↏ Beading ⫸ Watchers of Time: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Novel essay ➉ Kindle Ebook By Charles Todd ⢈

↏ Beading ⫸ Watchers of Time: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Novel essay ➉ Kindle Ebook By Charles Todd ⢈ ↏ Beading ⫸ Watchers of Time: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Novel essay ➉ Kindle Ebook By Charles Todd ⢈ CHAPTER 1SEPTEMBER 1919Osterley Dr Stephenson turned away from the bed where the dying man lay breathing so lightly the blanket over his thin chest barely stirred His bony, restless fingers plucking at the edge of the wool were the only signs of life and awareness Twice the young woman sitting on the bed beside him had tried to still them, covering them with her own, but her fathers hand picked up the silent tattoo again, like a drummer remembering his place, as soon as she released it He had already frayed an inch of the binding She gave up and sat back, sighing.His face was grooved by illness, and a stubble of beard emphasized the lines, like a rough landscape of suffering below the sun weathered skin of forehead and nose Shaggy gray eyebrows hung heavily over the sunken lids Age weighed him down, but there was a certain strength there as well, as if life had made him fight for all he had, and he had not forgotten the battles.Catching the eyes of the mans sons, who were standing on the far side of the bed, faces in shadows cast by the scarf draped over the lamps shade, the doctor nodded toward the window across the room, out of earshot of the patient The young woman looked up as they moved away, but stayed where she was She didnt want to hear what was being whispered.Another gust of wind swept the front of the house, and rain was driven heavily against the panes, rattling them The storm had stalled, as they sometimes did here along the coast, reluctant to move inland and lose itself in the hilly terrain there For three hours or it had hovered over the village, flailing everyone and everything out in the open.The older of the two brothers bent his head to catch the words as Stephenson said softly, Hes moving comfortably and peacefully toward the end Theres nothing I can do But he might wish to have Mr Sims here And I should think your sister would be comforted as well.Mr Sims was the Vicar.The younger brother answered, Yes Ill go for him, then He went quietly across the room to the door The scarf that shaded the lamp by the bed riffled as he passed, and the light flashed once across his face There were wet trails of tears on his cheeks.His sister reached out and briefly took his rough hand.The other brother sighed Hes had a long life, Pa has But not that long Sixty four Wed thought hed be with us another five, ten years His own father lived to just past eighty And Uncle Tads young for seventy six He shook his head.Your uncle Thadeus has the constitution of an ox, Stephenson agreed He may well outlive your grandfathers years But your fathers heart has given out, and his body must follow He studied the grieving mans face, noting the deep lines of worry and sleeplessness Hetty Baldwin, his housekeepers daughter, was getting a good man in Martin Baker, the doctor told himself Much like Herbert in character, God fearing, with strong ties to his family and a fierce sense of duty It was a sound match Everything happens in Gods own time, you know Even this And its a kindness that he wont linger He spoke the words as comfort, then nodded toward the bed See if you can persuade Elly to rest a little Shes hardly stirred from his side since yesterday morning Well call her if theres any urgency She will only wear herself into collapse, driving herself like this.Ive tried, to no avail Martin turned toward the window, lifting the curtain and pulling aside the shade a little to look out Rain ran down the glass in rivulets, pushed against the house by the wind A filthy night, he thought A fitting night for death to come He dropped the shade back in place and said to Dr Stephenson, Theres naught to be done to make it easier on her Ill leave something A sleeping draught Give it to Elly in a glass of water, when your father is gone And, Martin, see that Dick doesnt insist on being one of the pallbearers That shoulder of his is not fully healed, and the socket will never be as strong as it was Hes not out of the woods yet He could still lose the arm if hes not careful The army surgeons cant work miracles without a little help Ill remember.Good man A clap on Martins shoulder for comfort, and then Stephenson walked back to the bed He reached down and touched Ellys hands, folded tightly in her lap They were cold, shaking Your father is comfortable He would want you to be the same Let Martin fetch you a shawl, at least.She nodded, unable to reply The gray head on the pillow moved, first to the right, then toward the left Herbert Bakers eyes opened, and focused on his daughters face He said in a gravelly voice, I want a priest.The doctor leaned down and replied reassuringly, Yes, Dick has just gone to fetch Mr Sims.I want a priest the old man repeated querulously.Hes coming, Papa Elly said, fighting her tears Can you hear me Hell be here quite soon Priest, her father demanded Not Vicar.Herbert, the doctor said soothingly, let me lift you while Elly gives you a little water The dark, pleading eyes shifted to the doctors face I want a priest, the dying man said very clearly this time, refusing to be distracted.The bedroom door opened and Dick was ushering in the Vicar I met him on his way here, he told them Coming to see if we had need of him.Mr Sims was taller than Dick, thinner, and not much older Ive been sitting with Mrs Quarles, and thought it best to call on you before going home, the Vicar explained Herbert Baker had taken all day to die Most of the town knew the end was near, a matter of hours at best Sims had stopped in twice before.Sims reached out to touch Ellys arm, saying easily, Ellen, do you think you could find a cup of tea for us We could use the warmth on such a wet night.She flushed shyly Tea Oh, yes Ive just to put the kettle on.Smoothing the blanket over her father, she got up, leaving the room with reluctance Sims took the place on the bed that shed vacated and squarely met the intent eyes of the old man Youve had a good life, Herbert Baker You were married to a fine woman, a caring wife and a devoted mother Both your sons survived the War, and have work Elly is a lovely girl God has been kind to you.Thankee, Vicar, and Ill have you say a prayer for me after the priest goes The Vicar looked up at Martin, then said, Dr Stephenson Hes been asking for a priest Just now, before you came in I dont know why, Dick said, Father James is the only priest in Osterley Hes a Catholic, Thats right, hes the one Herbert Baker said with will than strength Something in the depths of his eyes flared with hope.Martin said, If thats what he wants, humor him, then Dick, go and see if Father James will come here His brother hesitated, glancing uneasily at the Vicar, as if hed just been asked to commit heresy But Mr Sims nodded encouragement, and Dick went out the door.Martin said, Youll stay to Sims.From the bed came the single word Stay The lined face was exhausted, as if speaking was a greater effort than he could manage.Sims replied, Ill go to the kitchen, then From the look of her, Ellen is in need of that tea than I am Rising from the bed, he added gently, Ill be within call, Herbert Never fear His smile was reassuring.Herbert nodded his eyes closed The wind had dropped again and on the roof overhead the rain seemed to fall softly now, with a summer patter.Dr Stephenson said quietly to Sims, Hes sound enough in his mind But dying men often have whims like this Best to humor him Yes I knew a wounded man in the War who wanted to be buried with his little dog Only he didnt have a dog But when they came to bury him, his arms were folded across his chest as if hed held one as he died Strange comfort, but who are we to question The Vicar went out the door, shutting it quietly behind him There were voices on the stairs Sims speaking to Ellen And then they went down again together.The room was silent Martin watched his father for a time, and then said anxiously to Stephenson, Itll be an easy passing As easy as any His heart will stop And his breathing will follow He will be asleep long before that I didnt expect him to wake at all I thought hed reached the last stage.Herbert, roused by their voices, said, Is the priest here, then Not yet, Papa, Martin answered, lowering himself to sit on the bed Dicks gone to fetch him He gripped his fathers hands, unable to say anything, a plain man with few graces But the warmth of his fingers seemed to give a measure of peace to his dying father Martin cleared his throat hoarsely, warmed in his turn.The silence lengthened After nearly a quarter of an hour, Dick came in, bringing a short and balding man of middle age in his wake Father James greeted Stephenson with a nod and came to shake Martins outstretched hand His fingers were cold from the night air I understand your father has been asking for a priest, he said, his face showing only concern.I dont know why, Father Nor does it matter Ill speak to him, then, shall I It was a question asked gracefully, setting Martin at his ease The priest turned quietly to bend over the bed After a moment he said, Mr Baker Herbert Its Father James What can I do to help you Baker opened his eyes, seemed to have difficulty focusing them, then blinked as he looked up at the white cleri cal collar, clearly visible against the black cloth Father James, is it Yes As a thin, trembling hand came out from under the blanket, Father James reached for it and the claw seemed to lock onto his.Send them away Herbert Baker said Just you and me.Father James glanced across at the anxious faces of Bakers two sons and then at Dr Stephenson The three men nodded briefly, walked to the door, and went out, their shoes loud on the wide boards of the passage, then moving together down the stairs.Father James, waiting until they were well out of earshot, looked around to collect some impression of this man lying in the bed waiting for death to come He knew who the Bakers were, but had seldom exchanged than a word or two with any of them.It was a big room set under the eaves, with simple but sturdy furnishings, and a worn carpet on the floor Someone had painted watercolors of the sea and framed them for hanging An amateurs hand, the sunrises and ships vigorous, but showing an untrained eye The family had taken pride in them, to frame them The single window faced the street, the shade pulled against the night and the curtains drawn across it.So many houses in the town had this same air of working class austerity, Father James found himself thinking Osterleys years of prosperity lay in the past, well before Herbert Bakers time No one starved, but people here worked hard for their bread.As the priest turned back to the bed, he saw the womans photograph on the table beside it The soft whisper of the rain faded, then revived as a squall, the wind sending a gust of drafts into the house and making the lamp dance to its fitful tune Bakers wife She had died before the War, as he recalled, and this must have been taken some ten years before that The daughter, Ellen , looked much like her The same dark hair and sweet face, staring at the camera with trusting and expectant eyes.He sat down carefully on the beds edge, where Ellen and the Vicar had sat before him, and said in the voice that was his greatest gift as a priest, deep and steadfast, Im here We are alone in the sight of God In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, tell me how I may serve youPraise for the novels of Charles Todd Legacy of the DeadA New York Times Notable Book of the YearEloquent rich The New York Times Book ReviewReaders will continue to be captivated by Todds portrait of the dangerously unraveling detective, and his equally incisive evocation of the grieving post war world Publishers WeeklySearch the DarkTodd works volatile elements into a remarkable village mystery driven by characters of great psychological complexity The New York Times Book ReviewTodds Ian Rutledge mysteries are among the most intelligent and affecting being written these days The Washington Post Book WorldWings of FireA New York Times Notable Book of the Year Todd wraps his challenging plot, complex characters, and subtle psychological insights in thick layers of atmosphere The New York Times Book ReviewA strong mystery, filled with fine characterizations and a superb eye for Cornwall Wise and wily The Boston GlobeA Test of WillsA New York Times Notable Book of the YearTodd gives us a superb characterization of a man whose wounds have made him into a stranger in his own land, and a disturbing portrait of a country intolerant of all strangers The New York Times Book Review The emotional and physical carnage in World War I is used to remarkable effect Chicago Tribune From the Hardcover edition. 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    • Watchers of Time: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Novel
    • 1.2
    • 33
    • Format Kindle
    • 450 pages
    • Charles Todd
    • Anglais
    • 17 April 2016

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