↕ reading Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Novel benefits ⠧ Book Author Janet Evanovich ⡑

↕ reading Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Novel benefits ⠧ Book Author Janet Evanovich ⡑ ↕ reading Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Novel benefits ⠧ Book Author Janet Evanovich ⡑ OneI was perched on a barstool in a dark, noisy, overpriced restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey I was wearing a red dress that was too tight, too short, and cut way too low And I was wearing an earbud that connected me to a guy named Ricardo Carlos Manoso, aka Ranger.My name is Stephanie Plum I usually work as a bond enforcement agent for my cousin Vinnie, but tonight I was moonlighting as a lookout for Ranger Ranger was stalking Emilio Gardi, a man many considered to be untouchable Gardi had friends in high places, an army of thugs guarding his body, and money to burn, and his enemies tended to disappear without a trace He was currently facing a racketeering charge in Miami, but hed decided to keep his dinner date in Jersey rather than attend his court hearing in Dade County This meant that the idiot whod been dumb enough to post a bond for Gardi was out big money unless Gardi was dragged back to jail The idiot happened to be Rangers cousin.Ranger owns Rangeman, a small high tech, high end security firm Ordinarily Ranger doesnt do bond enforcement, but tonight he was making an exception He was standing off to the side at the entrance to the dining room, and he was watching Gardi.Gardi was wearing a tan sports jacket over a shirt with red and yellow flowers printed on itthe South BeachmeetsJCPenney look He was in his fifties He was balding He was built like a fireplug He was drinking red wine and eating rack of lamb, having a good time, entertaining three other men who were laughing too hard at his jokes.Ranger was in his usual blacka perfectly tailored black suit, and a black dress shirt open at the neck The Glock at the small of his back was also black Rangers body is perfect His hair is very dark brown Cut short His eyes are dark brown and intense His skin is the color of hot chocolate, the lucky result of his Latino ancestry His earbud matched his skin tone and was barely detectable.Standing beside Ranger was a guy named Tank Tank is big and solid and lethal Hed been with Rangers unit in Special Forces, and now hes second in command at Rangeman and watches Rangers back.I didnt see any of Gardis henchmen Theyd waited for him to take his table and then left the room.The room is clean, I said to Ranger via the earbud.Ranger moved forward, his gaze never wavering from his quarry Eye of the tiger Ive seen him focus like this on other takedowns, and it always raises the hair on my arms and at the nape of my neck.Tank was steps behind him, surveying the rest of the room Ranger unbuttoned his jacket to get better access to his gun and handcuffs He stopped behind Gardi, put his hand on Gardis shoulder, and said something to him, close to his ear.Gardi shrugged Ranger away, said something I couldnt hear, and everyone at the table laughed.Ranger didnt laugh, and even at a distance I knew things were about to get ugly Ranger made another civil attempt, Gardi got angry and brushed him off, and in one swift move Ranger snatched Gardi out of his chair like a wolverine rooting out a groundhog.In a heartbeat Gardis head was smashed onto the table, everyone grabbed their drinks, and Ranger cuffed Gardi behind his back and handed him over to Tank Ranger told the table he was sorry for the intrusion and followed Tank and Gardi out of the room The whole episode had taken maybe a minute.A Rangeman vehicle idled in front of the restaurant, ready to take Tank and Gardi back to Rangeman headquarters in center city Trenton In the morning Gardi would be escorted onto a plane and extradited to Miami.My job done, I turned back to my black sambuca Okay, I know they put food coloring in the sambuca to make it black Dont care Its sexy And I swear the black tastes better I guess I could also say that about Ranger Not that hes my boyfriend or anything, but we have had a moment.I downed the sambuca, paid my tab, and went outside to meet up with Ranger The Rangeman SUV was pulling away, and Ranger was waiting for me beside his black Porsche 911 Turbo.Babe, he said.Babe covers a lot of ground for Ranger It can be a simple greeting, or a warning that a tarantula is sitting on my shoulder Tonight it came on the heels of a full body scan, and I was pretty sure it suggested he liked my dress.Ranger slipped an arm around me, leaned close, and kissed me The kiss was a further indicator that he liked the dress In fact, the kiss suggested that while he liked the dress a lot, he wouldnt mind getting me out of the dress as soon as possible And I was thinking that was a great idea Fortunately we were in Princeton, and my apartment was at least a half hour away if the traffic was moving I was going to need that time to talk myself out of sleeping with Ranger.Ranger keeps me safe from everyone but himself Hes the panther stalking the gazelle, keeping all other predators away He enjoys the hunt And I enjoy being the gazelle, although truth is Im prairie chicken than gazelle.Rangers reflexes are quicker, his brain engages faster, his instincts are far superior than the average mans My skin heats under his touch, and his kiss sets delicious things in motion in my body I know from past experience hes magic in bed I also know he has dark secrets that take precedence over personal relationships And I know its in my best interests to keep him at arms length.Plus, I sort of have a boyfriend.Ranger pulled out of the restaurant lot, stopped for a light, and his hand went to my knee and traveled north.Um, I said.He cut his eyes to me Is there a problem Your hand is moving up my leg.And Weve talked about this.Not lately, Ranger said.Has anything changed No.Well, then.Is that a definite Well, then Afraid it is.Too bad, Ranger said.Thirty minutes later, Ranger parked behind my apartment building and walked me to my door.Call me if you get lonely, he said.I have you on speed dial, I told him.A barely perceptible smile twitched at the corners of his mouth, he gave me a light kiss, and he left.Truth is, I would have liked to invite him in, but that wouldnt have been the smart thing to do Not that I always do the smart thing, but tonight Id managed to keep from grabbing him and ripping his clothes off Two points for Plum.I let myself into my apartment and went to the kitchen to say hello to my hamster, Rex Rex lives in an aquarium on my kitchen counter and sleeps in a soup can He was running on his wheel when I looked in on him.Hey, I said Hows it going Rex blinked his round black eyes at me and twitched his whiskers Thats about as complicated as our conversations ever get I dropped a peanut into his cage and he jumped off his wheel, shoved the peanut into his cheek, and scurried into his soup can with it.My cousin Vinnies bail bonds office is on Hamilton Avenue Its a one story storefront building with some parking spots by the back door Vinnie has an inner office where he hides from people hes stiffed, pissed off, infected with herpes, or previously incarcerated Vinnie looks like a weasel in a pimp suit His wife, Lucille, is a saint His father in law, Harry the Hammer, owns the agency and didnt get his nickname because he was a carpenter.Connie Rosolli, the office manager and guard dog, was at her desk when I walked in.Howd it go last night she asked.It was good Ranger walked up to Gardi, yanked him out of his chair, and cuffed him Very smooth.And That was it.No naked Ranger in your bed Nope.Disappointing, Connie said.Tell me about it Anything new come in for me I have a failure to appear High money bond Jimmy Poletti.He owns all those car dealerships, right He shoots his own commercials Make a deal with JimmyThe combination of biting dialogue, outrageous characters and intense story lines are consistent throughout And Janet Evanovich novels are the true definition of a guilty pleasure.Associated Press Evanovich doesnt disappoint She weaves setting, family, romance and crime to pull the plot of Top Secret Twenty One forward Bookreporter From the Hardcover edition. 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Secrets Fantastic Fiction list books order, latest releases, covers, descriptions availability Money Home Facebook likes talking this official page Facebook Evanovich, janetevanovich Twitter Verified account NY Book Order About world literature amateurs striving towards goal creating bestsellers As fate certain number authors able outstanding themselves Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, Biography writes humorous, romantic, mysteries known her mystery featuring sassy smart buyer turned bounty hunter, today crime fiction writers millions fans worldwide Stephanie hunter attitude opinion, toxic waste, rabid drivers, armed schizophrenics, August heat, humidity, hydrocarbons FanFiction Archive FanFiction trifle Another response word amused thought know being forced say something important words less eBay PDF format popular eBooks platforms gain access read formatting pastrami, cole slaw, disappearing managers FictionDB Schneider born April where she raised She second generation borned USA studied painting Rutgers University Douglass graduating bachelor degree Authors Macmillan Roland Scarpa books, including Money Sizzling Sixteen, Tucker Wicked AppetiteJanet art form never quite fit, soon moved writing stories Times Dec By author, most recently, Job big fan Scrooge McDuck still aspire money bin push spare change Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Novel


    • Top Secret Twenty-One: A Stephanie Plum Novel
    • 4.1
    • 377
    • Format Kindle
    • 354 pages
    • 0345542940
    • Janet Evanovich
    • Anglais
    • 27 January 2018

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