⌒ Download Format Kindle 裡 Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body ௚ Kindle Ebook Author Jo Marchant ᠆

⌒ Download Format Kindle 裡 Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body  ௚ Kindle Ebook Author Jo Marchant ᠆ ⌒ Download Format Kindle 裡 Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body ௚ Kindle Ebook Author Jo Marchant ᠆ Chapter 2 Linda Buonanno hugs me as soon as we meet, and shows me upstairs to her small, first floor apartment in a housing block just off the freeway in Methuen, Massachusetts Her living space is tidy but densely packed with framed photos, scented candles and an overwhelming preference for the color green She sits me at the table, in front of a perfectly laid out tea set and a plate of ten macaroons The 67 year old is plump with short, auburn hair and a girlish giggle Everyone thinks its dyed, but it isnt, she tells me She hovers until I try a macaroon, then sits down opposite and tells me about her struggles with irritable bowel syndrome IBS.She talks fast Her symptoms first struck two decades ago, when her marriage of 23 years broke down Although she dreamed of being a hair dresser, she was working shifts in a factory, running machinery that made surgical blades, juggling the 60 hour week with a court battle and caring for the two youngest of her four children I went through hell, she says Within a year of the split, she started suffering from intestinal pains, cramps, diarrhea and bloating.The condition has affected her ever since, especially at stressful times such as when she was laid off from the factory Their jobs outsourced to Mexico, the group of women with whom she had worked and bonded was scattered She retrained as a medical assistant, hoping to find work in a chiropractors office, but once she qualified she found that no one washiring When she did finally find a part time job, she had to give it up because of the pain from her IBS The condition has destroyed her social life too When the symptoms are bad, I cant even leave the house, she says Id be keeling over in pain, running to the bathroom all the time Even buying groceries re quires staying within reach of a bathroom, and she lists the local facilities one in the Market Basket, one in the post office down the street This is20 years Ive been doing this, she says Its a horrible way to live Now she has to juggle the condition with looking after her elderly parents her mother lives alone, while her father, who suffers from dementia, is in a nursing home Lindas brother was killed in Vietnam, and her twin sister died of cancer 18 years ago, so she is the only one left to help them.She brightens But I travel, she says I go to England, I do every thing I love it Im thrown by this statement until I realize that shes talking about Google maps I ask her to show me, and we move over to her computer, which sits on a desk squeezed between the sofa and the micro wave She fires up the maps program and lands us on top of Buckingham Palace in London.Suddenly I get a sense of how much time Linda has spent in this flat She knows the layout of the palace intimately, zooming in to try to peek through the windows, then flying around the back to check out the private gardens Other favorite destinations include the Caribbean island of Aruba, and the celebrity mansions of Rodeo Drive Sometimes she looks up the addresses of her old workmates from the factory, friends who when they lost their jobs moved away to Kentucky or California, places that because of her IBS, and the demands of her parents, she can never visit for real.Over the years, Linda has, like many patients with irritable bowel syn drome, been passed from doctor to doctor She has been tested for intol erances and allergies, and has tried cutting out everything from gluten and fat to tomatoes But she found no relief until she took part in a trial led by Ted Kaptchuk, a professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston It was a trial that would revolutionize the world of placebo research You know Im deviant Ted Kaptchuk looks straight at me and I get the sense that he is rather proud of this fact.1 Yes, I answer Its hard to read anything about the Harvard professor without coming across his unusual past In fact it seeps from every corner of our surroundingsthe house where he lives and works, on a leafy side street in Cambridge, Mas sachusetts.Im asked to remove my shoes as I enter, and offered a cup of Earl Grey tea Persian rugs cover the wooden floors, and proudly displayed in the hall is a huge brass tea urn The dcor is elegant, featuring period furniture, modern art and shelves filled with booksrows of hardbound doorstops embossed with gold Chinese lettering next to English volumes, from The Jewish Wardrobe to Honey Hunters of Nepal Through the win dow I glimpse the nuanced greens and pinks of a manicured ornamental garden that might be at home in Japan.Kaptchuk himself has gold rings, big brown eyes and a sweep of gray ing hair topped by a black skullcap He likes to quote from historical man uscripts, and his answers to my questions are accompanied by long pauses and a furrowed brow I ask him to tell me his own version of the path that brought him here and he says it started when he was a student and he traveled to Asia to study traditional Chinese medicine.Its a decision he attributes to sixties craziness I wanted to do some thing anti imperialist He was also interested in Eastern religions and phi losophies, and the thinking of the Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong Now I think that was a really bad reason to study Chinese medicine But I didnt wanted to be co opted, I didnt want to be part of the system.After four years in Taiwan and China, he returned to the U.S with a degree in Chinese medicine and opened a small acupuncture clinic in Cambridge He saw patients with all sorts of conditions, mostly chronic complaints from pain to digestive, urinary and respiratory problems Over the years, however, he became and uncomfortable with his role as a healer He was good at what he didperhaps too good He would see dramatic cures, sometimes before patients had even received their treatment I would have patients who left my office totally differ ent, he says Because they sat and talked to me, and I wrote a prescrip tion I was petrified that I was psychic I thought, Shit, this is crazy Ultimately, Kaptchuk concluded that he didnt have paranormal pow ers But equally, he believed that his patients striking recoveries didnt have anything to do with the needles or the herbs he was prescribing They were because of something else, and he was interested in finding out what that something was.In 1998, Harvard Medical School, just down the street from Kaptchuks clinic, was looking for an expert in Chinese medicine The U.S National Institutes of Health NIH was opening a center dedi cated to funding scientific research into alternative and complementary medicine Although tiny compared to existing NIH centers investigating cancer, for example, or genetics, it promised to be a useful new source of research dollars for Harvard But no one there knew a thing about Chinese medicine or any kind of alternative medicine, says Kaptchuk So they hired me.Rather than study Chinese medicine directly, however, he decided to investigate the placebo effect, to find out whether this could explain why his patients did so well Whereas Benedetti is interested in the molecules and mechanics of the placebo effect, Kaptchuks focus is on people The questions he asks are psychological and philosophical Why should the expectation of a cure affect us so profoundly Can the placebo effect be split into different components Is our response affected by factors such as the type of placebo we take, or the bedside manner of our doctor In one of his first trials, Kaptchuk compared the effectiveness of two different kinds of placebofake acupuncture and a fake pillin 270 pa tients with persistent arm pain.2 Its a study that makes no sense from a conventional perspective When comparing two inert treatments nothing with nothingyou wouldnt expect to see any difference Yet Kaptchuk did see a difference Placebo acupuncture was effective for reducing the patients pain, whereas the placebo pill worked better for helping them to sleep.This is the problem with placebo effectsin trials they are elusive and ephemeral, rarely disappearing completely but often altering their shape They change depending on the type of placebo, and they vary in strength between people, conditions and cultures For example, the percentage of people who responded to placebo in trials of a particular ulcer medicationranged from 59% in Denmark to just 7% in Brazil.3 The same placebo can have positive, zero or negative effects depending on what were told about it, and the effects can change over time Such shifting results have helped to create an aura around the placebo effect as something slightly unscientific if not downright crazy But it isnt crazy What these results actually show, says Kaptchuk, is that scientists have long gotten their understanding of the placebo effect backwards When he arrived at Harvard, he says, the experts there told him that the placebo effect was the effect of an inert substance Its a commonly used description but one that Kaptchuk describes as com plete nonsense By definition, he points out, an inert substance does not have any effect.What does have an effect, of course, is our psychological response to those inert substances Neither fake acupuncture nor a fake pill is in itself capable of doing anything But patients interpret them in different ways, and that in turn creates different changes in their symptoms.A New York Post Best Book of 2016A New York Magazine Best Science Book of 2016A Mindful.org Top 10 Mindful Book of 2016A Sunday Times Book of the Year An Economist Book of the YearA Spirituality Health BestMind Body Book of 2016Ms Marchant writes well, which is never a guarantee in this genre Second, she has chosen very moving characters to show us the importance of the research and she has an equal flair for finding inspirational figures the studies are irresistible, and they come in an almost infinite variety New York Times Cure is a cautious, scrupulous investigation of how the brain can help heal our bodies It is also an important look at the flip side of this coin, which is how brains damaged by stress may make bodies succumb to physical illness or accelerated aging Cure points a way toward a future in which the two camps mainstream medicine and alternative therapies might work together After all, any medicine that makes a patient better, whether conventional, alternative, or placebo, is simply medicine Wall Street JournalA well researched page turner raises questions about the role of culture, environment and neurochemistry in our responses to treatmentand may very well lead to widespread changes in the ways we practice medicine Susannah Cahalan, New York Post Cure is for anyone interested in a readable overview of recent findings in mind body phenomena, a reliably enthralling topic A rewarding read that seeks to separate the wishful and emotion driven from the scientifically tested Washington PostResearch heavy but never dull, this revelatory work about the mind body connection explains how the brain can affect physical healing Entertainment WeeklyMarchant is a skeptical, evidence based reporterone with a background in microbiology, no lesswhich makes for a fascinating juxtaposition against some of the alternative treatments she discusses New York Magazine A thought provoking exploration of how the mind can affect the body and can be harnessed to help treat physical illness Economist In a wide ranging and compelling new book, science journalist Jo Marchant explores whether the mind can heal the body With lively, clear prose, Marchant surveys the evidence for the mind body connection Science NewsFascinating and thought provoking Marchant has travelled extensively around Europe and the US, talking to health workers and ordinary folk, to produce this meticulously researched book Cure is a much needed counter to a reductionist medical culture that ignores anything that doesnt show up in a scan it should be compulsory reading for all young doctors New ScientistArevved up, research packed explication of the use of mind in medicine, from meditation to guided visualisation Marchants nimble reportage on the work of scientists in novel fields such as psychoneuroimmunology and her discussion of placebos are as fresh as her reminders of how stress and poverty affect wellbeing are timely NatureCould my belief that Im going to feel better in itself heal me Its a fascinating question, and one that British author Jo Marchant takes on with aplomb in her new book, Cure Spirituality HealthWriting with simplicity, clarity and style, and covering an enormous range of material, Marchant surveys with grace what we think we know, and what we would like to know, about the mysterious and troubling relationship between our minds and our bodies She is level headed, always with one foot planted in the worlds of science and reason Though open minded, she is rigorous, her gently skeptical tone reassures, and she gracefully skewers quackery The GuardianThought provoking This new generation of evidence based mind body researchers has produced some remarkable findings, which Marchant analyses with elegance and lucidity Times Literary SupplementJo Marchant makes her case so cogently that it is hard to disagree with her The author has a gift for writing that is both clear and vivid, and communicates complex ideas in a way that is comprehensible and uncondescending This is surely an area of medicine whose time has come The Independent A diligent and useful work that makes the case for holistic medicine while warning against the snake oil salesmen who have annexed that word for profit Sunday TimesThis is an important book, and one that will challenge those dismissive of efforts to investigate how our thoughts, emotions and beliefs might directly influence our physical wellbeing The evolving science explored in Cureis intriguing and trailblazing, and Marchant s account of its pursuit is often gripping There s a lot to this impressive book, and it has the potential to have the same dramatic impact on our understanding of our self as Norman Doidge s blockbuster, The Brain that ChangesItself Sydney Morning Herald Marchant explores the possibilities of psychology based approaches to improving physical well being in this open minded, evidence based account Apowerful and critically needed conceptual bridge for those who are frustrated with pseudoscientific explanations of alternative therapies but intrigued by the minds potential power to both cause and treat chronic, stress related conditions Publishers Weekly starred review A balanced, informative review of a controversial subject Kirkus Reviews Curerepresents a journey in the best sense of the word a vivid, compassionate, generous exploration of the role of the human mind in both health and illness Drawing on her training as a scientist and a science writer, Marchant meticulously investigates both promising and improbable theories of the minds ability to heal the body The result is to illuminate a fascinating approach to medicine, full of human detail, integrity, and ultimately, hope Deborah Blum, author of The Poisoners Handbook and Love at Goon ParkThis is popular science writing at its very best Curebeautifully describes the cutting edge research going on in the fascinatingand until now, often unexploredarea of mind body medicine I would recommend this book to anybody who has a mind and a body Henry Marsh, author of Do No Harm Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery Home Christmas CURE Childhood Cancer You can give Hope this holiday season When you donate to Cancer, are giving children and their families the gift of hope Your helps us fund critical research that will lead better outcomes for devastated by cancer while allowing walk beside them as a comfort resource during fight Cure A 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