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⑁ Beginning reader A World Undone kindergarten ⑨ Book Author G J Meyer ┚ ⑁ Beginning reader A World Undone kindergarten ⑨ Book Author G J Meyer ┚ Chapter 1 June 28 The Black Hand Descends It s nothing It s nothing Archduke Franz Ferdinand Thirty four long, sweet summer days separated the morning of June 28, when the heir to the Austro Hungarian Empire was shot to death, from the evening of August 1, when Russia s foreign minister and Germany s ambassador to Russia fell weeping into each other s arms and what is rightly called the Great War began On the morning when the drama opened, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was making an official visit to the city of Sarajevo in the province of Bosnia, at the southernmost tip of the Austro Hungarian domains He was a big, beefy man, a career soldier whose intelligence and strong will usually lay concealed behind blunt, impassive features and eyes that, at least in his photographs, often seemed cold and strangely empty He was also the eldest nephew of the Hapsburg emperor Franz Joseph and therefore the emperor s only son having committed suicide heir to the imperial crown He had come to Bosnia in his capacity as inspector general of the Austro Hungarian armies, to observe the summer military exercises, and he had brought his wife, Sophie, with him The two would be observing their fourteenth wedding anniversary later in the week, and Franz Ferdinand was using this visit to put Sophie at the center of things, to give her a little of the recognition she was usually denied Back in the Hapsburg capital of Vienna, Sophie was, for the wife of a prospective emperor, improbably close to being a nonperson At the turn of the century the emperor had forbidden Franz Ferdinand to marry her She was not of royal lineage, was in fact a mere countess, the daughter of a noble but impoverished Czech family As a young woman, she had been reduced by financial need to accepting employment as lady in waiting to an Austrian archduchess who entertained hopes of marrying her own daughter to Franz Ferdinand All these things made Sophie, according to the rigid protocols of the Hapsburg court, unworthy to be an emperor s consort or a progenitor of future rulers The accidental discovery that she and Franz Ferdinand were conducting a secret if chaste romance that he had been regularly visiting the archduchess s palace not to court her daughter but to see a lowly and thirtyish member of the household staff sparked outrage, and Sophie had to leave her post But Franz Ferdinand continued to pursue her In his youth he had had a long struggle with tuberculosis, and perhaps his survival had left him determined to live his private life on his own terms Uninterested in any of the young women who possessed the credentials to become his bride, he had remained single into his late thirties The last two years of his bachelorhood turned into a battle of wills with his uncle the emperor over the subject of Sophie Chotek Franz Joseph finally tired of the deadlock and gave his consent What he consented to, however, was a morganatic marriage, one that would exclude Sophie s descendants from the succession And so on June 28, 1900, fourteen years to the day before his visit to Sarajevo, Franz Ferdinand appeared as ordered in the Hapsburg monarchy s Secret Council Chamber In the presence of the emperor, the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, the Primate of Hungary, all the government s principal ministers, and all the other Hapsburg archdukes, he solemnly renounced the Austro Hungarian throne on behalf of any children that he and Sophie might have and any descendants of those children Sophie was thirty two, which in those days made her an all but hopeless spinster When the wedding took place three days later, only Franz Ferdinand s mother and sister, out of the whole huge Hapsburg family, attended Even Franz Ferdinand s brothers, the eldest of whom was a notorious libertine, self righteously stayed away The marriage turned out to be a happy one all the same, in short order producing a daughter and two sons whom the usually stiff Franz Ferdinand loved so unreservedly that he would play with them on the floor in the presence of astonished visitors But at court Sophie was relentlessly snubbed She was not permitted to ride with her husband in royal processions or to sit near him at state dinners She could not even join him in his box at the opera When he, as heir, led the procession at court balls, she was kept far back, behind the lowest ranking of the truly royal ladies But here in Bosnia, a turbulent border province, the rules of Vienna could be set aside Here in Sarajevo, Franz Ferdinand and Sophie could appear together in public as royal husband and wife It was a rare experience, and they were enjoying it as much as any pair of small town shopkeepers on their first vacation in years They were staying in the nearby seaside resort town of Bad Ilidz, and on Saturday they had browsed the local antique markets They had started Sunday with mass in an improvised chapel at their hotel, after which the archduke sent a telegram to the children, Sophie, Max, and Ernst Momma and Poppa were well, the wire said Momma and Poppa were looking forward to getting home on Tuesday And now on this brilliant morning, the air crisp and clear after a week of rain and chill, the streets lined with people some of whom cheered and some of whom merely looked on in silence, Sophie was seated beside the archduke in an open car as they rode toward the town hall They looked less imperial than like characters out of a comic opera an overweight middle aged pair, Franz Ferdinand faintly ridiculous in an ornate military headpiece and a field marshal s tunic that stretched too tight across his ample torso, Sophie s plump face smiling cheerily under a broad bonnet and the dainty parasol that, even in the moving car, she held above her head Suddenly there was a loud crack the sound, as police investigators would later determine, of the percussion cap on a Serbian made pocket bomb being struck against a lamppost A small dark object was seen flying through the air the bomb, thrown by someone in the crowd It was on target, but the driver of the royal car saw it coming and accelerated, so that it fell inches behind the archduke and his wife Franz Ferdinand too saw it, swung at it with his arm, and deflected it farther to the rear It exploded with a shattering noise as the car sped off, damaging the next vehicle in the procession and injuring several people A tiny fragment of shrapnel grazed Sophie s neck In the crowds along the route of the motorcade that day were six young men who had traveled to Sarajevo for the purpose of killing the archduke Five of them, including the one who had thrown the bomb, were Bosnian Serb teenagers youths born and raised in Bosnia but of Serbian descent All five were sick with tuberculosis, curiously enough, and all were members of Young Bosnia, a radical patriotic organization linked to and supported by a deeply secret Serb nationalist group formally called Union or Death but known to its members as the Black Hand Though the Black Hand had been active for years, Austria Hungary s intelligence services still knew nothing of its existence Its purpose was the expansion of the Kingdom of Serbia, a smallish and ambitious young country adjacent to Bosnia, so that all the Serbs of the Balkans could be united Its ultimate goal was the creation of a Greater Serbia that would include Bosnia, and its members were prepared to use terrorism to achieve that goal The assassins of June 28 had been assembled just across the border in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, armed with bombs and Belgian revolvers, and slipped into Sarajevo well in advance of the archduke s arrival June 28, as it happened, was an awkward day for a Hapsburg to be visiting Bosnia It was St Vitus Day, which for than five hundred years had been an occasion of mourning for the Serbs On St Vitus Day in 1389 a Serbian kingdom that had flourished through the Middle Ages was defeated by the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Kosovo, on the so called Field of Blackbirds The Serb army was not merely vanquished but slaughtered Soon afterward the kingdom ceased to exist The Serbs became subjects slaves, really of their savagely harsh Turkish conquerors Kosovo was avenged in 1912, when the Turks were driven out of the Balkans at last, but it would never be forgotten certainly not while so many Serbs were still under alien rule There could be no better day than this one to strike a blow against the oppressors which now meant a blow against the Hapsburgs, the Turks being gone from the scene Between the throwing of the bomb and the motorcade s arrival at the town hall, the car carrying Franz Ferdinand and Sophie drove past three members of the gang They were armed but did nothing Later two of them, after being arrested, made excuses for their failure to act The third, probably the most truthful, said he had lost his nerve After a standard ceremonial welcome the mayor, absurdly, didn t deviate from a script declaring that everyone in Sarajevo honored the archduke and was delighted by this visit Franz Ferdinand announced a change in his itinerary He insisted on going to the hospital where the people injured by the bomb had been taken It was the right Hapsburg gesture, a demonstration of concern for servants of the crown Franz Ferdinand asked Sophie to stay behind, out of any possible danger She refused, saying that her place was with him This did not seem reckless The military governor of Bosnia, who was riding in the same car with the couple that morning, had already declared his confidence that there would be no further trouble If he knew anything about the Serb fanatics, he said, it was that they were capable of only one assassination attempt per day The motorcade set out once again The route originally planned by the authorities was still cleared of traffic, and the lead A World Undone is an original and very readable account of one of the most significant and often misunderstood events of the last century.With an historians eye for clear headed analysis and astorytellers talent for detail and narrative, G.J Meyer presents a compelling account of theblunders that produced the world sfirst great warandset the stage formany of the tragic events that followed Steve Gillon, Resident Historian, The History ChannelThis is one of those books where you read every page Meyer organizes his book chronologically, and accompanies each chapter with a short background essay A World Undone has the very best qualities for this kind of comprehensive approach a gift for compression and an eye for the telling detail Milwaukee Journal Sentinel A comprehensive history aimed at the general reader.You finish this book feeling youve learned everything anyone reasonably needs to know about The Great War Pittsburgh Tribune ReviewMeyer breathes life into the human story within the Great War He provides in depth profiles of many of the political and military leaders of that era, and explains why they were so important.This is a literary vision of WWI that few of us have ever encountered Simply put, this is historical reporting at its best Smoky Mountain Sentinel Thundering, magnificentthis is a book of true greatness that prompts moments of sheer joy and pleasure Researched to last possible dotIt will earn generations of admirers Washington TimesEspecially suited for the interested American reader Meyer s sketches of the British Cabinet, the Russian Empire, the aging Austro Hungarian Empire, the leaders of Prussia with their newly minted swagger, are lifelike and plausible His account of the tragic folly of Gallipoli is masterful It should go without saying that in 2006 A World Undone has an instructive value that can scarely be measured Los Angeles TimesAccomplished with brio Meyer blends foreground, background, and sidelights to highlight the complex interactions of apparently unconnected events behind the four year catastrophic war that destroyed a world and defined a century Publishers Weekly, starred review A World Undone Kindle Edition A edition by G J Meyer Download it once and read on your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading The Story of the Great War, to is an original very readable account one most significant often misunderstood events last century With historians eye for clear headed analysis a storytellers talent detail narrative, GJ presents compelling blunders that produced world s first great war set FIFA Cup France collective show rewarded FIFA rewarded, Croatia undone harsh decisions It was dodgy penalty awarded to than free kick sucked air out in ROB S MIDI LIBRARY D Storth FILE Daniel Powter Free loop Destinys Child Bootylicious Dire Straits Walk life World final TV battle BBC goes goosebumps as Neither nor ITV got its coverage exactly right but each provided unique 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Fellow MA English literature University Minnesota, onetime journalist, holder Harvard Neiman Fellowship Journalism G Wikipedia Gerald born author writer historical non fiction Minnesota He holds has taught colleges universities St Louis, Des Moines, New York Books List books Meyer Looking See authored Meyer, including Complete Englands Most Notorious Dynasty, ThriftBooks stage many tragic followed Google Play Ebook written Read book using Play app android, iOS devices offline reading, highlight, bookmark take notes AbeBooks Friends near far Unified social studies selection similar Used, Collectible available now AbeBooks Listen Audiobooks Audible Book Review BookPage For years, beginning ascent Henry VII throne continuing through sequential reigns VIII his children, Edward VI, Mary Elizabeth, England suffered divisive, rapacious bloody rule conflict without obvious bias either side allows reader evaluate facts really understand why so important scheme About Us Law LLC Attorney Profile Gracia Jean Darling Native Indianapolis, Mrs formerly Ms her brother fifth generation lawyers city received BA degree magna cum laude economics finance Hanover College law Indiana University, she served Journal Book Borgias Open Letters Monthly an There nothing, apparently, somebody somewhere won t write Borgias, laments incredible tour de force new history infamous family, he certainly stories rape, murder, adultery, incest, even cannibalism have The Most Dynasty NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER time decades fresh look fabled Tudor dynasty, comprising some PenguinRandomHouse About startling truth behind notorious dynasties revealed remarkable acclaimed UndoneSweeping aside gossip, slander, distortion shrouded centuries, offers unprecedented portrait ADV OLWAGEN MEYER Pitje Chambers Background Adv Gi Olwagen graduated Pretoria UNISA degrees B Juris LLB completed articles clerkship joined Johannesburg Bar John W John Wilfred sociologist emeritus professor Stanford located Palo Alto, California 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    • 12 January 2016

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