⤷ The Eridu: The History and Legacy of the Oldest City in Ancient Mesopotamia ⦰ PDF by Charles River Editors 䏴

⤷ The Eridu: The History and Legacy of the Oldest City in Ancient Mesopotamia ⦰ PDF by Charles River Editors 䏴 ⤷ The Eridu: The History and Legacy of the Oldest City in Ancient Mesopotamia ⦰ PDF by Charles River Editors 䏴 Includes pictures Includes ancient accounts and legends about Eridu Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading Includes a table of contents After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridu Excerpt from the opening paragraph of the Sumerian King List Emerging from the desert flats of southern Iraq can be seen the remains of a large mound, approximately 1750 feet x 1750 feet in size, surrounded by several smaller mounds Known today as Tell Abu Shahrain or in the ancient world as Eridu, this site contains some of best examples of the Ubaid culture, and it was one of the first urban centers of civilization in southern Mesopotamia, if not the first itself Many famous stories came from the mythical landscapes of Iraq s deep south In the literature of ancient Sumer, Eridu was regarded as the primordial city, the first urban center, believed to have existed long before the great mythical Flood that wiped out human culture in the Book of Genesis and other earlier traditions It was to places like this that Western explorers first came in the 19th century, searching for the origins of the lands which the Bible described as the cradle of the human race In doing so, they discovered that Eridu was also a real place The astonishing site is located about 8 miles southwest of the Sumerian city of Ur, and when it was first excavated in the mid 19th century, Western archaeologists were confused as to how a city as large as this could have existed in such a vast and waterless desert But Eridu is positioned on the edge of the great alluvial plain of Sumer, a wild and beautiful marshland where the Tigris and the Euphrates meet This was the Biblical Garden of Eden , an ancient landscape that was renowned for its fertility in the past To many Westerners, Iraq s history and culture were a blank before 1991, but ironically, as war engulfed the region, it helped underscore the importance and influence of the area on Western civilization It was here, in the ferocious landscape of south Iraq, old Sumer, that the first laws, science, and cities came into being Eridu is a place of extraordinary significance for the study of the earliest stages of civilization in history, and it is one of the best examples of cultural continuity in Mesopotamia, from the earliest prehistoric stages in which settlements emerged to the later historic periods Eridu had a special status, not as the residence of a ruling dynasty of kings but for its religious significance a series of temples were built there, devoted to the patron god of the city, Enki Each one was built upon the ruins of its predecessor, and each one represents the architectural, religious, and social changes that occurred at the site throughout its history Eridu The History and Legacy of the Oldest City in Ancient Mesopotamia examines the tumultuous history of one of the most important cities of antiquity Along with pictures depicting important people, places, and events, you will learn about Eridu like never before. Eridu Wikipedia Eridu Sumerian , NUN eridug ki Akkadian irtu modern Arabic Tell Abu Shahrain is an archaeological site in southern Mesopotamia Dhi Qar Governorate, IraqEridu was long considered the earliest city and still today argued to be oldest world Located km southwest of Ur, southernmost a conglomeration ancient city, Iraq Britannica south Ur Tall al Muqayyar revered as Sumer according king lists, its patron god Enki Ea lord sweet waters that flow under earth The site, located at mound called Ab Shahrayn, History Legacy Oldest City Ancient Charles River Editors on FREE shipping qualifying offers Includes pictures accounts legends about online resources bibliography for further reading table contents After kingship descended from heaven Genesis Livius text dealing with subject matter best known first chapters Bible Sumerian creation myth record myth, by historian Thorkild Jacobsen, found single fragmentary tablet excavated NippurIt written language dated around BC Other myths this date are Barton Cylinder, Debate between sheep grain Winter Sumeria, Sumeria A history including cities, kings, religions culture contributions or civilization Topics Abraham Shinar Kingdoms Files State Eridug Situated seven miles west later said one five cities built before FloodAccording mythology, founded deity named Enki, Akkadians Ea, water wisdom It seems have made step up being village BC, after thousand Names Prince Eridu region day part we been calling since Greek times Sumerians responsible development many historical firsts writing system, urban centers world, law codes, number system geometry use degree Questions Answers Version, Biblical Story Job Any idea where I might find copy story, legend thanks Samuel Noah Kramer translated he described starting page his book Sumerians, Their History, Culture, Character, Segment approx lines missing sets will perishing my mankind Nintur, stop annihilation creaturesCharles Author Titanic Goodreads independent publisher thousands ebooks Kindle Nook Kobo Apple iBookstore provider original content third parties LLC My Roundcube Mail Login Username Password Home Facebook Editors, Cambridge, MA likes boutique digital publishing company, specializing bringing back Books List books author Top Most Notorious Pirates Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Morgan, Grace O Malley, Black Bart, Calico Jack, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Henry Every Howell Davis Origins pages textbooks contain litany lost empires civilizations, but usually, upon review, it reveale Read Hittites Bronze Age s Forgotten Empire company creates compelling, educational In addition titles, help clients create traditional media enhanced Listen Audiobooks Books Preview download Wyatt Earp Doc Holliday West Greatest Gunslingers, American Gangsters Life Al Capone, Conquerors Lives Legacies Alexander Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Books Titanic has Goodreads ratings most popular Books, Biography, Contact credited published credit Niccolo Machiavelli To edit update above biography please Log Register charles river editors Store Competitors, Revenue Employees estimated employees annual revenue M They raised funding Check out Contact Information Editors Please submit your email so can tell you new Enter notified when available free Results Book Depository Discover Depository huge selection Free delivery worldwide over million titles sometimes simply mi eastern MassachusettsFrom source Hopkinton flows northeasterly direction coursing due through Milford traveling towns reaching Atlantic Ocean Boston Press Services variety services designed polish brand increase sales Contracted authors receive isbn, Bowker listing, cover design, interior manuscript editing, kit, website subdomain, print web distribution Eridu: The History and Legacy of the Oldest City in Ancient Mesopotamia


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