᠑ Free Download Broché [ Women's Letters: America from the Revolutionary War to the Present ] ᡟ ePUB By Lisa Grunwald ᢡ

᠑ Free Download Broché [ Women's Letters: America from the Revolutionary War to the Present ] ᡟ ePUB By Lisa Grunwald ᢡ ᠑ Free Download Broché [ Women's Letters: America from the Revolutionary War to the Present ] ᡟ ePUB By Lisa Grunwald ᢡ Revolution 1775 1799 I hear by Captn Wm Riley news that makes me very Sorry for he Says you proved a Grand Coward when the fight was at Bunkers hill If you are afraid pray own the truth come home take care of our Children I will be Glad to Come take your place, never will be Called a Coward, neither will I throw away one Cartridge but exert myself bravely in so good a Cause Abigail Grant to her husband August 19, 1776 BETWEEN 1775 AND 1799 1775 Patrick Henry attempts to persuade Virginia to arm its militia against the British, declaring I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death The first shots of the Revolutionary War are fired at Lexington and Concord In Salem, following the first news of the war, 13 year old Susan Mason Smith chooses not to remove her shoes for several days, wanting to be prepared in case her family decides to flee Only about half the white women in the colonies are literate enough to sign their names 1776 With her husband, John, away at the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Abigail Adams writes to him frequently and urges him to make sure that he and his colleagues Remember the Ladies while they are shaping the new nation if they dont, she warns him, we are determined to foment a Rebelion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense, a 50 page pamphlet that urges Americans to fight not only against taxation but also for independence it sells than half a million copies within its first few months Betsy Ross according to the legend thats been neither proven nor refuted by evidence is visited by George Washington and asked to make a national flag the stars on her design will have five points, rather than the six Washington suggests In his first draft of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson writes We hold these truths to be sacred undeniable that all men are created equal independant, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness For 67 days, the new country is called The United Colonies of America in September, Congress gives the USA its official name 1777 Sybil Ludington, the 16 year old daughter of a New York militia officer, rides almost 40 miles to muster troops against the British More than 100 women gather at the Boston store of Thomas Boylston to protest the merchants high wartime prices General George Washington leads 11,000 militiamen to Valley Forge near British occupied Philadelphia, where they are forced to spend a bitterly cold winter, plagued by widespread dysentery and typhus and a severe lack of food, clothes, and basic supplies Washington writes in a letter that the soldiers marches might be tracked by the blood from their feet 1778 During the Battle of Monmouth Court House in New Jersey, Mary McCauly earns the name Molly Pitcher after making frequent trips with water to cool down both the men and the cannon in her husbands regiment 1781 Los Angeles is founded by Spanish settlers its full name is El Pueblo de Nuestra Seora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula 1783 The British evacuate New York The Paris Peace Treaty ends the Revolutionary War New Jersey, alone among the 13 states, enacts a statute giving women the vote it will be put into sporadic use starting in 1787and overturned in 1807 1784 Abel Buell engraves and publishes the first map of the United States, layd down from the latest observations and best authority agreeable to the peace of 1783 Judith Sergeant Murray publishes her essay Desultory Thoughts upon the Utility of Encouraging a Degree of Self Complacency, Especially in Female Bosoms, arguing that in the absence of sufficient confidence, women all too often marry precipitously to avoid the epithet spinster 1786 In his sermon On Dress, John Wesley declares slovenliness is no part of religion Cleanliness is, indeed, next to godliness, but warns The wearing of gay or costly apparel naturally tends to breed and to increase vanity You know in your hearts, it is with a view to be admired that you thus adorn yourselves, and that you would not be at the pains were none to see you but God and his holy angels 1787 Despite Congresss plan merely to revise the 1777 Articles of Confederation, delegates draft a new constitution that gives increased power to a central government 1788 Nine states ratify the Constitution, and it goes into effect 1789 Though rich in land, George Washington must borrow 600 in cash to travel from Mount Vernon to New York City for his inauguration 1790 The total population of the United States is 3,893,874, of whom 694,207 are slaves Among white males, 791,901 are under the age of 16 807,312 are 16 and over 1791 Vermont becomes the fourteenth state The national debt is 75,463,000, or roughly 18 a person The Bill of Rights is ratified 1792 George Washington signs an act providing for the creation of copper pennies and stipulating that no copper coins or pieces whatsoever except the said cents and half cents, shall pass current as money The Old Farmers Almanac debuts, offering weather predictions, tide tables, and occasional advice it costs sixpence and has a first year circulation of 3,000 that will triple in a year and after two centuries pass four million 1794 Eli Whitney is granted a patent for the cotton gin, which combs and deseeds cotton 10 times faster than the nonmechanical process 1796 Amelia Simmons publishes the first American cookbook under the title American Cookery, or the Art of Dressing Viands, Fish, Poultry and Vegetables, and the Best Modes of Making Puff Pastries, Pies, Tarts, Puddings, Custards and Preserves, and All Kinds of Cakes, from the Imperial Plum to Plain CakeAdapted to This Country and All Grades of Life 1798 More than 2,000 people die in a yellow fever epidemic in New York City 1799 A Philadelphia Quaker named Elizabeth Drinker writes in her journal about the nearly novel experience of taking a bath I bore it better than I expected, not having been wett all over att once, for 28 years past 1775 Circa April 18 Rachel Revere to Paul Revere On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere 17351818 made his famous midnight ride to Lexington, Massachusetts, warning his countrymen of the British troops planned attack Revere was captured later that night, but his actions marshaled colonial troops to the famous first battle on Lexington Green, where the American Revolution began the next day Once released, Revere started back toward Boston, despite having neither money nor horse With this note, his worried wife, Rachel Walker Revere 17451813 , tried to send him help Dr Benjamin Church was trusted by Rachel as a fellow rebel but was in fact a British spy Rachels letter was promptly turned over to the British. My dear by Doctr Church I send a hundred twenty five pounds and beg you will take the best care of your self and not attempt coming in to this town again and if I have an opportunity of coming or sending out any thing or any of the Children I shall do it pray keep up your spirits and trust your self and us in the hands of a good God who will take care of us tis all my dependance for vain is the help of man aduie myLove from your affectionate R Revere 1775 April 22 Anne Hulton to Elizabeth Lightbody Anne Hulton 1779 was a sister of Bostons commissioner of customs and, like some 15 to 35 percent of the white colonial population, a British Loyalist In this letter to her friend Elizabeth Lightbody, in Liverpool, she described the beginning of the war as it would come to be seen on the other side of the Atlantic, right down to the outrage of having His Majestys troops attacked from behind trees and fences By the end of the year, having endured months in a besieged city, Hulton would sail for England Inst was a common abbreviation for instant, meaning the month this was written The Grenadiers were elite British troops who wore long red coats and tall bearskin hats A magazine, in this context, was a warehouse Hugh Percy was a British brigadier general The Otter was a British sloop that would engage in battle in the first week of May. I acknowledged the receipt of My Dear Friends kind favor of the 20th Septr the begining of last Month, tho did not fully Answer it, purposing as I intimated to write again soon, be assured as your favors are always very acceptable, so nothing you say, passes unnoticed, or appears unimportant to me but at present my mind is too much agitated to attend to any subject but one, and it is that which you will be most desirous to hear particulars of, I doubt not in regard to your friends here, as to our Situation, as well as the Publick events I will give you the best account I can, which you may rely on for truth On the 18th instt at 11 at Night, about 800 Grenadiers light Infantry were ferryd across the Bay to Cambridge, from whence they marchd to Concord, about 20 Miles The Congress had been lately assembled at that place, it was imagined that the General had intelligence of a Magazine being formed there that they were going to destroy it The People in the Country who are all furnished with Arms have what they call Minute Companys in every Town ready to march on any alarm , had a signal its supposed by a light from one of the Steeples in Town,An almost panoramic look at our history and culture through the eyes of American women Milwaukee Journal SentinelA delightful collection of belles letters in the most literal sense of the term, and a worthy successor to the editors previous volume Letters of the Century Publishers WeeklyWhether as a rich primary source or simply an illuminating read, Women s Letters is sure to be required reading not just for devotees of women s history or the fine art of letter writing but also for surveying the broad scope of American history itself Library Journal These 400 letters chronicle the changes in womens status even as their personal lives continue to revolve around family and friends, telling the stories of their lives and the life of the nation with incredible breadth and depth Booklist, starred review Women s Letters ranges far and wide, both across the country and across the landscape of experience Reading the personal, unfiltered words of so many women through the centuries spurs a much intimate connection with the pastand a better understanding of itthan most college textbooks can Too bad Women s Letters wasn t around when we were trudging across the dry terrain of American History 101 Minneapolis Star Tribune Women s Letters America from the An almost panoramic look at our history and culture through eyes of American women Milwaukee Journal Sentinel A delightful collection belles letters in most literal sense term, a worthy successor to editors previous volume Century Publishers Weekly Letterbook Eliza Lucas Pinckney, Intriguing Letterbook by One Colonial Most Accomplished Diaries Nineteenth South Marvin R Zahniser, Elise Pinckney on FREE shipping qualifying offers distinguished colonial America, pioneered large UNWLA Join us XXXI Convention Tampa, Florida International Relations Beginnings Ukrainian Organizations Beyond Borders Ukraine Read UNWLA Supports Studies with Endowment about Fund Combating Violence Against Take action Oxfam America Resources for taking Looking some resources help get you started We ve got covered these free toolkits materials educate your community take end injustice poverty Wooden Wall Decor, Letters, Hooks, Home Accents You searched HavenAmerica Discover unique items that creates At Etsy, we pride ourselves global sellers Each Etsy seller helps contribute marketplace creative goods By supporting HavenAmerica, re Making Sense Diaries diaries have changed or added way looking aspects past Publication Abigail John Adams, instance, helped Women suffrage Wikipedia Animal advocacy Business Female entrepreneur Gender representation corporate boards directors Economic development Explorers travelers Education What European wore when What did use menstruation Europe , probably earlier Civil War Weapons HistoryNet Information Articles About Civil used during 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