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మ Reading ǟ Drowning Ruth: A Novel quotes ಊ Kindle Author Christina Schwarz ಖ మ Reading ǟ Drowning Ruth: A Novel quotes ಊ Kindle Author Christina Schwarz ಖ Chapter One Ruth remembered drowning.Thats impossible, Aunt Amanda said It must have been a dream.But Ruth maintained that she had drowned, insisted on it for years, even after she should have known better Amanda Of course I lied to Ruth She was only a child What should I have said That her mother had been reckless That Id had to rescue her, give her new life, bring her up as my own There are things children are not meant to know.I suppose people will say it was my fault, that if Id not gone home that March in 1919, Mathilda, my only sister, would not be dead But I did go home The way I saw it, I hadnt any choice.March 27, 1919 Thats a good place to begin Thats what I wrote in the top right corner of the page Dear Mattie The pen shook as I raised it, splattering ink March 27, 1919, I wrote on a fresh sheet Dear Mattie.In the end, I didnt bother to write I knew I would be welcome After all, Mattie had been begging me to come home for months And what could I say I had no explanation No explanation but the truth, and I certainly didnt want to tell that.The truth was that the hospital had asked me to leave Not permanently, of course.Of course, we dont want you to go permanently, Miss Starkey, Dr Nichols said It wasnt clear whom he meant by we, since he and I were the only ones in the office It made me nervous know ing there were others who had talked about me, perhaps whispering in the hallways, ducking around corners when they saw me coming They probably gathered in this very office, sipped coffee, shook their heads and tut tutted me Who were they Dr Nichols moved some papers around on his desk He did not look at me When this is over He cleared his throat When youre yourself again, then well reconsider.He was referring to my hallucinations, I believe, although it may have been the fainting or even the accidents He studied the desktop for a moment and then sighed, saying almost kindly, Youll feel much better away from this stink, believe me.There was a stink in the hospital A literal stink of gangre nous flesh and vomit, of ammonia and burnt oatmeal and camphor, of urine and feces But a nurse gets used to the smells and the screams, and the sight of the men missing pieces of themselves.And I was a brilliant nurse I had the touch everybody said so The men worshiped me Those with faces lifted them toward me when I bent over their beds Those with arms held them out.I loved being an angel But I had to give it up.Dr Nichols had a point Somehow, I had lost control One morning I woke up sure, absolutely positive, that my legs had been sawn from my trunk, and although I quickly realized that I had only been dreamingmy legs were right there, two ridges under the blanketI couldnt move them, couldnt rise no matter how I tried My roommate, Eliza Fox, had to pull me out of bed Another time, Im ashamed to say, I actually fainted across a soldiers chest while giving him a sponge bath.Several times I had to run from the wards to vomit My insides spewed out every morning, into bedpans and janitors buckets and hastily twisted newspaper cones and the snowdrift behind the hydrangea hedge Twice I lost the hearing in my left ear, and once I spent four hours sitting in the stairwell, waiting for my sight to return Syringes flew out to stab my arms glass vials shattered in my hands file drawers pinched the tips of my fingers.I forgot soldiers names and the purpose of errands Three days in a row I locked myself out of the room I shared with Eliza And always I was so tired, so very tired, that I simply could not stay awake, no matter how often I splashed water on my face or how much black coffee I drank Finally, I surrendered and fashioned myself a nest among the towels in the supply room I slept there every afternoon from one thirty to two until the day Ward F ran out of soap, and Frances Patterson was sent to get some Altogether, I had to admit they were rightI was beginning to make a better patient than a nurse My body had got the better of me and could no longer be trusted To tell the truth, I didnt know myself any.And so I agreed to go home, not to the Milwaukee boardinghouse full of unmarried nurses where Eliza and I had carefully divided the freezing, mustard colored room into her side and my side, but back to the farm where I had grown up, where the snowy hills were white as bleached linen and where my sister rocked her little girl to sleep beside the kitchen stove while she waited for her husband to come back from the war I knew that, at home where I belonged, I could set myself right again.Outside the train station, I drew the citys breath, yeasty from the breweries and bittersweet from the chocolate factory, into my lungs and felt better already My grip on my bag was tight I wasnt late or excessively early And now, for the first time in weeks, I was hungry, ravenous, in fact I went into the station and stopped at a counter to buy myself a bag of peanuts with extra salt and a cup of coffee that didnt burn my tongue When Id finished the nuts, I was still hungry.Would you wrap half a ham salad I said No, better make it a whole And some of that chicken And maybe a piece of pie The cherry, please.Someone down the counter was drinking a chocolate milkshake that looked awfully good, and I was tempted to order one of those.Thats what I like, the counterman said, punching numbers into the register, a woman who can eat.So I changed my mind about the milkshake As I was paying my bill, they called my train.One way, miss Goin home the conductor asked, steadying himself with his hip along the seat in front of me.I nearly began to explain that it wasnt right, really, to consider it home any longer, even though legally the farm was half mine Really it belonged to my sister now, since she lived there, had a family there, and I was just going back for a restorative visit because somehow my body had taken on a life of its own I wanted to confess that Id been banished because I had failed as a nurse, because no one, including me, believed that I could coax soldiers back into proper shape when I was such a mess myself But it isnt in me to say such things out loud.Thats right, I said.He winked Tickets he bawled and lurched away down the swaying car.Spring meant even less in the country than it did in the city that year, and by the time we pulled up to the icy little platform in Nagawaukee, the sky was heavy with unfallen snow The wind bit at my face, so that I had to duck my head I watched the toes of my boots as I stepped down the slick platform stairs and picked my way over the snow that drifted across the street in long pulls like taffy My steps took me one, two, three buildings down from the platform where I stopped at the door of Heinzelmans Bait and TackleA Dozen Grubs for a Penny I went in.The bell over the door jingled, and the coals in the corner stove gave an answering glow to the sudden draft Then the curtains behind the counter parted, and Mary Louise Lindgren emerged from the back room She smiled when she saw me, beamed, you could say, and wiped her hands on her apron front in that nervous way she had, as she hurried toward me.Mandy What are you doing home She put her hands on my shoulders, pressed her cheek against mine Ooh, youre frozen, a block of ice She held her warm palms to my face for a moment and then grabbed hold of my wrist and gave it a little tug without pausing to let me answer her question Come over near the stove I cant believe it, just cant believe its you I wonderedwhen I heard the bellI wondered who would be coming in at this hour, and I thought, Its probably Harry Stoltz, but, of course, it couldnt have been, because hes over in Watertown, and then I thought .She would have gone on about what shed supposed and what shed thought after that and what shed done next, but I interrupted Im taking a vacation, I said, a rest It was true, in a way.Mathilda is going to be so happy She frowned But why didnt she tell me She was in here only two days ago.Mattie doesnt know.That was all I needed to say, because she broke in immediately A surprise How wonderful And, Mandy, she leaned toward me and lowered her voice discreetly, though there was no one else in the shop to hear, I have a surprise too She waited until she was sure she had my full attention George and I may have a little one She patted her apron front significantly.I didnt know what to say to this Mary Louise had been pregnant every one of the five years since she and George Lindgren had been married, and she had lost all five of those babies, each when it was several months along A person ought to know when to give up, I thought a person ought not to court disaster At the very least, she should be wary She should hold some of her feelings back But Mary Louise was incapable of reticence, and she didnt have the advantage of scientific training, the way I did She always acted as if nothing could possibly go wrong, as if this childs birth were written in the stars, and she need only wait for the blessed event Only her hands hovering protectively over her belly be trayed the worry underneath What she thought was growing could so easily amount to nothing at all.It feels different this time, she said defensively, although I hadnt expressed my concern.I hope so Really, what else could I have said We agreed then that I should be on my way while there was still light A few steps from the store, knowing she would be watch ing, I turned to look back She held up her hand and, as I mirrored her, I thought of the time when we were just alike, Mary Louise and I, both happy to be finished with school for the day, running and sliding along this very road, scanning the tower of St Michaels for the lantern light that we believed signaled the escape of a lunatic, talking about why Netty Klefstaad wasnt speaking to Ramona Mueller, and how we knew Bobby Weiss had cheated at spelling, and what to do with the penny after youd rubbed it on a wart, and sometimes singing.Of course, that was before Mattie By the time Mattie was old enough to go to school, Mary Louise and I walked this same road decorously, with our books squeezed tight against our chests, but Mathilda ran ahead, pitching herself into snowbanks, as we had once done Watch me, Amanda Watch, Mary Louise shed call Or she would linger behind to study the snowflakes patterning her mitten and summon me back imperiously Mandy, look at this one Hurry up, before it meltsGripping A story of deep family rivalries A remarkable debut The New York Times Book ReviewCOMPELLING .The immediately impressive thing about Drowning Ruth is not the authors talent, though that is apparent within the first few pages, but the ambitious narrative scheme shes devised to tell her tale San Francisco Examiner ChronicleSchwarz pays meticulous attention to her characters Drowning Ruth offers tender giftsthe shore, the lake, the island, all keeping their own mysteries The Washington Post Book World Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz, Paperback Barnes Read an Excerpt Chapter One remembered drowning That s impossible, Aunt Amanda said It must have been a dream But maintained that she had drowned, insisted on it for years, even after should known better A Novel Oprah Book Club Kindle Deftly written and emotionally powerful, Drowning is stunning portrait of the ties bind sisters together forces tear them apart, dangers keeping secrets explosive repercussions when they are exposed Prevention Tips Layers Protection Float Life Awareness All Bodies Water Safety Supervision Training Preventing in Child Care Possible victim recovered from Alafia River The Hillsborough County Sheriff Office investigating possible unknown male River Sunday evening Riverview area Authorities received call at Famine, Affluence, Morality Wikipedia Prcis core arguments this essay that, 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    • Drowning Ruth: A Novel
    • 4.5
    • 820
    • Format Kindle
    • 368 pages
    • 0345439104
    • Christina Schwarz
    • Anglais
    • 01 December 2018

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