ള my Format Kindle 或 Love & Gelato ඒ By Jenna Evans Welch ඥ

ള my Format Kindle 或 Love & Gelato  ඒ By Jenna Evans Welch ඥ ള my Format Kindle 或 Love & Gelato ඒ By Jenna Evans Welch ඥ Love Gelato Chapter 1 THE HOUSE LOOMED BRIGHTLY IN the distance, like a lighthouse in a sea of headstones But it couldnt be his house, right We were probably just following some kind of Italian custom Always drive newcomers through a cemetery That way they get a feel for the local culture Yeah, that must be it I knit my fingers in my lap, my stomach dropping as the house got closer and closer It was like watching Jaws emerge from the depths of the ocean Duuun dun Only it wasnt a movie It was real And there was only one turn left Dont panic This cant be it Mom wouldnt have sent you to live in a cemetery She would have warned you She would have He flipped on the turn signal, and all the air came rushing out of my lungs She just didnt tell me Are you okay Howardmy dad, I guess I should call himwas looking at me with a concerned expression Probably because Id just made a wheezing noise Is that your Words failed me, so I had to point Well, yes He hesitated for a moment and then gestured out the window Lina, didnt you know About all this All this didnt even come close to describing the massive moonlit cemetery My grandma told me Id be staying on American owned land She said youre the caretaker of a World War II memorial I didnt think Panic was pouring over me like hot syrup Also, I couldnt seem to finish a single sentence Breathe, Lina Youve already survived the worst You can survive this, too He pointed to the far end of the property The memorial is that building right up there But the rest of the grounds are for the graves of American soldiers who were killed in Italy during the war But this isnt your house house, right Its just where you work He didnt answer Instead we pulled into the driveway, and I felt the last of my hope fade along with the cars headlights This wasnt just a house It was a home Red geraniums lined the walkway, and there was a porch swing creaking back and forth, like someone had just gotten up Subtract the crosses lining the surrounding lawns and it was any normal house in any normal neighborhood But it wasnt a normal neighborhood And those crosses didnt look like they were going anywhere Ever They like to have a caretaker on site at all times, so they built this house back in the sixties Howard took the keys out of the ignition, then drummed his fingers nervously on the steering wheel Im really sorry, Lina I thought you knew I cant imagine what youre thinking right now Its a cemetery My voice was like weak tea He turned and looked at me, not quite making eye contact I know And the last thing you need is a reminder of everything youve been through this year But I think youll find that this place grows on you Its really peaceful and it has a lot of interesting history Your mother loved it And after being here almost seventeen years, I cant imagine living anywhere else His voice was hopeful, but I slumped back in my seat, a swarm of questions taking flight in my mind If she loved it so much, then why didnt she ever tell me about it Why didnt she ever talk about you until she got sick And for the love of all thats holy, what made her leave out the teeny tiny detail that youre my father Howard absorbed my silence for a moment, then opened his car door Lets head inside Ill get your suitcase All six foot five of him walked around to the back of the car, and I leaned over to watch him in the side mirror My grandma had been the one to fill in the blanks Hes your father thats why she wanted you to live with him I probably should have seen it coming Its just that good old buddy Howards true identity seemed like the sort of thing my mother would have at least mentioned Howard closed the trunk, and I straightened up and started rifling through my backpack, buying myself another few seconds Lina, think Youre alone in a foreign country, a certifiable giant has just stepped forward as your father, and your new home could be the setting for a zombie apocalypse movie Do something But what Short of wrestling the car keys from Howard, I couldnt think of a single way to get out of going into that house Finally I unbuckled my seat belt and followed him to the front door Inside, the house was aggressively normallike maybe it thought it could make up for its location if it just tried hard enough Howard set my suitcase down in the front entryway, and then we walked into a living room with two overstuffed chairs and a leather sofa There were a bunch of vintage travel posters on the walls, and the whole place smelled like it had been soaking in garlic and onions But in a good way Obviously Welcome home, Howard said, switching on the main light Fresh panic smacked me in the face, and he winced when he saw my expression I mean, welcome to Italy Im so glad youre here Howard Hi, Sonia A tall, gazelle like woman stepped into the room She was maybe a few years older than Howard, with coffee colored skin and rows of gold bracelets on each arm Gorgeous And also a surprise Lina, she said, enunciating my name carefully You made it How were your flights I shifted from one foot to the other Was someone going to introduce us They were okay The last one was really long Were so glad youre here She beamed at me, and there was a thick moment of silence Finally I stepped forward So youre Howards wife Howard and Sonia looked at each other and then practically started howling with laughter Lina Emerson Comic genius Finally Howard got himself under control Lina, this is Sonia Shes the assistant superintendent of the cemetery Shes been working here even longer than I have Just by a few months, Sonia said, wiping her eyes Howard always makes me sound like a dinosaur My house is on the property too, a little closer to the memorial How many people live here Just us two Now three, Howard said And about four thousand soldiers, Sonia added, grinning She squinted at Howard, and I glanced back just in time to see him frantically running one finger across his throat Nonverbal communication Great Sonias smile vanished Lina, are you hungry I made a lasagna Thats what that smell was Im pretty hungry, I admitted Understatement Good I made my specialty Lasagna with extra garlicky garlic bread Yes Howard said, pumping his arm like a housewife on The Price Is Right You decided to spoil us Its a special night, so I thought Id go all out Lina, you probably want to wash your hands Ill dish up and you can meet us in the dining room Howard pointed across the living room Bathrooms over there I nodded, then set my backpack on the nearest chair before practically fleeing the room The bathroom was miniature, barely big enough for a toilet and a sink, and I ran the water as hot as I could stand it, scrubbing the airport off my hands with a chip of soap from the edge of the sink While I scrubbed, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and groaned I looked like Id been dragged through three different time zones Which, to be fair, I had My normally tan skin was pale and yellowish looking, and I had dark circles under my eyes And my hair It had finally figured out a way to defy the laws of physics I wet both my hands and tried to smash down my curls, but it seemed to only encourage them Finally I gave up So what if I looked like a hedgehog whod discovered Red Bull Fathers are supposed to accept you as you are, right Music started up outside the bathroom and my nervousness kindled from a flame to a bonfire Did I really need to eat dinner Maybe I could go hide out in a room somewhere while I processed this whole cemetery thing Or didnt process it But then my stomach roared in protest and ugh I did have to eat There she is, Howard said, getting to his feet as I walked into the dining room The table was set with a red checkered cloth, and an old rock song I sort of recognized was playing from an iPod next to the entryway I slid into the chair opposite them, and Howard sat down too I hope youre hungry Sonias such a great cook, I think she missed her calling in life Now that it wasnt just the two of us, he sounded way relaxed Sonia beamed No way I was destined for life at the memorial It does look good And by good, I meant amazing A steaming pan of lasagna sat next to a basket of thickly sliced garlic bread, and there was a salad bowl piled high with tomatoes and crisp looking lettuce It took every ounce of willpower I had not to dive right onto the table Sonia cut into the lasagna, placing a big gooey square right in the center of my plate Help yourself to bread and salad Buon appetito Buon appetito, Howard echoed Buon appe something, I mumbled The second everyone was served, I picked up my fork and attacked my lasagna I knew I probably looked like a wild mastodon, but after a full day of nothing but airline food, I couldnt help myself Those portions were miniature When I finally came up for air, Sonia and Howard were both staring at me, Howard looking mildly horrified So, Lina, what kinds of things do you like to do Sonia asked I grabbed my napkin Besides scare people with my table manners Howard chuckled Your grandmother told me you love running She said you average about forty miles a week, and youre hoping to run in college Well, that explains the appetite Sonia scooped up another piece, and I gratefully held out my plate Do you run at school I used to I was on the varsity cross country team, but I forfeited my spot after we found out They both just looked at me When we found out about the cancer Practice took up a lot of time, and I didnt want to leave town for all the meets and stuff Howard nodded I think the cemetery is a great place for a runner Lots of space, and nice smooth roads I used to run here all the time Before I got fat and lazy Sonia rolled her eyes Oh, please You couldnt get fat if you tried She nudged the basket of garlic bread toward me Did you know that your mother and I were friends She was lovely So talented and lively Nope, didnt tell me that, either Was it possible I was falling prey to some elaborate kidnapping scheme Would kidnappers feed you two pieces of the best lasagna youd ever had And if pressed, would they give you the recipe Howard cleared his throat, snapping me back to the conversation Sorry Um, no She never mentioned you Sonia nodded, her face expressionless, and Howard glanced at her, then back at me Youre probably feeling pretty tired Is there anyone you want to get in touch with I messaged your grandmother when your plane arrived, but youre welcome to give her a call I have an international plan on my cell phone Can I call Addie Is that the friend you were living with Yeah But I have my laptop I could just use FaceTime instead That might not work tonight Italy isnt exactly on the cutting edge of technology, and our Internet connection has been pretty slow all day Someones coming by to take a look at it tomorrow, but in the meantime you can just use my phone Thanks He pushed back from the table Would anyone like some wine Yes, please, Sonia said Lina Uh Im kind of underage He smiled Italy doesnt have a drinking age, so I guess its a little different around here But no pressure either way Ill pass Be right back He headed for the kitchen The room was quiet for about ten seconds, and then Sonia set her fork down Im so happy youre here, Lina And I want you to know that if you need anything, Im just a stones throw away Literally Thanks I trained my eyes on a spot just over her left shoulder Adults were always trying too hard around me They thought that if they were nice enough they could make up for the fact that Id lost my mom It was kind of sweet and horrible at the same time Sonia glanced toward the kitchen and then lowered her voice I wanted to ask you, would you mind stopping by my place sometime tomorrow I have something I want to give you What We can talk about it then Tonight you just focus on settling in I just shook my head I was going to do as little settling in as possible I wasnt even going to unpack my bag After dinner Howard insisted on carrying my suitcase upstairs I hope you like your room I repainted and redecorated it a couple of weeks ago, and I think it turned out really nice I keep most of the windows open in summerits a lot cooler that waybut feel free to close yours if youd prefer He spoke quickly, like hed spent all afternoon rehearsing his welcome speech He set my bag down in front of the first door Bathroom is right across the hall, and I put some new soap and shampoo in there Let me know what else you need and Ill pick it up tomorrow, okay Okay And like I said, the Internets been pretty spotty, but if you decide you want to try it out, our network is called American Cemetery Of course it was Whats the Wi Fi password Wall of the Missing One word Wall of the Missing, I repeated What does that mean Its a part of the memorial There are a bunch of stone tablets listing the names of soldiers whose bodies were never recovered I can show you tomorrow if youd like Nooo, thank you Well, Im pretty tired, so I edged toward the door He took the hint, handing me a cell phone along with a slip of paper I wrote down instructions for dialing the States You have to put in a country code as well as an area code Let me know if you have any trouble Thanks I put the paper in my pocket Good night, Lina Good night He turned and walked down the hall, and I opened the door and dragged my suitcase into the room, feeling my shoulders sag with the relief of finally being alone Well, youre really here, I thought, just you and your four thousand new friends There was a lock on the door and I turned it with a satisfying click Then I slowly turned around, steeling myself for whatever Howard had meant by really nice But then my heart practically stopped, because wow The room was perfect Soft light glowed from this adorable gold lamp on the nightstand, and the bed was antique looking, with about a thousand decorative pillows A painted desk and dresser sat on opposite sides of the room, and a large oval mirror hung on the wall next to the door There were even a bunch of picture frames standing empty on the nightstand and dresser, like they were waiting for me to fill them up I stood there staring for a minute It was just so me How was it possible that someone who hadnt even met me had managed to put together my perfect bedroom Maybe things werent going to be so bad And then a gust of wind blew into the room, drawing my attention to the large open window Id ignored my own rule If it seems too good to be true, it probably is I walked over and stuck my head out The headstones gleamed in the moonlight like rows of teeth, and everything was dark and eerily silent No amount of pretty could make up for a view like that I pulled my head back in, then took the slip of paper out of my pocket Time to start plotting my escape.A New York Times bestseller A summer in Italy turns into a road trip across Tuscany in this sweeping debut novel filled with romance, mystery, and adventure.Lina is spending the summer in Tuscany, but she isnt in the mood for Italys famous sunshine and fairy tale landscape Shes only there because it was her mothers dying wish that she get to know her father But what kind of father isnt around for sixteen years All Lina wants to do is get back home But then Lina is given a journal that her mom had kept when she lived in Italy Suddenly Linas uncovering a magical world of secret romances, art, and hidden bakeries A world that inspires Lina, along with the ever so charming Ren, to follow in her mothers footsteps and unearth a secret that has been kept for far too long Its a secret that will change everything Lina knew about her mother, her fatherand even herself People come to Italy for love and gelato, someone tells her, but sometimes they discover much Kirkus Reviews called Love a sure bet for fans of romance fiction, while VOYA said readers will find it difficult to put this book down Readers are about to discover a new place, a new romance, and a new talent. 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    • Love & Gelato
    • 3.1
    • 244
    • Format Kindle
    • 400 pages
    • 1481432559
    • Jenna Evans Welch
    • Anglais
    • 13 December 2016

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