※ Free Format Kindle Read [ Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West ] ⁙ Book By Dorothy Wickenden ₎

※ Free Format Kindle Read [ Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West ] ⁙ Book By Dorothy Wickenden ₎ ※ Free Format Kindle Read [ Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West ] ⁙ Book By Dorothy Wickenden ₎ Nothing Daunted PROLOGUE Miss Underwood left , Miss Woodruff, and Elkhead students, 1916One weekend afternoon in the fall of 2008, at the back of a drawer in my old wooden desk at home, I came across a folder I had forgotten Dorothy Woodruff Letters, Elkhead 191617 My mother had given me the file when my children were young, and I had put it away, intending to look through it, but life had intervened I glanced at the first letter Dated Friday, July 28, 1916, it was written on the stationery of the Hayden Inn At the top of the sheet was a photograph of a homely three story concrete block house with a few spindly saplings out front The inn advertised itself as The Only First Class Hotel in Hayden Dorothy wrote My dearest family Can you believe that I am actually far out here in Colorado She and her close friend, Rosamond Underwood, had grown up together in Auburn, New York They had just arrived after a five day journey and were preparing to head into a remote mountain range in the Rockies, to teach school in a settlement called Elkhead Dorothys letter described their stop overnight in Denver, their train ride across the Continental Divide, and their introductions to the locals of Hayden, whom she described as all agog over them and so funny One man could barely be restrained from showing us a bottle of gall stones just removed from his wife She closed by saying, They are all so friendly and kindand we are thrilled by everything We start nowfour hours drive Goodbye in haste Dorothy Woodruff was my grandmother As I began reading the letters, I recognized her voice immediately, even though they were written by a young womantwenty nine years old, unmarried, belatedly setting out on her own An avid correspondent, she captured the personalities of the people she met the harsh landscape her trials with a classroom of unruly young boys and her devotion to Rosamond, known to my brothers and me as Aunt Ros I also was struck by their unusually warm friendship with two men the young lawyer and rancher who hired them, Farrington Carpenter and Bob Perry, who was the supervisor of his fathers coal mine They were eighteen hundred miles away from their families, and from decorous notions about relations between the sexes The letters revealed the contradictions of Dorothys upbringing She was a daughter of the Victorian aristocracy Her forebears, like Rosamonds, were entrepreneurs and lawyers and bankers who had become wealthy during the Industrial Revolution In 1906, the young women were sent to Smith, one of the earliest womens colleges, and afterward, they were indulged for a year with a grand tour of Europe, during which they saw their first aeroplane, learned how to blow the foam off a mug of beer, expressed disdain for the paintings of Matisse, and watched Nijinsky dance Then, like other girls of their background, they were expected to return home to marry, and marry well Yet they had grown up surrounded by the descendants of some of the most prominent reformers in American history, including the suffragists who organized the first womens rights convention in Seneca Falls, fifteen miles west of Auburn and the man who overturned barbaric penal practices at the Auburn state prison, Sing Sing, and penitentiaries across the country Auburn was a stop on the Underground Railroad, and some of the families they knew had hidden runaway slaves in their basements Dorothys grandfather lived next door to William Seward, President Lincolns secretary of state One day when she was visiting my family in Weston, Connecticut, she recorded an oral history, speaking with unerring precision about her childhood and about her time in Colorado Retrieving the transcript of the tape, I was reminded of the breathtaking brevity of Americas past I remember Dorothy as white haired, impeccably attired, and sometimes stern The second youngest of seven children, she grew up in a big hipped roof clapboard house staffed by servants Her bedroom and that of her younger sister, Milly, were in the nursery, reached by the back stairs Raised largely by their nursemaid, they rarely stepped into the kitchen When Dorothys four children were growing up, she didnt know how to cook anything except creamed potatoes and hot cocoa Every night she brushed her hair a hundred strokes with a French boar bristle brush She joked to us about her heightfour feet eleven and shrinking every year To reach her high mahogany four poster bed, inherited from her parents, she had to use a footstool upholstered in needlepoint She gave me tips in etiquette how to file my nails, how to set a formal table, how to avoid acting common When I was a slouching teenager, she showed me how she had been taught to walk across the room with a book balanced on her head On my eighteenth birthday, she wrote to me To be happy it is necessary to be constantly giving to others I do not mean to give in work alonebut all of your self That means interest in other peoplenot only by affectionbut by kindness She didnt like the fashions of the 1970scurtains of hair, tie dyed T shirts, and tight bell bottomsand once told me haughtily, I never wore a pair of trousers in my life For all that, she was spirited and funnynot at all the deferential young woman she had been brought up to be After she and Ros returned from Europe, they attended friends weddings, along with traditional luncheons and balls, but six years later, they were still uninterested in the suitors who were interested in them Chafing at the rigid social routines and not getting anywhere with the ineffectual suffrage work they had taken on, they didnt hesitate when they heard about two teaching jobs in Colorado The nine months my grandmother spent there seemed to have shaped her as much as her entire youth in Auburn She was full of expansive admiration for the hardworking people of Elkhead, and when she faced great personal difficulties of her own, she called to mind the uncomplaining endurance she had witnessed in the settlers and their children She and Ros, like other easterners going west, were time travelers, moving back to the frontier Although they ventured out after the first settlers, and went by train rather than covered wagon, their destination felt like 1870 than 1916 They took with them progressive ideas about education, technology, and womenand postcards from their travels abroad The homesteadersmotley transplants from across the country, Europe, and Russialived almost twenty miles north of Hayden Effectively cut off from modern life by poverty and the Rocky Mountains, the pioneers found the two women as exotic as Dorothy and Ros found them Although World War I was looming, such a cataclysm was unimaginable to Americans who knew nothing of combat Dorothy sometimes talked disparagingly about her grandfathers brother, who had avoided service in the Civil War by paying a substitute to take his placea common practice among wealthy families in the North Just weeks before Dorothy and Ros left for Colorado, President Wilson averted war with Mexico The prevailing spirit among the elites of Auburn, the industrialists of Denver, and the homesteaders of Elkhead was an exhilarating optimism about the future These people were swept up in some of the strongest currents of the countrys history the expulsion of native tribes the mining of gold, silver, and coal the building of a network of railroads that linked disparate parts of the country and led to the settlement of the West the development of rural schools the entry of immigrants, African Americans, and women into the workforce and the voting booth even the origins of modern dance Their lives were integral to the making of America, yet the communities they built, even their idioms, had all but vanished As I got to know the children and grandchildren of the people my grandmother told us about, I began to see her story as than a curious family history It was an alternative Western There were strutting cowboys and eruptions of violence, but the records the residents left behind turned out to be full of their own indelible characters and plot twists Dozens of descendants in Denver, Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Elkhead, and Oak Creek had kept their family memorabilia from that year Rebecca Wattles, a rancher in Hayden and the granddaughter of the secretary of the Elkhead school board, showed me the 1920 yearbook of the first five graduates of the school, all of whom had been Ross students They wrote It isnt the easiest thing in the world to buck trail for two or three miles when the trail is drifted and your horse lunges and plunges nor yet to ski, when the snow is loose and sticky But, if as we are told, it is these things that develop grit, stick to it ive ness, and independencewell, the children who have gone to school in Elk Head, ought surely to have a superfluous amount of those qualities One Sunday in early October 2009, my husband and I pulled up to an old white Georgian house on a cul de sac in Norwalk, Connecticut We were greeted at the front door by Peter Cosel, one of Ross grandsons He appeared to be mildly amused by my mission a search for the letters that Rosamond had written from Elkhead For a year I had been pestering him about going through the boxes he had in storage there Peter called his brother Rob, also a lawyer, who arrived just as we finished a cursory examination of the attic treasures, including a trunk filled with papers dating back to the 1850s from a branch of the Underwood family that had settled in Chicago I sat on the floor in front of a sagging box, blackened on the bottom from mildew and eaten away in spots by a squirrel, and began to unpack it, setting aside a stack of five year diariesfastidious chronicles by Ross mother of her familys daily life in Auburn Peter absently combed through some business documents of his great grandfathers, a man named Sam Perry, whoI soon learnedwas one of Denvers empire builders, a financier of the railroad that Dorothy and Ros rode over the Continental Divide Rob sat on the edge of the bed and talked about childhood visits to their grandmothers rustic summer cabin in the hills of Strawberry Park outside Steamboat Springs Then my husband handed me a two page typewritten letter In the upper right corner, it said, Saturday Night Aug 6 I looked at the closing Dotty and I can hardly believe that this school is really ours to command Lovingly ROSAMOND Ross entire correspondence was there, each letter typed, folded, and numbered by her mother The letters had been written to her parents, who, like Dorothys, had left them for her children and grandchildren Unwinding the string of a thick legal envelope, I looked inside It contained dozens of articles and letters from October 1916 They confirmed the most improbable of all the tales my grandmother had told us, about the violent kidnapping of one of their friends Sensational headlines were spread across the front pages from Denver to Los Angeles HOW THE MILLIONAIRES SON WAS KIDNAPPED AND HELD FOR RANSOM EXTRA KIDNAPPER IS SLAIN All of these papers and recollections, with their idiosyncratic details about the settling up of northwestern Colorado, provided a backstory to Americas leap into the twentieth century And they filled out the saga about two cosseted women from New York who shunned convention to head out to what was still, in many ways, the Wild West.From the elite ethos of Smith College to the raw frontier of northwestern Colorado, two friends dared to defy the conventions of their time and station Dorothy Wickenden tells their extraordinary story with grace and insight, transporting us back to an America suffused with a sense of adventure and of possibility This is a wonderful book about two formidable women, the lives they led and the legacy they left Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize winning author of American LionIn Nothing Daunted, Dorothy Wickenden has beautifully captured a world in transition, a pivotal chapter not just in the life of her bold and spirited grandmother, but also in the life of the American west Dorothy Woodruff and her friend Rosamond are like young women who walked out of a Henry James novel and headed west instead of east Imagine Isabel Archer wrangling the ragged, half wild children of homesteaders, whirling through dances with hopeful cowboys, and strapping on snowshoes in the middle of the night to urge a fallen horse onto an invisible trail in high snowdrifts, and youll have some idea of the intense charm and adventure of this remarkable book.Maile Meloy, author of Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want ItA superb, stirring book Through the eyes of two spirited and resourceful women from the civilized East, Wickenden makes the story of the American West engaging and personal A delight to read Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid ThiefThe adventures of two well bred Yankee ladies in the still wild West makes a remarkable, funny story But evoked through Dorothy Wickenden s skillful use of letters, diaries, and memoirs, Nothing Daunted is also a slow parade through young America Cowboys carefully mannered before the ladies the bare legged, ragged children in their brand new school winter sleigh rides under the new moonall these moments have been preserved, their colors fresh for modern wonderment A haunting evocation of a vanished world.Caroline Alexander, author of The Bounty and The War that Killed AchillesDorothy Wickenden was lucky to have such intriguing forebearsbut the satisfying depth and vivacity of Nothing Daunted, the intimate, report from the ground American saga the author has created with that correspondence as a foundation, have nothing to do with good fortune Wickendens talents for research, observation, description, and narrative flow turn this unfaded snapshot of these early 20th century women in the West into something even resonanta brightly painted mural of America under construction a century ago, personified by two ladies of true grit who were nothing daunted and everything enthusiastic about where the new century would take them Entertainment WeeklyWickenden has painstakingly recreated the story of how that earlier Dorothy and her friend Rosamond Underwood embarked on a brief but life changing adventure, teaching the children of struggling homesteaders Wickenden lets their tale of personal transformation open out to reveal the larger changes in the rough and tumble society of the WestFascinatingscenes emerge with a lovely clarityMaria Russo , New York Times Book ReviewA superb biography Wickenden summons up the last moments of frontier life, where books were a luxury and, when blizzards hit, homesteaders children would ski miles to school on curved barrel staves Nothing Daunted also reminds us that different strains of courage can be found, not just on the battlefield, but on the home front, too.Maureen Corrigan, Fresh AirAn enchanting family memoirA brilliant gem of Americana Washington Post Book WorldWickenden brings to life two women who otherwise might be lost to history and who took part in creating the modern day West.Publishers WeeklyA compelling storyPittsburgh Post Gazette Nothing Daunted The Unexpected Education of Two Society NOTHING DAUNTED REVIEW author Nothing Daunted, Dorothy Wickendon, is the most fortunate biographers She had a treasure trove letters, news clippings, and family remembrances on which to develop her story Daunt Define Daunt at Dictionary verb used with object overcome fear intimidate daunt one s adversaries lessen courage dishearten Don t be daunted by amount work still done Synonyms, Antonyms Merriam Webster not in any degree, way, or under condition nothing poor reception his first novel received, he proceeded write another Definition Choose Right Synonym for dismay, appall, horrify, mean unnerve deter arousing fear, apprehension, aversion dismay implies that disconcerted loss as how deal something dismayed size job appall faced perturbs, confounds, shocks I am appalled your behavior horrify stresses reaction English Language Learners from phone call was than sales pitch it just anything else daunt Spanish Dictionary WordReference Translation Spanish, pronunciation, forum discussions Decision Decision judgment, formally pronounced court It decision this appeal granted quality being decided firmness He spoke calm authority final score sport contest favor home team Boxing awarding victory match knockout technical knockout, usually through Traductor de ingls espaol SpanishDict weather Houston like what expected El clima no es nada parecido lo que esperaba Let us know perfect sofa we can make size, configuration material Call detailsNothing Girls West Kindle edition Wickenden Download 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