⥂ Read full length ᓪ The Book of Joy online free ⦪ Kindle By Dalai Lama 䕘

⥂ Read full length  ᓪ The Book of Joy online free ⦪ Kindle By Dalai Lama 䕘 ⥂ Read full length ᓪ The Book of Joy online free ⦪ Kindle By Dalai Lama 䕘 Is joy a feeling that comes and surprises us, or is it a dependable way of being I asked For the two of you, joy seems to be something much enduring Your spiritual practice hasnt made you somber and serious Its made you joyful So how can people cultivate that sense of joy as a way of being, and not just a temporary feeling The Archbishop and the Dalai Lama looked at each other and the Archbishop gestured to the Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama squeezed the Archbishops hand and began Yes, it is true Joy is something different from happiness When I use the word happiness, in a sense I mean satisfaction Sometimes we have a painful experience, but that experience, as youve said with birth, can bring great satisfaction and joyfulness Let me ask you, the Archbishop jumped in Youve been in exile fifty what years Fifty six Fifty six years from a country that you love than anything else Why are you not morose Morose the Dalai Lama asked, not understanding the word As Jinpa hurried to translate morose into Tibetan, the Archbishop clarified, Sad The Dalai Lama took the Archbishops hand in his, as if comforting him while reviewing these painful events The Dalai Lamas storied discovery as the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama meant that at the age of two, he was swept away from his rural home in the Amdo province of eastern Tibet to the one thousand room Potala Palace in the capital city of Lhasa There he was raised in opulent isolation as the future spiritual and political leader of Tibet and as a godlike incarnation of the Bodhisattva of Compassion After the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950, the Dalai Lama was thrust into politics At the age of fifteen he found himself the ruler of six million people and facing an all out and desperately unequal war For nine years he tried to negotiate with Communist China for his peoples welfare, and sought political solutions as the country came to be annexed In 1959, during an uprising that risked resulting in a massacre, the Dalai Lama decided, with a heavy heart, to go into exile The odds of successfully escaping to India were frighteningly small, but to avoid a confrontation and a bloodbath, he left in the night dressed as a palace guard He had to take off his recognizable glasses, and his blurred vision must have heightened his sense of fear and uncertainty as the escape party snuck by garrisons of the Peoples Liberation Army They endured sandstorms and snowstorms as they summited nineteen thousand foot mountain peaks during their three week escape One of my practices comes from an ancient Indian teacher, the Dalai Lama began answering the Archbishops question He taught that when you experience some tragic situation, think about it If theres no way to overcome the tragedy, then there is no use worrying too much So I practice that The Dalai Lama was referring to the eighth century Buddhist master Shantideva, who wrote, If something can be done about the situation, what need is there for dejection And if nothing can be done about it, what use is there for being dejected The Archbishop cackled, perhaps because it seemed almost too incredible that someone could stop worrying just because it was pointless Yes, but I think people know it with their head He touched both index fingers to his scalp You know, that it doesnt help worrying But they still worry Many of us have become refugees, the Dalai Lama tried to explain, and there are a lot of difficulties in my own country When I look only at that, he said, cupping his hands into a small circle, then I worry He widened his hands, breaking the circle open But when I look at the world, there are a lot of problems, even within the Peoples Republic of China For example, the Hui Muslim community in China has a lot of problems and suffering And then outside China, there are many problems and suffering When we see these things, we realize that not only do we suffer, but so do many of our human brothers and sisters So when we look at the same event from a wider perspective, we will reduce the worrying and our own suffering I was struck by the simplicity and profundity of what the Dalai Lama was saying This was far from dont worry, be happy, as the popular Bobby McFerrin song says This was not a denial of pain and suffering, but a shift in perspectivefrom oneself and toward others, from anguish to compassionseeing that others are suffering as well The remarkable thing about what the Dalai Lama was describing is that as we recognize others suffering and realize that we are not alone, our pain is lessened Often we hear about anothers tragedy, and it makes us feel better about our own situation This is quite different from what the Dalai Lama was doing He was not contrasting his situation with others, but uniting his situation with others, enlarging his identity and seeing that he and the Tibetan people were not alone in their suffering This recognition that we are all connectedwhether Tibetan Buddhists or Hui Muslimsis the birth of empathy and compassion I wondered how the Dalai Lamas ability to shift his perspective might relate to the adage Pain is inevitable suffering is optional Was it truly possible to experience pain, whether the pain of an injury or an exile, without suffering There is a Sutta, or teaching of the Buddha, called the Sallatha Sutta, that makes a similar distinction between our feelings of pain and the suffering that comes as a result of our response to the pain When touched with a feeling of pain, the uninstructed, ordinary person sorrows, grieves, and laments, beats his breast, becomes distraught So he feels two pains, physical and mental Just as if they were to shoot a man with an arrow and, right afterward, were to shoot him with another one, so that he feels the pain of two arrows It seems that the Dalai Lama was suggesting that by shifting our perspective to a broader, compassionate one, we can avoid the worry and suffering that is the second arrow Then another thing, the Dalai Lama continued There are different aspects to any event For example, we lost our own country and became refugees, but that same experience gave us new opportunities to see things For me personally, I had opportunities to meet with different people, different spiritual practitioners, like you, and also scientists This new opportunity arrived because I became a refugee If I remained in the Potala in Lhasa, I would have stayed in what has often been described as a golden cage the Lama, holy Dalai Lama He was now sitting up stiffly as he once had to when he was the cloistered spiritual head of the Forbidden Kingdom So, personally, I prefer the last five decades of refugee life Its useful, opportunity to learn, to experience life Therefore, if you look from one angle, you feel, oh how bad, how sad But if you look from another angle at that same tragedy, that same event, you see that it gives me new opportunities So, its wonderful Thats the main reason that Im not sad and morose Theres a Tibetan saying Wherever you have friends thats your country, and wherever you receive love, thats your home.I want to wish all of you joybecause there is no better gift Two spiritual masters, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, share their wisdom in this uplifting book I promise you, its the best 26 you can spend Oprah Winfrey A wonderful and uplifting book from two inspirational spiritual leaders Frost Magazine Personalized Books Original Gifts The Book of Everyone Wonderfully curious personalized books for the whole family There s one to delight everyone from magnificent moms brilliant boyfriends Created over , stunning art and text pieces, every book is as unique lucky recipient The Henry Trailer Movieclips Trailers Mar Check out new trailer starring Lee Pace, Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay Be first check trailers movie Book Mormon LDS Read, 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infrastructure Kullu District, Dalai death Fourth led open conflict breaking between various parties Firstly, Tsangpa dynasty, rulers Central Tibet Shigatse, supporters Karmapa school rivals Gelugpa, forbade incarnation However, Sonam Rabten, attendant YouTube YouTube channel Office spiritual leader He frequently states DalaiLama Twitter Tweets Welcome official twitter page Dharamsala, India Schedule Below public schedule both well abroad Please note these events, tickets required dalailama Instagram photos videos Account Home Facebook Lama, M likes committed promoting basic Why isn speaking defense Sally Quinn founded Post OnFaith blog author memoir Finding Magic Today rd birthday LamaThe th name Tenzin Gyatso, shortened Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Gyatso born Lhamo Thondup, July LamaDalai Lamas important monks Gelug school, newest Buddhism formally headed Ganden TripasFrom Quotes BrainyQuote Enjoy BrainyQuote Quotations Leader, Born Share friends The Book of Joy


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