※ Read any She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity, Carl Zimmer - Amazon.com ⁝ Kindle Ebook Author Carl Zimmer ⁵

※ Read any She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity, Carl Zimmer - Amazon.com ⁝ Kindle Ebook Author Carl Zimmer ⁵ ※ Read any She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity, Carl Zimmer - Amazon.com ⁝ Kindle Ebook Author Carl Zimmer ⁵ An Best Book of June 2018 Heredity is a lot complex than most people think In She Has Her Mothers Laugh, New York Times columnist Carl Zimmer dives deep into the ways that we pass along our genetic inheritance Through history, science, and a boatload of personal curiosity the book originated from questions he had regarding his own child, and he had his entire genome mapped in the process of writing it , Zimmer seeks to retell the story of heredity in broader and inclusive terms than the ones were used to hearing For example, who we become is determined by our ancestors genes, yes but it is also a product of our own cellsfor one cell can contribute to millions of future cells How we treat ourselves, what we learn, and even how we feel, eventually contributes to our hereditary future The forces at work are myriad, mostly unseen, and subject to variables that we barely understand Zimmer is trying to help us here, to teach us, and in doing so he succeeds in entertaining us as well Chris Schluep, Book ReviewPraise for She Has Her Mothers LaughExtraordinaryThis book is Zimmer at his best obliterating misconceptions about science with gentle prose He brings the reader on his journey of discovery as he visits laboratory after laboratory, peering at mutant mosquitoes and talking to scientists about traces of Neanderthal ancestry within his own genome Any fan of his previous books or his journalism will appreciate this work But so, too, will parents wishing to understand the magnitude of the legacy theyre bequeathing to their children, people who want to grasp their history through genetic ancestry testing and those seeking a fuller context for the discussions about race and genetics so prevalent today The New York Times Book ReviewMagisterialIn Zimmers pages, we discover a world minutely threaded with myriad streams of heredity flowing in all directions, in variegated patterns and different registers The AtlanticThe strength of She Has Her Mother s Laugh is its combination of accuracy, journalistic clarity and scientific authorityIf the science doesnt matter to you now, it will soon The Washington PostZimmer is careful and well informed Acquired traits can be inherited Biological time can turn backward And monsters are real Wall Street JournalCarl Zimmers magnum opus, probing myriad strands of science through the prism of decadeslong, stellar reporting, and a leading contender as the most outstanding nonfiction work of the yeara lush, enthralling book that transforms the reader with its insights Minneapolis Star TribuneExpansive, engrossing, and often enlighteningZimmer takes readers on a tale through time and technology, from the inbred Holy Roman Empire to the birthplace of American eugenics to the Japanese lab where scientists are reprogramming skin cells into eggs and sperm WiredAchronicle of timeless values, and the permanent importance of bonds of kinship and the passing of generations in human culture It is also a stark caution against human hubris, as the early decades of hereditary science show just how much damage science can cause when its poorly done and unethically applied Finally, it is a wondrous expos of the rapid fire results and advances being made in 21st century genetics, and the social and cultural consequences that they might unleash National ReviewNuanced, entertaining and balances eloquent story telling with well researched science Anyone interested in their path through history, and what they may hand on, will find much to excite them She Has her Mother s Laughis, as promised, a showcase of the powers, perversions and potential of what we truly gain from our past and pass on to our future New ScientistA beguiling narrative Whatever your views on the power of genes versus other forms of heredity, you will be in for a few surprises Nature Into this zeitgeist enters Carl Zimmers most enjoyable new book, She Has Her Mothers Laugh, with a sweeping overview of the history of our understanding of heredity He is one of the best science journalists of our time ScienceA magnificent workJournalist Zimmer masterfully blends exciting storytelling with first rate science reporting His book is as engrossing as it is enlightening Publishers Weekly starred review A thoroughly enchanting tour of big questions, oddball ideas, and dazzling accomplishments of researchers searching to explain, manipulate, and alter inheritance Kirkus Reviews starred review A wide ranging and eye opening inquiry into the way heredity shapes our species Booklist starred review Zimmers latest offers a comprehensive look at all aspects of heredity in readable and accessible text for anyone interested in the topic Library JournalThis massive, multifaceted account of heredity s history and possible future illuminates the subject as something much complex than genes passed from generation to generation Shelf AwarenessA story filled with palace intrigue and breathtaking innovation O, The Oprah MagazineArich and wide ranging exploration of the mysterious science that makes us, somehow, who we are Jamie Green, Thrillist s Best Books of 2018No one unravels the mysteries of science as brilliantly and compellingly as Carl Zimmer, and he has proven it again with She Has Her Mothers Laugha sweeping, magisterial book that illuminates the very nature of who we are David Grann, authorof Killers of the Flower Moon and The Lost City of Z She Has Her Mother s Laughis at once far ranging, imaginative, and totally relevant Carl Zimmer makes the complex science of heredity read like a novel, and explains why the subject has been and always will beso vexed.Elizabeth Kolbert, author of Pulitzer Prize winning The Sixth Extinction Humans have long noticed something remarkable, namely that organisms are similar but not identical to their parentsin other words, that some traits can be inherited From this observation has grown the elegant science of genetics, with its dazzling medical breakthroughs And from this has also grown the toxic pseudosciences of eugenics, Lysenkoism and Nazi racial ideology Carl Zimmer traces the intertwined histories of the science and pseudoscience of heredity Zimmer writes like a dream, teaches a ton of accessible science, and provides the often intensely moving stories of the people whose lives have been saved or destroyed by this topic I loved this book Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University, author of Behave She Has Her Mother s Laughis a masterpiecea career best work from one of the world s premier science writers, on a topic that literally touches every person on the planet Ed Yong, author of I Contain MultitudesNobody writes about science better than Carl Zimmer As entertaining as he is informative, he has a way of turning the discoveries of science into deeply moving human stories This book is a timely account of the uses and misuses of some of the science that directly impact our lives today It is also a career moment by one of our most important and graceful writers Here is a book to be savored.Neil Shubin, University of Chicago, author of Your Inner FishZimmer is a born story teller Or is he an inherited story teller The inspiring and heartbreaking stories in She Has Her Mothers Laugh builda fundamentally new perspective on what previous generations have delivered to us, and what we can pass along An outstanding book and great accomplishment.Daniel Levitin, author of This is Your Brain on Music and The Organized MindOne of the most gifted science journalists of his generation, Carl Zimmer tells a gripping human story about heredity from misguided notions that have caused terrible harm to recent ongoing research that promises to unleash powerful technologies than the world has ever known The breadth of his perspective is extraordinarily compelling, compassionate, and valuable Please read this book now.Jennifer Doudna, UC Berkeley, coauthor of A Crack in CreationCarl Zimmer lifts off the lid, dumps out the contents, and sorts through the pieces of one of history s most problematic ideas heredity Deftly touching on psychology, genetics, race, and politics, She Has Her Mother s Laugh is a superb guide to a subject that is only becoming important Along the way, it explains some remarkably complicated science with equally remarkable claritya totally impressive job all around Charles C Mann, author of 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before ColumbusCarl Zimmer is not only among my favorite science writershes also now responsible for making me wonder whythere is Neanderthal DNA on earth right now than when Neanderthals were here, and why humanity is getting taller and smarter in the last few generations She Has Her Mothers Laugh explains how our emerging understanding of genetics is touching almost every part of society, and will increasingly touch our lives Charles Duhigg,authorof Smarter FasterBetterand The Power of HabitWith this book, Carl Zimmer rises from being our best biological science writer to being one of our very best non fiction writers in any field, period.Kevin Padian, professor of integrative biology, UC Berkeley How every characteristicfrom genes to personalityis passed down from one generation to the next is one the most fundamental, complex, misunderstood and misused enigmas of biology In this beautifully written, heartfelt and enjoyable masterpiece, Zimmer weaves together history, autobiography and science to elucidate the mysteries of heredity and why we should care I couldnt put this book down, and cant recommend it too highly Daniel E Lieberman, Harvard University, author of The Story of the Human Body She Has Her Mothers Laughis at once enlightening and utterly compelling Carl Zimmer weaves spellbinding narrative with luminous science writing to give usthe story of heredity,the story of us all Anyone interested in where we came from and where we are goingwhich is to say everyonewill want to read it.Jennifer Ackerman, author of The Genius of Birds and Chance in the House of FateTraversing time and societies, the personal and the political, the moral and the scientific, She Has Her Mother s Laugh takes readers on an endlessly mesmerizing journey of what it means to be human Carl Zimmer has created a brilliant canvas of life that is at times hopeful, at times horrifying, and always beautifully rendered I could hope for no better guide into the complexities, perils, and, ultimately, potential of what the science of heredity has in store for the world.Maria Konnikova, author of The Confidence Game With his latest work, Zimmer has assured his place as one of the greatest science writers of our time She Has Her Mothers Laughisan extraordinary exploration of a topic that is at once familiar and foreign, and touches every one of us With the eloquence of a poet and the expertise of a scientist Zimmer has created a nonfiction thriller that will change the way you think about your family, those you love, and the past and future.Brian Hare, Duke University, coauthor of The Genius of DogsZimmer offers a compelling look at geneticsYou will leave this book realizing how little we know about how we come to be Bitch Media She s In Her Apron YouTube I m a stay at home mom to four amazing kids busy wife like most of you REAL and love sharing that with all feel as woman we need t She Has Mother Laugh The Powers is masterpiece career best work from one the world premier science writers, on topic literally touches every person planet Ed Yong, author Contain Multitudes Nobody writes about better than Carl Zimmer Zimmer REVIEW Laugh, by Now comes New York Times journalist magnum opus, probing myriad strands through prism decadeslong, stellar reporting, 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BEAUTY OF PARASITES centuries, parasites lived horror stories, darkest shadows God gene Wikipedia hypothesis proposes human spirituality influenced heredity specific gene, vesicular monoamine transporter VMAT predisposes humans towards spiritual mystic experiences idea proposed geneticist Dean Hamer book Gene Faith Hardwired into our Genes based NONFICTION Science rich tapestry genetics, evolutionary biology cultural history Surprising Origins Evolutionary Complexity Scientific American essential guide awe inspiring advances technology, explaining change understanding shape lives Mammals Made By Loom not virus, none born Boston scientists discovered peculiar genome encoded protein made only Search Sports Report Koepka Shot Costs Spectator an Eye An errant tee shot hit Brooks Ryder Cup Friday female spectator lost sight right eye Watch writer explain CRISPR seconds Zimmer, journalist, explains revolutionary editing tool works columnist Carl ancient Siberian Business Insider fascinated scared frozen She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity, Carl Zimmer - Amazon.com


    • She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity, Carl Zimmer - Amazon.com
    • 4.5
    • 896
    • Hardcover
    • 672 pages
    • Carl Zimmer
    • English
    • 22 July 2017

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