ಱ Format Kindle Download ᗩ Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Committment ೆ Ebook Author Gay Hendricks ೯

ಱ Format Kindle Download ᗩ Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Committment  ೆ Ebook Author Gay Hendricks ೯ ಱ Format Kindle Download ᗩ Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Committment ೆ Ebook Author Gay Hendricks ೯ ONE Conscious Loving The Journey in Brief For most of us, relationships are a struggle We each have a strong inner urge toward conscious loving toward love relationships that are free of mistrust, disharmony, and unspoken words We want our relationships to be springboards to higher consciousness and enhanced creative expression Yet within us also lives an urge toward unconscious loving we are encumbered by the burdens of our past programming In this book we will present the results of our exploration of relationship issues over the past twenty years From our work with over one thousand couples we have discovered the key flaws that produce distortion in relationships, and we have developed a precise, step by step program for turning your loving into conscious loving We have also identified the crucial choice points in the evolution of a relationship that enhance or ruin the opportunities for intimacy Unconscious loving turns relationships into entanglements which bring out and actually require the destructive habits of each participant Unconscious loving saps energy and creativity By knowing the crucial choice points and practicing the skills of conscious loving we describe, a state emerges that we call Co Commitment It is a state of well being which enhances the energy and creativity of each person In our journey together through this book you will learn the intentions that allow co commitment to unfold, how to spot and overcome the unconscious patterns that emerge in any close relationship, how to identify feelings and key body sensations, how to tell the microscopic truth, and how to make and keep commitments The ideas in this book apply not only to couples, but to any close relationship They work even if you have an uncooperative partner They work even if you have no current partner Many of our clients worked out their major issues while single, then went on to form successful, co committed relationships A great deal of powerful change can occur when one person in a relationship breaks free Dont fall into the trap of waiting to change until your partner is ready Waiting for others to change is a sign of unconscious loving Go ahead and make a total commitment to your individual development However, if your partner is willing to commit to the program, the changes can be rapid indeed When we first began to wake up we found ourselves mired in many patterns of unconscious loving Both of us came from dysfunctional families, and in adulthood we had re created many of their patterns in our own relationships Unless you are very blessed, you are also trapped in some aspect of dysfunctional relationships We developed the ideas in this book during our journey to co commitment Eventually, an exciting new state unfolded, which we call co creativity A co creative relationship is passionate, productive, and harmonious We turned the energy that would have been wasted through conflict into creative projects such as writing books, giving seminars and lectures, volunteering for activities, and building a happy family We found that we had access to much creativity as a partnership than each of us ever had on our own Now we have applied the techniques to a substantial number of people in therapy and workshops We have determined to our satisfaction that, with some intense work on themselves, people can move from co dependence to co commitment and co creativity Now we want to make the material available to a wider audience The Questions that Began Our Search Our approach to relationship therapy grew out of questions we began asking ourselves many years ago These are questions that you have no doubt asked yourself, such as Why are close relationships, which are supposed to be about love, often so painful What are we doing that causes the pain What are we overlooking How can we have love and less pain The answers came, not always in the way we expected or in a kindly manner Sometimes we were so stubborn and resistant to learning that life had to take a sledgehammer approach to teaching us Ultimately, we got the relationship we wanted, but it was many times better than we ever could have imagined Most of us are born into families that are full of conflict or the avoidance of conflict Both of us came from families in which conflict was always avoided, so we had to learn to acknowledge conflict before we learned to transform it It is important, however, not to stop there In close relationships, conflict is not necessary or desirable, although it is what most of us know In this book you will learn how to resolve conflict effectively and you will find a path that will take you beyond conflict, if you are willing The Power of Love Love is a powerful force If we do not know how to handle its power, we slip very quickly into its powerfully painful distortions, such as conflict and co dependence But know this It is resistance to love that causes the problems There is nothing wrong with love Love is a force that focuses its light on the deepest shadowy parts of ourselves It brings to the surface the parts of ourselves that we most desperately try to keep hidden When these parts of ourselves emerge, we often retreat, blaming love and those who have loved us In this book you will learn how to do something radically different, something that will allow you to live in a state of continuous love and positive energy You will begin where you are, possibly stuck in a troubled relationship or feeling the pain of not having a close relationship, and you will move at your own pace to a place of freedom and real growth Part 1 of this book explains all the essential ideas, with examples drawn from our personal experience and that of our clients All the examples in this book are drawn from real life Names and identifying details have been changed to ensure the privacy of the people involved The thirty four activities in part 2 contain the experiential techniques that will make the ideas a reality for you We want to acknowledge you for beginning this journey with us Our relationship has been the catalyst for unparalleled growth and creativity in our lives We hope that you will use your relationships to fulfill undreamed of potential in yourself It will help if you commit yourself completely to this process now, at the beginning The most creative and evolved people we know are those who use every situation as an opportunity to learn about themselves Openness to learning is a hallmark of evolution It makes learning and acknowledging even the most soul shaking facts about yourself easier and fun With a strong commitment to inquiring into yourself, the universe does not have to use catastrophes to wake you up Unconscious Loving and Co Dependence Co dependence, a term that first appeared in the field of alcoholism treatment, is a particular form of unconscious loving It originally referred to a pattern that healers noticed time and again when working with addicted persons Frequently the addicted person was in a relationship that supported the addiction and interfered with the treatment Often the co dependent did not drink, but due to deeply flawed interaction patterns, he or she made it possible for the addicted person not to change However, co dependence goes far beyond the area of chemical addictions it can creep into every area of life We believe that society is on the verge of a breakthrough in which people will begin to notice co dependent patterns in many of their close relationships Co Dependence Is an Unconscious Agreement Co dependence is an agreement between people to stay locked in unconscious patterns Co commitment is an agreement to become conscious The dictionary does not yet have a definition for co dependence, but it does have several meanings for dependent According to Websters New World Dictionary, dependent means 1 hanging down, 2 determined by something else, 3 relying on for support, and 4 subordinate There you have it co dependence occurs when your behavior is determined by someone elses, when others rely on you to maintain their destructive behaviors and addictions, and when you are subordinate to others and thereby not true to your own feelings The first definitionhanging downis particularly revealing, because depression inevitably accompanies co dependence When we are co dependent we do not have relationships, we have entanglements Relationships can exist only between equals inequality is a hallmark of co dependence The dictionary defines entanglement as a snare and a complication It is a net, from which escape is difficult The dictionary says that two things are entangled when they are enfolded upon each other in such a way that the freedom of each is limited This is exactly what co dependence is It is also an unconscious conspiracy between two or people to feel bad and to limit each others potential The basic contract is If I allow you to sleepwalk through life, you wont make me wake up either If I agree not to grow, you wont either If I dont insist that you change your bad habits, you wont leave me or make me challenge my bad habits No matter what the deal, it never works No one has ever been truly happy, awake, and alive in an entanglement.Iconsider Gay and Kathlyn to be my teachers Iencourage you to buy this book and use it to thehilt John Bradshaw.Gay andKathlyn s book offers invaluable insights into thereal workings of making a lasting, breakthroughcommitment Bonnie Raitt, singer songwriter Conscious Loving Ever After How to Create Thriving Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks are pioneers in the fields of conscious relationships body mind vibrance authors than books, including bestsellers Conscious Loving, The Big Leap, Five Wishes Home Institute A weekend creativity transformation with Katie Hendricks, PhD, BC DMT Lynn Cornelius, MFA November , Boulder, CO This is designed update your relationship essential self jump start from inside out About We an International Learning Center that teaches core skills for living loving For almost years our work has been assist people opening creativity, love, vitality through power HM group Sustainability To find about sustainability visit site On you can read details report suppliers Home Discipline Administrators Discipline a leader classroom management provides transformational, whole school solution social emotional learning, discipline I Love You Rituals Your Guide Meaningful YouTube May connections activities strengthen adult child Each interaction based on latest TV Homepage UK channel broadcasting here Internet various Satellite channels Our quest stimulate debate, question, enquire, inform, enlighten, encourage inspire areas Consciousness, Science, Non Co Parenting At Institute we provide cutting edge strategies empower divorcing or 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