凉 Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret: Harlequin comics Online Read ﬖ ePUB Author Jennie Lucas דּ

凉 Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret: Harlequin comics Online Read ﬖ ePUB Author Jennie Lucas דּ 凉 Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret: Harlequin comics Online Read ﬖ ePUB Author Jennie Lucas דּ Jennie Lucas s parents owned a bookstore and she grew up surrounded by books, dreaming about faraway lands At twenty two she met her future husband and after their marriage, she graduated from university with a degree in English She started writing books a year later Jennie won the Romance Writers of Americas Golden Heart contest in 2005 and hasnt looked back since Visit Jennies website at www.jennielucas.comThe gray, lowering sky was falling like a shroud across the old colonial city of San Miguel de Allende when I heard the words Id feared in nightmares for the past year.A man was here looking for you, Seora Lena.Looking up at my neighbor, I staggered back, clutching my five month old son in my arms What The woman smiled, reaching out to chuck the cooing babys pudgy chin Gracias for letting me watch Miguelito for an hour Such a pleasureBut the man I croaked, my mouth dry What did he look like Muy guapo, she sighed So handsome Dark haired and tall.It could be anyone, I told myself desperately The old silver mining town in central Mexico was filled with American expatriates whod moved here to enjoy the lovely architecture and take classes at the famous Instituto Many single women had come here to start new lives, pursuing new businesses as artists and sculptors and jewelry makers.Like me A year ago, Id arrived pregnant and full of grief, but Id still managed to start a wonderful new life Perhaps this dark stranger was looking for a portrait of his sweetheart, nothing .But I didnt believe it Fear was cold inside me Did he give his name Dolores shook her head The baby was fussing in my arms when I answered the door But the man was well dressed, with a Rolls Royce A chauffeur Bodyguards, even Her smile spread to a grin Do you have a rich new boyfriend, Lena My knees went weak.No, I whispered.It could be only one man Alejandro Guillermo Valentn Navaro y Albra, the powerful Duke of Alzacar The man Id once loved with all my innocent heart The man whod seduced and betrayed me.No It was worse than that.Hes not your boyfriend, eh My neighbors voice was regretful Pity Such a handsome man Why did he come looking for you, then Do you know him Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead When was he here She shrugged, looking bemused A half hour ago Maybe .Did you say anything aboutabout Miguel being my son Dolores shook her head He didnt give me the chance He just asked if you lived in the house two doors down I said yes He pulled out his wallet and asked me not to mention his visit, because he wanted to surprise you Can you imagine She flourished some bills from her apron pocket in delight He paid me a thousand pesos for my silence Yes I could imagine I briefly closed my eyes But you told me anyway, I whispered Bless you.She snorted Men always want to arrive with a flourish of trumpets I thought it better for you to be prepared She looked at my shapeless white sundress and plain sandals with a moue of disapproval, then at my long, casual pony tail and makeup free face She sighed You have a good figure, but in that dress you look like a marshmallow You dont make the most of yourself Its almost like you dont want to be noticed She shook her head But tonight you must be at your most irresistible, your most sexy, s You want him to want you No I really didnt Not that he would want me anyway, now his evil plan had succeeded Hes not my boyfriend.So picky She made a tsk sound You dont want this billionaire, you dont want that oneI tell you, wealthy, handsome men are not so thick upon the ground as you seem to think Dolores glared at me Your son needs a father You need a husband Both of you deserve every happiness Her expression turned suddenly sly And the man at my door looked like he would bring a lot of happiness to a wife Every night.No doubt, I said over the razor blade in my throat It was true Alejandro had brought me intense joy for one summer And a lifetimes worth of anguish since I should go.S Its almost Miguels nap time, isnt it, pequeo she crooned.My baby yawned, his fat cheeks vying with his sleepy dark eyes for cuteness Those eyes just like his fathers.I exhaled, running a hand over my forehead Id allowed myself to think we were safe That Alejandro had given up looking for me I should have known I should have known better than to start sleeping at night, to start making friends, to start making a real home for myself and my son I should have known they would someday find me.Lena My neighbor frowned Is something wrong You do not seem happy.Did you tell him when Id be back I wasnt sure when youd be done, so to be safe I said four oclock.I glanced at the clock in her brightly painted front room It was only three I had one hour Thank you In a burst of emotion, I hugged her, knowing that shed been kind to meto both of usbut I would never see her again after today Gracias, Dolores.She patted my back I know youve had a hard year, but thats in the past Your life is about to change for the better I can always feel these things.Better I choked back a laugh, then turned away before she could see my face Adios.Hell be your boyfriend, just wait and see, she called after me gleefully Hell be your husband someday My husband A bitter thought I wasnt the one Alejandro had wished to marry He wanted my wealthy, beautiful cousin, Claudie It was the whole reason hed seduced me, the poor relation living in the shadows of Claudies London mansion If he and Claudie wed, together theyd have everything a dukedom, half of Andaluca, political connections across the world, billions in the bank Theyd have almost limitless power.There was just one thing they could never have.My eyes fell on my babys dark, downy head I clutched Miguel tightly against me, and he gave an indignant cry Loosening my grip, I smoothed back his soft hair.Sorry, Im so sorry, I choked out, and I didnt know whether I was begging my sons forgiveness for holding him too tightly, for tearing him away from his home or for choosing his father so poorly.How could I have been so stupid How Hurrying down the small street, I glanced up at the heavy gray sky August was the rainy season, and a downpour was threatening Cuddling Miguel against my hip, I punched in the securityalarm code and pushed open the heavy oak door of my brightly painted home.The rooms inside were dark Id fallen in love with this old colonial house, with its tall ceilings, its privacy, its scarcity of windows on the street I could not have afforded the rent in a million years, but Id been helped by a friend whod allowed me to live here rent free WellI thought of Edward St Cyr as a friend Until a week ago, when hedBut no I wouldnt think of that now, or how betrayed Id felt when the friendship Id come to rely upon had been revealed for what it was.Im tired of waiting for you to forget that Spanish bastard Its time for you to belong to me.I shuddered at the memory My answer had sent Edward scowling from this house, back on his private jet to London There was no way I could remain in this house, living rent free, after that, so for the past week, Id looked for a cheaper place to live But it was hard to find any place cheap enough for the income of a new, self employed artist Even here.San Miguel de Allende had become my home I would miss the citys cobblestoned streets, growing flowers in my garden and selling portraits in the open air mercados Id miss the friends Id made, Mexicans and expats whod welcomed an unmarried, heartbroken woman and her baby, whod taped me up and put me back together.Now I took a deep breath, trying to steady my shaking nerves I can do this, I whispered aloud, trying to make myself believe it I knew how to grab passports, money and clothes and be out of here in five minutes Id done it before, in Tokyo, Berlin, Istanbul, Sao Paulo and Mumbai.But then, Id had Edward to help me Now I had no one.Dont think about it, I ordered myself, wiping my eyes Id go on foot and hail a taxi on the street Once at the station, my baby and I would take the next bus to Mexico City Id use the emergency credit card Edward had left and fly to the United States, where I was born Id head west Disappear Once I found a job, Id pay back Edward every penny.Id raise my child in peace, in some small town in Arizona or Alaska, and this time, Id make sure Alejandro would never, ever find me.A lamp flicked on in the foyer.Alejandro was sitting in a chair across the room, staring at me with eyes that burned like fire.I halted, choking out a gasp.Lena Carlisle, he said in a low voice At last.Alejandro, I breathed as terror racked through me My hands instinctively tightened on my baby in my arms What are you How did youHow did I find you He rose to his feet, tall and broad shouldered Or how did I get in to your house His voice was low and husky, with only the slightest accent, blurred from growing up in Spain, followed by years of running a billion dollar business conglomerate from New York and London Do you really think any security system, no matter how expensive, could keep me from being where I wanted to be He was even handsome than I remembered Seeing him in the flesh, after a year of being tormented by sensual dreams, made my knees tremble I clutched Miguel closer, willing myself not to faint.Alejandros cold eyes never left mine as he walked toward me He was dressed in black from his well cut coat to his glossy Italian shoes, draped in power.What do you want I choked out.He looked from me to my yawning, drowsy eyed baby.Is it true His voice was deadly quiet, but the words burned through my heart His face was grim Is this my baby His baby Oh, God Please, no I stumbled back in blind panic.My men are outside You wont even make it to the street.I ignored him Grabbing the wrought iron handle, I pulled open the heavy, weathered oak door and started to run I stopped.Six hulking bodyguards stood outside my house, in a semicircle, in front of the expensive sedan and black SUV now jamming the slender residential lane.Did you think, Alejandro said softly behind me, that when I finally found you, I would leave anything to chance He stood close behind me, so close I caught the scent of his cologne So close I could feel the heat emanating from his powerful body Briefly closing my eyes, I shivered at being so close to the man who had once possessed me, body and soul.Unwillingly, I turned back to face the ghost who still haunted my heart His hot black gaze held mine, and in the dark embers of that fire, I was lashed by memories Id tried so hard to forget Id loved him hopelessly from the moment hed first come to call on my beautiful, wealthy cousin Id watched from hallways, made them tea, organized their dinner parties Id done it all with a smile, any and all work my cousin required, ignoring the ache of my heart when she bragged after he left that she was going to catch the uncatchable Spanish duke Hes nearly in my grasp Claudie had crowed Ill be a duchess before the year is out Then, to everyones shock, hed suddenly jilted her For me.He was the first man whod ever noticed mereally noticed meand Id fallen like a stone beneath the sensual onslaught of his power and glamour and dangerous, sexy charm For six reckless, miraculous weeks in London last summer, Alejandro had held me in his arms, and I felt as if I owned the world.Memories of the hopes Id had, the naive girl Id been, ripped through me now like a torrent of blows Alejandros expression was stark, but I could remember his playful smile The intensity of his dark gaze The sound of his husky voice whispering sweet words in the night I could remember hot kisses, and the feel of our naked bodies intertwined in his London hotel suite In the back of his limo And once, against the wall in the back stairs of the Carlisle mansion.Our affair had seemed as infinite as the stars in the sky But on that bright summer day when I finally gathered the courage to tell him I was in love with him, his smiling face had changed in front of my eyes.Love me Alejandro had repeated scornfully You do not even know me.Two minutes later, he was gone, leaving me bereft and bewildered But the broken, truly broken, came later.Now, Alejandro took my hand, glancing up and down the quiet Mexican street.Come back inside, Lena We have much to talk about.Feeling the electricity of his hand wrapped around mine, I looked up with an intake of breath.He was so close now Touching me My lips parted He was somehow even devastatingly handsome than Id remembered He had the kind of face that could break a womans heart into a million pieces, to little shimmering fragments of gray dust, leaving you too dazed with his power and beauty to feel anything but gratitude as he lazily destroyed you.Without my notice, he led me back into the foyer Reaching over my head, he towered over me, his arm brushing against my hair, his body pressing against mine I shivered, clutching my baby close But he merely closed the heavy door with a sonorous bang behind me.The hard edged billionaire duke, in his sharply tailored clothes, stood out starkly against my comfortable, bohemian home, with its warm tile floors and walls Id decorated with homemade paper flowers and my own paintings, one of the Parroquia de San Miguel, but the rest of my baby, the first from when he was just six days old.Looking down at me, Alejandro said softly, Is what Claudie told me true This baby in your armsit is mine Trembling, I pulled away Gathering my wits, I glared at him Do you really expect me to answer that Its an easy enough question There are only two possible answers Reaching out, he stroked my cheek, but there was no tenderness in his gaze Yes Or no.Youd be a horrible father I wont let my sweet boy be turned into a heartless bastard likeLike me His voice was dangerously low His dark eyes gleamed in the shadowy foyer Is that what you really think of meafter all we once shared Caught in his gaze, I trembled Once, I might have believed so differently Id managed to convince myself that beneath his wealth and power and aristocratic title, Alejandro was decent and good Like generations of women before me, I had seen what I wanted to see Id been blind to the truth, until, against my will, the blindfold had been torn from my eyes.Yes Thats what I think of you.A strange expression flickered across the chiseled planes of his face, an emotion I couldnt identify before it swiftly disappeared He gave me a sardonic smile.You are right, of course I care for nothing and no one Least of all you, especially after you and your cousin have gone to such lengths to blackmail me over this child.Blackmail you I gasped Youre the one who deliberately seduced me, and got me pregnant, intending to steal my baby away so you could raise him with Claudie He grew very still.What are you talking about he ground out. 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Date, Country State Filing Number Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret: Harlequin comics


    • Uncovering Her Nine Month Secret: Harlequin comics
    • 1.4
    • 84
    • Hardcover
    • 128 pages
    • Jennie Lucas
    • English
    • 27 July 2017

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