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ᘼ $0.00 Download @Lost in the Reflecting Pool: A Memoir For Free ᛓ PDF Author Diane Pomerantz 퐚 ᘼ $0.00 Download @Lost in the Reflecting Pool: A Memoir For Free ᛓ PDF Author Diane Pomerantz 퐚 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards Gold in the Memoir category 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards Gold in the Marriage Relationship category 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards Silver in the Reflection category 2017 Human Relations Indie Book Awards Bronze in Life Challenges 2017 Foreword Indies Finalist in Adult Nonfiction Family Relationships Diane Pomerantzs Lost in the Reflecting Pool is a searing memoir of a marriage gone wrong Its a story of psychological and emotional abuse but also one of resilience, strength, and finding ones way out of the darkest times Pomerantzs account is riveting and harrowing The book opens with a scene that leaves no doubt of the difficult material to come and casts a pall over the happy stories of the couples early married life Those stories are convincing and make the slow descent into disillusionment and despair all the moving Its atmosphere is nightmarish and grim, perfect for the subject matter the skill with which Pomerantz evokes sympathy and horror makes the book a page turner Foreword Reviews This is a memoir about a relationship that spans two decades Pomerantz excels at description and scene setting throughout, as in passages about the couples early days The luminous glow of the flames danced from the old stone fireplace through the dimpled glass windows reflecting back the white blanket that silently encased us in our warm, private cocoon Kirkus ReviewPomerantzs memoir is a well plotted, swift paced story full of vivid details This gem of a book stands out from the pack, Not only does the author survive a horrible marriage, she survives cancer Her characters are real and multi dimensional Book Life Publishers Weekly A riveting, bold, and tender portrait of a woman surviving cancer and marital betrayal Dr Pomerantz exemplifies how we can find inner strength and new meaning in life even when forgiveness makes no sense Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D., author of How Can I Forgive You and After the Affair Relationships evolve, Pomerantz, a psychologist, wisely tells us They have a life cycle And in her gripping memoir Lost in the Reflecting Pool, she fearlessly shares the story of her marriage to a charismatic psychiatrist whose narcissistic behavior menacingly emerges as time goes on Her story is one of extraordinary resilience as she faces the challenges of starting a family and fighting a deadly disease, while dealing with her critical and untrustworthy husband who undermines her sense of worth and creates an atmosphere of fear An exceptionally honest and engaging read Betty Hafner, author of Not Exactly Love A Memoir Lost in the Reflecting Pool follows Diane Pomerantz through a harrowing psychological nightmare in which she is nearly lost to herself and her children As it often happens, physical illness descends on her while she is in the midst of confounding marital upheaval Is she losing her mind Or is her spouse As a mental health professional, Pomerantz has the expertise to look back clearly at what happened then, and the writerly chops to transform her story into a compelling, intense, and emotional immersive read Judy L Mandel, author of the New York Times bestseller Replacement Child Lost in the Reflecting Pool is an intense, true story about how an intelligent woman is sucked into a marriage that slowly becomes abusive not physically, but emotionally and mentally A step at a time, she loses her sense of herself and her autonomy, until she begins to fight to reclaim her independence and self worth Its important for women to read and understand how a marriage can begin with so much promise, and then become an almost fatal trap Marge Piercy, New York Times best selling author, poet, and memoirist The emotional journey that is Lost in the Reflecting Pool is a story of love and of life, of courage and endurance, made all the real and relevant by Dr Pomerantzs human frailty She, like the wild flowers in the field, despite their seeming delicacy, somehow finds a way to endure and eventually thrive Pomerantz rises from her long suffering not as an invulnerable superhero, undaunted and unmarred by all that has occurred, but as an ever deeply feeling and thoughtful woman, mother and therapist and, beautiful for it Charles McCormack, MA, MSW, LCSW C, author of Treating Borderline States in Marriage and Hatching Charlie A Psychotherapists Tale At a moment in our history when malignant narcissism in our leaders has become a national obsession, Pomerantz offers intimate insight and astute clinical observations in her memoir, recounting her marriage to a malignant narcissist, illustrating with humor and humanity how they can both charm us and harm us, and how to survive, and grow from the experience John Gartner, Ph.D author of In Search Of Bill Clinton A Psychological Biography Diane Pomerantzs story of the longing for children and the reality of a punishing marriage may be an often told tale, but Pomerantzs is a majestic talent for conjuring emotion and compelling the reader with an authentic and heartbreaking story Jacquelyn Mitchard, New York Times best selling author of The Deep End of the Ocean This brave and extremely well written memoir, Lost in the Reflecting Pool, is a must read for victims of a personality disordered partner, as well as those seeking a quality read Those victimized by a narcissist will relate, never considering the same could happen to a professional, a psychologist Thats where Dr Pomerantz proves us wrong By skillfully and concisely sharing her story of a 20 year marriage to a narcissist, enduring infertility, adoption, and eventually cancer, I can only applaud Dr Pomerantz for her bravery in sharing her story Her epilogue uniquely ties the narrative together, not with pain and blame, but with beauty and love of life One can only learn from reading this book MrsXNo, author The Secret Life of Captain X My Life with a Psychopath Pilot Dianes story is, sadly, the story of far too many women who fall in love with a man and ignore the early warning signs that he might just be a bad choice as a life partner Charles woos her with flowers, says all the right things, and when he says or does the wrong thing, she dismisses it, thinking the problem is her and not him If ever there was a story that proves how blinding it can be to fall hopelessly in love, Lost in the Reflecting Pool is that story Highly recommended reading Readers Favorite Diane Pomerantzs memoir will make your mother in law feel every emotion in the book It tells the psychological love story of how she struggled, and ultimately escaped, her emotionally abusive relationship with a pathological narcissist Its incredibly dark but incredibly powerful HelloGiggles Lost is the Reflecting Pool isnt specifically an adoption book it is about Pomerantzs relationship with her husband Its an interest ing read, especially in the fact that Pomerantz is a therapist, yet had trouble recognizing the narcissism and concerning behaviors of her husband over the years Adoption Magazine A profoundly absorbing read from cover to cover, Lost in the Reflecting Pool is a starkly candid account that is in thematic accord with the suddenly raised public consciousness of how women everywhere must struggle with cultural misogyny and institutionalized male abuse within the home, within the workplace, and within the community at large This deftly written and deeply personal account is very highly recommended, especially for community and academic library Contemporary American Biography collections Midwest Book ReviewDr Diane Pomerantz is a clinical psychologist who has been in practice working with children, adolescents, and adults in the Balti, Maryland area for over thirty five years She has done extensive work in the area of trauma and child abuse and research in the area of personality development of abused children She currently runs Healing Through Writing groups in her practice She is a breast cancer survivor and has two wonderful grown children She and her shaggy dog, Rug, live amidst tall trees on the outskirts of Balti, Maryland. 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