Ƥ Best ヸ Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War to read ჰ Ebook Author Joe Bageant ᅊ

Ƥ Best ヸ Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War to read ჰ Ebook Author Joe Bageant ᅊ Ƥ Best ヸ Deer Hunting with Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War to read ჰ Ebook Author Joe Bageant ᅊ Excerpt from Chapter 1American SerfsInside the white ghetto of the working poor73 virgins in arab heaven and not a dam one in this bar Men s room wall, Burt s TavernFaced with working class life in towns such as Winchester, see only one solution beer So I sit here at Burt s Tavern watching fat Pootie in a T shirt that reads one million battered women in this country and i ve been eating mine plain That this is not considered especially offensive says all you need to know about cultural and gender sensitivity around here And the fact that Pootie votes, owns guns, and is allowed to purchase hard liquor is something we should all probably be afraid to contemplate Thankfully, even cheap American beer is a palliative for anxious thought tonight.Then too, beer is educational and stimulates contemplation I call it my learning through drinking program Here are some things I have learned at Burt s Tavern 1 Never shack up with a divorced woman who is two house payments behind and swears you are the best sex she ever had.2 Never eat cocktail weenies out of the urinal, no matter how big the bet gets.As you can see, learning through drinking is never dull But when karaoke came to American bars, my hopsy approach to social studies got downright entertaining, especially here where some participants get gussied up for their three weekly minutes of stardom.Take Dink Lamp over there in the corner, presently dressed like a stubble faced Waylon Jennings At age fifty six, Dink s undying claim to fame in this town is not his Waylon imitation, however, which sucks as do his Keith Whitley and his Travis Tritt It is that he beat up the boxing chimpanzee at the carnival in 1963 This is a damned hard thing to do because chimpanzees are several times stronger than humans and capable of enough rage that the pugilistic primate wore a steel muzzle Every good old boy in this place swears Dink pounded that chimpanzee so hard it climbed up the cage bars and refused to come back down and that Dink won a hundred dollars I don t know I wasn t there to see it because my good Christian family did not approve of attending such spectacles One thing is for sure, though Dink is tough enough to have done it To readers who wonder whether people really have names such as Dink and Pootie Hell, yes Not only do we have a Dink and a Pootie in Winchester, the town that stars in this book, we also have folks named Gator, Fido, Snooky, and Tumbug whom we simply call Bug Anyway, with this older crowd of karaoksters from America s busted up laboring lumpen, you can count on at least one version of Good Hearted Woman or a rendition of Coal Miner s Daughter, performed with little skill but a lot of beery heart and feeling And when it comes to heart and feeling, the best in town is a woman named Dottie Dot is fifty nine years old, weighs almost three hundred pounds, and sings Patsy Cline nearly as well as Patsy sang Patsy Dot can sing Crazy and any other Patsy song ever recorded and a few that went unrecorded She knows Patsy s unrecorded songs because she knew Patsy personally, as did many other people still living here in Winchester, where Patsy Cline grew up We know things such as the way she was treated by the town s establishment, was called a drunken whore and worse, was snubbed and reviled during her life at every opportunity, and is still sniffed at by the town s business and political classes But Patsy, who took shit from no one and knew cuss words that would make a Comanche blush and, well, she was one of us Tough and profane Cussing is a form of punctuation to us Patsy grew up on our side of the tracks and suffered all the insults life still inflicts on working people here Hers was a hard life.Dot s life has been every bit as hard as Patsy s Harder really, because Dot has lived twice as long as Patsy Cline managed to, and she looks it By the time my people hit sixty we look like a bunch of hypertensive red faced toads in a phlegm coughing contest Fact is, we are even unhealthier than we look Doctors tell us that we have blood in our cholesterol, and the cops tell us there is alcohol in that blood True to our class, Dottie is disabled by heart trouble, diabetes, and several other diseases Her blood pressure is so high the doctor thought the pressure device was broken And she is slowly going blind to boot.Trouble is, insurance costs her as much as rent Her old man makes 8 an hour washing cars at a dealership, and if everything goes just right they have about 55 a week left for groceries, gas, and everything else But if an extra expense as small as 30 comes in, they compensate by not filling one of Dot s prescriptions or two or three of them in which case she gets sicker and sicker until they can afford the co pay to refill the prescriptions again At fifty nine, these repeated lapses into vessel popping high blood pressure and diabetic surges pretty much guarantee that she won t collect Social Security for long after she reaches sixty three, if she reaches sixty three One of these days it will truly be over when the fat lady sings.Dot started working at thirteen Married at fifteen Which is no big deal Throw in learned to pick a guitar at age six and you would be describing half the southerners in my generation and social class She has cleaned houses and waited tables and paid into Social Security all her life But for the last three years Dottie has been unable to work because of her health Dot s congestive heart problems are such that she will barely get through two songs tonight before nearly passing out.Yet the local Social Security administrators, cold Calvinist hard asses who treat federal dollars as if they were entirely their own in the name of being responsible with the taxpayers money, have said repeatedly that Dot is capable of full time work To which Dot once replied, Work Lady, I cain t walk nor half see I cain t even get enough breath to sing a song What the hell kinda work you think I can do Be a tire stop in a parkin lot Not one to be moved by mere human misery, the administrator had Dot bawling her eyes out before she left that office In fact, Dottie cries all the time now Even so, she will sing one, maybe two songs tonight Then she will get down off the stage with the aid of her cane, be helped into a car, and be driven home.Although it might seem that my people use the voting booth as an instrument of self flagellation, the truth is that Dottie would vote for any candidate black, white, crippled, blind, or crazy who she thought would actually help her I know because I have asked her if she would vote for a candidate who wanted a national health care program Vote for him I d go down on him Voter approval does not get much stronger than that.But no candidate, Republican or Democrat, is going to offer national health care, not the genuine article, although I suspect the Democrats will bandy some phony version next election If Dot is lucky, a pollster might call her, take her political temperature over the phone to be fed into some computer But that is about as much contact as our system is willing to have with a three hundred pound diabetic woman with a small bird and a husband too depressed to get out of his TV chair other than to piss or stumble off to his car washing job.Americans are supposed to be so disgustingly healthy, educated, rich, and happy But I have seen half naked Indians in Latin America eating grubs and scrubbing their codpieces on river rocks who were a whole lot happier, and in some cases cared for by their governments Once, in Sonora, Mexico, I got very sick among the Sari Indians and needed a doctor Every Sari Indian had national health care, but the American crapping his guts out behind their shacks, a man who made fifty times their annual income, could not even afford health insurance in his own country because I was a young freelance writer without the protections of a salaried staff position with a newspaper or magazine Anyway, I wish I could say the Saris also had a native cure for dysentery, but they did not.Actually, I can think of one politician who stands up for people like Dot and programs like national health care But he is busy right now being president of Venezuela Show me a political party willing to train and put real working class people on these streets door to door, which is what it will take to mobilize the votes of the working screwed, and I will show you one that can begin to kick a hole in that wall between Capitol Hill and the people it is supposed to be serving But we all know that is not about to happen Parties do not lead revolutions They follow them And then only when forced to The Democrats began to support the civil rights movement only after the bombings and lynchings and fire hoses and marchers caused enough public outrage to indicate there were probably some votes to be wrung out of the whole sorry spectacle playing out on American TV screens That was back when a good old fashioned Watts type city burn down could still get Washington s attention I suspect nowadays it would be one of those national emergencies that Homeland Security would handle.But Dink and Pootie and Dot are the least likely Americans to ever rise up in revolt Dissent does not seep deeply enough into America to reach places like Winchester, Virginia Never has Yet, unlikely candidates that they are for revolution, they have nonetheless helped fuel a right wing revolution with their votes the same right wing revolution said to be rooted in the culture wars of which neither of them has ever heard.In the old days class warfare was between the rich and the poor, and that s the kind of class war I can sink my teeth into These days it is clearly between the educated and the uneducated, which of course does make it a culture war, if that s the way you choose to describe it But the truth is that nobodStarred Review Bageant mixes a reporter s keen analysis, a storyteller s color, and a native son s love of his roots in this absorbing dissection of America s working poor Returning to his hometown of Winchester, Virginia, after 30 years of life among the elite journalistic class, Bageant sought to answer the question of why the working poor vote for Republicans in apparent opposition to their own interests On a broader level, he examines issues of economic class distinctions as he drills below the middle class claims of his hometown The reality is that two of five residents do not have high school diplomas and virtually everyone over 50 has serious health problems in a townand nationwith poor and failing schools and health systems Still clinging to illusions of personal responsibility and the vain hope of someday achieving wealth, Winchester s residents fall deeper into debt, farther behind in ambitions beyond working in the local factoryif they re luckyand, along with their children,subject tothe de facto draft of economic conscription Through the lives of his friends and family, Bageant explores the importance of hunting, religion, and redneck pride in what he describes as the American hologram A wise, tender, and acerbic look at life among America s working poor Bush, Vanessa Copyright American Library Association All rights reserved Joe Bageant Quotes Author of Deer Hunting with Jesus quotes from Joe The four cornerstones the American political psyche are emotion substituted for thought, fear, ignorance and propaganda , Republican or Democrat, this nation s affluent urban suburban classes understand their bread is buttered on corporate side primary difference between two parties that Republicans pretty much admit Wikipedia was an author columnist He best known his book, With Jesus Dispatches From America Class War Toxically Pure Baffler born in grew up Blue Ridge Mountains north Winchester, just over West Virginia line knew family farm Shanghai Road as Over Home, a place where generations Bageants had grown, picked, preserved own vegetables slaughtered hogs, all without modern machinery Bageant By Hiram Hank Williams full name he Georgiana, Alabama Sept son railroad engineer very crude dominant mother whose character been permanently scarred by harsh realities dirt poor South About JoeBageant About Born Winchester VA, USA US Navy Vietnam era veteran Ed This article at Baffler may be considered addendum to Rainbow Pie Books Waltzing At Doomsday Ball Book Reviews Random Post LONGVIEW YouTube Dec His highly acclaimed recent Jesus, lauded one reviewer raging, hilarious, profane love song great redneck Interview Rainbow memoir FREE shipping qualifying offers coming age wrapped around discussion most taboo subject social class Set ColdType Writing Worth Reading Around World Please Note downloads web site have saved Adobe Portable Document 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