ᖲ The Sleepwalker (Cherub Book 9) torrenting ᛂ Book Author Robert Mucha 쵧

ᖲ The Sleepwalker (Cherub Book 9) torrenting ᛂ Book Author Robert Mucha 쵧 ᖲ The Sleepwalker (Cherub Book 9) torrenting ᛂ Book Author Robert Mucha 쵧 Robert Mucha was born in London in 1972 and used to work as a private investigator CHERUB is his first series and is published in than twenty countries For on the series, check out CherubCampus.com USA.The Sleepwalker CHAPTER 1 BACK Bethany Parker had been away on a mission for eight months, which was long enough for plenty to change on CHERUB campus There was a line of freshly planted saplings along the path that led to the main entrance, new floor tiles in the main building, and an enormous satellite dish in the gravel outside the mission preparation building But it was the other cherubs that really made Bethany feel like shed missed out Girls had different hairstyles and cute boys had succumbed to acne there were qualified agents shed never even seen and new red shirts who seemed impossibly tiny As she stepped out of the elevator on the ground floor, Bethany spotted the handler Meryl Spencer The athletically built Kenyan broke into a warm smile Nice tan, Bethany Weve been hearing good things about you Bethany was slightly embarrassed by the compliment Thanks, miss Im looking for Lauren, have you seen her around Shes probably over by the vehicle shop Theres supposed to be some kind of race or something I expect your brother, Jake, will be up there too Bethany felt guilty as she realized shed prioritized finding her best friend over her kid brother After jogging down a short corridor, she stepped through the back doors of the campuss main building and ran down the path between the all weather tennis courts Her combat trousers and boots felt clumsy after eight months in parts of Brazil and the United States, where shed rarely worn anything heavier than shorts and sandals The sun was dropping below the horizon as she crossed the deserted playing fields Orange light pierced the trees and made her squint, but being back on campus felt good The cool evening air was a change from the humidity, and she deliberately ran through the muddiest part of a goalmouth because she felt at home with a bit of CHERUB campus stuck to her brand new boots after a struggle shed discovered that her old pair didnt fit Lauren, Bethany shouted as she came over the brow of a slight hill Down below, a crowd of thirty kids were gathered in the parking lot They mostly faced toward a squat workshop with aluminium sides The three sets of hangar style doors along the front were open Inside were brightly lit workstations covered with tools, and four cars in various states of disassembly All vehicles in the CHERUB fleet got upgraded in this workshop stiffer suspension, satellite tracking, performance tuned engine, plus tinted glass and subtly altered controls to make life easier for underaged drivers To ensure the highest standards of reliability, routine servicing and repair work was also done on campus, along with occasional special jobs, such as fitting a car with a hidden compartment or installing listening devices Quite a few people turned to see who was shouting Lauren Adams gasped as she recognized her best friend She backed out of the crowd and charged up the hill to give Bethany a hug My god, Lauren screamed happily as the two girls pulled each other tight I didnt even know you were back Why didnt you text me Bethany smiled and made a little squealing sound I wanted it to be a surprise When did you get back from Brazil Bethany looked at her watch Our jet landed at the RAF base down the road five hours ago, but I had to go straight into an emergency debriefing with Maureen Evans, and then I had to see the chairwoman Lauren looked at her friends navy CHERUB T shirt Promotion, too Well done Zara told me I deserved black, Bethany said But you only get that for outstanding performance on than one mission, no matter how long youre away Lauren nodded sympathetically, though she was secretly pleased that she still outranked her friend So how was the mission Hard work, but we took care of business in the end How about you, are you still suspended Lauren shrugged I spent a few days doing security tests on RAF bases, and I helped a pair of new agents settle into a mission over in Northern Ireland, but Im still banned from going on any big missions of my own for another month I brought you back a present, but I thought Id save it for your birthday next week, Bethany said before stopping to give a curious look at a small girl dashing up the hill toward them This is Coral, Lauren explained as the six year old sidled up to her When I got punished I had to go and help out in the junior block You know, putting the little red shirts to bed and reading them stories and stuff But I enjoyed it, so I still go over there to help out, and I get enough learning credits out of it that I dont have to do stupid dance or drama classes any Cool Bethany smiled Though Ive never understood what youve got against drama classes Lauren tutted as Coral slid her hand in Laurens trouser pocket and shyly nuzzled her leg Dramas so moronic, Lauren moaned Remember that time Mrs Dickerson had us waving our arms around pretending to be trees for a whole hour Bethany laughed as she imitated the teachers voice Breathe deeeeeeep and feel your body move with the wind rushing through your branches I wouldnt mind so much, but you cant breathe deep, Lauren said That drama studio has no windows and it always stinks of feet The two girls laughed harder than the joke deserved, because it felt good being back together Coral, this is my friend Bethany, Lauren said as she pulled the little girl out from behind her legs Stop acting daft and say hello Bethany squatted down and gave the tiny girl a smile Corals only been on campus a few days, Lauren explained Her big brothers already rumbling with the other red shirts, but Corals a bit overwhelmed, so Im keeping an eye until she settles in Hello, Bethany, Coral said as she reached out to shake hands Bethany noticed chips of Laurens black nail polish on Corals fingernails as she took her little hand Arent you formal she said Nice to meet you, Coral Coral seemed less shy after the introductions Lauren and Bethany each took one of her hands and stretched the youngster between them as they walked downhill toward the gathering in front of the vehicle workshop So whats going on in the garage Bethany asked Its mainly about boys flexing their egos and getting grease on their overalls, Lauren said You can cut the testosterone down there with a knife I see, Bethany said, though she clearly didnt They retired a couple of the old golf carts the staff use for getting around campus, Lauren continued But instead of scrapping them, Terry Campbell has been helping some of the boys convert them into racing carts by fitting motorbike engines You know what James is like about anything even slightly to do with motorbikes Ive hardly seen him since we got back from summer hostel And my brothers involved too Lauren nodded Jakes part of Jamess crew With Coral still holding their hands, Lauren and Bethany eased between the crowd and stepped through the open front of the garage There were two golf carts, each surrounded by boys in blue overalls The carts were dented and rusty after than a decade of plying the paths around campus, but instead of being allowed to die with dignity, theyd had their batteries and electric motors stripped out and replaced by the engine and transmission from a motorbike, and a selection of dubious accessories stuck on the outside Jamess team had added four sets of wing mirrors, gold paint, and go faster stripes What a heap of crap, Bethany said, making sure everyone heard as she stepped up to James Adamss stocky legs, which poked from beneath the jacked up cart Hey, sis, Bethanys eleven year old brother, Jake, said as he turned away from a tool chest Did you bring me a prezzie Ive got three loads of dirty laundry you can have if you like, Bethany said before giving him a brief hug Like most siblings, Jake and Bethany loved each other deep down, but in their case, you needed a submarine with a powerful searchlight to get there James slid out from under the cart and spoke to his three teammates as he sat up I put a clamp and half a roll of sticky tape over the seals, so we shouldnt have any problems with oil pressure Im back, James, Bethany said, grinning and holding her arms out exuberantly Are you pleased to see me James shook his head with contempt as he lifted up the cart and kicked away the jacks before lowering it to the ground He was shocked at how different Bethany looked Shed grown eight centimeters, she had much nicer boobs, and the tan made her look older than thirteen If shed been a couple of years older, she was the kind of girl hed probably try getting off with Youve certainly changed, James said as he looked around and saw that the other two members of his crewthirteen year olds Rat and Andypractically had their tongues hanging out Bethany, listen to this baby when we fire her up, Rat said eagerly as he lunged toward the cockpit and reached in to press the starter button Im nearest, Andy said as the two boys leaned into the golf cart from opposite sides and almost cracked skulls Andy reached the button first, and there was a clattering sound, followed by a huge plume of foul smelling exhaust and finally a roaring noise that made the metal walls of the workshop shudder Mr Campbell showed us how to tune the exhaust to make it as noisy as possible, Andy shouted as he studied Bethanys reaction Pretty cool, eh, sis Jake yelled The noise made Coral squeeze her hands over her ears as Lauren and Bethany looked at each other and shook their heads Lauren leaned across, shouting into her best friends ear, I think were supposed to be impressed by this Bethany shook her head and laughed Theyre so manly How can we possibly resist them List of CHERUB characters Wikipedia This article does not cite any sources Please help improve this by adding citations to reliable sourcesUnsourced material may be challenged and removed June Learn how when remove template message is a list from Robert Mucha s cherub book series Teen Young Adult Action Adventure Mystery Thriller Thrillers Suspense Children Books Class A novel Class A, published as The Dealer in the United States, Mission for prints, second series CHERUBIt continues story teenager James Adams his fellow agents they try bring down drug gang led Keith Moore was originally called Drugs, Cars Guns, but changed so sound CHERUB Series Kindle edition exists simplest reasons even master criminal doesn t suspect that kid next door spy When uncovers link between eco terrorist group Help Earth wealthy religious cult known Survivors, sent Australia on an infiltration mission Robert Book In Order Jack Reacher back latest series, Past Tense, comes out November thFamily secrets come haunt he decides visit town father born 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    • The Sleepwalker (Cherub Book 9)
    • 2.3
    • 152
    • Hardcover
    • 337 pages
    • Robert Mucha
    • English
    • 23 December 2017

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