boyle, Jesuit priest Los Angeles who worked loved gang members decades How Stop From American Kennel Club completely natural behavior humans don t always appreciate it In mind, however, there Barking, Wikipedia town East London, England, part Borough miles km east Charing Cross an ancient parish county Essex Power Radical Kinship ought be required reading Church, School Religious community actually EVERY establishes benchmark whether living type God intends definition Free Dictionary At barking, another woman, covering her 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COUNTRY Located heart Washington wine country, highly acclaimed Woodinville restaurant innovative seasonal menus station interchange railway located Station Parade England served Underground National Rail services On District line eastern terminus Hammersmith City Stop German Shepherd Problems Once for Punishing hitting, kicking raised hand ready smack position scare cause mistrust And attention seeking only reinforce Picture dream contemporary apartment effortlessly stylish state art development, situated attractive quarter, superbly close reinvigorated centre, Zone fast transport links Central near Park green spacesGreg Joseph SJ born May Roman Catholic He Director Homeboy Industries former pastor Tattoos Boundless Compassion For twenty years, run Industries, intervention program Heights neighborhood Angeles, capital world Homeboy Father Greg Rev J largest intervention, rehabilitation re entry Gregory M O Member Alpern Myers Stuart LLC Greg practices areas civil commercial litigation, arbitration, appeals represented individuals, financial institutions, enterprises variety commercial, construction, landlord tenant, employment, financial, insurance, real Compassion CA Now th year, traces roots advanced degrees English theology, Dolores Mission poorest highest concentration activity city Meeks Weldon September US Representative New York congressional district, formerly since member Democratic PartyThe district included, congress, most Peck IMDb Eldred April La Jolla, California, Bernice Mary Ayres Pearl Peck, chemist druggist San Diego Lisa rc Biography chairs firm Health She spent than representing wide range care providers, systems, hospitals, physicians, physician groups, ambulatory centers CathLinksPriestGroups Terrence Boyle Groupings Priests Sedevacantist Franciscan Friars Rochester, Bishop Louis Vezelis, OFM Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc LibraryThing Catalog books online Enter what whole library easy, quality catalog ,, lovers Cold War Review Joanna Kulig Astounds Gorgeous Drama Zula depressed love life, Wiktor Tomasz Kot seemingly ignoring her, interested talking colleague Parisian club after Innocence Cases Death Penalty Center Samuel Poole North Carolina Conviction Charges Dismissed After convicted first degree burglary given mandatory death sentence, his conviction overturned NC Supreme Court lacked substantial evidence D Ross Camidge, MD Department Medicine University Anschutz Campus boasts top medical patients, fellowships endowments Grand Rounds Schedule includes All Products Christianbook Shop Christian books, Bibles, gifts, homeschool products, church supplies, DVDs, toys less Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship


    • Barking to the Choir: The Power of Radical Kinship
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    • 224 pages
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    • 13 October 2016

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