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∂ Today Show ᠑ Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self  ⇂ Author Richard Rohr ∩ ∂ Today Show ᠑ Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self ⇂ Author Richard Rohr ∩ QA with Robert Rohr, author of Immortal Diamond The Search for Our True Self Q What do you mean by False Self and True Self A When I use the term False Self, I mean that it is the self we manufacture and adopt to find our identity in the worldour jobs, our occupations, our religion, our culture, our sources of status False doesnt mean that its bad it simply means that it s external, passing, that it changes Everyone has a False Selfyou need it to function in the world True Self is who you are objectively in God Most religious and spiritual traditions would call it the soul, although it is also mysteriously than that You do not create True Self by your own personality or choices or, or experiences It s nothing that you manufacture or do It s your innermost, essential being Q How do the concepts of True Self and False Self relate to the questions you explored in Falling Upward A In my book Falling Upward, I try to talk about the journey, the transitioning from the first half of life, the necessary suffering in the middle of life, and the liberation of the second half of life In talking about True Self False Self in Immortal Diamond, I m trying to actually explain what it is we re finding in the second half of life our True Self If you dont find or recover your True Self, you remain in the first half of life forever, as many people do They think they are their occupation, their family, their culture, their religion without the falling apart of what Thomas Merton called our private salvation project, without that falling there is no upward In Immortal Diamond I m calling the upward the True Self and I m trying to explain what the True Self is Q Why is finding True Self so important to the spiritual journey A In many ways this quest for the True Self is the foundational issue Your True Self is the only part of you that really has access to the big questions, things like love, suffering, death, God Your False Self just entertains itself But once you make contact with your True Self, there s a natural correspondence between who you are and who God is Let me put it this way When you discover your True Self, it s very easy to recognize the presence of God When you re living out of your False Self, you tend to be attracted to externals external beliefs, external rituals but you are never really touched at any deep level because it s not really YOU that s making contact It s your temperament, your personality, your culture, all of which are okay, but your True Self is that part of you that already knows God, already loves God at some unconscious level When you can connect with your True Self, the whole spiritual life opens up Q What is the connection between finding True Self and facing death A The phrase you must die before you die in one form or another is found in most of the world religions Jesus would say, Unless the grain of wheat die it remains just a single grain This means that this concocted False Self, this manufactured identity that is who we all think we are, has to go That s what the language of being born again really means Its not some kind of magical transaction that takes place between you and God, but the death of the passing self, the one you have created for yourself That s what has to die Until that False Self dies you don t really know who you are Once you let go of your passing self, as St Francis said, The second death can do you no harm In other words, once you have experienced the little losses and failings or falling upwards, you know at a deep level that youve been there before and none of it is going to kill you You ve already learned how to die If you don t learn how to die early, ahead of time, you spend your life avoiding all failure, humiliation, loss, and you re not ready for the last death Your True Self, your soul knows spiritual things, and knows God So if you don t awaken it, you really don t know God You can be religious, but you dont encounter God at any depth It s just spinning the necessary prayer wheels, whatever your tradition tells you is the appropriate prayer wheel It isn t really transformative religion Q How can we make contact with our True Self A It is hard work to remain in contact with your True Self Thats why daily prayer is important Somehow we have to reestablish our foundational ground over and over because we lose it every day I surely do I get caught up in letters, emails, what people want of me, what I need to be, the little dance I have to do today for this person or that person It may be necessary, but if you are living in that world, that revolving hall of mirrors, you so get enchanted with these reflections of what everybody thinks you are or wants you to be that you forget or you never discover who you really are before you did anything right or anything wrong, before you had your name, your reputation, your education, your family, your culture Thats how we get caught up in what some call our survival dance Finding True Self is about finding your sacred dance, who you are forever and who you always will be That s the self that can go to Heaven, if you want to put it that way, because it s already in Heaven It s already there So you re returning home Q Where did the title, Immortal Diamond, come from A The metaphor immortal diamond came from a poem by the Jesuit Englishman, Gerard Manley Hopkins The last lines of this beautiful poem say, I am all at once what Christ is, since he was what I am, and This Jack, joke, poor potsherd, patch, matchwood, immortal diamond, Is immortal diamond When I first wanted to clarify this notion of True Self False Self, I immediately said that s going to be the, the metaphor I think it names what I m talking about, something that s strong, true, clear, but hidden within us How well do we know ourselves So many roles and identitiesshape individual lives that it s easy to be confused about what isauthentically us Rohr, a Franciscan priest and founding directorof the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, N.Mex.,leads a narrative excursion to the True Self, the core ofcharacter that lies like a diamond buried within Writing forsecular seekers, the author claims that individuals need to allowthe false self to fall away in order to get in touch with the trueself, allowing it to breathe and flourish Grasping onto thesuperficial identities of the false self, such as job, class, race,or accomplishments, can keep people from being the loving andgenerous conduits of the Divine that they are meant to be God isalways communicating with humans, but those who cling to ego andsocial position cant hear these divine messages The authormakes clear that it is not easy to shed this falseness for truth inthe inner life, but it is a spiritual path well worth the effort Jan Publishers Weekly, February 2013 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publishedSanders well known conservative theologian specialising question Trinity, pretty scathing leading slightly tongue cheek heading Just so know Apple Books Preview download books including Breathing Under Water, Diamond, Ethics no place pray JUDY VALENTE, correspondent priest, addressing packed house Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Portland Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self


    • Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self
    • 4.2
    • 427
    • Hardcover
    • 288 pages
    • Richard Rohr
    • English
    • 22 January 2017

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