☑ Free Format Kindle @Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg ⚬ By Kathie Lee Gifford ⚳

☑ Free  Format Kindle @Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg ⚬ By Kathie Lee Gifford ⚳ ☑ Free Format Kindle @Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg ⚬ By Kathie Lee Gifford ⚳ EggspectationsSince the beginning of time the same question has been asked over and over again What came first The chicken or the egg Well, Im happy to say that I finally have the answer.Its neither The chickens mother came first.Thats right The mother dropped an egg and the first chicken was hatched.And thats what we chicks have been doing ever since.So, if youre reading this, I have obviously not dropped my last egg yet.Oh, sure, I dropped my last reproductive egg a few years ago But my fertility eggs Fuhgidaboutit.Im Fertile Myrtle now Im back to a daily grind on the Today show after an eight year hiatus from television, Im producing my fourth musical for the theater, Im in development for two screenplays to be made into films, Im halfway through writing my first novel, and Im under deadline to finish this book by Christmas.In other words, forget about a pig in mud Im like a pregnant pig in placenta I share none of this information in a bragging wayon the contrary, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I still find joy and wonder and inspiration and challenge each day that I want to encourage everybody else to understand that the same sense of creative fertility is possible for them.For years our society has perpetrated the perverse notion that once nature is done with usespecially womenwere done, too ONLY THOSE WHO OVULATE ALLOWED But its a lie, and we dont have to cooperate with it Who says we have to hoist our beefy carcass onto the gurney and disappear into the sunset Not me Because you know when were really done When we drop dead, thats when And even then its a whole different discussion about where we go from there.But until that day comes, I believe we can experience creativity far beyond our wildest expectations We can give birth daily to something beautiful and meaningful in ways weve never dreamed Because when were older, we are free from raising young kids, building careers, and managing households, all the while battling Midol headaches I dont bloat any Now its just fat, but thats another essay Think how much money were all saving because we bypass the feminine hygiene shelves at the drugstore Okay, you argue, but what about all the hormone replacement stuff and edamame we need now Youre right, nothings perfect But thats really my point Our lives stopped being perfect the moment we slipped out of the womb and got our heinies smacked.Right then we should have realized that those days of sloshing around safe and sound in that amniotic fluid without a care in the world were over.But, no Then society started reinforcing that other ridiculous lie that happily ever after crap.Wed no sooner finish reading those fairy tale books when wed start dreaming of our own Prince Charming, riding up on his Harley and carrying us away.Oh, he rode up and carried us away all right To a life of cooking, cleaning, birthing, and diapers But we didnt mind, did we We were doing what we were created to do AT THAT TIME in our lives.But none of the books we were encouraged to read ever mentioned that Prince Charming might end up being a jerk or a lousy provider or even, unfortunately for some, gay, which is indeed problematic in a traditional marriage.So even if he was a sweet, loving, hardworking heterosexual prince, chances are his breath stunk, or he was a slob, or he ate too much or developed hair in weird places or liked to play with his putter than he liked to play with his wife And if we women are really honest, we might even admit that we were no picnic in the park either More like a bologna sandwich in the backyard on a hot day with a storm coming.Truth is, if you live long enough, youre bound to be disappointed and youre bound to disappoint others in return.For me its been a matter of coming to grips with reality Sometimes life doesnt march on it limps Sometimes its on a walker and sometimes its on an IV drip in the ICU Whats for sure is that were going to have ups and downs, good days and bad, triumphs and tragedies, shock and awe, and everything in between no matter what the fairy tales told us.How we deal with it is ultimately what makes the difference between a life well lived and a life, well, lived SAgeIm so tired of reading the word aging Not because its a bad word in itself A bottle of wine, a savings bond, certain cheeses, antiques, these are all examples where aging is considered an asset.So why isnt that true of people I mean, the opposite of aging is not aging Therefore, if youre not agingcall me crazy, but Im pretty sure youre dead Now, I dont fear dying, but I dont particularly love the idea of being dead Its just so final sounding.The problem I have is that the word aging is almost always attached to a celebrity of a certain age.Example Madonna, the aging rock star Clint Eastwood, the aging actor director John McCain, the aging presidential candidate Kathie Lee, the aging Well, no need to dwell on that You get my drift.Okay, what about Paris Hilton Am I missing something or is she not aging at the exact same rate that all of the above are So why isnt she referred to as the aging celebutard Scientifically, were all aging one second at a time, day by day, year by year.Thus the adjective is being used, really, to say something else But, what exactly That someone is beginning to show their age Maybe, but thats not true of Madonna Shes fifty but shes got the body of a twenty year old Granted, Clint Eastwood looks like the Rock of Gibraltar, but I think the Rock of Gibraltar is beautiful John McCain I think after five and a half years in a Vietnamese prison camp and cancer, he looks amazing And Kathie Lee She doesnt look a day under sixty.Hey, its not complicated Every day has twenty four hours in it The richest person in the world gets the same allotment that the poorest person gets The difference is the poor guy is better off Hell never have to read Bill Gates, the aging billionaire .Lucky schmuck Da Agony of da FeetIf your eyes are the window of your soul, what the heck are your feet Its frightening to think what my feet say about me If genetics are the sole determinator then my feet say that I am a hard loving, hardworking by hooker standards , much traveled, extremely gnarly person.Oh, and one thing, each of my big toes lives in a different zip code from the rest of my foot, so I bet that suggests a sort of schizophrenic existentialism I dont have a clue what that actually means but it felt good writing it.Anyway, back to my feet Because they are fascinating I remember my mother telling me about her grandmother and the horrendous pain she suffered from the crippling arthritis she had in her feet My mother can be incredibly descriptive when she wants to be, and the picture she drew of Great Grandma Florence Kathryns feet succeeded in making me pray that I would never live to be that old But I have My mothers mother died of tuberculosis when my mother was only two years old, so Mom never did get a good look at her own mothers feet But I have a sneaking suspicion they looked a lot like my mothers.Now, my mother, Joanie, is a gorgeous woman from her ankles upI mean, Miss America beautifulbut her feet wouldnt win an honorable mention in the Most Beautiful Pig competition at the county fair They have than their fair share of bunions the size of Delaware and Rhode Island , corns, calluses, neuromas, hammertoes, and various and sundry other ailments And just like our great grandmother before us, my sister, Michie, and I inherited the feet from hell We really shouldnt call them feet theyre like hooves Even in my baby pictures you can already see the beginning of a small growth beside my big toe So it was inevitable that I would also someday have wicked stepsister feet even if I did nothing but sit around on my lard butt all day wearing orthopedic shoes.But noooo, I had to choose show business Ta da Two shows a night, on a raked angled stage, and grueling choreographyall in four inch Manolo Blahnik heels See I was stupid long before Carrie Bradshaw was Forty years stupider I would show you these feet Ive just described, but Im not able to Nope Cause I dont have em any At the age of fifty four I took a good long look at my face Then I took a good long look at my feet And as much as I thought I could use a face lift, it was no contest Hands down, the feet won.I was tired of my feet telling me where I was gonna go, what I was gonna do, and how long I was gonna be able to do it So I made an appointment with a Zimbabwean surgeon dont ask , and on November 16, 2007, I had both of my feet completely redone I spent the next week in abject agony, and I spent the next month contemplating the murder of a certain Zimbabwean surgeon Then, all of a sudden, miracle of miracles, the stitches came out, the pins came out, the ugly boots came off, and the Zimbabwean surgeon became a genius I am now a veritable born again, back to life Ginger Rogers Im seriously considering Dancing with the Stars, running the New York marathon, and becoming a Rockette, all the while moonlighting as a foot model From her head down to her gnarly no longer toes, Kathie Lee is pure dame And shes served up a cocktail of wit and wisdom with a decidedly salty rim Meredith VieiraIve been through a couple of calamities with Kathie Lee and nobody handles them better You could blow her up, cook her and hang her out to dry and she will still survive and have some laughs doing it Regis Philbin Kathie Lee has always entertained me with her humor, wry wit, and penchant for pinpointing all of our very human foibles with great accuracy and hilarity Now she does it again This charming memoir filled with amusing anecdotes about herself and her family, friends, and colleagues brought a smile to my face but also touched me Her insight is as remarkable as she is 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Gifford official website Kathie Gifford, three time Emmy co host fourth hour TODAY, alongside Hoda Kotb Gifford KathieLGifford Twitter latest Tweets sidekick Biggest fan GifftWines, imperfect follower Jesus really mother two IMDb Actress First Wives Club has been hailed appointment television by Entertainment Weekly, TODAY happy Home Facebook New York, NY K likes Watch live Today show thru kathielgifford Instagram photos k Followers, Following, Posts See videos Wikipedia Kathryn born Epstein, previously Johnson August American host, singer, songwriter, author She with NBC opens up widow tells story her parents meeting late husband Frank July me, it was one anniversary his passing, she recalled have waves delivered fresh thoughts death nears Her passed age UPDATES What Stone Songs Heart We returned trip wondrous land Israel re all glowing Currently Working Projects Outside Don t worry, isn leaving fitting other projects wiped tears they hosted hit talk Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg


    • Just When I Thought I'd Dropped My Last Egg
    • 3.4
    • 260
    • Format Kindle
    • 304 pages
    • Kathie Lee Gifford
    • Anglais
    • 27 August 2016

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