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ᥗ  Format Kindle Read [ ᘁ The Recruit ] ᦙ E-Pub Author Robert Mucha ᧛ ᥗ Format Kindle Read [ ᘁ The Recruit ] ᦙ E-Pub Author Robert Mucha ᧛ Ce modle est livr par le fabricant sous forme d un assortiment alatoire de plusieurs fourreau Il nous est donc impossible de vous proposer un fourreau En validant votre commande, vous recevrez donc un des modles figurant sur l image en fonction du stock disponible Nous vous remercions pour votre comprhension.The Recruit CHAPTER 9 STRANGE This room was flashier than the one at Nebraska House It was a single for starters TV, kettle, telephone, and miniature fridge It was like the hotel when his mum took him and Lauren to Disney World James didnt have a clue where he was or how hed got there The last thing he remembered was Jennifer Mitchum asking him up to her office after he got back to Nebraska House James burrowed around under the duvet and realized he was naked That was freaky He sat up and looked out of the window The room was high up overlooking an athletics track There were kids in running spikes doing stretches Some others were getting tennis coaching on clay courts off to the side This was clearly a childrens home, and miles nicer than Nebraska House There was a set of clean clothes on the floor white socks and boxers, pressed orange T shirt, green military style trousers with zipped pockets, and a pair of boots James picked the boots up and inspected them rubbery smell and shiny black soles They were new The military style clothes made James wonder if this was where kids ended up if they kept getting into trouble He put on the underwear and studied the logo embroidered on the T shirt It was a crosshair with a set of initials CHERUB James spun the initials in his head, but they didnt make any sense Out in the corridor the kids had the same boots and trousers as James, but their T shirts were either black or gray, all with the CHERUB logo on them James spoke to a boy coming towards him I dont know what to do, James said Cant talk to orange, the boy said, without stopping James looked both ways It was a row of doors in either direction There were a couple of teenage girls down one end Even they were wearing boots and green trousers Hey, James said Can you tell me where to go Cant talk to orange, one girl said The other one smiled, saying, Cant talk, but she pointed towards a lift and then made a downward motion with her hand Cheers, James said James waited for the lift There were a few others inside including an adult who wore the regulation trousers and boots but with a white CHERUB T shirt James spoke to him Cant talk to orange, the adult said before raising one finger Up to now James had assumed this was a prank being played on the new kid, but an adult joining in was weird James realized the finger was telling him to get out at the first floor It was a reception area He could see out the main entrance into plush gardens where a fountain spouted water five meters into the air James stepped up to an elderly lady behind a desk Please dont say Cant talk to orange, I just He didnt get to finish Good morning, James Doctor McAfferty would like to see you in his office She led James down a short corridor and knocked on a door Enter, a soft Scottish accent said from inside James stepped into an office with full height windows and a crackling fireplace The walls were lined with leather bound books Dr McAfferty stood up from behind his desk and crushed Jamess hand as he shook it Welcome to CHERUB campus, James Im Doctor Terrence McAfferty, the chairman Everybody calls me Mac Have a seat James pulled out a chair from under Macs desk Not there, by the fire, Mac said We need to talk The pair settled into armchairs in front of the fireplace James half expected Mac to put a blanket over his lap and start toasting something on a long fork I know this sounds dumb, James said But I cant remember how I got here Mac smiled The person who brought you here popped a needle in your arm to help you sleep It was quite mild No ill effects, I hope James shrugged I feel fine But why make me go to sleep Ill explain about CHERUB first You can ask questions afterwards OK I guess So what are your first impressions of us I think some childrens homes are much better funded than others, James said This place is awesome Doctor McAfferty roared with laughter Im glad you like it We have two hundred and eighty pupils Four swimming pools, six indoor tennis courts, an all weather football field, a gymnasium and a shooting range, to name but a few We have a school on site Classes have ten pupils or fewer Everyone learns at least two foreign languages We have a higher proportion of students going on to top universities than any of the leading public schools How would you feel about living here James shrugged Its beautiful, all the gardens and that Im not exactly brilliant at school though What is the square root of four hundred and forty one James thought for a few seconds Twenty one I know some very smart people who wouldnt be able to pull off that little party trick Mac smiled Myself included Im good at maths James smiled, embarrassed But I never get good marks in my other lessons Is that because youre not clever or because you dont work hard I always get bored and end up messing around James, we have a couple of criteria for new residents here The first is passing our entrance exam The second, slightly unusual requirement, is that you agree to be an agent for British Intelligence You what James asked, thinking he hadnt heard right A spy, James CHERUB is part of the British Intelligence Service But why do you want children to be spies Because children can do things adults cannot Criminals use children all the time Ill use a house burglar as an example Imagine a grown man knocking on an old ladys door in the middle of the night Most people would be suspicious If he asked to come in the old lady would say no If the man said he was sick shed probably call an ambulance for him, but she still wouldnt let him in the door Now imagine the same lady comes to her door and theres a young boy crying on the doorstep My daddys crashed up the street Hes not moving Please help me The lady opens the door instantly The boys dad jumps out of hiding, clobbers the old dear over the head and legs it with all the cash under the bed People are always less suspicious of youngsters Criminals have used this for years At CHERUB, we turn the tables and use children to help catch them Why pick me Because youre intelligent, physically fit, and you have an appetite for trouble Isnt that bad James asked We need kids who have a thirst for a bit of excitement The things that get you into trouble in the outside world are the sort of qualities we look for here Sounds pretty cool, James said Is it dangerous Most missions are fairly safe CHERUB has been in operation for over fifty years In that time four youngsters have been killed, a few others badly injured Its about the same as the number of children who would have died in road accidents in a typical inner city school, but its still four than we would have liked Ive been chairman for ten years Luckily, all weve had in that time is one bad case of malaria and someone getting shot in the leg We never send you on a mission that could be done by an adult All missions go to an ethics committee for approval Everything is explained to you, and you have an absolute right to refuse to do a mission or to give it up at any point Whats to stop me telling about you if I decide not to come here Mac sat back in his chair and looked slightly uncomfortable Nothing stays secret forever, James, but what would you say What do you mean Imagine youve found the telephone number of a national newspaper Youre speaking to the news desk What do you say Um Theres this place where kids are spies and Ive been there Where is it I dont know Thats why you drugged me up, isnt it So I didnt know where I was Mac nodded Exactly, James Next question from the news desk Did you bring something back as evidence Well We search you before you leave, James No then, I guess Do you know anyone connected with this organization No Do you have any evidence at all No Do you think the newspaper would print your story, James No If you told your closest friend what has happened this morning, would he believe you OK, I get the point Nobody will believe a word I say so I might as well shut my trap Mac smiled James, I couldnt have put it better Do you have any questions I was wondering what CHERUB stood for Interesting one, that Our first chairman made up the initials He had a batch of stationery printed Unfortunately he had a stormy relationship with his wife She shot him before he told anyone what the initials meant It was wartime, and you couldnt waste six thousand sheets of headed notepaper, so CHERUB stuck If you ever think of anything the initials might stand for, please tell me It gets quite embarrassing sometimes Im not sure I believe you, James said Maybe you shouldnt, Mac said But why would I lie Perhaps knowing the initials would give me a clue about where this place is, or somebodys name or something And youre trying to convince me you wouldnt make a good spy James couldnt help smiling Anyway, James, you can take the entrance exam if you wish If you do well enough Ill offer you a place and you can go back to Nebraska House for a couple of days to make up your mind The exam is split into five parts and will last the rest of the day Are you up for it I guess, James said The Recruit CHAPTER 10 TESTS Mac drove James across the CHERUB campus in a golf buggy They stopped outside a traditional Japanese style building with a single span roof made of giant sequoia logs The surrounding area had a combed gravel garden and a pond stuffed with orange fish This building is new, Mac said One of our pupils uncovered a fraud involving fake medicine She saved hundreds of lives and billions of yen for a Japanese drug company The Japanese thanked us by paying for the new dojo Whats a dojo James asked A training hall for martial arts Its a Japanese word James and Mac stepped inside Thirty kids wearing white pajamas tied with black or brown belts were sparring, twisting one another into painful positions, or getting flipped over and springing effortlessly back up A stern Japanese lady paced among them, stopping occasionally to scream criticism in a mix of Japanese and English that James couldnt understand Mac led James to a smaller room Its floor was covered with springy blue matting A wiry kid was standing at the back doing stretches He was about four inches shorter than James, in a karate suit with a black belt Take your shoes and socks off, James, Mac said Have you done martial arts before I went a couple of times when I was eight, James said I got bored It was nothing like whats going on out there Everyone was rubbish This is Bruce, Mac said Hes going to spar with you Bruce walked over, bowed and shook Jamess hand James felt confident as he squashed Bruces bony little fingers Bruce might know a few fancy moves but James reckoned his size and weight advantage would counter them Rules, Mac said The first to win five submissions is the winner An opponent can submit by speaking or by tapping his hand on the mat Either opponent can withdraw from the bout at any time You can do anything to get a submission except hitting the testicles or eye gouging Do you both understand Both boys nodded Mac handed James a gum shield Stand two meters apart and prepare for the first bout The boys walked to the center of the mat Ill bust your nose, Bruce said James smiled You can try, shorty Fight, Mac said Bruce moved so fast James didnt see the palm of his hand until it had smashed into his nose A fine mist of blood sprayed as James stumbled backwards Bruce swept Jamess feet away, tipping him on to the mat Bruce turned James on to his chest and twisted his wrist into a painful lock He used his other hand to smear Jamess face in the blood dripping from his nose James yelled through his gum shield, I submit Bruce got off James couldnt believe Bruce had half killed him in five seconds He wiped his bloody face on the arm of his T shirt Ready Mac asked Jamess nose was clogged with blood He gasped for air Hang on, Mac, Bruce said What hand does he write with James was grateful for a few seconds rest but wondered why Bruce had asked such a weird question What hand do you write with, James Mac asked My left, James said OK, fight There was no way Bruce was getting the early hit in this time James lunged forward Trouble was, Bruce had gone by the time James got there James felt himself being lifted from behind Bruce threw James on to his back then sat astride him with his thighs crushing the wind out of him James tried to escape but he couldnt even breathe Bruce grabbed Jamess right hand and twisted his thumb until it made a loud crack James cried out Bruce clenched his fist and spat out his gum shield Im gonna smash the nose again if you dont submit The hand looked a lot scarier than when James had shaken it a couple of minutes earlier I submit, James said James held his thumb as he stumbled to his feet A drip of blood from his nose ran over his top lip into his mouth The mat was covered in red smudges You want to carry on Mac asked James nodded They squared up for a third time James knew he had no chance with blood running down his face and his right hand so painful he couldnt even move it But he had so much anger he was determined to get one good punch in, even if it got him killed Please give up, Bruce said I dont want to hurt you badly James charged forward without waiting for the start signal He missed again Bruces heel hit James in the stomach James doubled over All he could see was green and yellow blurs Still standing, James felt his arm being twisted Im breaking your arm this time, Bruce said I dont want to James knew he couldnt take a broken arm I give up he shouted I withdraw Bruce stepped back and held his hand out for James to shake it Good fight, James, he said, smiling James limply shook Bruces hand I think you broke my thumb, he said Its only dislocated Show me James held out his hand This is going to hurt, Bruce said He pressed Jamess thumb at the joint The pain made James buckle at the knees as the bone crunched back into place Bruce laughed You think thats painful, one time someone broke my leg in nine places James sank to the floor The pain in his nose felt like his head was splitting in two between his eyes It was only pride that stopped him crying So, Mac said Ready for the next test James realized now why Bruce had asked which hand he wrote with His right hand was painful beyond use James sat in a hall surrounded by wooden desks He was the only one taking the test He had bits of bloody tissue stuffed up each nostril and his clothes were a mess Simple intelligence test, James, Mac explained Mixture of verbal and mathematical skills You have forty five minutes, starting now The questions got harder as the paper went on Normally it wouldnt have been bad but James hurt in about five different places, his nose was still bleeding, and every time he shut his eyes he felt like he was drifting backwards He still had three pages left when time ran out Jamess nose had finally stopped bleeding and he could move his right hand again, but he still wasnt happy He didnt think hed done well on the first two tests The crowded canteen was weird Everybody stopped talking when James got near them He got Cant talk to orange three times before somebody pointed out cutlery James took a block of lasagne with garlic bread and a fancy looking orange mousse with chocolate shreds on top When he got to the table he realized he hadnt eaten since the previous night and was starving It was loads better than the frozen stuff at Nebraska House Do you like eating chicken Mac asked Sure, James said They were sitting in a tiny office with a desk between them The only thing on the desk was a metal cage with a live chicken in it Would you like to eat this chicken Its alive I can see that, James Would you like to kill it No way Why not Its cruel James, are you saying you want to become a vegetarian No If you think its cruel to kill the chicken, why are you happy to eat it I dont know, James said Im twelve years old, I eat what gets stuck in front of me James, I want you to kill the chicken This is a dumb test What does this prove James asked Im not discussing what the tests are for until theyre all over Kill the chicken If you dont, somebody else has to Why should they do it instead of you They get paid, James said Mac took his wallet out of his jacket and put a five pound note on top of the cage Now youre getting paid, James Kill the chicken I James couldnt think of any arguments and felt that at least if he killed the chicken he would have passed one test OK How do I kill it Mac handed James a biro Stab the chicken with the tip of the pen just below the head A good stab should sever the main artery down the neck and cut through the windpipe to stop the bird breathing It should be dead in about thirty seconds This is sick, James said Point the chickens bum away from yourself The shock makes it empty its bowels quite violently James picked up the pen and reached into the cage James stopped worrying about the warm chicken blood and crap on his clothes as soon as he saw the wooden obstacle It started with a long climb up a rope ladder Then you slid across a pole, up another ladder, and over narrow planks with jumps between them James couldnt see where you went from there because the obstacle disappeared behind trees All he could tell was that it got even higher and there were no safety nets Mac introduced James to his guides, a couple of fit looking sixteen year olds in navy CHERUB T shirts called Paul and Arif They clambered up the ladder, the two older boys sandwiching James Never look down, Arif said Thats the trick James slid across the pole going hand over hand, fighting the pain in his right thumb The first jump between planks was only about a meter James went over after a bit of encouragement They climbed another ladder and walked along planks This set were twenty meters above ground James placed his feet carefully, keeping his eyes straight ahead The wood creaked in the breeze There was a one and a half meter gap between the next set of planks Not a difficult jump at ground level but between two wet planks twenty meters up, James was ruffled Arif took a little run up and hopped over easily Its simple, James, Arif said Come on, this is the last bit A bird squawked Jamess eyes followed it down Now he saw how high he was and started to panic The clouds moving made him feel like he was falling I cant stand it up here, James said Im gonna puke Paul grabbed his hand I cant do it, James said Of course you can, Paul said If it was on the ground you wouldnt break your stride But its not on the bloody ground James shouted James wondered why he was standing twenty meters up, with a headache, an aching thumb, plus dried blood and chicken crap all over him He thought about how rubbish Nebraska House was and what Sergeant Davies had said about his knack of getting into trouble landing him in prison The jump was worth the risk It could change his whole life He took a run up The plank shuddered as he landed Arif steadied him They walked to a balcony with a hand rail on either side Brilliant, Arif said Now theres only one bit to go What James said You just said that was the last bit Now we just go down the ladder James looked There were two hooks for attaching a rope ladder But the ladder wasnt there Weve got to go all the way back James asked No, Arif said Weve got to jump James couldnt believe it Its easy, James Push off as you jump and youll hit the crash mat at the bottom James looked at the muddy blue square on the ground below What about all the branches in the way James asked Theyre only thin ones, Arif said Sting like hell if you hit them though Arif dived first Clear, a miniature Arif shouted from the bottom James stood on the end of the plank Paul shoved him before he could decide for himself The flight down was amazing The branches were so close they blurred He hit the crash mat with a dull thump The only damage was a cut on his arm where a branch had whipped him James could only swim a couple of strokes before he got scared Hed had no dad to take him swimming His mum had avoided the pool because she was fat and everyone laughed at her in a swimming suit The only time James had been swimming was with his school Two kids James had bullied on dry land had pulled him out of his depth and abandoned him Hed got dragged out and the instructor had had to pump water out of his lungs After that James refused to get changed and spent swimming lessons reading a magazine in the changing rooms James stood at the edge of the pool, fully dressed Dive in, get the brick out of the bottom, and swim to the other end, Mac said James thought about giving it a go He looked at the shimmering brick and imagined his mouth filled with chlorinated water He backed away from the pool, queasy with fear I cant do this one, James said I cant even swim one width James was back where hed started, in front of the fire in Doctor McAffertys office So, after the tests, should we offer you a place here Mac asked Probably not, I guess, James said You did well on the first test But I didnt get a single hit in, James said Bruce is a superb martial artist You would have passed the test if youd won, of course, but that was unlikely You retired when you knew you couldnt win and Bruce threatened you with a serious injury That was important Theres nothing heroic about getting seriously injured in the name of pride Best of all, you didnt ask to recover before you did the next test and you didnt complain once about your injuries That shows you have strength of character and a genuine desire to be a part of CHERUB Bruce was toying with me, there was no point carrying on, James said Thats right, James In a real fight Bruce could have used a choke hold that would have left you unconscious or dead if hed wanted to You also scored decently on the intelligence test Exceptional on mathematical questions, about average on the verbal How do you think you did on the third test I killed the chicken, James said But does that mean you passed the test I thought you asked me to kill it The chicken is a test of your moral courage You pass well if you grab the chicken and kill it straight away, or if you say youre opposed to killing and eating animals and refuse to kill it I thought you performed poorly You clearly didnt want to kill the chicken but you allowed me to bully you into doing it Im giving you a low pass because you eventually reached a decision and carried it through You would have failed if youd dithered or got upset James was pleased hed passed the first three tests The fourth test was excellent You were timid in places but you got your courage together and made it through the obstacle Then the final test I must have failed that, James said We knew you couldnt swim If youd battled through and rescued the brick, we would have given you top marks If youd jumped in and had to be rescued, that would have shown poor judgment and you would have failed But you decided the task was beyond your abilities and didnt attempt it Thats what we hoped you would do To conclude, James, youve done good Im happy to offer you a place at CHERUB Youll be driven back to Nebraska House and Ill expect your final decision within two days. recruit English Spanish Dictionary WordReference recruit Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions We would like show you a description here but the site won t allow us RecruitParents RecruitParents is help get through bootcamp The roadmap includes information about training Bootcamp , schedules, terminology, 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    • The Recruit
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    • Format Kindle
    • 354 pages
    • Robert Mucha
    • Anglais
    • 14 July 2017

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