⇛ Read Format Kindle @Love and Other Consolation Prizes: A Novel ⥬ Book Author Jamie Ford ⧽

⇛ Read  Format Kindle @Love and Other Consolation Prizes: A Novel ⥬ Book Author Jamie Ford ⧽ ⇛ Read Format Kindle @Love and Other Consolation Prizes: A Novel ⥬ Book Author Jamie Ford ⧽ Overture 1962 4Ernest Young stood outside the gates on opening day of the new worlds fair, loitering in the shadow of the future From his lonely vantage point in the VIP parking lot, he could see hundreds of happy people inside, virtually every name in Seattles Social Blue Book, wearing their Sunday best on a cool Saturday afternoon The gaily dressed men and women barely filled half of Memorial Stadiums raked seating, but they sat together, a waterfall of wool suits and polyester neckties, cut out dresses and ruffled pillbox hats, cascading down toward a bulwark of patriotic bunting Ernest saw that the infield had been converted to a speedway for motorboatsan elevated moat, surrounding a dry spot of land where the All City High School Band had assembled, along with dozens of reporters who milled about smoking cigarettes like lost sailors, marooned on an island of generators and television cameras As the wind picked up, Ernest could smell gasoline, drying paint, and a hint of sawdust He could almost hear carpenters tapping finishing nails as the musicians warmed up.Saying that Ernest wished he could go inside and partake of the celebration was like saying he wished he could dine alone at Canlis restaurant on Valentines Day, cross the Atlantic by himself aboard the Queen Mary, or fly first class on an empty Boeing 707 The scenery and the festive occasion were tempting, but the endeavor itself only highlighted the absence of someone with whom to share those moments.For Ernest, that person was Gracie, his beloved wife of forty plus years Theyd known each other since childhood, long before theyd bought a house, joined a church, and raised a family But now their memories had been scattered like bits of broken glass on wet pavement Reflections of first kisses, anniversaries, the smiles of toddlers, had become images of a Christmas tree left up past Easter, a package of unlit birthday candles, recollections of doctors and cold hospital waiting rooms.The truth of the matter was that these days Gracie barely remembered him Her mind had become a one way mirror Ernest could see her clearly, but to Gracie hed been lost behind her troubled, distorted reflection.Ernest chewed his lip as he leaned against the vacant Cadillac De Ville that hed spent the better part of the morning polishing He felt a sigh of vertigo as he stared up at the newly built Space Needlethe showpiece of the Century 21 Expothe talk of the town, if not the country, and perhaps the entire world He was supposed to deliver foreign dignitaries to the opening of the Spanish Village Fiesta, but the visitors had been held upsome kind of dispute with the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services So he came anyway, to try to remember the happier times.Ernest smiled as he listened to Danny Kaye take the microphone and read a credo of some kind The Official Worlds Fair Band followed the famous actor as they took over the musical duties for the day and began to play a gliding waltz Ernest counted the time, one two three, one two three, as he popped his knuckles and massaged the joints where arthritis reminded him of his agesixty four, sixty five, sixty something, no one knew for sure The birth date listed on his chauffeurs permit had been made up decades earlier, as had the one on his old license with the Gray Top Taxi company Hed left China as a boyduring a time of war and famine, not record keeping.Ernest blinked as the waltz ended and a bank of howitzers blasted a twenty one gun salute somewhere beyond the main entrance, startling him from his nostalgic debridement The thundering cannons signaled that President Kennedy had officially opened the worlds fair with the closing of a telegraph circuit sent all the way from his desk at the White House Ernest had read that the signal would be bounced off a distant sun, Cassiopeia, ten thousand light years away He looked up at the blanket of mush that passed for a northwestern sky, and made a wish on an unseen star as people cheered and the orchestra began playing the first brassy strains of Bow Down to Washington while balloons were released, rising like champagne bubbles Some of the nearby drivers honked their horns as the Space Needles carillon bells began ringing, heralding the space age, a clarion call that was drowned out by the deafening, crackling roar of a squadron of fighter jets that boomed overhead Ernest felt the vibration in his bones.When Mayor Clinton and the City Council had broken ground on the fairgrounds three years agowhen a gathering of reporters had watched those men ceremoniously till the nearby soil with gold plated shovelsthats also when Gracie began to cry in her sleep Shed wake and forget where she was Shed grow fearful and panic.Dr Luke had told Ernest and their daughters, with tears in his eyes, Its a rare type of viral meningitis Dr Luke always had a certain sense of decorum, and Ernest knew he was lying for the sake of the girls Especially since hed treated Gracie when she was young.These things sometimes stay hidden and then come back, decades later, the doctor had said as the two of them stood on Ernests front step Its uncommon, but it happens Ive seen it before in other patients Its not contagious now Its justA ghost of red light districts past, Ernest had interrupted A ripple from the water trade He shook Dr Lukes hand and thanked him profusely for the late night house call and the doctors ample discretion regarding Gracies past.Ernest remembered how shortly after his wifes diagnosis her condition had worsened How shed pulled out her hair and torn at her clothing How Gracie had been hospitalized and nearly institutionalized a month later, when shed lost her wits so completely that Ernest had had to fight the specialists who recommended she be given electroshock therapy, or worsea medieval frontal lobe castration at Western State Hospital, the asylum famous for its ice pick lobotomies.Ernest hung on as Dr Luke quietly administered larger doses of penicillin until the madness subsided and Gracie returned to a new version of normal But the damage had been done Part of his wifeher memorywas a blackboard that had been scrubbed clean She still fell asleep while listening to old records by Josephine Baker and Edith Piaf She still smiled at the sound of rain on the roof, and enjoyed the fragrance of fresh roses from the Cherry Land flower shop But on most days, Ernests presence was like fingernails on that blackboard as Gracie recoiled in fits of either hysteria or anger.I didnt know the month of the worlds fair groundbreaking would be our last good month together, Ernest thought as he watched scores of wide eyed fairgoerscouples, families, busloads of studentspouring through the nearby turnstiles, all smiles and awe, tickets in hand He heard the stadium crowd cheer as a pyramid of water skiers whipped around the Aquadrome.To make matters worse, when Gracie had been in the hospital, agents from the Washington State Highway Department had showed up on Ernests doorstep Hello, Mr Young, theyd said We have some difficult news to share May we come in The officials were kind and respectfulapologetic even As they informed him that his three bedroom craftsman home overlooking Chinatown, along with his garden and a row of freshly trimmed lilacs in full bloomthe only home hed ever owned and the place where his daughters took their first stepsall of it was in the twenty mile urban construction zone of the Everett Seattle Tacoma Freeway The new interstate highway was a ligature of concrete designed to bind Washington with Oregon and California In less than a week, he and his neighbors had been awarded fair market value for their properties, along with ninety days to move out, and the right of way auctions began.The government had wanted the land, Ernest remembered, and our homes were a nuisance So hed moved his ailing wife in with his older daughter, Juju, and watched from the sidewalk as entire city blocks were sold Homes were scooped off their foundations and strapped to flatbed trucks to be moved or demolished But not before vandals and thieves stripped out the oak paneling that Ernest had installed years ago, along with the light fixtures, the crystalline doorknobs, and even the old hot water heater that leaked in wintertime The only thing left standing was a blur of cherry trees that lined the avenue Ernest recalled watching as a crew arrived with a fleet of roaring diesel trucks and a steam shovel Blossoms swirled on the breeze as hed turned and walked away.As a young man, Ernest had carved his initials onto one of those trees along with Graciesand those of another girl too He hadnt seen her in forever.As an aerialist rode a motorcycle on a taut cable stretched from the stadium to the Space Needle, Ernest listened to the whooshing and mechanical thrumming of carnival rides He caught the aroma of freshly spun cotton candy, still warm, and remembered the sticky sweet magic of candied apples He felt a pressing wave of dj vu.The present is merely the past reassembled, Ernest mused as he pictured the two girls and how hed once strolled with them, arm in arm, on the finely manicured grounds of Seattles first worlds fair, the great Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, back in 1909 When the city first dressed up and turned its best side to the cameras of the world He remembered a perfect day, when he fell in love with both girls.But as Ernest walked to the gate and leaned on the cold metal bars, he also smelled smoke He heard fussy children crying And his ears were still ringing with the echoes of the celebratory cannons that had scared the birds away.He drew a deep breath Memories are narcotic, he thought Like the array of pill bottles that sit cluttered on my nightstand Each dose, carefully administered, use as directed Too much and they become dangerous Too much and theyll stop your heart.Exciting Jamie Ford captures the thrill of first kisses and the shock of revealing long hidden affairs Kirkus Reviews Strong A laudable effort that shines light on little known histories Library Journal Poignant Vibrantly rendered Booklist Combining rich narrative and literary qualities, the book achieves a multi faceted emotional resonance It is by turns heart rending, tragic, disturbing, sanguine, warm, and life affirming Perceptive themes that run throughout culminate at the end A true story inspired this very absorbing and moving novel Highly recommended Historical Novel Society Editors choice Another winner Ford has a wonderful gift He nimbly takes the reader into forgotten pieces of history with characters so real they will stay with you for some time to come Fredericksburg Free LanceStarAn evocative, heartfelt, beautifully crafted story that shines a light on a fascinating, tragic bit of forgotten history, this is Ford at his storytelling best.Kristin Hannah, author of The Nightingale In this sweeping, bighearted novelinspired by the true story of a twelve year old boy raffled off as a prize at the 1909 Seattle World Fairwe encounter a cast of colorful characters, fascinating historical details, and insights about morality, race, and culture that deepen and expand the story Utterly charming.Christina Baker Kline, author of A Piece of the World and Orphan Train Ford is a master at shining light into dark, forgotten corners of history and revealing the most unexpected and relatable human threads A beautiful and enthralling story of resilience and the many permutations of love.Jessica Shattuck, author of The Women in the Castle All the charm and heartbreak of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet .Based on a true story, Love and Other Consolation Prizes will warm your soul.Martha Hall Kelly,author of Lilac Girls A gripping story about the unpredictability of life and, above all, the incredible power of love to heal even the most shameful wounds Ford has created a fascinating world, bookended by Seattles two worldsfairs, and peopled it with colorful, brave characters we care deeply about in this masterful job of storytelling.Melanie Benjamin, author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue Irresistibly magnificent How does a novel genius top himself Jamie Fords newest takes an extraordinary moment in history, where vice lives alongside innocence, and transforms it into a dazzling, hold your breath story about the families we make and the ones we are thrust into, about who we are and who we dreamed we could be.Caroline Leavitt, author of Pictures of You and Cruel Beautiful World Soaring, heart wrenching, troubling, funny Ford has masterfully used a strange, tragic footnote from history to transport the reader back in time.Karen Abbott, author of Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy We Love Guys Kevin Selby is a personal trainer and aspiring fitness model 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    • Love and Other Consolation Prizes: A Novel
    • 1.2
    • 37
    • Format Kindle
    • 321 pages
    • Jamie Ford
    • Anglais
    • 04 August 2018

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