༄ Download full The Champion's Comeback: How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Re-Ignite for free ᙨ Ebook By Jim Afremow ៚

༄ Download full The Champion's Comeback: How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Re-Ignite for free ᙨ Ebook By Jim Afremow ៚ ༄ Download full The Champion's Comeback: How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Re-Ignite for free ᙨ Ebook By Jim Afremow ៚ CHAPTER ONECRACKING THE COMEBACK CODEI can choose either to be a victim of the worldor an adventurer in search of treasure.It s all a question of how I view my life PAULO COELHO, NOVELISTTwo kinds of players show up in sports and life the contender and the champion.The contender, threatened by the prospect of competition and failure, either refuses help or expects others to do the hard work he should be doing himself You can picture the contender s attitude like a downward pointing triangle.The ContenderIn contrast, the champion seeks out tough challenges and opportunities to learn and grow and looks for support and feedback from teammates, coaches, and others Picture this perspective like an upward pointing triangle.The ChampionA champion, unlike a contender, regroups after inevitable setbacks and emerges stronger A champion embraces difficult and demanding situations and learns from both triumph and failure Life is not a spectator sport, said baseball legend Jackie Robinson If you re going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you re wasting your life In other words, to make the journey worthwhile, life should be viewed as a participatory sport play life Everyone can, and should, come down from the grandstand and embrace challenges on the field of play That s how we move from being spectators to being contenders Once taking on challenges becomes a habit, you truly become a champion Participate, participate, and participate in your sport no matter the challenges or obstacles ahead.The ability to step up to challenges is important in all aspects of life, and it s a key ingredient of happiness and success Challenges will appear in all sorts of situations, from trying out for a team to working on a new move or skill and putting it into action during a game or scrimmage to pitting yourself against stronger competition or trying a new fitness activity These situations will likely involve emotional and physical discomforts and the risk of failure and rejection, but these are all part of the process of becoming a champion.Consider this story The day after graduating from high school, Vanessa paused in front of a storefront she had breezed past so many times before This time, on a whim, Vanessa opened the door and walked right under the beat up EXPERT PSYCHIC READINGS sign A gentle middle aged woman greeted her before giving her a not so gentle reading You have a most miserable future Vanessa was determined to escape her fate She tried to defy the prediction by being extremely cautious, never taking risks, and steering away from anything that might cause her harm At the ripe old age of 100, Vanessa took her last breath and realized too late that the fortune teller s prediction had come true She had led an empty, miserable life.It may seem counterintuitive, but failure is the greatest teacher We learn best by making mistakes or experiencing disappointments If you allow the fear of failure to prevail, then you ve already ensured your own failure by depriving yourself of life s greatest teacher As all time hockey great Wayne Gretzky said, You miss 100 percent of the shots you don t take In sports, in particular, athletes receive instant feedback on their performance, what works and what doesn t and that s a great thing It means they ve just learned something new about their game and have the opportunity to improve Weaknesses can always be turned into strengths.Do you give up after just one loss or a tough race, game, or meet It s important to realize that all champions have lost and made mistakes than you can count Psychiatrist Milton Erickson said, Along with successes, collect a proper number of failures Collecting failures in sports is how you retool and return to competition as a superior athlete Look at it this way Failures can be a source of motivation, not discouragement.You must, however, make adjustments, big and small Think of the Jewish proverb I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders The contender yearns to lighten the load, while the champion wants the ability to take on This is a crucial distinction, because we can t always control the demands placed on us all we can do is have the mental fortitude to respond Starting now, instead of cursing daily difficulties, ask yourself, How can I best carry my load This adjustment requires you to redefine difficulties as challenges Contenders feel threatened by playing against stiff competition or trying new fitness challenges They are worried about falling behind or receiving negative evaluations or criticism from others and are intimidated by the prospect of physical discomfort.Contenders don t seem to have much fun playing They either complain about everything or deny having any issues I m good and distract themselves to escape their problems If they try to deal with everything on their own, it will take them longer to achieve their goals, assuming they can do that at all.Unlike contenders, champions thrive on embracing challenges because these challenges push them and make them feel most alive, improve their competitiveness as athletes, and allow them to mature as individuals In fact, champions see everything as a trial that tests and improves them.This point is critical How you think about an upcoming performance and what will happen to you facing a challenge, losing a point, making a mistake will significantly influence your feelings and actions If you view an upcoming situation as a threat, then you will panic and perform poorly You might even completely avoid the situation.By the same token, if you view the upcoming performance as a challenge, then you can get excited By overcoming your initial fears and gaining confidence, you will be highly motivated and have the freedom to perform your best and you will focus only on the things you can control At this point and in this frame of mind, you will take on challenges like a champion There s always going to be adversity, there s always going to be challenges, and those are all opportunities to rise above, said Kobe Bryant, a five time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers What he is implying is that after a setback, contenders collapse while champions rise.Comebacks can be small, such as recovering from an error or a penalty in a game, or large, such as returning to a sport after a major injury or a long absence For a champion, there is nothing magnificent or memorable than making a major comeback The bigger the setback, the opportunities to learn and the glory and satisfaction to be gained upon a successful comeback.A champion must respond to some, and possibly all, of these 12 common athletic setbacks.1.A mistake or an error2.Being down in a game or race, fight, match, series 3.One or shattering defeats4.Crushing disappointment5.A close call or a near victory6.Being benched7.A performance slump8.The low or high expectations of others9.An injury or an illness10.An extended absence11.Feeling pressure to continue winning12.A fitness slumpHow will you achieve your goal and how can you adapt and respond to various challenges Going through setbacks in sports and other areas of life is perfectly normal, as nobody can avoid such things How you choose to deal with setbacks such as threats or challenges is what makes the difference One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth, wrote psychologist Abraham Maslow Growth must be chosen again and again fear must be overcome again and again We all want to make thinking, feeling, and acting like a champion part of our everyday life because, let s face it, demands and difficulties are part of all aspects of life Making the move from contender to champion means stepping out of your comfort zone, calling on your inner strength and supporters, and reframing tough situations as growth opportunities and chances for comebacks.Getting to the top requires hard work, good luck, and positive support However, a comeback adds the potential of failure, injury, fear, and criticism Which sounds harder A comeback, of course.Here are the 7 L s that champions use to crack the Champion s Comeback Code.1.LET GO release the mental brick2.LOOK FOR SUPPORT build a winning team3.LOVE THE GAME compete with purpose and passion4.LEARN embrace a growth mind set5.LABOR keep ding the rock6.LEARN OPTIMISM believe in your comeback story7.LEAN ON YOUR MENTAL GAME win the game from within yourselfLET GO RELEASE THE MENTAL BRICKRenew, release, let go Yesterday s gone There s nothing you can do to bring it back You can t should ve done something You can only do something Renew yourself Release that attachment Today is a new day STEVE MARABOLI, AUTHOR AND SPEAKERWe are not machines, we re humans made of bones, skin, and emotions For almost all of life s important moments, you will follow routines or rituals, though they may differ from society to society and person to person We perform them because they help us control our emotions, forge our ties with others, and move on to the next challenge.Why does Rafael Nadal dominate the French Open Sure, he ds the ball with tremendous topspin during his matches and chases down every ball until his opponent collapses, but what is he thinking A champion s thoughts Just watch while the King of Clay sits and takes a break and you ll see him going through his mental and physical routines Nadal takes two sips from two bottles, one with water, the other with an electrolyte mixture He puts both bottles back in the same spot every time With a towel on his lap, he breathes deeply Racket in hand, he checks his strings.Similarly, notice what LeBron James does during time outs What is the four time NBA Most Valuable Player doing and where is his mind when he isn t running up and down the court making baskets Note the mechanics of his break routine He is supremely focused not on yelling at fans or joking around but on simply stopping and resting He takes a true break Lebron takes two of sips of water, sits calmly, closes his eyes, and practices slow and deep breathing.Rafael Nadal s and LeBron James s respective routines their habits of champions keep them focused, help them relax, and recharge the muscle that works the hardest in sports and in life the brain.So what s your routine Following a mistake by your team or a good play by the opposition, think Drop it or Park it and move on Have a go to phrase to release and quickly refocus on the purpose at hand For instance, volleyball players can clap their hands and say Next ball after a missed shot or Keep swinging after getting a shot blocked.After suffering a loss, how do champions move forward on a positive track instead of tracking the negative Following any kind of setback, champions tell themselves and their teammates to have a short memory A short memory is the best medication for managing mistakes and losses throughout a long season The next game provides a brand new occasion to play like a champion.After a setback or a failure, especially a devastating one, it can be important to implement a ritual that helps you turn the page For example, after a shattering defeat, a team can dig a hole in the ground at their next practice and bury a game ball as a symbolic gesture to let go of that loss and look forward to the next game.Leaving your game behind at the pitch, court, or rink is important For self care, especially after a difficult day, take a shower at night and wash everything away Think, I did what I could today, I m washing away what I saw and heard today, and Today is done and now I m ready for the next day This physical and mental cleansing will give you a positive attitude and a renewed spirit.LOOK FOR SUPPORT BUILD A WINNING TEAMLife is not a solo act It s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife TIM GUNN, ACTORWhen young athletes are developing, they are like sponges, quickly absorbing everything around them More mature athletes are like machines Parts are locked in place, movements are grooved in, and skill sets are becoming dependable resources.So what happens after a devastating loss, injury, or decline that challenges all prior approaches Is it possible to adjust something by yourself that for years had worked well but now doesn t work any Can you depend on old habits when facing new circumstances Is the best approach to do the same thing over and over again and yet expect different results This is the time to turn to a specialist, such as a mental coach, and learn new ways of doing old things.Achieving your goals requires committed support along the way To be a champion, take the initiative to speak to experts, such as sports coaches and sports psychologists, for specific guidance and reach out to family and friends for support You will likely gain good information and feel better as a result.For example, the modern game of tennis requires pros to travel with an entourage of fitness trainers, mental coaches, nutritionists, and others Similarly, NFL teams have a comprehensive sports medicine team, IT staff, and many other employees We too often just think a player is great on his or her own merit, but that s because the media pays very little attention to the support staff.As far as your own entourage is concerned, make sure to surround yourself with positive people To do this, take whatever steps are necessary to bring your support in closer Limit contacts with people who drain your energy or distract you from your dreams Remember, true friends and teammates lift you up Be mindful but wary of the critics In other words, don t drink the hater ade that will likely be all around you.Basketball player Christian Laettner is a prime example of how a champion faced a turning of the tide and used that energy to become even better He led the Duke Blue Devils to back to back NCAA Championships, in 1991 and 1992, making several clutch shots most famously, the buzzer beater to knock Kentucky out of the 1992 NCAA tournament Laettner then played on the Dream Team that won gold in a dominant fashion at the 1992 Olympics He retired after 13 seasons in the NBA, which included an all star selection in 1997.The ESPN 30 for 30 documentary I Hate Christian Laettner examines how the 6 11 center from Angola, New York, became the supervillain of college hoops Duke fans loved him, but others loved to hate him In March 2015, while promoting the documentary as a guest on ESPN s Mike Mike Show, Laettner was asked whether he relished the fact that he was so hated He said he tried to use the criticism to his advantage. The Champions Comeback is full of difference making mental insights The materials, like the 7Ls, are innovative and often presented in the best learning mode make the points and explain with outstanding examples Championships earned include confronting failures and using them to improve Jim Afremow has given us the comeback factors in an important and entertaining read TONY LA RUSSA, MLB Hall of Famer, 3x World Series ChampionFor athletes, with each competition and every practice come new challenges to overcome and new opportunities to grow In this book, Jim gives you the roadmap for making the most of those moments and sets you up to overcome it all, no matter how big orsmall your comeback is I loved taking an inside look at the mind of incredible athletes All their tools for success are right here in your hands What you do with them is up to you REBECCA SONI, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, Founder of RISE Elite AthletesI have had a chance to read The Champions Comeback a couple of times now and love it It was interesting to read and then look back on different times in my career I highly recommend this book GRANT FUHR, National Hockey League Hall of FamerI highly recommend The Champion s Comeback for all walks of life The book has great quotes and real life examples that can help any team, athlete or organization perform better I know I will be a better coach after reading this book ERIC MUSSELMAN, Head Coach Nevada Wolf Pack Mens BasketballJim Afremow has done it again The Champions Comeback showcases a mental road map to greatness in the face of adversity Its a must read for coaches or athletes striving to build confidence and enhance performance SUE PHILLIPS, Head Coach 2014 USA Basketball Womens U17 World Championship Team The Champions Comeback will take your mindset to the next level If there is one thing I learned over my 17 year track and field career, it is that the mind is what will always make the difference This book is packed with knowledge for any athlete, coach or entrepreneur who is wanting to step their mindset up to the next level IAN WARNER, 2012 Olympian and Owner of BounceBackEntrepreneurs.com At some point, and likely right NOW, all of us are in need of a comeback But how do we get started And where can we get help The Champion s Comeback by Jim Afremow is your playbook Using stories and strategies from the greats, Jim simplifies the steps to get started, adjust your mindset, form beliefs,overcome setbacks, and ultimately achieve your Champion s Comeback Definitely a recommended read JOE JACOBI, Olympic gold medalist and Chief Executive Officer for USACanoe Kayak The Champion s Comeback is a must read for any athlete striving to achieve Jim deals with pressure and the fear of failure head on His well written and simple advice is accompanied by extensive tangible examples to maximize performance when under pressure This is applicable for all ages, abilities and situations for the athlete, coach or even those in the business world DICK GOULD, Director of Tennis, Stanford University, Coach of 17 NCAA Championship teams The power of positivity and theright mental approach is crucial in any sports field and in life in general Dr Afremows book The Champions Comeback can help lead you in the right direction BEN HENDERSON, Mixed Martial Artist and former UFC Lightweight Champion The Champions Comeback has not only inspired us to re frame our retirement from professional sports but also has empowered us to inspire the next generation of elite athletes through the daily rigors of competitive sports LAUREN RYAN MARIANO, RPM Sand Volleyball A Scrabble Champion s Spellbinding Comeback WSJ Nigel Richards, one of the most accomplished players ever, was on his way to winning sixth North American championship Then Joel Sherman played STRINGS The Young Mind How Think, Train, and Thrive This is a great follow up Jim previous books, includes new tips techniques for student athletes I ve found knowledge, expertise unbelievably helpful Who Joseph Parker, what former heavyweight Parker will face Dillian Whyte at O arena as he makes comeback following defeat Anthony Joshua in March The year old back ring after losing UEFA Champions League Final Wikipedia football match between Manchester United England Bayern Munich Germany, Camp Nou Barcelona, Spain, May , determine winner LeagueIt remembered injury time goals from Teddy Sheringham Ole Gunnar Solskjr, which cancelled out Mario final League, Europe primary club competition showpiece event contested Liverpool Milan Italy Atatrk Stadium Istanbul, Turkey Liverpool, who had won four times, were appearing their final, Reaction Fury win over Seferi bbc And that end this live text so, always, thanks joining us all your comments Tyson with win, but there be bigger better nights him Rafael Nadal return ATP tour, Acapulco, It been month since Rafael last match, good news around corner Grand Slam champion scheduled make next week Acapulco UEFA Women UEFA official site UEFA, Union European Football Associations, governing body works promote, protect develop What Amir Khan net worth, when boxer m A British He has hit headlines cheating beautician named Sophia Hammani just days wife Faryal Makhdoom gave birth second child Andy Murray loses Nick Kyrgios action Andy almost hip ended narrow by Fever Tree Championships Queen Kentucky High School Athletic Association KHSAA Kentucky Student Today, Leaders Tomorrow Michael Schumacher Michael Januar Hrth, Nordrhein Westfalen ist ein ehemaliger deutscher AutomobilrennfahrerEr der erfolgreichste Pilot Formel Geschichte startete von bis sowie bei insgesamt Groen Preisen WeltmeisterschaftEr hlt die Rekorde Weltmeistertiteln, Siegen, Podestplatzierungen Wimbledon draw questions Serena chances are Close Peter Bodo covering tennis years, mostly recently ESPN WTA Writer Year author numerous including classic Courts Great Athletes Recover Reading Recover, Reflect, Re Ignite Afremow help everyone reads it greater mental toughness, focus visualization skills does an outstanding job discussing how coaches overcame setbacks become champions comeback Sports Illustrated New Patriots Super Bowl LI Special Commemorative Issue Team Celebration Cover Pats Greatest Comeback, Quarterback, Dynasty Feb Editors Of Champions happened Sportstar Barcelona stunned world aggregate victory Paris Saint Germain Having lost first leg Luis Enrique men scored six times three coming th minute onwards move into quarterfinals incredible fashion PNTV YouTube Jun More goodness like Here my favorite Big Ideas Hope y Top comebacks ever SI Following Roma dramatic we ranked best history full difference making insights materials, L s, innovative often presented learning mode points explain examples Audiobook Featuring unique advice, guided imagery scripts, easy training exercises, motivating stories famous athletes, ultimate athlete handbook, encouraging you not only stay game also achieve greatness amazing No team come goal deficit That until did Wednesday, stunning PSG writing themselves soccer lore Tottenham Is hope Spurs completed Lokomotiv Moscow ensured Gunners went through group winners Wenger side would eventually reach Hoffenheim stun Lyon unlikely another flawed performance Julian Nagelsmann side, they rewarded Afremow, PhD About Your guide overcoming losses injuries achieving off field Leading sports psychologist Mind, knows great, especially facing devastating injuries, tough obstacles, or seemingly insurmountable odds How Became One Coolest Brands Around Again century sportswear company perfectly poised By Miles Raymer Mar hard overstate popular sweats Juventus v Match Report, have two five minutes vs Drama The Craig FREE shipping qualifying offers Even among elite performers, certain stand cut above rest, able outperform clutch earned accolades Olympians professional insightful approach mind, body, spirit competitor Mental Game Gold Medal Mind mind everything else work Kareem Abdul Jabbar, NBA legend psychology scientific study emotion, behavior relates athletic physical activity Want improve without working then get book want review so much solid practical advise improving Relentless From Good Unstoppable Kindle Edition Relentless edition Tim S Grover, Shari Wenk Download once read device, PC, phones tablets Use features bookmarks, note taking highlighting while reading The Champion's Comeback: How Great Athletes Recover, Reflect, and Re-Ignite


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