׆ Reading Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice quotes 㗄 Kindle By Curtis Sittenfeld ᓔ

׆ Reading Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice quotes 㗄 Kindle By Curtis Sittenfeld ᓔ ׆ Reading Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice quotes 㗄 Kindle By Curtis Sittenfeld ᓔ Chapter 11 YOUR MOTHER HAS shared a tragic piece of news about Cousin Willie with me, Mr Bennet said when the family was assembled for dinner Hes coming to visit Really, Fred, Mrs Bennet said, and Jane said, Dad, thats an awful way to set us up Mr Bennet smiled as if hed been doubly complimented As you all know, my sister is flying out next week, to check if I still have a pulse and, in the event that I dont, to take possession of our mothers silver For reasons that elude me, her stepson has decided to accompany her Liz swallowed a spoonful of the gazpacho Jane had prepared and said, I know you all find this hard to believe, but Cousin Willie is kindof a big deal And if I were an insomniac, Mr Bennet replied, Id like nothing better than to hear him explain why Maybe he can tell us why the Internet in this house is so slow, Kitty said Or teach Mom to use her cellphone, Lydia suggested His start ups have made millions of dollars, Liz said, and Mr Bennet said, Yet he doesnt know how to put on a pair of trousers That was 1986, Jane said Which indeed it had beenthe summer before Liz had started sixth grade, the Bennets had made a trip to California to visit Mr Ben nets sister, Margo, and to meet the man to whom she had just become engaged, a widower with a three year old son Someone Mr and Mrs Bennet each vehemently denied responsibility had decided it would be a lark to make the journey by car Thus the Bennet family had set out from Cincinnati in their minivan, driving roughly five hundred miles a day for five days in a row at the time, Jane was twelve, Liz eleven, Mary three, Kitty in utero, and Lydia not yet conceived In Lizs memory, the trip was a blur of rolling hills becoming flattened prairies, flattened prairies becoming sprawling ranchlands, and ranchlands becoming scrubby desert In Utah, a detour to see the red rock region had been scuttled due to increasing familial tensions the mini vans backseats had become a mayhem of hair pulling, girl farts, and toddler squalls that distracted Liz from her powerful wish to reach the end of the tawdry romance she was reading in which a brooding Cheyenne loner inserted his fingers into the most private cavity of a young British heiress while they rode upon the same horse Lizs utter thrall to Colt and Jocelyns story compelled her to ignore a building nausea that eventually asserted itself with her crying out, Im going to be sick and vomiting an Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and ketchup onto Mary fifty miles northeast of Sacramento Liz did sometimes wonder if their relationship had ever properly recovered, and insofar as it hadnt, she couldnt blame her sister By the time the Bennets pulled into the driveway of the home be longing to Aunt Margos new fianc in Sausalito, the minivan was strewn with food wrappers and socks and discarded Mad Libs books, not only reeking of vomit but also making an unaccountable scraping noise on the rear right side of the undercarriage the Bennets antipathy for one another was of such an intimate variety it was almost like affection They spilled out of the car and walked up the brick path of awell tended bungalow, but before they could ring the bell, the front door opened and a small red haired boy stood before them completely naked Dad the boy yelled Theyre here His limbs were alabaster, his penis minuscule and, particularly to Mary, bewildering Look away, girls Mrs Bennet cried, prompting in Liz and Jane a fit of giggles This was Cousin Willie and also, obviously, Cousin Willies willy Over the years, the Bennets and the Collinses saw one another in termittently, and at some point it became apparent that Cousin Willie was a bit of a technology savant He taught himself to code at thirteen, began advising local businesses on how to bolster their Web presences at fifteen, and dropped out of UCLA during his sopho year, after selling a company that had developed a proprietary format for transmitting data between servers and Web applicationswhich was to say, a company no Bennet understood whatsoeverfor a rud 20 million Now a man of thirty, Willie was running his third or fourth software development start up And yet all of the Bennets except Liz and her mother refused to see him as anything other than a naked three year old Mrs Bennet was clearly intrigued by his money and had once asked Liz a series of probing questions about how hed received the payment for his first company, questions to which Liz didnt know the answers And Liz herself had some years back run into Willie at a technology conference in Las Vegas that she was attending as a journalist and had shared a surprisingly pleasant lunch with him although the conversation had essentially been a monologue on his part, it had been an interesting monologue, and he was the person who had first told her about Twitter At the dinner table, Mrs Bennet said, Jane, I imagine youll be busy with Chip Bingley, but Liz can entertain Willie when hes here Why will Jane be busy with Chip Bingley Kitty asked With relish, Mrs Bennet said, Theyre having dinner tomorrow night at Orchids Uncertainly, Jane said, Mom, you havent been reading my texts, have you Merrily, Lydia said, She doesnt know how Mrs Bennet appeared uncontrite Helen Lucas mentioned it Jane furrowed her eyebrows, which for her reflected genuine pique How would Mrs Lucas know Liz cleared her throat I think I told Charlotte But just in passing Chip and I might never see each other again after Saturday Janes cheeks were flushed So please, can everyone not make a big deal out of this Mom, Ill have plenty of time to spend with Cousin Willie It was obvious that Chip found you absolutely charming, Jane, Mrs Bennet said And so he should have But youll have to ask why he didnt go into private practice Working in an emergency room, he must see very unattractive people Liz, who felt some responsibility for displeasing her sister, said, Iwonder if Willie is interested in visiting the Freedom Center Just so you all know, I have a paper due at the end of next week, Mary said I wont have much time for Willie or Aunt Margo Thats so heartbreaking, Lydia said I wonder if theyll ever re cover from the devastation Well, I look forward to seeing both of them, Jane said From the head of the table, Mr Bennet said, That makes one of us From the book ELIGIBLE by Curtis Sittenfeld Copyright 2016 by Curtis Sittenfeld Reprinted by arrangement with Random House, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC All rights reserved From the Hardcover edition.Even the most ardent Austenite will soon find herself seduced O The Oprah Magazine Blissful Curtis Sittenfeld modernizes the classic in such a stylish, witty way youd guess even Jane Austen would be pleased People book of the week A sparkling, fresh contemporary retelling Entertainment Weekly Sittenfeld is the ideal modern day reinterpreter Her special skill lies not just in her clear, clean writing, but in her general amusement about the world, her arch, pithy, dropped mike observations about behavior, character and motivation She can spot hypocrisy, cant, self contradiction and absurdity ten miles away Shes the one you want to leave the party with, so she can explain what really happened Not since Clueless, which transported Emma to Beverly Hills, has Austen been so delightedly interpreted Sittenfeld writes so wellher sentences are so good and her story so satisfying As a reader, let me just say Three cheers for Curtis Sittenfeld and her astute, sharp and ebullient anthropological interest in the human condition.Sarah Lyall, The New York Times Book ReviewBold and brilliant Glamour A clever, uproarious evolution of Austens story The Denver PostIf there exists a perfect pairing than Curtis Sittenfeld and Jane Austen, we dare you to find it Sittenfeld makes an already irresistible story even beguiling and charming Elle A playful, wickedly smart retelling of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice BuzzFeed Sittenfeld is an obvious choice to re create Jane Austens comedy of manners She is a master at dissecting social norms to reveal the truths of human nature underneath The Millions A hugely entertaining and surprisingly unpredictable book, bursting with wit and charm The Irish Times A delightful romp for not only Austen devotees but also lovers of romantic comedies and sly satire, as well Bestselling Sittenfeld plus Jane Austen What could mainstream fiction readers ask for Booklist starred review Endlessly amusing Her take on Austens iconic characters is skillful, her pacing excellent, and her dialog highly entertaining Austen fans will adore this new offering, a wonderful addition to the genre Library Journal An unputdownable retelling of the beloved classic PopSugar Sittenfeld adeptly updates and channels Austens narrative voicethe book is full of smart observations on gender and money A clever retelling of an old fashioned favorite Publishers Weekly The modernization of this classic story allows for a greater and humorous range of incompetency and quirks for example, Mrs Bennet now has Valium and online shopping to distract her from constant anxiety These familiar characters must deal with issues far beyond class and the all important institution of marriage everything from sexuality to racism to eating disorders and single parenthood factor in And its all written in a giddily charming blend of nineteenth century novelmeetstwenty first century casual swearing Delight in this tale for its hilarious and endearing family drama Kirkus Reviews From the Hardcover edition. 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    • Eligible: A modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice
    • 1.1
    • 13
    • Format Kindle
    • 513 pages
    • Curtis Sittenfeld
    • Anglais
    • 13 November 2017

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