⫷ Download Format Kindle [ ✓ The 10-Day Belly Slimdown: Lose Your Belly, Heal Your Gut, Enjoy a Lighter, Younger You ] For Free ❬ ePUB By Dr Kellyann Petrucci MS ND ⇿

⫷ Download Format Kindle [  ✓ The 10-Day Belly Slimdown: Lose Your Belly, Heal Your Gut, Enjoy a Lighter, Younger You ] For Free ❬ ePUB By Dr Kellyann Petrucci MS ND ⇿ ⫷ Download Format Kindle [ ✓ The 10-Day Belly Slimdown: Lose Your Belly, Heal Your Gut, Enjoy a Lighter, Younger You ] For Free ❬ ePUB By Dr Kellyann Petrucci MS ND ⇿ Part IThe Basics of the 10 Day Belly SlimdownAre you ready to go from hiding your belly to showing it off Heres how my 10 Day Belly Slimdown is going to transform your belly from fat and bloated to flat and beautiful.1How Im Going to Blast Your Belly FatFastAre you sick and tired of your belly fat Frustrated with diets that dont take it off Angry that you dont look the way you want to look and cant wear the clothes you want to wear Then youre in the right place, because Im going to free you from that fat, and Im going to do it fast.Ive spent over twenty years showing people how to do the impossible take off stubborn belly fat Thats a long time, and I know what works Whats , as a specialist, I put my entire focus on weight loss and delaying aging So unlike your regular doctorwho may well assume that 90% of patients will fail at losing weight, and is totally resigned to thatI need to maintain a success rate of virtually 100% Otherwise, Im out of a job.Moreover, as I said earlier, I work with world famous celebrities who cant take a gamble on a diet that might not work These celebs have millions of dollars on the line, and they need to know that theyll be camera ready This means that for me, failure simply isnt an option.So I dont kid aroundand I dont waste time with anything thats ineffective Thats why this diet is differentand why its going to work.How I take the pounds off the starsand how Ill take them off your belly, tooRight now, Im going to introduce you to the three powerful core strategies of my 10 Day Belly Slimdown Separately, each of these strategies will melt pounds off you Put them all together, and youre going to nuke your belly fat so fast your head will spin.Ive used this diet to take pounds and inches off everyone from Grammy Awardwinning singers and New York celebs to regular folks who want to turn heads at a wedding or class reunion It works, it works fast, and it leaves you healthier and younger looking from head to toe.Whats , this is an appetite control diet Its designed to minimize your cravings, so youll maximize your results.After guiding thousands of transformations over my career, Ive targeted the three most powerful ways to take fat off your belly incredibly fast Here they are A compressed eating window think mini mini mini fasting the number one biggest secret to rapid belly blastingBone broth burning and bone broth loadingto quench your cravings and melt off poundsBeautifying, fat melting, gut healing collagen and other SLIM gestion foods, herbs, and spicessuperfoods that will optimize your digestion and kick your metabolism into overdriveSeparately, each of these strategies is dynamite On the 10 Day Belly Slimdown, were going to combine them into a triple punch to achieve incredible results in just ten days Heres a closer look at how were going to melt that fat off your body.Strategy 1 Were going to shrink your eating windowRight now, Im guessing that you dont give much thought to the timing of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner After all, what matters isnt when you eat but what you eat, right Well, surprise As it turns out, the timing of your meals may actually matter than the foods you choose In fact, as youre about to discover, simply shortening your eating window is the most powerful weapon you have against belly fat.Weve known for years, of course, that fasting is a magical way to burn fat off fast In fact, people who fast intermittently lose weight much quickly than people who diet but dont fast.Now, however, were discovering something even remarkable It turns out that you dont need to fast for long periods to get results Simply moving your daily meals a few hours closer together will help keep those extra pounds offand thats true no matter what you eat This idea sounds crazy, but theres hard science behind it.In 2012,1 scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California compared mice that had access to food all day long to mice that ate only during an eight hour window Both groups of mice ate a high fat diet, with about 60% of their calories coming from fat One note here Soon Im going to tell you why you need to include several servings of healthy fats in your diet each day to stay slim This method is not comparable at all to the high fat diet used in this study Studies like this one load up animals with tons and tons of unhealthy fats That would be like me telling you to eat a two pound tub of margarine at each meal, rather than a few teaspoons of olive oil Sowhat happened in this experiment Over one hundred days, the mice that ate all day got fat and developed high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and liver damage But how about the little guys that ate for only eight hours each day They weighed 28% less than the other mice and were still healthy.Megumi Hatori, a coauthor of the study, said, For the last fifty years, we have been told to reduce our calories from fat and to eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day We found, however, that fasting time is important By eating in a time restricted fashion, you can still resist the damaging effects of a high fat diet, and we did not find any adverse effects of time restricted eating when eating healthy food.In a follow up study,2 the same researchers fed mice one of four diets high fat, high fructose, high fat plus high sucrose, and regular mouse chow Some mice in each group got to eat all day others had to eat during a nine , twelve , or fifteen hour window All of them ate the same number of calories, no matter what their eating window was.This time, the study lasted thirty eight weeks At the end, the mice that ate the bad diets within a nine or twelve hour window still had their slinky little bodies even though the researchers let some of them cheat on the weekends The other mice, however, were pudgy little sickos Moreover, mice that got fat on the unrestricted schedule lost weight when the researchers began restricting their eating window.Satchidananda Panda, who led both studies, said, Time restricted eating didnt just prevent but also reversed obesity That was exciting to see.Shortening your eating window wont just help you stay slim itll help you get slim In a recent study, Panda and his team asked eight overweight participants who normally ate for than fourteen hours each day to reduce their eating windows The researchers report that when these people shrank their eating windows to ten to eleven hours daily for sixteen weeks, they reduced body weight, reported being energetic, and experienced improved sleep.3Want evidence of the powerful effects of reducing your eating window Heres what other researchers are reporting A 2017 study involving overweight men and women found that time restricted eatingin this case, eating only between 8 00 a.m and 2 00 p.m.increased fat burning and reduced hunger swings It also improved metabolic flexibility on this on page 000 , which is the bodys ability to switch between burning sugar and burning fats.4In an eight week study testing the effects of a short eating window on athletes, researchers assigned thirty four men who did resistance training to a restricted eating window group or a nonrestricted group They found that even though time restricted eaters ate the same number of calories as participants with longer eating windows, they decreased their fat mass while their lean muscle mass stayed the same In addition, their blood glucose, insulin concentrations, and markers for inflammation dropped.5In a study using a mouse model of postmenopausal obesity, researchers found that despite eating the same high fat diet as mice with unlimited access to food, mice on a restricted eating schedule experienced rapid weight loss and exhibited less insulin resistance over time Time restricted eating also reduced the severity of fatty liver a dangerous problem thats currently epidemic in the United States.6Another study tested the effects of time restricted eating on middle aged mice They found that time restricted eating without any calorie restriction helped alleviate the negative effects of an unhealthy diet on body weight and glucose tolerance.7Whats , the benefits of giving your body a break from food go well beyond weight loss Science shows that fasting helps keep your brain healthy, improves your insulin sensitivity, lowers your stress, helps you sleep better, improves your hormone production, enhances the function of your mitochondria the energy factories in your cells , and even helps you live longer Recent research also indicates that restricting your eating window to fewer hours in the day can lower your risk for breast cancer.8All this makes perfect sense when you think about it Our genes are nearly identical to the genes of our early ancestors, and they ate only during daylight hoursnot at night Its hard to find that leftover mastodon leg in the dark when you dont have candles or lightbulbs Our bodies are biologically wired for long food free stretches, and they need this time to metabolize our food and clean out toxins When we cheat them out of this fasting phase, we get fat and sick.The take home lesson here is simple When you eat truly is as important as what you eat This is a revolutionary finding that is transforming the way experts think about weight loss, health, and food And its why in this diet, youre going to shorten your eating window dramatically Basically, youre going to eat two daily mealslunch and dinnerwithin a seven hour window.Now, before you panic, let me tell you this You wont be hungry.Let me repeat this YOU WONT BE HUNGRY.Thats because during both your fasting window and your eating window, youre going to be loading up on luscious bone broth And thats what well talk about next.Strategy 2 Were going to add the power of bone broth burning and bone broth loadingBone broth is the secret Ive used to slim down tens of thousands of people on my Bone Broth Dietand now its going to do the same thing for you Thats why I call it my liquid gold.In the morning and between your two meals, youre going to drink cups and cups of this gorgeous broth Heres a basic overview Ill give you the details in the next chapter In the morning, youll drink bone broth enriched with fat burning herbs and spices This is the broth burning phase, and it will melt the fat off you like magic This is where most of your belly blasting will happen.In the afternoon, between your meals, youll drink bone broth loaded with detoxifying, fiber rich vegetables This is the broth loading phase, and it will cleanse your body and load you up with satisfying fiber to keep you regular, eliminate cravings, and banish the bloat.Now, lets talk about this bone brothbecause its awesome.Im betting that you know a little about bone broth already Maybe you heard Laura Prepon calling it the fountain of youth or saw Salma Hayek extolling it as the Botox alternative Maybe you heard Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian singing its praises or caught Shailene Woodley saying that its everything If you live in a big city, youve probably even passed pricey cafs selling it for nine or ten dollars a mug.Well, guess what I was doing bone broth before bone broth was cool In fact, Ive been prescribing it to my patients for decades, because its the biggest key to rapid weight loss If you havent tried bone broth, its nothing like that thin, boring broth in a can Bone broth simmers for hours and hours, releasing deep nutrition that satisfies your hunger on the cellular level As a result, you can go for hours between meals without ever feeling deprived Thats why youll be able to effortlessly reduce your eating window on this diet.But bone broth does much, much than simply quench your cravings Here are three reasons its weight loss magic Its loaded with gelatin that soothes and heals your gut Later, Ill tell you how an inflamed, leaky gut ages and sickens your belly, packing pounds onto it When you soothe that leaky gut with gelatinI compare it to rubbing aloe vera on a sunburnyou help it heal, making it healthy and strong again.Its rich in the amino acid glycine, a powerful inflammation fighter that also flushes fat promoting toxins from your body.Its mostly water, so it keeps you hydrated, boosting your bodys ability to burn fat A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that drinking 500 milliliters of waterequivalent to about 17 ouncesincreases the metabolic rate by 30% in healthy men and women.11So when you drink bone broth, you satisfy your cravings, heal your gut, fight inflammation, burn fat faster, take years off your inner belly, and cleanse toxins from your body Hows that for belly fat blasting magic Its easy to see why bone broth is a centerpiece of both my 21 Day Bone Broth Diet and my turbocharged 10 Day Belly Slimdown.And guess what This fabulous food doesnt just make you lose weight like crazy Youll also get these bonuses Bone broth is loaded with the building blocks of skin smoothing collagenso while youre shrinking your belly, youll be erasing lines and wrinkles, as well Youll also get a big dose of wrinkle blasting collagen elsewhere in this diet on that shortly The glucosamine and chondroitin in bone broth are the same nutrients many doctors use to treat arthritis One of the most frequent comments I hear from people drinking bone broth is, My joints feel so much better The magnesium and glycine in bone broth are calming and relaxing, so youll sleep better and feel less stressed during the day.All this is why I tell my patients to drink bone broth every day forever You cant do anythinganythingbetter for your health and your waistline And right now, its going to strip that fat off you fast.So now you know two of my potent belly blasting strategies Now lets look at number three.Strategy 3 Were going to load you up with slimming, beautifying collagen and other SLIM gestion foodsFor the next ten days, youre going to eat the most powerful belly fat burning foods on the planet These foods are going to slim, cleanse, and heal your gut At the end of ten days, youre going to feel like a whole new you, with a flat, beautiful belly.This isn t another gimmicky diet it s a powerful eating strategy that will take your extra pounds off quickly, safely, and permanently Mark Hyman, MD, Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, 1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat Fat Get Thin The best gift you can give yourself is a slim, beautiful, healthy belly and in this book, Dr Kellyann, an expert I trust, tells you exactly how to get it Mehmet Oz, M.D.The New York Times bestselling author of Dr Kellyann s Bone Broth Diet reveals her powerful belly slimming plan that will help you lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days Are you sick and tired of your belly fat Frustrated with diets that don t take it off Angry that you don t look the way you want to look, and can t wear the clothes you want to wear Naturopathic physician and weight loss specialist Dr Kellyann Petrucci has spent over 20 years showing people how to do the impossible take off stubborn belly fat After guiding thousands of amazing transformations over her career, Dr Petrucci has targeted the most powerful ways to flatten your belly deprivation not included In The 10 Day Belly Slimdown, you will learn the 1 biggest secret to rapid belly blasting mini fasting This simple but revolutionary shift in the timing of your meals means you ll eat within a seven hour window each day While you re mini fasting, you ll never feel hungry luscious, satisfying bone broth will quench cravings and melt off pounds, collagen packed shakes will kick your metabolism into overdrive, and slim gestion foods, herbs, and spices will fight bloat, lower inflammation, and cleanse your gut In combination, these strategies deliver incredible results quickly and safely The 10 Day Belly Slimdown includes daily meal plans, batch cooking tips to make meal prep a snap, 80 delicious new recipes, and a sensible maintenance plan As you heal your belly from the inside out, you ll feel younger, happier, and lighter than you thought possible. 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factually information strict editorial sourcing guidelines, only link academic research institutions, reputable media sites and, available, peer studies Celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow, Shailene Woodley, Salma Hayek, Kobe Bryant hooked core bestseller Foods To Naturally Build Collagen Glowing, Youthful ND book Diet, Cookbook, HOW THE BONE BROTH DIET HELPS YOU Bessie Bakes shed decrease wrinkles power Belly, Heal Gut Storedrkellyann Online Store Drkellyann tracked us since November, Over time ranked high its traffic comes USA, reached position Avocado Butter If tired having same guacamole slices avocado, recipe waves avocado butter Created nutritionist ripe olive oil, simple seasonings Tips Cut Back Carbs Use plan successfully cut carbs without suffering carb flu Healing Power Essential Oils Book Eric Zielinski Healing book, show make priority oils solution everything anxiety depression deep seated inflammationYou learn need know, including seven stock SHOP Drinks, Shakes, Drinks Including Coffee Orange Cream Cooler Vanilla Chocolate Shakes Hot Cocoa Rich Bars Supplements Programs Maintenance drkellyannpetrucci Instagram k Followers, Following Posts See videos Reasons You Can Petrucci anti aging wants lose She runs private practice Birmingham, Michigan six books, Paleo Dummies upcoming about Mom, Wife, wellness aficionado, serial entrepreneur, words saying them, hearing writing m creating stuff scratch programs, meals, products, businesses, bringing ideas conception drkellyann Twitter Tweets NYT Bestselling author, PBS host Doctor, foodie fashionista w obsession NATURALLY face, butt TV town Sharecare lifestyle books Wiley publishing plus practice, passionate proponent putting ultimate Direct discounted blood About Celebrity Nutritionist Natural Anti Aging Expert, Author, Host Special specialist teaches patients viewers become slimmer, faster Expert Spotlight Diet June am Lily, keep thin white layer, fat look thicker depending amount added ton collagen The 10-Day Belly Slimdown: Lose Your Belly, Heal Your Gut, Enjoy a Lighter, Younger You


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