↬ ྖ Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated free download pdf ⣸ E-Pub Author Hank Shaw ⤰

↬  ྖ Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated free download pdf ⣸ E-Pub Author Hank Shaw ⤰ ↬ ྖ Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated free download pdf ⣸ E-Pub Author Hank Shaw ⤰ INTRODUCTION Cooking a duck or a goose in todays world is an act of expression It is a way to find that forgotten feast we Americans once enjoyed, to free ourselves from the Tyranny of the Chicken and shake our fists at the notion that fat is our enemy Mastering these birds will make you a competent carnivore It will help you regain the skills we once had in our kitchens, and it will give you the knowledge needed to tackle challenging morsels, such as giblets and wings and rendered fat Cooking a duck or goosea whole bird, from bill to feetis real cooking True, honest cooking Like pork, these birds offer an array of flavors and textures depending on which cut you choose But unlike almost every other animal we normally consider food, ducks and geese offer a diversity of breeds and species that even a novice can detect at the table The flavor of a Pekin duck is as far from that of a goose as a skinless chicken breast is from a rib eye And that is just a domestic example Throw in the world of wild ducks and geese and your experiences multiply tenfold a roasted green winged teal bears little resemblance to an eider, a goose, or even a cinnamon teal The common mallard can taste markedly different depending on whether it had been eating corn, acorns, rice, or fish Waterfowl has a rich human history, as well Tamed first by the ancient Egyptians, geese are one of humankinds oldest domesticated animals Ducks, which arrived in the barnyard later, have nevertheless been domesticated for thousands of years and arose independently in two parts of the world before they spread to the rest of the globe Cultures as far flung as Mexico, Persia, and China have been cooking ducks and geese for than three millennia, and nearly every cuisine in the world has found a place for duck at the table Perfectly cooked duck breast has the meatiness of a steak with an additional cloak of fatty, crispy skin In fact, it is better to associate duck with beef than with other poultry think of the breast meat as a steak and the rest of the bird as the brisket But it is the skin that most distinguishes duck in the kitchen Crispy duck skin is one of the greatest pleasures of the dining table It is the reason that Peking duck has persisted as a Chinese classic for nearly seven hundred years And crispy skin is what separates confit, a French method of lightly curing duck legs or wings and then slowly cooking them in their own fat, from any another piece of braised meat Confit is so meaty, silky, and crispy that it has become many a chefs death bed meal I am not alone in feeling this passionate about waterfowl Duck is experiencing a renaissance in restaurant kitchens across the continent Seared duck breast or duck confit has become a common sight on menus And just as with the pork revolution of the past decade, diners well outside of the nations culinary capitals of San Francisco, New York, and Chicago are finding evidence of the trend crispy duck tongues in Kansas City duck skin cracklins in Toronto duck consomm in Minneapolis foie gras foam in Sacramento duck legs, braised and pulled like carnitas, tucked into tacos in Austin Diners are excited about duck It has become the new pork But this renaissance need not be the province of the professionals Restaurant cooks are not wizards With the possible exception of Peking duck, they are not cooking duck in mystical ways that require years of apprenticeship to master Cooking a duck properly is not rocket science, though it does require some specialized knowledge This books primary goal is to give you that knowledge.I can hear some of you Youre thinking about the ducks youve eaten in the past, and the image youve conjured up is not good Chances are the first word that popped into your head was some variant of greasy, dry, or livery And I am certain that either you or someone you know has his or her Great Goose Disaster story These tales of woe typically begin with visions of a Victorian Christmas and end with gallons of greaseoften igniting into fireballsdry, unhappy meat, and a lifetime of disappointment Oh, I tried goose once Let me tell you about the time Even hunters who often shoot scores of ducks in a season share this fear of fowl and banish their ducks to the sausage heap This need not be so With a few exceptions, the recipes in this book can be done with no special equipment from ingredients you can buy in an average supermarket Yes, I have included a few high wire recipes, but that is just to show you the range of dishes you can create with these remarkable animals In the pages that follow, you will learn how to break down a duck or goose into legs, breasts, and wings, a process not terribly different from how you handle a chicken The hunters among you will find out how to hang, pluck, and eviscerate their birds Throughout this book, you will discover the fundamentals of duck and goose cookery how to cook a duck breast properly, and how to cook duck legs so that they are tender, yet still have crispy skin I will walk you through the culinary jazz of making sausages and other charcuterie and stocks, teach you how to render duck and goose fat from both domestic and wild birds, and describe how to cook with that fat as well as with duck eggs, which may look like chicken eggs but are not Once you learn my method for braising duck legs, you can use it to cook not only my other braised waterfowl recipes but also to perfect your own creations Master the task of searing a duck breast medium rare with crispy skin and you will never be far from a memorable meal even paired with a store bought sauce and tater tots, a perfectly cooked duck breast never fails to impress And after you make a few batches of sausage using my techniques, you will find yourself making links in your own personal style Charcuterie is an addictive culinary art Of special importance to me is the section on giblets Properly cooked, giblets can taste every bit as wondrous as the rest of the duck But there is the rub for many, properly cooked is an impossibility The recipes in this book will disabuse you of that idea, and they will help you make full use of a ducks so called fifth quarter, even if is only in gravy, sausage, or a homemade duck burger But before you can cook, you must first catch your duck, be it in the market or the marsh Thankfully, this is no longer the ordeal it once was Ten years ago, you would be lucky to find a frozen whole duck in your supermarket Now those same markets are starting to sell breasts and legs separately and stock fresh whole ducks at the meat counter Farmers markets are increasingly offering carefully raised heritage breeds, and duck eggs are no longer a rare item Whats , if you have an Asian market near you, you will never want for duck Asians eat the majority of all ducks raised worldwide, and for many Chinese and Southeast Asians, duck is common than chicken It is my hope that if you glean nothing else from this book, you will come away with a heaping slice of confidence in the kitchen Waterfowl are endlessly fascinating, endlessly diverse in their forms and flavors Get yourself some duck breasts, with a nice layer of fat and skin Sear them in a pan until the skin crisps like a cracker and the meat is as lovely as a medium rare rib eye Flavor it with nothing than sea salt, pepper, and perhaps a squeeze of lemon Taste it Savor it You will see A perfect duck breast is a revelation, a life changing event There will be no turning back Ready to begin Slow Roasted Duck Difficulty Serves 2 to 4, depending on the duck Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 35 minutes to 1 hour This is an easier way to roast a duck that does not involve cutting off the breast midstream It is a European method that results in a thoroughly cooked bird with no pink breast meat You start the duck in a low oven and finish on high to crisp the skin This method works with domesticated ducks and very fatty wild ones 1 domesticated duck, or 2 very fat wild ducks 1 lemon, halved 1 tablespoon kosher salt 4 sprigs sage, rosemary, flat leaf parsley, or thyme, or a mixture Preheat the oven to 300F To ensure crisp skin, pierce the skin all over with a clean needle or the tip of a sharp knife, positioning the tool at an angle so that you are piercing just the skin and not the meat Another option that works very well comes from chef Eddy Leroux of Restaurant Daniel in New York City score the skin of the whole duck with a sharp knife in the same sort of crosshatch pattern you would use if you were cooking just the breast Lerouxs method looks odd but results in a crispier skin Whichever you choose, opening up the skin helps render the fat underneath, making it crispier Rub the duck all over with the cut sides of the lemon Use both halves to coat it thoroughly Put the spent halves inside the cavity Liberally salt the bird use a little salt than you think you need Stuff the cavity with the herbs Put the duck in a cast iron frying pan or other heavy, ovenproof pan and roast for 45 minutes If you are roasting small wild ducks wigeon, teal, wood duck, or the like , roast for 30 minutes Check the fat accumulating in the pan and pour some off as you go Save this fat to cook with later Remove the pan from the oven and turn the heat up to 500F When it reaches this temperature, roast for 5 to 15 minutes longer Small birds such as teal or wigeon will need only 5 minutes, and large birds such as Muscovy or Rouen will need the full 15 minutes a mallard will need 10 minutes Remove from the oven and let the bird rest before carving or serving Youll only need 5 minutes resting time for small birds, 10 minutes for other ducks Carve as directed on page 32 A Word on Salt All salts are not alike For this book, I use Mortons kosher salt, the kind that comes in the big blue box The other common household brand, Diamond Crystal, is ground finer than Mortons This means that if you are a Diamond Crystal user, you will need less salt than what I call for in my recipes This is why in my salami, baking, and curing recipes, I also provide salt and curing salt measures by weight in addition to volume I prefer to use bulk sea salt in my kitchenI make my own from the Pacific Oceanand I also use a variety of finishing salts, such as French fleur de sel, sel gris, flaked salt, and smoked salt The best place to get your hands on quality salts is The Meadow, which has shops in Portland, Oregon, and in New York City They sell online at www.atthemeadow.com.A Best Cookbook of 2013SunsetHank Shaw elevates waterfowl to its rightful place in the culinary skies He will teach you how to turn flesh into edible works of art without sacrificing practicality Ill be readingand usingthis book for decades to come.Steven Rinella, author of American Buffalo and Meat EaterYou dont have to be a hunter to want to cook duck and goose Thankfully, Hank Shaw has demystified these birds for all to enjoy Chris Cosentino, chef owner of Incanto and winner of Top Chef MastersThroughout history in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, the tasty, sustainable, and versatile duck has satisfied many happy diners Whether you want to know the difference in taste between certain species or even how to make a duck hot dog, Hanks book is a perfectly thorough guide on everything you need to know about preparing duck.Daniel Boulud, chef, restaurateur, and author of BraiseHank Shaw has produced a kind of ultimate cookbook, which I found utterly fascinating Here is everything you will ever need to know about ducks and geese, how to hunt them in the supermarket or in the marsh, and how to cook them.Paula Wolfert, author of The Cooking of Southwest Franceand Mediterranean CookingIn my universe there is no bigger star than Hank Shaw Passionate and learned, his writing provides the inspiration for those who dont live the outdoors lifestyle to be in the field and on the water His recipes teach even the most expert cook how to use the right techniques for handling waterfowl in the kitchen and his wit and wisdom make Duck, Duck, Goose a superb read With Holly Heysers beautiful and practical imagery, this book delivers on its promise to make us all competent cooks Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods and Andrew Zimmerns Bizarre World I grew up among avid duck hunters and have enjoyed many meals of teal, mallards, and other wild ducks, and as a chef Ive worked with every kind of domesticated duck Its no secret that duck is one of my favorite things to cook I love that this book exists I hope it will inspire many cooks to explore the wonderful flavor of wild and domesticated ducks Traci des Jardins, James Beard Award winning chef and owner of JardinireIf your acquaintance with water fowl is limited to Peking duck and Christmas goose, then, welcome, because you re holding an invitation to a remarkable world of cooking Hank Shaw s recipes, along with his inimitable prose, lure you into the kitchen, encouraging you to cook everything from whole birds to giblets dishes smoked and drunken Chinese, French, Laotian, and German crispy and braised Shaw s passion is so infectious, his knowledge so commanding, Duck, Duck, Goose is than a cookbook It s a culinary field guide to dishes delightfully exotic to comfortingly familiar.David Leite, author of The New Portuguese Table and publisher of Leite s Culinaria LCcooks.com Duck, duck, goose Wikipedia Duck, Goose also called Grey Duck or Daisy in the Dell is a traditional children s game often first learned pre school kindergartenThe may be later adapted on playground for early elementary students The object of this to walk circle, tapping each player head until one finally chosen and they must chase picker avoid 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