⫸ Format Kindle [ A Cancer in the Family: Take Control of Your Genetic Inheritance ] ✘ By Theodora Ross MD PhD ⇶

⫸ Format Kindle [ A Cancer in the Family: Take Control of Your Genetic Inheritance ] ✘ By Theodora Ross MD PhD ⇶ ⫸ Format Kindle [ A Cancer in the Family: Take Control of Your Genetic Inheritance ] ✘ By Theodora Ross MD PhD ⇶ At any given moment, thirteen million people in the United States have cancer For each of those thirteen million, there are family members who are wondering Is this cancer part of a pattern Does cancer run in my family Am I at risk If you are asking these questions, you are in the same shoes I stood in If you are like me, you may be frustrated that the rest of the world believes you have a clear path ahead of you Take a family medical history, talk to your doctor, get tested if necessary, get a definitive answer As you may have already discovered, its not that easy I spent years training in both science and medicinewith a specialty in cancerand even I found that these steps are far complicated than they seem Cancer is a big, unwieldy topic so is genetics Theres so much to get your head around and so many possible obstacles in your path Some of those obstacles are pretty close to home For example, theres a general feeling that a person whos worried about a cancer mutation should just get tested Its a simple concept in theory, but the reality is complicated Although its possible to get an over the counter genetic test on your own, the labs that perform these tests are forbidden by law from interpreting most of the results for you The law is there to protect you against interpretations that are inaccurate or lead to actions that are harmful An over the counter lab can tell you that you have a possible mutation in a particular gene, but you wouldnt know whether that gene variation is harmful or benign, or whether its a variation whose significance is not yet known As Ill explain later in the book, the vast majority of rare genetic variations from what we consider normal are harmless, and there are many, many mutations we dont yet understand If you dont know what a genetic change means, you dont have a very helpful piece of information you just have a bunch of numbers and letters on a page For that reason, its far better to work through a doctor or a genetic counselor But one of the most counterproductive things you can do is send your blood to a lab, or let your doctor send your blood to a lab, without first understanding what syndromes and mutations youre most likely at risk for These labs analyze the genes that are most likely to be mutated, which varies from person to person without accurate knowledge of your family history, you could easily end up getting the wrong testand, possibly, a false sense of security To determine what genes are most likely to have mutations, you along with a genetic counselor need to be able to spot the patterns common to familial cancers Even if you already know that you have a mutation, its important to get a family history A family history helps predict the risk of a mutation in any particular individual Without a family history, you may know that you have an increased risk, but you may not know whether your risk is on the high end, the low end, or somewhere in the middle That informationwhere you fall in the range of increased riskcan affect the choices you make about how to protect yourself 01 For these reasons, you need a family health history that is as thorough as possible Taking a family history sounds like a neatly defined task Until you run into family members who lie to you or who make it emotionally perilous to discuss health issues At first this concern can sound outdated Cancer secrecy Cancer shame In the twenty first century Its been forty years since Betty Ford announced that shed had a mastectomy Two decades since the first cancer awareness ribbon fluttered More than a decade since Katie Courics colonoscopy was broadcast live And eight years since Merriam Webster named oversharing its word of the year Its been a long, long time since cancer was a word that made nice ladies blanch and gaze down at their shoes And yet We do keep secrets about cancer, and its incredibly common to run into other problemsvagueness, bad information, bad feelings, legal issuesthat keep people from understanding their risk In addition to now happily researching the normal and abnormal biology of BRCA and other cancer genes in the lab, I work with a team of counselors and high risk cancer patients of all kinds Every day we see patients who are blindsided by a diagnosis of inherited cancer These are people who have already missed their chances for early detection and preventive treatment Now theyre scrambling to learn enough about their histories to determine if they are at risk for future cancersand to write an accurate history for the next generation Some examples A young woman is surprised when she develops ovarian cancer, apparently out of the blue she then learns that her aunt also had ovarian cancer in early adulthood but had been so embarrassed that she didnt tell anyone about it A son gets colon cancer at twenty and finds out the man hes always thought was his father is not, in fact, his biological father, and that his bloodline father died of colon canceralso at age twenty Another family doesnt realize that they have a significant history of prostate cancers Thats because some branches of the family refuse to speak to other branches no one has put together the full medical history In my own case, my family had no serious estrangements, and our worries about cancer actually pulled us closer together Yet somehow we had unwittingly spread half truths about our family history, carried secret histories about our ancestry, and ignored our best instincts when those instincts were inconvenient I was especially guilty of that last charge We werent the only ones to participate in the concealment of our inheritance Along the way, doctors and researchers helped us keep the truth from ourselves There was no conspiracy herejust a human tendency to avoid pain and awkward discussions When youre looking for patterns that suggest inherited mutations, this kind of misinformation can send you miles down the wrong path Difficulty figuring out the family history is the rule, not the exception What about getting cancer information from the Internet What sounds like a good plan is actually an exercise in frustration You cant Google your way to an understanding of family cancer The few sites and pages that specifically address family cancer dont tell you what you really need to know Get counseling, they chirp Get tested But they dont offer thorough information about the nature of hereditary cancers and the kinds of patterns that can alert you to the possibility that a cancer syndrome is being passed down through the generations of your family For example, theres a lot of chatter online and in doctors offices about mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2, the breast cancer genes But there are other mutations that can lead to breast cancerand BRCA mutations can lead to than just breast cancer Also, they can affect both men and women So if your father has had prostate cancer and your uncle has been diagnosed with melanoma, you may carry a BRCA mutationeven if youre a man Both men and women with BRCA mutations are at risk for a variety of cancers, and so are adult children who inherit a broken BRCA gene from their parent But most websites and other public sources of information offer a limited view In the pages to come, youll get the details you need to investigate your familys patterns and understand what you find Not knowing about a genetic predisposition to cancer, or not understanding the significance of that predisposition, matters It matters because there is so much good to be discovered in that knowledge As I found, learning your genetic inheritance may feel daunting, but in the end it can give you a sense of release, an ability to go out into the world with less fear and confidence It grants you the power to make lifesaving decisions, both for yourself and for the generations to come.Ross combines her personal story with professional informationshe tackles issues that face and people as scientific knowledge and capabilities expand Washington PostAuthoritative and comforting without oversimplifying or sugarcoating and without sounding preachy or cheerleadery Oncology Times A Cancer in the Family offers you invaluable insights about the challenges patients face when their cancer may be hereditary Regarding the key tasks at hand such as obtaining a family history , she provides practical advice bolstered with useful metaphors and mantras that you can steal and use with your patients without a shred of guilt Oncology Times This book is an invaluable guide for a generation of people entering the new world of genetics Moreover, it should be mandatory reading for medical students TheAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology ASCO Post Ross is a strong advocate for understanding family history and options for genetic testing Her patients use what might seem a negative result as a gateway to a longer and healthier future They make better lifestyle choices The Dallas Morning News An upbeat message that learning about a cancer mutation in one s family history is not about coping with bad news it is about taking control and making choicesHighly recommended an exceptionally well organized, authoritative, and readable resource book KirkusStarred Review Packed with information shared by a compassionate and empathetic voice, Rosss tome is a thoughtful and measured tool for health advocacy that many will find useful Publishers WeeklyStarred Review Ross weaves a brief overview of genetic theory, hereditary cancers, and her personal familial struggles with cancer into a book that is than the sum of these parts an intriguing read even for persons not looking for specific cancer related information Library Journal Knowledge of oneself is paramount to long term health Theodora Ross candidly and expertly shows us, through personal and inspiring stories, what that means when the knowledge demonstrates a genetic predisposition to cancer An important and eye opening book David B Agus, MD, Author, The End of Illnessand The Lucky Years Dr Ross wonderful book has changed the way I practice It should be mandatory reading for every medical student and primary care provider Marshall A Wolf, MD, Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School What would you do if the tables were turned and you became the patient instead of the doctor This is exactly what happened to breast oncologist and researcher, Dr Theo Ross A must read for anyone with cancer in their family Heather Hampel, MS, LGC, Clinical Cancer Genetics Program professor at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center Ross guides us through this landscape with astonishing personal honesty, clear thinking, openness, and persistence She explains with an empathy that can only arise from inhabiting the worlds of doctor and patient simultaneously how all of us professionals and laypeople alike with or without a family history of cancer, need help understanding genetics We need help digging up our family histories, confronting those histories, and making the decisions that will protect us and our families From the foreword by Siddhartha Mukherjeee, MD, PhD, author of The Emperor of All Maladies American Cancer Society Information and Resources about Dedicated to helping people who face cancer Learn research, patient services, early detection, treatment education at Pancreatic American Most pancreatic cancers are exocrine Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors NETs , or islet cell tumors, less common but tend have a better outlook prognosis Cannabis Cannabinoids National Institute Delta THC taken by mouth A clinical trial compared delta dronabinol standard drug in patients with advanced loss of appetiteResults showed that was not as effective increasing appetite weight gain therapy Home Research TIP is one stop shop platform can help biologists, clinicians, researchers conveniently evaluate anticancer immune activity their own gene expression data Cancer, Support Groups, Counseling, Education CancerCare provides telephone, online counseling, support groups, education, publications financial co payment assistance Cancer Treatment Centers Hospitals Integrative America CTCA has been fight for years Call learn From state the art technologies evidence informed supportive therapies, discover our team expert oncologists approach personalized medicine Well The New York Times In Minneapolis St Paul, nation s healthiest urban region, almost everyone lives within minute walk good public park Shouldn t we all Cancer generic term large group diseases affect any part body Other terms used malignant tumours neoplasms Genome Atlas TCGA TCGA comprehensive coordinated effort accelerate understanding molecular basis through application genome analysis technologies, including scale sequencing Clinical About cover shows section lung tumor from MET exon mutant non small developed acquired resistance inhibitor crizotinib QA on carcinogenicity consumption red meat International Agency Research IARC research agency WHO, evaluated processed Working Group experts countries convened classified probably carcinogenic humans Hollings Center MUSC Charleston SC CANCER HEALTH DISPARITIES Delayed care critically important factor survival head neck cancer, most Colon Causes, Treatment, Symptoms Survival Rate Colorectal arising inner wall intestine colon rectum third leading cause both men women US Common risk factors colorectal include age, African race, family history polyps, long standing ulcerative colitis Honor Honor Your Caregiver click here honor caregiver you know Only each year honored Schwartz Compassionate Caregiver Award Yet than compassionate caregivers recognized since grateful families make Tudor Alan Freer Tudor Emilia Lennox, Lady Md James Fitzgerald, st Duke Leinster PC George Earl 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