וֹ Free $0.00 ᆡ Exclusively Yours (The Kowalskis Book 1) ᐁ PDF Author Shannon Stacey ᑠ

וֹ Free $0.00 ᆡ Exclusively Yours (The Kowalskis Book 1)  ᐁ PDF Author Shannon Stacey ᑠ וֹ Free $0.00 ᆡ Exclusively Yours (The Kowalskis Book 1) ᐁ PDF Author Shannon Stacey ᑠ New York Times bestselling author Shannon Stacey lives with her husband and two sons in New England, where her favorite activities are writing stories of happily ever after and riding her four wheeler The Stacey family spends many weekends on their ATVs, making loads of muddy laundry to keep Shannon busy when shes not at her computer However, she prefers writing to laundry and considers herself lucky she got to be an author when she grew up Visit her at www.ShannonStacey.com.You got busy in the backseat of a 78 Ford Granada with Joseph Kowalskionly the most reclusive best selling author since J D Salingerand you dont think to tell me about it Keri Daniels sucked the last dregs of her too fruity smoothie through her straw and shrugged at her boss Would you want anybody to know That I had sex with Joseph Kowalski No, that you had sex in the backseat of a 78 Granada Keri had no idea how Tina Deschanel had gotten the dirt on her high school indiscretions, but she knew she was in trouble.An exceptionally well paid reporter for a glossy weekly entertainment magazine did not withhold carnal knowledge of a celebrity on the editor in chiefs most wanted list And having kept that juicy little detail to herself wouldnt get Keri any closer to parking her butt in an editorial chair.Tina slipped a photograph from her purse and slid it across the table Keri didnt look down She was mentally compiling a short list of the people who knew shed fogged up the windows of one of the ugliest cars in the history of fossil fuels Her friends.The cop whod knocked on the fogged up window with a flashlight at a really inopportune moment Her parents, since the cop was in a bad mood that night The approximately six hundred kids attending her high school that year and anybody theyd told Maybe short list wasnt the right term.That was like two decades ago, Keri pointed out, because her boss clearly expected her to say something Not exactly a current event And you ambushed me with this shopping spree.Actually, their table in the outdoor cafe was surrounded by enough bags to stagger a pack mule on steroids, but now Keri knew shed merely been offered the retail therapy before the bad news It shouldnt have surprised her Tina Deschanel was a shark, and any friendly gesture should have been seen as a prelude to getting bitten in the ass.Ambushed Tina repeated, loudly enough to distract a pair of Hollywood starlets engaging in some serious public displays of affection in a blatant attempt to attract the cheap tabloid paparazzi A rabid horde that might include Keri in the near future if she didnt handle this correctly.How do you think I felt Tina went on I reached out to a woman who mentioned on her blog shed gone to high school with Joseph Kowalski once there was money on the table, I made her cough up some evidence, and she sent me a few photos She was even kind enough to caption them for me.Keri recognized a cue when it was shoved down her throat With one perfectly manicured nail she hooked the eight by ten blowup and pulled it closer.A girl smiled at her from the photo She wore a pink fuzzy sweater, faded second skin jeans and pink high heels Raccoon eyeliner made her dark brown eyes darker, frosty pink coated her lips and her hair was as big as Wisconsin.Keri smiled back at her, remembering those curling iron and aerosol days If the EPA had shut down their cheerleading squad back then, global warming might have been a total nonissue today.Then she looked at the boy He was leaning against the hideous brown car, his arms wrapped around young Keris waist Joes blue eyes were as dark as the school sweatshirt he wore, and his grin managed to be both innocent and naughty at the same time And those damn dimplesshed been a sucker for them His honey brown hair was hidden by a Red Sox cap, but she didnt need to see it to remember how the strands felt sliding through her fingers.She never failed to be amazed by how much she still missed him sometimes.But who had they been smiling at For the life of her, Keri couldnt remember who was standing behind the camera She tore her gaze away from the happy couple and read the caption typed across the bottom Joe Kowalski and his girlfriend, Keri Daniels, a few hours before a cop busted them making out on a back road and called their parents Rumor had it when Joe dropped her off, Mr Daniels chased him all the way home with a golf club.Keri snorted Dad only chased him to the end of the block Even a 78 Granada could outrun a middle age fat guy with a five iron.I fail to see the humor in this.You didnt see my old man chasing taillights down the middle of the street in his bathrobe It wasnt very funny at the time, though.Focus, Keri, Tina snapped Do you or do you not walk by the bulletin board in the bull pen every day I do.And have you not seen the sheet marked Spotlight Magazines Most Wanted every day I have.And did you happen to notice Joseph Kowal ski has been number three for several years Keri nodded, and Tina leaned across the table You are going to get me an exclusive feature interview with the man.Or Tina sat back and folded her arms across her chest Dont take it to that point, Keri Look, the mans eleventh bestseller is going to be the summer blockbuster film of the decade More A listers lined up to read for that movie than line up on the red carpet for the Oscars And hes a total mystery man.I dont get why youre so dedicated to chasing him down Hes just an author.Joseph Kowalski isnt just an author He played the media like a fiddle and became a celebrity The splashy NY parties with that gorgeous redhead Lauren Huckins, that was iton his arm Then Lauren slaps him with a multimillion dollar emotional distress suit, he pays her off with a sealed agreement and then he disappears from the map Theres a story there, and I want it Our readers will eat him up, and Spotlight is going to serve him to them because you have access to him nobody else does.Had I had access to him Keri sighed and flipped the photo back across the table, even though she would rather have kept it to moon over later Eighteen years ago.You were his high school sweetheart Nostalgia, darling And rumor has it hes still single.Keri knew he was still single because the Danielses and Kowalskis still lived in the same small New Hampshire town, though Mr and Mrs Kowalski lived in a much nicer house now Very much nicer, according to Keris mother.Youve risen fast in this field, Tina continued, because you have sharp instincts and a way with people, to say nothing of the fact I trusted you But this.The words trailed away, but Keri heard her boss loud and clear She was going to get this exclusive or her career with Spotlight was over and she could start fresh at the bottom of another magazines totem pole And since her career was pretty much the sum total of her life, it wasnt exactly a threat without teeth.But seeing Joe again The idea both intrigued her and scared the crap out of her at the same time Hes not going to open up his insanely private life to the magazine because he and I wore out a set of shocks in high school, Tina It was fun, but it wasnt that good.Now she was flat out lying Joe Kowalski had set the gold standard in Keris sex life An ugly car, a Whitesnake tape, cheap wine and Joe still topped her personal Ten Ways to a Better Orgasm list.Tina ran her tongue over her front teeth, and Keri had known her long enough to know her boss was about to deliver the kill shot.Ive already reassigned your other stories, she said It was an act of interference entirely inappropriate for Tina to do to someone of Keris status at the magazine.Thats unacceptable, Tina Youre overstepping yourI cant overstep boundaries I dont have, Daniels Its my magazine and your promotion to editorial depends on your getting an interview with Kowalski, plain and simple Then she reached into her purse and passed another sheet to her Heres your flight information.The reclusive, mega bestselling author in question was trying to decide between regular beef jerky or teriyaki flavored when he heard Keri Daniels was back in town.Joe Kowalski nodded at the cashier, whod actually left a customer half rung up in an attempt to be the first to deliver the news It wasnt the first time Keri had been back If shed gone eighteen years without a visit home to her parents, Janie Daniels would have flown out to L.A and dragged her daughter home by an earlobe.It was, however, the first time Keri had come looking for him that he knew of.Shes been asking around for your phone number, the cashier added, watching him like a half starved piranha Of course nobody will give it to her, because we know how you feel about your privacy.And because nobody had his number, but he didnt feel a need to point that out He was surprised it had taken Keri as long as this to get around to looking him up, especially considering just how many years Tina Deschanel had been stalking his agent.Maybe shes on the class reunion committee, Joe told the cashier, and her face fell Committees didnt make for hot gossip.Members of the media had been hounding his agent for years, but only Tina Deschanel, who took tenacious to a whole new level, was Keri Danielss boss Joe had been watching Keris career from the beginning, waiting for her to sell him out, but she never had until now, maybe.While he wasnt a recluse of Salingeresque stature, Joe liked his privacy The New England dislike of outsiders butting into their lives, c Exclusively Yours Ceramic Tile Plus The Maui Home Exclusively Everything You Need, More Than Imagined We comb the world to find you most beautiful and unique stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass tiles in stock custom cabinetry help bring your home dreams reality Advertising, LLC Promotional Products is one stop shop for promotional products 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Yours (The Kowalskis Book 1)


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