仨 The The 7 Day Energy Surge ꕳ Kindle Ebook Author Jim Karas 륰

仨 The The 7 Day Energy Surge ꕳ Kindle Ebook Author Jim Karas 륰 仨 The The 7 Day Energy Surge ꕳ Kindle Ebook Author Jim Karas 륰 COMPONENT 1BODY WEIGHT TO SURGEBeing a leader in the weight loss industry allows me to say, hands down, that nothing depletes your energy than excess body weight.Think about a time when you were lighter, by just a few ds or , and complete the following sentence on an index card or a small piece of paper When I was lighter Here are some of the responses I have heard over the years I woke up with energy I was proud that I was taking care of myself and respecting my body I saw that look on my partner s face and my spirits soared I had a positive aura and got hit on I didn t insist on lights off during sex Like a teeter totter, the moment the weight goes down you will immediately feel your energy bubble up Each and every d makes a difference, so don t sit back and say, I have 50 plus ds to lose Ugh, it ll take forever No, no, no, every d makes a difference, so consider each one lost a personal victory.Keep your written responses with you at all times, especially when nearing what I refer to as the Danger Zone, that is, the weekend Come on, Friday night is generally the beginning of the weekend eating frenzy that s why we started this plan on Monday, remember , but not the weekend of your 7 Day Energy Surge the support of your written word will help keep you motivated, and you should use it as each subsequent weekend approaches Ditto for the holidays When you are lighter, you will feel proud and confident and get accomplished on a daily basis Weighing less will almost always translate into improved health This means fewer aches and pains, fewer sick days, fewer doctor visits, less time waiting in line to fill prescriptions, etc., etc., etc., and oomph and energy for work, family, friends, pets, and fun Are you getting the point Research backs this up A study reported in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that as body mass index BMI increased, so did the number of sick days, because being overweight is so clearly the cause of numerous debilitating illnesses, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and heart disease By lowering your body weight, you immediately lower the risk of these diseases and increase your energy potential.1 Plus, losing weight makes you feel sexy If you think that you have to be in Vogue or Men s Health shape to have sex, then read on Duke University s Martin Binks found that just a 10 percent weight loss significantly improved the sex lives of men and women Sexual satisfaction peaked at 12 percent weight loss loss than that was insignificant.2 With sex comes happy endorphin hormones circulating in your system where do you think the term afterglow came from , which in turn boosts libido, reduces stress, and, let s face it, puts you in a pretty cheery mood It s a great, positive life spiral for igniting energy much, much on sex and energy in Component 10.If you are presently overweight, lowering your body weight is essential to the energy surge and is something you can start on TODAY Now, of course, your body weight is going to be a function of what you eat and drink, how you exercise, your sleep patterns, your breathing, your stress level, your mind set, how much you listen to music, and so on, but a few additional tips are helpful BUY A SCALENow, now, now, don t panic Just the thought of the scale sends most people running, but the scale is actually your friend Research from both Brown University Medical School and the University of Minnesota conclusively demonstrated that the often you weigh yourself, the less you weigh.3, 4 Repeat that with me a moment The you weigh, the less you ll weigh Plus, those who did not get on the scale GAINED weight in both studies.UNDERSTAND THAT 3,500 CALORIES EQUALS ONE POUNDSimply put, eat 3,500 calories than your body requires and you will gain a d Expend 3,500 calories through metabolism and activity than you consume and you ll lose a d It s all math, and simple math at that.SET A REALISTIC GOALBecause you now know that 3,500 calories equal 1 d, you have to work the numbers In these first 7 days, I do all the work for you, but if you want to lose 1 d a week in the future, eat 500 fewer calories a day than your body requires After 7 days, that 500 calorie deficit will equal 1 d lost 500 x 7days 3,500 If you want to lose 2 ds in 1 week, then eat 1,000 fewer calories each day.To find out how many calories you require to maintain your current weight, fill in the following equation, which will give you the amount of calories you presently require to maintain your weight, without activity Women resting metabolic rate 655 4.35 x weight in ds 4.7 x height in inches 4.7 x age in years Men resting metabolic rate 66 6.23 x weight in ds 12.7 x height in inches 6.8 x age in years Take that number and multiply it by one of the following numbers Activity Factor Category Definition 1.2 Sedentary Little or no exercise and desk job 1.375 Lightly Active Light exercise 1 to 3 days a week 1.55 Moderately Active Moderate exercise 3 to 5 days a week 1.725 Very Active Hard exercise 6 to 7 days a week 1.9 Extremely Active Hard daily exercise and physical jobFrom this final number, you determine how many calories you want to subtract If you don t want to figure out these numbers on your own, then go to www.jimkaras.com and you will find the metabolic rate calculator on the site.In the beginning phase of this plan, I would say that 3 to 4 ds a week for women and 4 to 5 for men is realistic because you are releasing body fat and bloating water weight while you are cleansing your system After the honeymoon phase approximately 2 to 3 weeks , women can expect a 1 to 2 d loss and men a 2 to 3 d loss per week.GET OUT YOUR JEANSI know, I know, they probably aren t comfy, but they will be soon You re wearing them on Saturday and Sunday of your designated surge week because, let s face it, jeans don t lie If they are loose, that means the scale or your inches or both are down If they feel the same way they did last week, then there s proof that you haven t really been on the plan.FIND OR BUY THE SMALLEST PLATES AND GLASSESThere is a whole body of knowledge that proves that the smaller the plate, bowl, or glass, the less you will eat or drink Quick, take a look in your kitchen cabinets and tell me How big is your everyday china and glassware Research shows that everything is just getting bigger and bigger, so we keep piling it on to fill the plate Stop it Here is a strategy use salad plates for your main course, eat, then wait 15 minutes and decide whether you want another helping Odds are, you will opt out, because it takes about 15 to 20 minutes for you to finally feel full.KEEP A FOOD DIARYOn the Saturday and Sunday before your 7 Day Energy Surge, write down everything you eat as you eat it Don t wait until the end of the day and fake it I coined the phrase You Bite It, You Write It in O, The Oprah Magazine keeping a food diary, even for just these 2 days, is an invaluable tool for losing weight and bumping up your energy, because it serves two specific purposes 1 You see every bite in writing People always look me straight in the eye and say, I m not overeating, only to discover a few days later, when faced with the actual numbers, that they are taking undisclosed and undeserved liberties in a big way.2 It helps you self monitor For example, while walking down the aisle of Whole Foods referred to as Whole Paycheck in my office but their stuff is great , it s a virtual minefield of free samples every 3 feet tidbits of cheese, seaweed candy, turkey tofu, etc Approaching each station, you might be asking yourself, Do I, don t I, do I, don t I ideally followed by, Oh forget it I m really not that hungry and I don t want to have to write it down Mindless, excessive eating significantly depletes energy because all of your body s resources go into digesting the additional food.The National Weight Control Registry agrees with my advice This group represents individuals who successfully kept 30 ds off for at least a year, and the vast majority of them diligently kept a food diary.5GET RID OF WEIGHT LOSS GIMMICKS THAT DIDN T WORKPurge yourself of all the misinformation you have ever read, heard, or believed with regard to weight loss If any of it really worked, you wouldn t be reading this chapter Throw out all your old weight loss gizmos, books, ThighMaster which injured some people , Jane Fonda s videotapes, and anything lying around the house that hasn t worked and only adds clutter and confusion to your ultimate goal Clutter and confusion is energy leeching big time If you don t believe me, tell me how you feel every time you open that closet filled with sh % t.GO PUBLICIn my first book, the 1 New York Times bestseller, The Business Plan for the Body, I used the analogy of a business plan and applied it to weight loss One of the most popular chapters was called Go Public In it, I advised readers to tell everyone, and I mean everyone, that they were going to successfully lose weight and feel great I beg you to do the same If you don t embrace that public declaration, then you must be considering failing privately.GET A WEIGHT LOSS BUDDYI want you to invite someone to exercise with you on Saturday or Sunday, because the weekend is easier to schedule Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that after 10 months, 66 percent of those with a bud kept their weight off, versus 24 percent who went at it alone.6 That s a HUGE difference, so take a moment and decide who would be your ideal, supportive partner Make the call, book it, and do it Your buddy may or may not be on this same plan with you, but it should be someone you would enjoy working out or spending time with Consider acquiring two sets of the SPRI exercise tubing and door attachments that you will be using in the exercise plan outlined in Component 4 so that you can exercise side by side.SCHEDULE A COMPREHENSIVE PHYSICAL IF YOU HAVEN T HAD ONE IN THE PAST YEARYou are about to embark on a program to optimize energy, and you therefore need as much data as possible I also want you to get clearance to exercise if you have had past medical issues.At the very least, you need to get the following tests Cholesterol Blood pressure Fasting blood sugar Bone density, especially for postmenopausal women Thyroid panel blood test Vitamin D level Note According to Michael F Holick, PhD, MD, one half of all Americans are chronically deprived of vitamin D 7Your physician should determine what else is relevant, and please, make it a point to discuss every medication and supplement that you are on Many people don t realize that some of their medications and supplements, or even certain foods, counteract the benefits of some medications, and there are also many prescriptions that cause weight gain These weight positive medications include those for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, inflammation, and depression, to name a few.Two thirds of the American population is overweight or obese Therefore, the majority of you will be working on this body weight issue Many of the sections in this book, such as what to eat and drink, and how to exercise and sleep, deal directly or indirectly with body weight, but be sure to follow the specific directions outlined in this section Trust me, excess body weight is a true energy extinguisher and is something that you can begin to change immediately.Notes Component 11 F Wang, Association of Healthcare Costs with Per Unit Body Mass Index Increase, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 48, no 7 2006 668 74.2 Healthy News Service, Weight Loss Significantly Improves Sexual Quality of Life, asp Id 7971.3 R Wing et al, A Self Regulation Program for Maintenance of Weight Loss, New England Journal of Medicine 15, no 355 2006 1563 71.4 L Grieger, Weighing In, fitness weighing in.html.5 Helen Croker and Lyndel Costain, Helping Individuals to Help Themselves, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 64 2005 1189 96.6 A Paturel, The ABCs of Slim, Women s Health January February 2008 104.7 Elizabeth M Ward, Research Uncovers Dramatic New Health Roles for Vitamin D, Environmental Nutrition 27, no 4 2004 1 4.A Word from Our Testers I wasn t looking to lose weight, but I am down 4 ds already I have never weighed less even when marathon training Andrew M., age 41We all know what it feels like to be on to wake up feeling refreshed and rested, to bound through the day feeling like you can conquer the world as you bounce between work, family, and friends, and go to bed feeling relaxed and satisfied with your accomplishments What made all the difference during those highly productive days It s simpleenergy You can t buy it at the store, but you can control your energy levels Here for the first time is a simple program to increase your energy immediatelyand keep it up throughout the day, every day Through his work with than 500 clients, Jim Karas has identified the 10 components that contribute to your personal balance of energy equationand created the 7 Day Energy Surge to help you put all 10 to work for you He exposes the bad habits that sabotage energy, lays out the principles for increasing your energy and offers simple strategies that are easily customizable for anyone to use anywhere at any time What s , energy positive habits also translate into weight loss Plus, by maintaining that lower weight, exercising regularly, sleeping well, breathing deeply, and keeping a positive mind set, you will not only experience a surge of energy but you will fight pain, fatigue, headaches, stress, depression, disease, and aging In just a few minutes a day, you can jump start your weight loss, reduce your stress, and enhance your sex life Get ready for the 7 Day Energy Surge It starts now In no time, you will possess a huge bank of enriching energyand feel 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