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strawbale cabin, had generated a hard exclusive shadow It seemed to me that the chief characteristic of night in the desert was not darkness but this light that was not the suns The cabin stands on a ridge above the San Pedro River sixty kilometres east of Tucson, Arizona It is a one room structure about three metres by five, with a door facing north east In each of the other three walls is a single window, screened with mesh against insects Its nice to open the windows to the evening breeze, but during the day they stay shut to keep out the heat The interior walls are thickly plastered, bumpy and cracked The floor is packed earth laid with two rugs heavily nibbled by mice Furniture a cabinet for cooking utensils, a folding steel cot and mattress, a pine table and matching chairs, and an iron banded trunk a century old, containing Mexican blankets, batteries and a first aid kit and dozens of candles The table resembles an altar On it, most of the time, stands a storm lantern and a bottle of screw top Cabernet Merlot 8.99, Trader Joes.Each of the four windows theres one in the door gives onto a hillside thick with mesquite, paloverde, creosote bush, ocotillo, prickly pear, barrel cactus, and saguaro, the regions characteristic cactus, the cactus of cowboy films It is the saguaros giant candelabra forms that break the line of each hillside and provide landmarks The tallest for kilometres stands beside the cabin From the south west facing window you can see the Rincon Mountains, with the Little Rincons before them, dropping down to the San Pedro Valley, and the few dwellings of the Cascabel community ten kilometres away When the sun rises behind me, a blade of light drops from the distant peaks of the Rincons, down the foothills and towards me across the alluvial plain, until slowly, like a lava flow, the threshold where light meets shadow approaches the cabinand then there The warmth as the suns rays touch the back of my head and my shadow is thrown down long before me.From a hook fixed to a rafter end I hang a kettle of water on a bungee each morning, and by 6 p.m it is hot enough for a shower On the cabins opposite side, where there is shade, lies the two hundred litre drum that provides all my water, raised on a bed of rocks and protected against the sun with a jacket of wire strung saguaro ribs.The ridge separates two washes dry, except after cloudbursts one is broad and shallow, the other is deep and narrow and what they call an arroyo The ridge rises to the north easthalfway up this hill, about thirty metres from my door, is a double wooden frame into which two identical square boards are slid, each painted white on one side and on the other red Every evening, before my shower, though I dont always remember, I walk up the hill along a path marked out with rocks on each side, and slide out the boards, flip them over, and slide them back into the framework From the ridge near his home down near the San Pedro, my friend Daniel checks each morning with his binoculars, if he remembers if the boards do not change for a day or two, hell come and make sure Im okay.There are a few books here a natural history of the Sonoran Desert and a book about the dangerous animals of the region, every one hair triggered, youd be forgiven for inferring, to sting you, bite you, maul you, or char you with its fiery breath My own contribution is a paperback facsimile of John C Van Dykes 1901 book The Desert It describes a mans journey, alone, into this desert, the Sonoran, a journey made chiefly in 1898, though its precise course is unclear He was an accomplished art historian, but trust Van Dykes guidance at your peril Here he is, homicidally, on the subject of food and water, for instance Any athlete or Indian will tell you that you can travel better without them They are good things at the end of the trip but not at the beginning Rattlesnakes he describes as sluggish He shoots grey wolves in California, where there were no wolves, and eulogises the purple flowers of the saguaro, which are white though the fruits are red Alerted to certain errors by a well meaning desert ecologist, he graciously acknowledged the mistakes, promised to correct them in future editions The Desert had a long lifeand so far as is known made no effort to do so A note appended to the manuscript of his autobiography spells out his aim to describe the desert from an aesthetic, not scientific, point of view.I no longer sleep inside but, after my sunset shower, drag the cot out to the clearing in front of the door, where I am not disturbed by the lizards in the roofor, accurately, where the noise they make is subsumed by the larger racket of the desert at night I lift each of the beds feet and slip containers of water under themtin mugs, a wooden saucer, a saucepanto keep conenose kissing bugs or scorpions from joining me I position the two chairs beside the bed, one at the foot, one alongside my head, and stand lanterns on them In a row on the ground between them half a dozen candles are stationed In the mornings the hardened wells around their wicks are black with flying insects Within this lit perimeter I sleep easily than I have for months, which is not to say deeply Waking in the night to the buzzing of cicadas or the yapping of coyotes, I experience a weight of tranquillity that has the quality of a quilt It might be the peace of the dying.Most afternoons, as the warmth first intensifies like an oven preheating, then levels off at a temperature that permits nothing but sitting in the cabins shadow cowled in a wet scarf, I try to remember how the song goes High on a hill was a lonely goatherd .One little girl in a pale pink coat heard .This is my main afternoon work to remember the words And day by day, one by one, they return to me, though its a year since I last heard the song, coming from a cracked Samsung smartphone on the edge of the Worst Desert on Earth, while to the north a massacre was happening.1 The Desert LibraryThe Empty Quarter, OmanItseems a long time ago The woman Id lived with for four years had taken a job overseas I would not be going with her The summer before, in the name of research, Id spent a week with a community of Cistercian monks on the edge of Dartmoor in south west England I attended each of the abbeys sacred officesmatins at 5 45 a.m., lauds an hour later, Mass at 8 a.m., vespers at 6 p.m., compline at 9and took meals in the vaulted refectory As the days passed, each office became indistinguishable from the next Id sit at the high open window of my room, looking out from time to time to follow the swallows as they spiralled over the cloister roof When the bell tolled, I would put down whatever book I was reading, and go alone down the long stone staircase, three flights, and wait in the chapel for the twelve monks to enter, one by one, and take their places along the walls on either side I stood at the back and listened to their plainsong.It was in the monastery library that I became aware of the connection between Christian monasticism and the desert I would make a pile of books and carry them up to my small room, and spend the time between offices reading I learned about the Desert Fathers, the third and fourth century solitaries of Upper Egypt, and the first of them, St Antony Antony was born in AD 251 in Upper Egypt, the son of a wealthy Christian family At the age of nineteen, following the deaths of his parents, he happened to pass a church and hear the words of Matthew 19 21 If you would be perfect, go and sell that you have and give to the poor Antony obeyed and put his younger sister in a nunnery To give up your possessions, to remove from your life those you love these are a monks first acts, but they might also be described as consistent with grieving.Artistic depictions of St Antonythe Star of the Desertfall into two categories, each illustrating a central scene in the saints life the first shows him in his nineties meeting the dying St Paul, having walked fifty kilometres from his cave on the other side of Egypts South Galala Mountains It is this scene that Velzquezs St Antony Abbot and St Paul the Hermit depicts the dying saint, his beard whiter than his companions, sits on a rocky outcrop, hands fused in prayer, while Antony looks on in awe Just above their heads a raven descends with a loaf of bread.The bird appears in every image of St Antony and St Paul, and its presence alone identifies the human figures The other scenario in which St Antony is depicted shows an early, tumultuous period in his life and is much common on account of its imaginative potency Having left his home, the young man retired alone to a hut in the desertbut it wasnt far, hardly the true desert at all, just a place outside the village walls There he was besieged by the devils temptations memories of his former comforts, his abandoned sister, the promise of money and glory, and above all the spirit of fornication Hieronymus Boschs triptych of c 1500 depicts an army of grotesques crowding its central panel in the left hand panel the saint is being rendered away by a squadron of airborne frog demons in the right he sits reading, trying to ignore the nude sylph half concealed in the bole of a dead tree.He travels still further into the desert, deeper into the devils domain, like a military scout preceding an invasion At Pispir, close to the eastern bank of the Nile, he takes up residence in an abandoned fort When, in Athanasiuss account, his friends visit with bread they hear wrestling and yelling from within Go from what is ours What do you even in the desert But when he emerges, Antony is neither fat, like a man without exercise, nor lean from fasting and striving with demons, but just the same By now he has become an iconic figure and must fend off acolytes as well as demons He travels deeper still into the desert, until he reaches the place that would be his home for the rest of his life the foothills of the South Galala Mountains.This story of a step by step progression into oblivion, from the lush Nile floodplain to the arid interior, became a model for others wishing to renounce society According to St Athanasius, cells filled with holy bands of men who said psalms, loved reading, fasted, prayed, rejoiced in the hope of things to come, laboured in almsgiving and preserved love and harmony one with the other These communities in turn inspired the establishment of Benedictine and Cistercian monasteries in Europe I started accumulating a library of desert travelogues, mostly by nineteenth and early twentieth century travellers I read them without system or coherence, least of all geographical I was impelled by a sort of urgency, as if ransacking their pages for the code to deactivate a bomb Sometimes Id resort to Deuteronomy He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness.T E LawrenceLawrence of Arabiawas quoted so ubiquitously that it was barely necessary to own a copy of his first hand account of the Arab revolt, Seven Pillars of Wisdom But his fellow ArabistsCharles Doughty, Harry St John Philby, Wilfred Thesiger, and especially Bertram Thomasjoined the heap A single book, one voice alone, was insufficient to hold my attention for long It was a modern disease Id wake up in bed or on the sofa, ringed by half a dozen old books, each splayed face down at the point where Id moved on or nodded off, primed for the next round As bedfellows went, they were a shabby, irascible, not always likeable bunch Even among the women, the metaphor of sexual conquest was near ubiquitous time and again the feminised desert was unveiled, exposed, vanquished and finally penetrated My bedding was dusty with dried binding glue.It was in this way that I came to think of all these accounts as a single narrative the deserts of the world as one It wasnt an unprecedented approach.In his translation of The Arabian Nights, I found a footnote by Richard Burton reporting that the Desert Quarter in the original Arabic was given as Ruba al Kharb, which he believed alluded to the Rub al Khali or Great Arabian Desert In rhetoric, Burton explains, it is opposed to the Ruba Maskn, or populated fourth of the world, the rest being held to be ocean Charles Doughty, in the Old Testament prose of his 1888 Travels in Arabia Deserta, writes that, in Arabic lore, two quarters of the world divided God to the children of Adam, the third he gave to Ajuj and Majuj Gog and Magog , the fourth part of the world is called Ruba el Khaly, the Empty Quarter.I had to remind myself that the desert was than a metaphor For geographers, deserts are simply places where the average annual rainfall is less than 250 millimetres, and where precipitation, by rain or fog or dew, is exceeded by potential evapotranspiration loss of water through evaporation and the transpiration of plants The Aridity Index gauges this ratio as P PET and this formula is used internationally to define the four categories of drylands Hyper Arid, Arid, Semi Arid, and Sub Humid Collectively these areas make up than 40 per cent of the worlds surface The model desert journey is a progression from the sub humid to the hyper aridfrom the Nile to the Inner Mountain, as the South Galala Mountains were known to the Desert Fathersand it was this centripetal tendency that interested me French travellers in the Sahara in the nineteenth century sought what they called le dsert absolu In the Vitae Patrum, the collected sayings and biographies of the Desert Fathers, published in the seventeenth century, we learn of the paneremos Gr at once the place of uttermost lifelessness, and the locus where the deserts identity was most purely asserted, and that point furthest from the periphery Polar explorers have another term the Pole of Maximum Inaccessibility This it seemed was the ultimate objective of every desert traveller the axis where the absolute coexists with the infinite. The Immeasurable World courts comparisons with the capaciously learned nature writing of John McPhee But theres also an open ended spiritual quest to Mr Atkinss sojourns, which follow closely in the footsteps of religious and literary forerunners who were lured by the rewards of extreme renunciationPeace of mind, isolation, a heightened attentiveness spurred by the proximity to deaththese are conditions for clear, beautiful writing, and Mr Atkins frequently meets the high standards of his precursors The Wall Street JournalBeing a bit of a desert rat, I began The Immeasurable Worldwith interest and finished enthralled and grievously enlightened The strangeness and inhospitable nature of the worlds great desertsand they are so variously singularhave not prevented humankind from assaulting and perverting their inconsolable beauties William Atkins is an erudite writer with a wonderful wit and gaze and this is a new and exciting beast of a travel book.Joy Williams Atkins richly written account of his travels across deserts around the world brings Bruce Chatwin to mind, along with others who, like Atkins, have explored and have anaffinity for the solitude and vast expanse of the Earths empty places, such as Wallace Stegner, Gretel Ehrlich, and Sara Wheeler Like theirs, Atkins prose is gorgeousHe also evokes the spirit of earlier desert travelers, including St Anthony, T E Lawrence, and John Wesley PowellAtkins book of journeys will be a modern day classic Booklist, starred review British author William Atkins takes readers on a thoroughly enjoyable tour of the world s deserts He also takes a contemporary look at them and infuses his travel writing with poetic prose he describes the Great Australian Bight as a callused web of skin between two digits to describe the beauty of what many consider to be wastelands Atkins s thoughtful book is a wonderfully satisfying travelogue Publishers WeeklyThe Earth s surface may be two thirds sea, but of its land, one third is desert an equally shifting, fluid place, fugitive and untold.Until William Atkins came along.In sublime prose that veers from startling human and natural history to dreamlike personal experience, The Immeasurable Worldbrings apparently barren places to life in a brilliant, revelatory narrative.The author becomes a kind of sensor in the wilderness, electrically gathering together these stories The result is a book in which to get lost and find another world Philip Hoare, author of Leviathan, or the Whale A fascinating look at seven deserts The subject is riveting, the gorgeous prose reminiscent of nature observers from Thoreau to Leopold Lovers of good descriptive writing will eat up this book Library Journal, starred review After having taken readers deep inside the moorlands of his native England, Will Atkins now journeys far afield into the worlds deserts to look at not just those austere, sometimes forbidding places but also the things we feel compelled to build there monasteries, border walls, nuclear sites Had he been born a dozen or so decades ago, he might have been sharing a fire with T.E Lawrence or a hookah with Gertrude Bell As it is, he joins a small company of modern literary desert rats who are his fans as well as peers Readers will be enthralled by his travelsand I, for one, am looking forward to seeing where his far roving mind will wander to next Gregory McNamee, author of Tortillas, Tiswin, and T Bones A Food History of the Southwest A wide ranging travelogue Atkins has an acute eye and delivers satisfying journalistic accounts of the world s hottest, driest regions Kirkus Reviews Immeasurable Synonyms, Immeasurable Antonyms Thesaurus The immeasurable, eternal caverns of the ocean were scooped troop stars was posted in immeasurable deeps firmament And yet beneath all his discomfort there a full tide happiness Reflections on Soul Ministry Age Church, Inc Skye Jethani FREE shipping qualifying offers CHRISTIANITY TODAY S PASTORAL CHURCH LEADERSHIP BOOK OF 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