࿬ I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness download ⚧ E-Pub Author Austin Channing Brown ⚼

࿬ I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness download ⚧ E-Pub Author Austin Channing Brown ⚼ ࿬ I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness download ⚧ E-Pub Author Austin Channing Brown ⚼ 1White People Are ExhaustingWhite people can be exhausting Particularly exhausting are white people who dont know they are white, and those who need to be white But of all the white people Ive metand Ive met a lot of them in than three decades of living, studying, and working in places where Im often the only Black woman in sightthe first I found exhausting were those who expected me to be white.To be fair, my parents did set them up for failure In this society where we believe a name tells us everything we need to know about someones race, gender, income, and personality, my parents decided to outwit everyone by giving their daughter a white mans name When I was growing up, they explained that my grandmothers maiden name was Austin, and since her only brother didnt have children, they wanted to make me the last Austin of our family line.Sounds beautiful, right Well, it is It just happens to be half the story.How did I discover the other half Through my exhaustion with a white person We were in my favorite placeour local library, built in a square with an outdoor garden at the center At seven years old, with books piled high in my arms, I often had to be reminded how many I had already checked out when it came time for our next visit I am certain my family singlehandedly kept our library funded We checked out so many books at a time, we would find them under the car seat, between the cushions of our couch, or hiding under the mail on the table.On this sunny Saturday afternoon, as I stepped up to the front desk to check out my books, I remember the librarian taking my library card and scanning the back as usual I braced myself, expecting her to announce the fine I owed for the week.Instead, she raised one eyebrow as the other furrowed and asked, Is this your card Wondering for a split second if Id mixed up my card with my mothers, I nodded my head yes, but hesitantly Are you sure she said This card says Austin.I nodded emphatically and smiled Yes, thats my card Perhaps she was surprised a first grader could rack up such a fine But when I peered over the counter, I saw that she still hadnt opened the book covers to stamp the day when I should bring them back emphasis on should I waited.Are you sure this is your card she asked again, this time drawing out sure and your as if they had than one syllable I tilted my head in exasperation, rolling my eyes toward the popcorn ceiling Did she not see all the recent books on my account Surely this woman didnt think I didnt know my own name.Then it dawned on me She wasnt questioning my literacy She was another in an already long line of people who couldnt believe my name belonged to me With a sigh too deep for my young years, I replied, Yes, my name is Austin, and that is my library card She stammered something about my name being unusual as her eyebrows met I didnt respond I just waited for her to hand my books back to me.My check outs in hand, I marched over to my mother, who was standing in the VHS section with my little brother I demanded that she tell me why she named me Austin.By then, I had gotten used to white people expecting me to be male It happened every first day of school, at roll call The boys and girls automatically gravitated to opposite sides of the room, and when my name was called, I had to do jumping jacks to get the teachers attention away from the boys section So how did I know this wasnt of the same The womans suspicion Because, after I answered her question about my little library card, I still was not believed I couldnt have explained it at the time, but I knew this was about than me not being a boy.Why did you give me this name I demanded, letting my books fall loudly on the table next to us My mother, probably wondering how shed managed to raise a little Judy Blume character of her own, started retelling the story of my grandmother and the Austin family But I cut her off Momma, I know how you came up with my name, but why did you choose it She walked me over to a set of scratchy green armchairs and started talking in a slow, soothing voice Austin, your father and I had a really hard time coming up with a name that we both liked One of us thought to use your grandmothers maiden nameher last name before she married your grandfather I already knew this part of the story I swung my legs impatiently, waiting for her to tell me .As we said it aloud, we loved it, she continued We knew that anyone who saw it before meeting you would assume you are a white man One day you will have to apply for jobs We just wanted to make sure you could make it to the interview.My mother watched my face, waiting for a reaction My brain scrolled through all the times a stranger had said my name but wasnt talking to me In every instance, the intended target had been not only a boy but a white boy I didnt quite understand my mothers point about job applicationsto that point, the only application I had filled out was probably for the library card in my hand But one thing became clear Peoples reaction to my name wasnt just about my gender It was also about my brown skin My legs stilled Thats why the librarian hadnt believed me She didnt know a name like Austin could be stretched wide enough to cloak a little Black girl.As I grew older, my parents plan workedalmost too well To this day, I receive emails addressed to Mr Austin Brown and voice mails asking if Mr Brown can please return their call When I am being introduced to new people, there is often an attempt to feminize my name You mean Autumn or to assign my name to my husband And though I usually note that I am a Black woman in my cover letters, I nonetheless surprise hiring committees when I show up to the interview in all my melanin glory.Heading into the meeting, Im dressed up and nervous Typically I have made it beyond the essay writing stage, the personality test, or the phone interview with HR This in person group interview is usually the final step I sit in the lobby waiting for someone to collect me An assistant comes around the corner and looks at me, wondering if I could possibly be the next candidate A little tentative in case a grave mistake has been made, he asks, Are you Austin I reply with an enthusiastic yes, pretending I didnt notice the look of panic that theyd accidentally invited a Black girl to the interview The tension eases for him as it grips the muscle under my right shoulder blade I silently take a couple deep breaths as I follow him to the conference room Everyone, this is Austin Every pair of eyes looks at me in surprise They look at the person next to them They blink Then they look down at my rsum Every Single Time The person who walked me into the room is still talking, but no one is listening They are all combing my resume looking for clues Should they have known Am I now impressive or less impressive What does this mean for the position For the partners For the team They werent prepared for this They were expecting a white man.It would be comical if it wasnt so damn disappointing.Thanks to the progressive circles I usually travel in, most people want to be excited by the mistake and ignore all the thoughts, the questions, the change that happened when my body stood before them But that moment cannot be ignored The thoughts and questions may dissipate from the interview but never from the mind, the heart For this becomes the unspoken question for my entire time with an organization Are we sure she will be a good fit Or, said another way, Since we didnt vet her knowing she is a Black woman, are we sure shell fit in with our white culture Or should we have hired the white person who came next I cannot speak for every Black woman navigating white culture, but this is how being hired usually unfolds for me First, I am given a promise, usually from a supervisor, co worker, or member of the hiring committee, that she is a safe person for me to talk to if anything racist happens To make the promise of safety feel genuine, she admits that the organization isnt perfect and assures me that I can share if there is ever an inappropriate comment, a wrong word That way, the problem can be addressed Second, I am given a brief account of the organizations imperfections, a series of stories involving elusive people who no longer belong to the organization The stories usually concern examples of misstepsthe time a white person misspoke in a board meeting or when a racist email was intercepted by leadershipbut they end on a note of hope, expressing how the organization reacted We invited insert name of famous Black person to speak at our annual lunch We launched an eight week discussion group on book by Black author.But within my first few weeks of working there, the organizations stereotypes, biases, or prejudices begin to emerge Comments about my hair Accolades for being surprisingly articulate or particularly entertaining Requests to be Black in my speech Questions about single moms, the hood, black on black crime, and other hot topics I am supposed to know all about because Im Black.So I bring up the incidents with my safe personthe one who said she wants to know about these encountersbut the response is some version of Perhaps you misunderstood or Im sure he didnt mean it like that Oftentimes the responsibility to extend compassion falls on me You really ought to go back to talk to him Perhaps if you were patient, you could see his heart So I move on Rather than dwell on individuals, I speak about the system About white boardrooms and white leadership teams About white culture and the organizations habit of hiring people who perpetuate that culture rather than diversify it But the white consensus doesnt want me to point out these things I was only supposed to name the bad apples, so now whiteness has a few names for me Divisive Negative Toxic.I feel disappointed I had hoped that this organization, this group of people, might be different from the last onethat they would understand what it means to embody an organizations diversity in than numbers But instead of giving up, I take a step back I return to pointing out the bad apples, hoping that my doing so will lead others to see the systemic I talk about the woman who touched my hair without permission, and the man who called me colored in the hallway I talk about how when I walk into our church, people still ask me if I am looking for the food pantry How they greet me as a newcomer every Sunday, even though I have not changed my seat in two years.I am not interested in getting anyone in trouble I am trying to clarify what its like to exist in a Black body in an organization that doesnt understand it is not only Christian but also white But instead of offering empathy and action, whiteness finds new names for me and offers ominous advice I am too sensitive, and should be careful with what I report I am too angry, and should watch my tone when I talk about my experiences I am too inflexible, and should learn to offer grace to people who are really trying.Its exhausting.White people who expect me to be white have not yet realized that their cultural way of being is not in fact the result of goodness, rightness, or Gods blessing Pushing back, resisting the lie, is hella work.Its work to be the only person of color in an organization, bearing the weight of all your white co workers questions about Blackness.Its work to always be hypervisible because of your skineasily identified as being present or absentbut for your needs to be completely invisible to those around you.Its work to do the emotional labor of pointing out problematic racist thinking, policies, actions, and statements while desperately trying to avoid bitterness and cynicism.Its work to stay open to an organization to learn new skills without drinking in the cultural expectations of body size, personality, interests, and talents most valued according to whiteness.Quite frankly, the work isnt just tedious It can be dangerous for Black women to attempt to carve out space for themselvestheir perspective, their gifts, their skills, their education, their experiencesin places that havent examined the prevailing assumption of white culture The danger of letting whiteness walk off with our joy, our peace, our sense of dignity and self love, is ever present But it doesnt have to be this way Togetherness across racial lines doesnt have to mean the uplifting of whiteness and harming of Blackness And even though the Church I love has been the oppressor as often as it has been the champion of the oppressed, I cant let go of my belief in Churchin a universal body of belonging, in a community that reaches toward love in a world so often filled with hate I continue to be drawn toward the collective participation of seeking good, even when that means critiquing the institution I love for its commitment to whiteness.This book is my story about growing up in a Black girls body There is nothing profound about where my story takes place I didnt grow up in another country, in the Deep South or the hood I grew up around white people in a family friendly middle class neighborhood There was neither devastating poverty nor incredible wealth, and the demographics of my neighborhood and schools often mimicked America as a wholemostly white, but never exclusively so.I also grew up in the late eighties and early nineties, the height of Americas supposed commitment to racial color blindness At my Christian elementary school, we sang, Jesus loves the little children red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight In alignment with this song, white people often professed, I dont even see color, reassuring me that I would be safe from racism with them And yet, I learned pretty early in life that while Jesus may be cool with racial diversity, America is not The ideology that whiteness is supreme, better, best, permeates the air we breathein our schools, in our offices, and in our countrys common life White supremacy is a tradition that must be named and a religion that must be renounced When this work has not been done, those who live in whiteness become oppressive, whether intentional or not.Powerful Brown calls on readers to live their professed ideals rather than simply state them Publishers Weekly Starred Review Takes readers on a journey through the racial divide in a way we ve truly never seen before Powerful, haunting, and absolutely impossible to put down, Brown s account of what it s like to grow up black, middle class, and female in modern America is notto be missed PopSugar, Best New Books to Read in May A deeply personal celebration of blackness that simultaneously sheds new light on racial injustice and inequality while offering hope for a better future Shondaland, 12 New Books to Add to Your Reading List This May Moves the race conversation forward .Brown offers a powerful perspective on race with her first hand account WNYC.org I read Austin Channing Browns incredible book in one sitting This is one that every black woman needs to read to be validated and every white person needs to read to receive some perspective .Brown has concisely articulated the burdens, questions, and frustrations that I find myself experiencing daily as a black woman Sojourners What a stunning debut from a seasoned racial justice leader Austin does double duty by fiercely affirming blackness while simultaneously unveiling and demystifying the subtle effects of white supremacy among Christians I trust Austin, I listen to Austin and I learn from Austin I hope you will too Christena Cleveland, professor at Duke University and author of Disunity in Christ Austin Channing Brown introduces herself as a master memoirist, delivering a manifesto on racism in America that will live on shelves besides Ta Nehisi Coates and Michelle Alexander.This book will break open hearts and minds.Its an example of how one woman can change the world by telling the truth about her life with unflinching, relentless courage Glennon Doyle, bestselling author of Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior, and president of Together Rising I have laughed, I have held back tears, I have reflected with joy, hope, and hurt while reading Austin captures perfectly the sentiment of many black people in America Shes not only telling her story, shes telling our story Austin is a gift to the body and the culture Lecrae, Grammy award winning artist and bestselling author of Unashamed Austin is one of my most important teachers Im Still Here is devastating, beautiful, and haunting and it leaves no room for a tepid reaction Her crystal clear voice will move you, push you, and break your heart Prophetic and tender, I plan to put this book in every pair of hands I know and join her in the dismantling of white supremacy Shes still here and Im with her Jen Hatmaker, New York Times bestselling author of Of Mess and Moxie and For the Love The movement toward diversity and forgiveness, Brown points out, too often involves white people seeking credit for recognizing the crimes of the past even as they do nothing to fix things today, and black people being required to provide endless absolution and information while calmly enduring dignity eroding and rage inducing injustices Library Journal Starred Review Brown passionately rejects facile reliance on hope, stating that in order for me to stay in this work, hope must die and t he death of hope gives way to a sadness that heals, to anger that inspires, to a wisdom that empowers me An eloquent argument for meaningful reconciliation focused on racial injustice rather than white feelings Booklist I m Outta Here Why Million Americans Quit Every Month Mar , I recently discovered an alarming fact even in a climate of business uncertainty and unemployment 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sells Black Dignity World Made M STILL powerful look at our world perspective person excluded many structures systems benefit like me book challenging, prophetic beautiful gift couldn come better time Read truly phenomenal Austin shares her very name challenge familiar Channing Brown, she gifted communicator as both Stream, Lyrics, Download Listen days agoSia just dropped new hear it The Grammy winning singer songwriter was released part IMDb However, neatly sidesteps tiresome Hollywood grandstanding synonymous subject matter delivers instead truthful telling depiction struggles Matt, young man struck down lingering potentially fatal disease The Williams Brothers Lyrics Lyrics lyrics performed Leader Heartaches had share heartaches But Follies Wikipedia written Stephen Sondheim musical Production introduced Follies, premiered Broadway Winter Garden Theatre April sung former showgirl, Carlotta Campion Alzheimer Advocacy Research Founded Foundation ISHF mission develop evaluate innovative non pharmacological approaches people cognitive challenges last decade has focused creating implementing inclusive, community based arts culture programming Stephen From Good times bum times, seen them And, dear, Plush velvet sometimes Sometimes pretzels beer, but stuffed dailies shoes Jem Holograms Genius Lost defeated, stand My heart pieces beat again stars That makes worth bear these scars Left foot iglesianlt Acts Introduction apostle Paul face sorts threats dangers detailed plots life, angry crowds, storms sea, shipwrecks, forces hell seemed intensifying efforts keep reaching Rome Johnny am question world, Not answer be heard Or moment held arms And wh Koestler Trust Arts offenders exhibition artwork entered into Awards criminal justice, selected families supporting someone inside Each family artworks speak them, illustrate experiencesAustin Brown Hello space intended support work racial justice reconciliation Within pages hope great tools, meaningful conversations, 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DISMISSAL Call FREE Consult Pay Plans No Money Down Offices Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth, San Antonio, El Library Bren Welcome Wholehearted revolution Our small, quiet, grassroots movement starts each saying, matters because Sandra Bullock TX USA House Pictures Sandra Satellite view home CelebrityHousePictures homes USA, Orleans LA West CA actress Casino Party Rentals Prices Ultimate Amusements over quarter century, Amusements brought excitement events across country Although headquartered Maryland, offices Cleveland I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness


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