↼ Online Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul for kids ⢱ ePUB By Giulio Tononi ⤵

↼ Online Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul for kids ⢱ ePUB By Giulio Tononi ⤵ ↼ Online Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul for kids ⢱ ePUB By Giulio Tononi ⤵ Images were removed from this excerpt due to the technical restrictions of the website The finished book offers vivid full color illustrations throughout PrefaceEvery night, when we fall into dreamless sleep, consciousness fades With it fades everyones private universepeople and objects, colors and sounds, pleasures and pains, thoughts and feelings, even our own selves dissolveuntil we awake, or until we dream.What is consciousness, and what does it mean How is it related to the world around us What is it made of, and how is it generated inside the brain Can science shed some light on it Perhaps, but consciousness cannot just rest inside the shroud of science Because consciousness is than an object of science it is its subject too.What follows is a story where an old scientist, Galileo, goes through a journey in search of consciousness In his time, Galileo removed the observer from nature and opened the way for the objectivity of science Perhaps this is why Galileo is engaged to return the observer to nature, to make subjectivity a part of science Or perhaps because Galileo was a master of thought experiments, of which this book makes much use.During his journey, Galileo meets people from his and other times, learns many lessons, thinks many thoughts, and sometimes wonders, too, whether he is awake or dreaming But each chapter makes some kind of statement, building on the previous ones, and Galileos understanding grows So in the first part of the book, he learns the facts of consciousness and the brainwhy certain parts of the brain are important but not others, or why consciousness fades with sleep In the second part, he sees how these facts can be unified and understood through a scientific theory of consciousnessa theory that links consciousness to phi, the symbol of integrated information that gives the book its title And finally, in the third part of the book, he realizes some of the theorys implications, and sees that they concern us all, because consciousness is everything we have, and everything we are Each experience, Galileo realizes, is a unique shape made of integrated informationa shape that is maximally irreduciblethe shape of understanding And it is the only shape thats really realthe most real thing there is The reader can judge whether the old mans musings make any sense at all.The notes at the end of each chapter attempt to clarify some ingredients of the main text and list credits when they could be identified Some pictures and quotes were liberally altered Those interested in a scientific exposition of a theory similar to the one presented in the main text can consult Consciousness as Integrated Information, Biological Bulletin 2008 , and references therein Several thoughts, images, and citations have appeared in previous workit would seem that some people cannot help but write the same story all their life.Prologue1 The Dream of Galileo Midway upon the journey of his dream,he found himself adrift inside the dark,not knowing whence or wherefore he was there.He looked and saw that all was black His soul was rising fast, or it was fallingGalileo knew not which way was up So his soul turned and saw the stars He saw the galaxies, fixed in their distant ways, and saw the planets, revolving in the indifferent void The earth was moving, too, but there was no sun.Yet dawn was coming The earth painted itself like a faint half moon, one face toward sunrise and one toward sunset It loomed closer and closerhe could see the soft light of the morning sweep the ridges of the highest mountains, the shadows recede over the valleys Soon the top of the tallest trees stared into the light, and amid the woods the monastery of his youth appearedhis own small turf of earth had come to meet its guest at his own place.Hovering in midair, he slid inside his erstwhile rooma soul floating above his bedand the soul saw himself his eyes were closed, his mouth half openit was an old mans face And yet the soul was light, unfastened from the frame of his own body.His b o d y He could see its letters, entering stage right , then floating full,then heading off so soonhow like a little kohl rimmed moono plots her course from b to das y, unanswered, knocks at the stage door.He put his ear to his own chest and listened to the heart How could the pulse go on, beat after beat, for all of life No machine could run that long without a stumble Ask not if the beating cranks are going to jam, he thought, but when.He heard his breath flow in and out So for a while he watched the bellows puff and wheeze, in and out, and wondered how many puffs were left in him Ask not, he thought, for far too soon the steam is going to fizzleevery balloon leaks.Then, suddenly, straining to blow inside his body, the air took Galileo with it And he felt his soul being sucked inward, flowing through narrow nostrils inside the dark vault of the skull.Within he saw another sky the black sky of his skullthere were no stars in it But his soul turned again and saw another earth Floating over its vast continents, he saw its mountains and soared above its valleys Another dawn was rising the ridges and the valleys were lined with forests, perhaps they were the trees of youth, the shady valley where he had once learned what nature was and what the soul was not The smell of youth wafting through the air, the rounded mountains were breathing, too, beating slowly and softly with his pulse And he saw then what it was, the expanse below his soul it was the brain, the brain that shone with light as if it held its sun inside.Then he landed and dived into the brain, amongst its trees, under the canopy, and deep inside the brain he saw his monastery again, and the long row of cells once he saw his room, of when he was a boy, and saw himself in bednext to his bed the lute, and it began to play he knew its sound and song The brain was wider than the sky.But then he thought Inside that boy, too, was a brain, a brain that would contain another universe, the green expanding universe of his youth, and within that universe were other boys, and other brains, each with its lute and with its rising sun The sky contained a billion brains, he thought, every living brain was like a burning star.And yet each brain was just a trifle in the vast furniture of the worlda quivering jelly fitting inside a cup of bone, a tiny loaf covered by a hat, a poor sponge soaked with just a glass of winea fist enough to break it How could a brain contain the sky The brain painted the world with color, he once had thought, made it alive with sound, and gave it taste and smell, but now he felt the brain did than paint the brain dreamed up and forged all things that werelutes, rooms, mountains planets and stars.My brain gives birth to what is real, he thought, to the bloom of the bulrush, the flakes of the pinecone, to the berry of the juniper It gives birth to the drone bee, the sea grass, to every object large and small, to the meadow nearby, and to the distant peaks It burns, it glitters And it has no name It has no name but I.He thought What is, is what can be perceived Reality is only made of pure experience The brain can hold the sky because it can beget the soul, and when a soul is born, a universe is delivered.But then he knew nothing was gainedfor how could the brain generate the soul A woman can beget a child, and that was wondrous enough But the childs brain was the true father of the soul, the one who could engender consciousness, giving birth to it every time it woke, or every time it dreamed Flesh could give rise to flesh, an earthly embrace could grow new seeds, it was a marvel, but it was not a miracle How could mere matter generate mind It was a mystery, stranger than an immaculate conception, an impossibility that defied belief Perhaps there was a special part of the brain, an inner sanctum where consciousnesss conception was celebrated Perhaps there was a pivot point where transubstantiation could transpire, not from bread to body, but from brain to soul.Perhaps, but Galileos thoughts lost wind and stalled in midflight for his was an old brain now, gray like his hair What would befall his world when his brain was put to rest When the light was off inside his head, would darkness take along his friends, his house and country Would his memories be lost foreverwould everyone and everything vanishwould all be lost If all was born and buried somewhere in the brain, then when the brain would die, the universe would vanish too.Galileos spirit had sunk, but then he heard a distant choir, and in the dream it seemed to speak to him Dull is the brain, its center thin, and shadows only come together there but the soul, the soul wants than just a place to dwell the soul is not a point at all.So Galileo took breeze again Perhaps the choir was right, perhaps the soul is just a guest in the dark palace of the brain, a guest who only spends a few nights there, a wanderer who does not wish to settle, but like a gypsy roams without constraint, free soul with a free will, not subject to the mechanism of matter.And then he heard a voice Only what is unhinged is free, said the voice You hope to find freedoms lost keys among the chains and locks that lie entangled in the brain You hope you can distill an insubstantial soul from the foul sewage that rots inside the skull The voice came from a wooden chair that hung from a gigantic scale Who was the man in the chair, holding a thermometer and a pendulum in his hands And then it occurred to Galileo it was Sanctorius, the doctor who spent his life on the scale, thinking all could be weighed, and all should be Sanctorius, who had borrowed Galileos instruments to measure, not the sky and its celestial bodies, but the human body and all its earthly fluids Sanctorius, who, weighing all that goes into a man and all that leaves him, discovered that something was missing from the balancethe warm vapors of the body, which unaccounted, silently, unknown to us, steam out of the pores of the skin, and leave the body dry Perhaps Sanctorius had discovered the soul, thought Galileo.But from his hanging chair Sanctorius laughed You wish to know what the soul truly is Only by measuring can it be known, he said, and I have measured all my life So I will tell you what I found Sanctorius laughed again Three men and women I weighed with my scale, just before death and after the soul expired But no, their weight did not diminish, not by the least amountnothing ever left the body, not even a ghost of vapor There is no room for the soul in any place on earth There is no soul, Galileo there is only the bodyand the body is an old greasy machine.From nowhere, the choir resounded again Light is the soul, and hard to find, hides in the brain as if it were a Naught ah, the soul, the soul must be the weight of Godthe soul is just no weight at all NOTESThere is no report of this confused dream in Galileos papersmost likely it was made up by the author That would explain the quote from James Merrills b o d y a couple of references to Emily Dickinsons much abused The Brain, and one to Gabriele DAnnunzios Meriggio Regardless, like most dreams this one is a mixture of past and present, of the familiar and the uncanny the scene shifts suddenly, thought follows loose associations, and people and voices Sanctorius and the choir appear seemingly out of nowhere The feeling of flying or floating is common in dreams, though Galileos account at times seems like a near death experience the out of body aspects and the sense of entering a region of utter darkness are telling signs Perhaps Galileo had a brief cardiac arrest both flying dreams and out of body experiences are due to insufficient blood to a region of the brain underneath the temple.The main preoccupation underlying Galileos dream is clear enough Does consciousness which is to say the soul, since dreams make no fine distinctions spring out of the matter of the brain, and how Just as clearly, Galileo has no clue In a famous passage of The Assayer, he had written Concerning sensation and the things that pertain to it I claim to understand but littletherefore I leave it unsaid Having recognized his ignorance of subjective properties, Galileo wisely chose to study the objective properties of bodies That is why Galileo is often credited with having eliminated subjectivity from the study of nature, replacing it with mathematics and measurement In the dream, however, he seems of two minds Is consciousness generated by the brain and how on earth can the brain do it , or does it exist as a disembodied soul In The Assayer, Galileo had drawn a famous distinction between objective and subjective properties of bodies If ears, tongues, and noses were removed, I am of the opinion that shape, quantity, and motion would remain, but there would be an end of smells, tastes, and sounds But in the dream Galileo, like Berkeley and Kant after him, begins to wonder whether the so called objective qualitiesthe entire universe, indeedarent also a product of consciousness Not surprisingly, he seems to be of two minds on this issue, too.As for the pictures, Comet Hale Bopp was seen from the Space Shuttle Columbia. The 1999 total solar eclipse in France was photographed by Luc Viatour www.Lucnix.be The view of the abbey at Vallombrosa, where Galileo studied and played the lute The Lute Player by Caravaggio is at the Hermitage, St Petersburg , is by Louis Gauffier Muse Fabre, Montpellier The Soul Hovering over the Body is by William Blake Tate Collection, London The chest and nostrils are of Mantegnas Dead Christ The vanitas still life with a subtle change is by Pieter Boel Muse des Beaux Arts, Lille The cupola of the Sagrestia Vecchia in Florence is attributed to Pesello The portrait of Galileo as an old man is by Justus Sustermans Palazzo Pitti, Florence Sanctorius Sanctorius taught theoretical medicine at Padua, where he met Galileo He adapted the pendulum to measure pulse rate and invented the clinical thermometer Living on his scale for many years, he did discover perspiratio insensibilis the evaporation of water from the skin The illustration of Sanctorius in his steelyard chair, about to weigh himself, is from his De statica medicina 1614 In the early 1900s an American doctor, Duncan MacDougall, weighed six dying patients on a scale not unlike Sanctoriuss, just before and after the moment of death He claimed to have proven scientifically that the soul exists and is measurable He repeated his observations in dying dogs and found that their weight, by contrast, did not change Images were removed from this excerpt due to the technical restrictions of the website The finished book offers vivid full color illustrations throughout Both playful and philosophical, this extravagant book addresses questions about the root of consciousness in a unique wayThe book is a visual delight as well as an impressive read, its lavish artwork and literary references demonstrating just how fully complementary art and science can be Publishers Weekly, starred review Giulio Tononi is a man of bold and original mind who has developed a fundamental new theory of consciousness In Phi, he calls on all the resources of drama, metaphor, and the visual arts to present his scientific insights, in the form of imaginary dialogues in which Galileo meets Francis Crick, Alan Turing, and other major thinkers of the twentieth century This is an astonishing and risky literary device, but Tononi pulls it off triumphantly He makes the deepest neuroscientific insights come alive.Oliver Sacks, author of MusicophiliaYou may or may not endorse Giulio Tononis views on how the brain generates consciousness, but you can certainly agree that his book is a garden of intellectual delights Antonio Damasio, author of Self Comes to Mind and Descartes ErrorThis wonderful book reads like a popcorn novel but informs like a primer on consciousness and where it comes from By turns exciting, challenging, and thought provoking, Giulio Tononis marvelous imagination explores the origin of thought, sensation, and feeling Learning about the difference between the cerebrum and the cerebellum doesnt sound like fun, but here you encounter them amidst fat friars shouting in vulgar Latin, nymphs of radiant beauty, and a mysterious juggler on a unicycle Ive always taken pride in being a conscious, sentient being after reading Phi, Im beginning to understand what it means when I say that Leonard Mlodinow, author of SubliminalAn original, provocative tale of a scientists quest to understand how the brain generates consciousnessA challenging, rewarding read that will undoubtedly alter your consciousness KirkusCharming CultureLab Tononi has pushed the study of consciousness forwardthe book is lavishly illustrated with paintings and scientific images, poetically written, and unashamedly speculative, weighing some of the meaning of life questions Tononi has been thinking about during his long career as a consciousness researcher Its a fascinating celebration of the complexity of the brain and mind Boston Globe Guide de Voyage Koh Phi en Franais Carte est l une des plus belles iles Thalande et dans le Monde 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Abu Molhid Asscandinawi Loading Unsubscribe PenguinRandomHouse Books About This title printed color throughout original influential neuroscientists today, here exploration unlike any other told opened way objectivity science now intent making subjective experience part well Find great deals Hardcover Shop confidence eBay Books similar Soul The Age Insight Quest Understand Unconscious Art, Mind, Vienna Present eBay See G Email friends Share Facebook opens window tab Twitter Pinterest Giulio Books xi Preface What what does mean How related world around us made of, how generated inside To Pdf Due copyright issue, must You using button below Review Wild Review fantasy novel, scientific expedition, follows Galileo he puzzles over is, where comes beings possess invokes Dante Divine Comedy having guides, groundbreaking scientists, introduce different facets Phi professor psychiatry, David P White Professor Sleep Medicine, Distinguished Chair Consciousness Wisconsin addition major journals, has appeared Scientist, Daily, Scientific AmericanHis research been subject articles Times Economist Nulla di grande Italian Edition eBook Buy Read Kindle Store Reviews Massimo Biografia Figlio del politico Giorgio e fratello dello psichiatra neuroscienziato Giulio, si laureato economia aziendale Universit Bocconi Milano nel fino al ha lavorato presso ufficio londinese della Goldman Sachs, occupandosi soprattutto fusioni acquisizioni tra impreseAssistente Romano Prodi nella seconda esperienza Professore alla guida Christof Koch Christof k x born November German American neuroscientist neural bases consciousnessHe president chief Allen Institute Seattle Why Physicists Are Saying Is State Of Why Matter, Like Solid, Liquid Or Gas thinking sweeping through wildfire The Purpose Forget, Scientists Say Feb years since, Dr Cirelli, along researchers, found deal indirect evidence support so called synaptic homeostasis hypothesis Braten Campfire Stainless Steel Grill Engelbrecht Bring Western 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