↑ Read full length Bread Revolution: World-Class Baking with Sprouted and Whole Grains, Heirloom Flours, and Fresh Techniques online free ← Kindle Author Peter Reinhart ❧

↑ Read full length Bread Revolution: World-Class Baking with Sprouted and Whole Grains, Heirloom Flours, and Fresh Techniques online free ← Kindle Author Peter Reinhart ❧ ↑ Read full length Bread Revolution: World-Class Baking with Sprouted and Whole Grains, Heirloom Flours, and Fresh Techniques online free ← Kindle Author Peter Reinhart ❧ Introduction Breadwell, actually wheatis once again in the crosshairs And not just wheat, but other grains too, depending on who you believe and what your struggles are There are a lot of theories about diet, wheat, grains, and carbohydrates floating around and, not surprisingly, they all seem plausible And like it or not, bread is getting the blame for a lot of ills I have baker friends who say, It will pass, just like the last scare But Im not so sure Fifteen years ago the Atkins diet was very popular, followed by the South Beach diet and other low carb plans Collectively, they took a big bite out of the bread market, and the immediate result was that Wonder Bread lost a lot of sales but somehow recovereduntil recently, that is, when the parent company declared bankruptcy In 2003, when numerous reporters at a bread conference asked me, Is bread dead my reply was, No Bread has been with us for six thousand years I dont think its going away But my less public response to my baker friends was, Theres an opportunity here Its time to focus on whole grain breads and make them as good as the artisan loaves This is the future And so they didnot because of anything I said, but because it was the logical, intuitive, necessary thing to do Yet here we are, ten years later, and thanks to the growing and important gluten free movement and some recent popular books, even whole grain breads have a big bulls eye on them What on earth is going on Is it possible, after six thousand years, that bread really is dead I still say no, but once again we bakers are at a crossroads and need to ask, What is the opportunity within all of this concern Ive been thrilled and privileged to be in the midst of the American artisan bread revolution that began in the mid 1980s Actually, its roots go back even further, as Ive chronicled in earlier books, but it wasnt until the 1980s that things really took off I remember the excitement that many of us felt as we metaphorically and literally sat at the feet of our mostly European bread heroes and learned their tricks of pre ferments and soakers and how the relationship of time and temperature work on ingredients The excitement of discovery was palpable as bakers and millers took field trips together to meet farmers and learn about the differences among wheat varieties and the influences of terroir Soon, schools of thought emerged, with disciples of various bread masters working their way through dogmatic beliefs, arguing about the virtues of poolish versus biga, yeast versus wild yeast, mixing versus folding, and high protein versus low protein flours They faced off at competitions and in the marketplace and railed against the mainstream Then they softenedintegrating, expanding, and sharing their repertoires with each other and creating new schools of thought American teams excelled at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie the World Cup of Bread or, as we call it, the Bread Olympics American bakers, who had been cross pollinating each others approaches with growing stores of knowledge and expertise, became internationally influential The home baking movement grew exponentially through the advent of baking websites and award winning bread books, each adding a new technique or breakthrough method and posing questions that were previously taboo, such as, Do we really need to knead and, Can bread thats partially baked and frozen and then rebaked be as satisfying as a freshly baked loaf Over the years Ive become friends with a lot of bakers, millers, and farmers Its a wonderful community of earthy, spiritual, generous, and above all hardworking people Its also a community of creative, resourceful, and resilient people Six thousand years is a long lineage bread and makers of bread are not going away But I will say this during breads six thousand year saga, bread bakers have always been reinventing themselves and their craft This brings us to the current momentthe opportunity at hand If youve followed me through my literary journey with bread, you know that Im fascinated by new frontiers and revolutionary turning points, whether cold fermentation, new ways to make whole grain breads, or even unconventional methods for making gluten free bread Early on, I learned that answers come by asking the right questions what if questions and questions that others are too timid or narrowly focused to ask Some people have the tenacity to do one thing over and over again until they do it better than anyone else They establish benchmarks and signposts for those who follow in their path Others, restless in spirit, step onto paths less traveled and forge new frontiers Sometimes they go too far and disappear for a timeor forever But sometimes they stumble upon fertile ground and become the pioneers for the next wave While I admire beyond words those who can relentlessly drill down deeper and deeper in their Zen like quest for the perfect loaf, I tend to be even fascinated by and drawn toward those adventurous souls who yearn for something not yet seen Ive lived in each world at different times, and I believe both are essential aspects of the journey But at this crucial time and crossroads in the history of bread, I especially delight in exploring the as yet unknown and in meeting others who, each in his or her own way, expand the boundaries of what is possible In this book, Ive applied some of what Ive learned from them to create new recipes and formulas, and I also share some of their recipes, insights, and stories Some of the things these bakers are exploring address current questions related to health and nutrition, some focus on flavor, and some are responses to global, environmental, and holistic concerns Each is a piece of the puzzle of how bread, glorious in its tradition, symbolism, and significance, is relevant at this time As youll see in the following pages, I think it is In fact, I think bread is having, as it has so often throughout history, yet another revolutionary moment In fall 2009 I got a call from Joe Lindley, the owner of Lindley Mills, located in Graham, North Carolina I knew of Lindley Mills mainly as an independent, private label organic mill whose most well known client was King Arthur Flour I was already using Lindley Mills flours at a pizza restaurant in Charlotte where I was a partner, and we were very happy with them Lindleys multigrain blend was unique in that it was milled into a very fine powder, which gave it the ability to form fairly strong gluten bonds despite containing a number of gluten free grains For pizza dough, having a strong gluten network is critical for allowing the dough to stretch without ripping, so this flour was a revelation However, I did have one concern it resulted in a crust that was slightly drier, lacking the creamy texture of classic white dough That said, it was still the best whole grain pizza dough Id had to that point Toward the end of that restaurants time, Joe Lindley called and asked if Id be willing to try a new flour made with sprouted wheat that he was developing, called Super Sprout Hed also developed a sprouted gluten free flour blend that he called Sprouted Ancient Grain, made with sprouted amaranth, quinoa, millet, sorghum, and buckwheat Like many people, Im a fan of Ezekiel and Alvarado Street breads, which are both made with sprouted wheat kernels, so I asked Joe if his new flour was like what they used He said, No At those places they sprout the wheat, then grind the sprouts into a wet pulp and then add other ingredients and mix it into a dough The grain never actually becomes flour With mine, I sprout the grain, then stabilize and dry it, and then mill those sprouted kernels into flour that can be bagged, stored, and shipped just like regular flour Its a totally different product But doesnt sprouting the wheat compromise the gluten and damage the starch I asked After all, millers had often warned me about this kind of starch damage Although all flour has some starch damage that arises during harvest and storage, and also from the pounding the grain takes during the milling process, it falls within an acceptable range Sometimes, during overly wet growing seasons or if stored wheat kernels are exposed to too much moisture prior to milling, starch damage can exceed acceptable levels The resulting flour is either ruined or is considered inadequate for bread, as determined by its falling number see Glossary, page 14 Using sprouted wheat, or any sprouted grain, to make flour seems to go against the conventional wisdom In fact, the way Ezekiel and other bakeries that use sprouted wheat pulp get around this is by adding a relatively large amount of pure gluten, called vital wheat gluten, to the dough to provide structure This allows the dough to bake up into what looks and tastes like bread made from regular flour Joe said, Youd think sprouted wheat flour wouldnt work for bread, but for some reason it does, and Im not totally sure why I need you to try this and tell me if Im crazy, but the breads Ive made from it are really good, and I havent needed to add any vital wheat gluten to it to make it work A few days later, I received two boxes from Joe one containing twenty five pounds of Super Sprout wheat flour, and the other containing the Sprouted Ancient Grain blend Joe advised me that the Super Sprout flour required greater hydration than regular whole wheat flour It really sucks up the water, he said, then added, I think the key to what makes it work for bread is that Im using the best quality high protein wheat I can find And that isnt always easy, especially in the organic realm As most bakers know, all wheat is not created equal Plus, during growth and processing its subject to a number of factors that can create differences even in the same strain of wheat, such as amount of rainfall or irrigation, temperature, humidity, and soil quality Hard wheat, aka high protein wheat, can also vary in performance depending on whether the protein balance in the kernels is tilted toward gliadin or glutenin, the two proteins that ultimately create gluten It was time for me to play with this flour and see for myself what Joe was getting so excited about I mixed up a small batch of basic dough with about 85% water to Super Sprout flour The water was quickly absorbed, and within a few minutes the dough seemed fairly firma little too firm actually So I worked in some water and ended up with a very soft, sticky dough that felt similar to ciabatta dough When I did the math, I had used 14.6 ounces 416 g of water, which, by weight, is 91.25% of the 16 ounces 454 g of flour Thats a lot A typical white flour ciabatta has only about 75% to 80% water Then, at five minute intervals, I did a version of kneading involving four stretches and folds Little by little, the dough firmed up into a supple, very tacky, pillow like beauty It had what I like to call bounce About three hours laterafter a ninety minute first rise, shaping, and a sixty minute final rise, followed by thirty five minutes of baking in my home oven on a baking stone, I tasted quite possibly the best 100% whole wheat bread Id ever had No sugar or honey, no oil, no pre ferment, and no long, extended fermentationjust flour, water, salt, and yeast Suddenly, the artisan playbook no longer applied, and this was just my first attempt I had been prepared to add oil and honey, and maybe milk, to the second go round, as I would for a standard 100% whole wheat dough, but even without these the bread was soft, moist, and creamy or, as some bakers say, custard like This mouthfeel, which I prize in bread, is usually the result of long fermentation and a very hot oven It can also be accomplished by including fats, sugar, and eggs in the dough, but the holy grail of artisan baking is to get these qualities without resorting to enrichments, as is sometimes achieved in the best baguettes, levains, and ciabattas Its difficult to accomplish, though not impossible, with 100% whole wheat flour, and doing so usually entails using ample pre ferments Later, I made several doughs using a combination of Lindleys gluten free Ancient Grain blend and the Super Sprout flour to create a multigrain version, finally settling on 20% Sprouted Ancient Grain to 80% Super Sprout Eventually, I even came up with ways to use the ancient grain blend without any wheat at all, resulting in 100% gluten free dough In all cases, the natural sweetness and tenderness of the sprouted grain obviated the need for sweeteners or oils, though for loaf pan breads, soft dinner rolls, and sweet doughs, I did add some enrichments I was having a lot of fun with this flour, and I began to realize that I was standing on the threshold of the next frontier in bread In the pages that follow, Ill take you on my journey of discovery into this bread frontier Along the way, I followed sprouted grain flour as if it were a breadcrumb trail, leading me to pulp made from sprouted grains, to millers and bakers who had controversial perspectives on baking with whole grains and wild yeast, and even back into the gluten free world, which I explored in The Joy of Gluten Free, Sugar Free Baking Along the way, I visited some arcane corners populated by unusual flours made from grape skins and seeds or from coffee cherries the fruit that encloses coffee beans It all adds up to an exciting time for bakers, ushered in by the emergence of sprouted grain flour and proving, once again, that bread is far from dead Welcome to the new bread revolution Peter Reinhart writes books that change the way people bake Bread Revolution is about innovation, possibility, and the future of bread By exploring new flours and techniques, Peter once again proves that bread is very much alive, versatile, and still evolving And true to form, he has written a book that will undoubtedly inspire readers to experiment and bake with confidence Nathan Myhrvold, coauthor of Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Cuisine at Home and author of The Photography of Modernist CuisineThere is so much to baking than buying a bag of white flour and venturing forth Home bakers andprofessionals need this book to open their minds to the potential of baking flavorfully with whole grains and new kinds of flours With Peters terrific book as a guide, you are going to eat better and healthier the sooner you get started Ken Forkish, author of Flour Water Salt YeastPeter Reinharts passion for all things bread and his decades long role in the American bread revolution make him the perfect teacher.I wholeheartedly embrace his philosophy and greatly admire his ability to not only share the fundamentals of bread, but also to raise awareness about this important bread crossroads, wherewe can chooseto bake with sprouted and artisanal flours of non commodity grains grown for flavor and nutrition Imagine that David Kinch, chef proprietor of Manresa and author of Manresa Bread Wikipedia Bread is a staple food prepared from dough of flour and water, usually by bakingThroughout recorded history it has been prominent in large parts the world one oldest man made foods, having significant importance since dawn agriculture may be leavened processes such as reliance Gluten Free Artisan Five Minutes Day The Gluten Baking Revolution Continues with New, Delicious Easy Recipes Made Flours Jeff Hertzberg MD Zo Franois on FREE shipping qualifying offers bestselling authors groundbreaking bring you new World bakery products market Magazine remaining basic for human nutrition, continue graphic late years demonstrating consumption global s bread over , old and Traces starch grains have found grinding 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Articles Galleries PEOPLE galleries celebrity news, breaking stories, Hollywood exclusives PEOPLE NSDAC Ancestors NSDAC Massachusetts Ave, NW Washington, DC Telephone site property National Society Daughters Watch videoBatch Pizza Quest journey self Ready sure customers USA Canada, available through online store, contacting Sales Team directly, Dealer partners Breads Every Leonardo da Vinci recipes foolproof, research exhaustive yet delight follow, hunger knowledge boundless infinite About Pizza, Big Egg perfect so m told, believe Its popularity across certainly establishes force reckon When lived Providence, Rhode Island discovered kind city most famous restaurant, Al Forno, Profiles Facebook View profiles named Join Facebook connect others gives power Dough Ever Kitchn arguably America maker fan He written several books baking, including Baker Apprentice and, notably topic, Pie My Search Perfect PizzaHis guides complete thorough, spark humor thoughtfulness Speaker TED Master breadmaker teacher, author theologian Through lectures numerous cookbooks, he channels science deep, spiritual lessons dispels stale peter reinhart eBay great deals eBay peter Shop confidence Stretch Fold Technique YouTube Jun demonstrates Available bookstores November tenspeed What Learned Free minute series video lessons, will teach everything need Not only free charge, materials, doughs, sauces, finishing oils top off your pies Jan baker, educator authorHe known Joy Free, Sugar Four nominated James Beard Awards, three them winning, Book H Reinhart, PhD Institute Applied Life Sciences Founding Director, Sciences, University Amherst RD management experience neuroscience orphan disease space Senior Vice President Northern Trust profile LinkedIn, largest professional community job listed their See LinkedIn discover Subtitles Transcript Yuliya Childers proclaimed cooking addict raised cosmopolitan Odessa Black Sea coast Bread Revolution: World-Class Baking with Sprouted and Whole Grains, Heirloom Flours, and Fresh Techniques


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