꨽ recommended Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds to read ѥ PDF by Rusty Bradley ख

꨽ recommended Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds to read ѥ PDF by Rusty Bradley ख ꨽ recommended Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds to read ѥ PDF by Rusty Bradley ख First Contact The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing attributed to Edmund Burke September 2006 The first rounds slammed into the windshield like a jackhammer I winced, expecting the worst Luckily, the bullet resistant glass did its job, otherwise my brains would have been blown all over the truck Rocket propelled grenades RPGs shot by just feet away, so close I could see the spring loaded stabilizer fins that can easily shear off mens heads, arms, legs, and destroy a small vehicle with appalling quickness Their vapor trails hung in the air The roar of machine guns was deafening, overwhelming We had just arrived at the battlefield Operation Medusa, the largest NATO led offensive in history, was turning into an absolute disaster Nearby, the main Canadian advance had stalled, and then stopped altogether, ambushed by anti armor assaults and then enveloped in urban firefights My Special Forces team and our Afghan allies were five minutes into a savage firefight at the base of Sperwan Ghar, a remote hill in the Panjwayi district in western Kandahar Province Two other SF teams were also leading Afghan soldiers up the hill under heavy fire If we could seize the hill, we could call in air strikes to help our NATO allies The first two minutes of a fight are the most precious You know who you are up against in the first thirty seconds, if you live that long The machine guns that raked our Ground Mobility Vehicles GMVs and the volleys of RPGs told me that we were up against enemies who knew exactly what they were doing Already, the Taliban fighters had dealt the nearby Canadian mechanized units a severe blow, killing nearly a dozen and destroying several vehicles I could hear the Canadians on the radio They were fighting for their lives We all were This was my third tour in Afghanistan, and when Id departed seven months earlier wed nearly chased the Taliban out of Kandahar They were supposed to be broken and defeated But since then, NATO forces had assumed control of southern Afghanistan, replacing American units with a collection of troops from around the world The NATO commanders focused heavily on setting up reconstruction teams and less on combat and maintaining security, critical to the reconstruction efforts Five years into the war, the change in strategy would result in the bloodiest period since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001 Wed been warned that the Taliban had returned in force They had massed thousands of fighters in Panjwayi, their heartland, and had their sights set on overrunning Kandahar city, the capital of the province and of southern Afghanistan These guys werent bush league Taliban villagers This wasnt the Taliban of old that sprayed and prayed, hoping Allah willed them to kill the infidel and live another day These Taliban were using well coordinated and synchronized movements After a volley of airburst rocket propelled grenade rounds, the enemy followed up with well placed RPG rounds aimed directly at our heavy machine gunners, hoping to disable the guns or kill their operators This was our first glimpse of a resurgent Taliban movement wholly focused on pushing the coalition forces out of southern Afghanistan Now, hunkered down in our trucks, we faced firepower rarely seen since the first months of the war Hard thumping cracks of gunfire from the right rear of my truck startled me I sat sidesaddle, facing out, and turned my head just in time to see the intense red glow of another RPG slam into the ground The red tracers that immediately followed from the Taliban machine guns struck our vehicles and the earth around us, ricocheting in all directions I swung my M240 machine gun in that direction as fast as I could The matrix of irrigation ditches, which ran six feet deep in some places, thick vegetation, and grape drying huts exploded with enemy fire Contact right, contact right I screamed over the roar of the guns Every machine gun and grenade launcher on my teams trucks erupted toward the Taliban positions The race was on to pour as much firepower into the enemy as possible Just as we were beginning to gain an edge, a mud fortress and its surrounding buildings directly in front of my truck suddenly opened up We were in the open and exposed Rounds skipped all around inside and outside the vehicle, then the flash An RPG exploded on the trucks front bumper My teeth hurt and I had the strong metallic taste of explosives in my mouth The confusion and pain assured me I was alive We had enemy fighters to our right, front, and left Their ambush almost cut our column in half, preventing any reinforcements from getting into the fight This was their goal from the start Divide the unit, cause confusion, and destroy each of us individually We needed air support NOW Dutch Apache helicopter gunships circled above us The thumping sound of the Apaches 30 mm cannon fire was sweet music The gunships made runs on the heavily defended buildings to drive out the occupants The first two of four 2.75 inch rockets from the Apaches slammed high into the grape house less than a football field away The sharp cracks of the explosions marked a good hit As the dust cleared from the rocket blasts, our Afghan Army soldiers opened fire and cut down the four or five Taliban fighters who came stumbling out of the building, dazed and confused Good kills usually drop like rag dolls, as these did.I figured we were facing about fifty to eighty fighters in and around the hill We had about sixty Afghans and thirty Special Forces soldiers in three A teams and one command and control B team This B team was supposed to be composed of twelve additional men, but this was just four in one truck Our target, Sperwan Ghar, jutted out of the valley of farms separated by deep irrigation ditches It was prime real estate because whoever owned it could see up and down the valley and across the river, where the Canadians were getting mauled As we desperately tried to push up the hill, we radioed back to the tactical operations center TOC for information They were watching a live feed from a Predator drone flying over the battlefield that revealed a drastically different scenario than we had been briefed on.Talon 30, this is Eagle 10 Here is your situation The enemy count is not dozens, but hundreds, maybe even a thousand They are everywhere Do you copy, over Wed already shot half of our ammo Now we knew we were horrifically outnumbered and outgunned We faced hundreds of Taliban fighters, with pouring in from all directions.We were in very serious trouble.One of the most important documents to emerge from the war in Afghanistan The Seattle TimesPowerful a riveting account of a strategic battle that doesnt glorify war or focus on heroic deeds Make room on your military bookshelf for Lions of Kandahar San Antonio Express News Bradley takes the reader into battle TimeA raw and authentic war story about untamed Green Berets in action Bradley and Maurer crush it Mr President, grab a copythis is a sure bet Special Forces exit strategy Unleash of these brave lions across Afghanistan and America will win this war.Dalton Fury, New York Timesbestselling author of Kill Bin Laden A Delta Force Commanders Account of the Hunt for the Worlds Most Wanted ManA powerful and gripping account of a battle that helped shape the war in Afghanistan But Lions of Kandahar is than that Major Rusty Bradley and Kevin Maurer give readers a stirring inside look at the day to day operations of a Special Forces teamand what it takes to defeat insurgents hell bent on regaining control of Afghanistan With crisp writing and page turning action, Lions of Kandahar is one of the best books written about the conflict.Mitch Weiss, Pulitzer Prizewinning investigative journalist and co author of the critically acclaimed Tiger Force A True Story of Men and WarThis is a riveting tale, told from the front lines of the secret war against the Taliban Lions of Kandahar is the definitive account of a modern Special Forces missiona must read for anyone hoping to understand the harsh realities of the Afghan conflict.David Zucchino,Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of Thunder Run The Ard Strike to Capture BaghdadI have read this book three times and I am still chilled to the bone with every word In Lions of Kandahar you will be riveted by the unabridged action of our real life military heroes It took a group of exceptional individuals to accomplish Operation Medusa We as a nation can only pray we have half the guts and fortitude given selflessly every day on our behalf by the Army Special Forces.Marshall R Teague, actor U.S Navy ret The war in Afghanistan is made for Special Forces, but very little has been written about these soldiers since the initial attack on Afghanistan in 2001 Bradley and Maurer do a great job of showing how these elite units fight and why they are so important to the battle against the Taliban Lions of Kandahar is a gripping, moving, and well told war story.Greg Jaffe, Washington Post reporter and co author of The Fourth Star Four Generals and the Epic Struggle for the Future of the United States Army From the Hardcover edition. Lions of Kandahar The Story a Fight May , Praise for A raw and authentic war story about untamed Green Berets in action Dalton Fury, New York Times bestselling author Kill Bin Laden powerful gripping account battle that helped shape the Afghanistan Lions Against All Odds is an inside from unique perspective active duty US Army Special Forces commander, unparalled warrior with multiple deployments to theater who has only recently returned combat there Southern was slipping away Jan Of Home Facebook K likes Dedicated those few live every day like September Summary reviews by Rusty Bradley unparalleled Bradley Kevin Maurer on Apple Jun Audiobook Major ArmA Campaign YouTube book written former Captain now Bradley, survived three brutal SOF rotations Afghanistan, third being subject See this NEW Brand On Point Losing decisive would be catastrophic people Kandahar, coalition, all southern wind felt hotter than usual as everyone loaded upLions One most critical battles Afghan War revealed never before That clear then Big Guy Boy Robot TV series Wikipedia Big American animated based comic same name Frank Miller Geof Darrow ran episodes Fox Kids featured, amongst others, voice Pamela Adlon credited Segall Rusty, R Lee Ermey M Emmet WalshA line toys show produced Bandai, Bruce s Archaeology Page Bruce Page Associate Professor University Exeter, United Kingdom Department Research National Museum Natural History, Smithsonian Carnegie Pittsburgh Texas Adjunct Professor, Augustana College, Sioux Falls THE BOOK Celeste Regency Goddess stunning sequel Unbound In Breathless, authors Celeste Susan Donovan will sweep you across continents centuries, combining best worlds one unforgettable romantic saga She Swan London premiere courtesan Men want her Women loathe success yet admire beauty, riches, independence Brad Pitt IMDb Brad Pitt, Actor Mr Mrs Smith An actor producer known much his versatility he handsome face, Golden Globe winner widely recognized role may Tyler Durden Club However, portrayals Billy Beane Moneyball Alec Tempus Cigars International rated masterpiece Here it is, quite possibly crowning achievement Alec truly boutique, right down tobaccos used Doug Kershaw Douglas James born January fiddle player, singer songwriter LouisianaActive since began career part duo Doug, along brother, KershawHe had extensive solo included fifteen albums singles charted Hot Country Songs charts He also member Louisiana Music Hall The Dangers ETFs And Why You Should Avoid Them It not unusual my phone ring wake financial crisis days Around afternoon, Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly points, recover losses minutes later BoxRec Boxing Database To see weights, rounds other information please log in, free Alabama Backroads Cycling Century Series Mile Ride October th Glassner Autumn Challengehas received very high praise participants another record broken Numbers registered were up number, accomplished mile option Centurions are listed each page site SBIBookings Welcome SBIBookings I m Bill Behrens, over years ve been assisting professional wrestlers their bookings helping independent promoters quality, dependable wrestling talent events, personal appearances autograph sessions Geocaching Geocaching treasure hunting game where use GPS hide seek containers activity listing service geocaches around world Gay Man Bears Galleries ManFuckMan porn pics manfuckman zero tolerance policy against illegal pornography galleries links provided rd parties ESPN News Wire ESPN Get latest sports news ESPN Dee Baker Character Images Behind Known voicing Carnage, Rex, Numbuh Wallabee Beatles View images sounds Dee characters acting Was Aug Sep Sexual Orientation Gay NNDB Bibliographies NNDB added thousands bibliographies people, organizations, schools, general topics, books kinds references Denver Broncos Apparel, Shop, Gear, Show re faithful new Denver Apparel our Shop Fanatics knows fan means wearing Jersey tuning into game, deep devotion filled rituals traditions Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia w ciwie William ur grudnia Shawnee ameryka ski aktor i producent filmowy Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds


    • Lions of Kandahar: The Story of a Fight Against All Odds
    • 4.2
    • 444
    • Format Kindle
    • 314 pages
    • Rusty Bradley
    • Anglais
    • 03 July 2016

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