⇘ Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification (English Edition) free download Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification (English Edition) ⇸ E-Pub Author Regina Martino ⇾

⇘ Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification (English Edition) free download Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification (English Edition) ⇸ E-Pub Author Regina Martino ⇾ ⇘ Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification (English Edition) free download Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification (English Edition) ⇸ E-Pub Author Regina Martino ⇾ CHAPTER 7 BIOENERGETIC RESEARCH ON SHUNGITE What is the unique property that distinguishes shungite from other protection stones I have carried out detailed studies using bioenergetic tests and have personally tested than 200 stones and crystals that have an influence on the chakras Among those tested, I made comparative studies of about 20 stones, including shungite, that were able to resonate with the first chakra In comparing tests on shungite with tests carried out on other stones of this group, we noticed right away that for stones of the same weight, shungite is the stone that achieves the largest expansion of the vital field, the greatest concentration, and, in a striking way, a significant expansion of the first chakra It is quite possible that the presence of fullerenes would explain all of shungites qualities 1 Helping the energetic body correct the influence of left torsion fields 2 Neutralizing the impact of electromagnetic radiation 3 Opening access to life energy first chakra 4 Concentrating the vital field 5 Not taking on negative charges CORRECTING THE INFLUENCE OF LEFT TORSION FIELDS At every moment, our energetic body is continuously informed and influenced by everything around it It picks up and integrates subtle information from everything that it comes into contact with, whether or not were aware of it A torsion field, created by the form of an object or by the spin of elementary particles as defined in quantum physics, can have a right rotation as in DNA or a left rotation Research conducted by Russian scientist Vlail Kaznacheyev at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine at Novosibirsk has demonstrated that right rotation fosters life, whereas a torsion field that has left rotation has a negative effect on cells Pulsed wave radiation such as Wi Fi and DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications generate left torsion fields The influence of left torsion fields shifts our vertical axis and totally unbalances our bioenergetic system Our system tries to rebalance itself, but if the influence is present for long periods it can permanently upset the energetic system and disturb it to the point where it influences the physical plane, giving rise to dysfunction and illness When shungite is in direct contact with the physical body or when it is present as a nearby emanation see the action of spheres or pyramids of shungite in the chapter Practical Applications , it helps the energetic body instantaneously correct the shifting of the plane to the left and allows the system as a whole to remain centered It also allows the individual to be connected to telluric energy and cosmic energy in a natural and positive way This property of shungite is its main asset This is what makes it a stone of protection as well as a stone that accompanies the healing of a number of illnesses NEUTRALIZING THE IMPACT OF ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION Another of shungites great assets, which mainly accounts for its recent fame, is its ability to protect us from electromagnetic radiation This radiation is one of the principal sources of left torsion fields The rapid technological development of our society has brought us into contact all day long with a large quantity of sources of harmful radiation, and very often we are quite unaware this is happening It is clear that we need to find solutions so that humankind can survive its own technology Over the past fifteen years, a number of researchers in the field of bioenergy have endeavored to establish systems that would allow individuals to reestablish their equilibrium However, it has only been recently that the public at large is beginning to be fully informed about the health problems created by the increase in electromagnetic radiation A simple, efficient, inexpensive solution is what we need shungite Our research on shungite demonstrated its effectiveness in neutralizing the effects of electric fields, electromagnetic fields, and pulsed electromagnetic fields such as those emitted by home appliances, cordless phones, cell phones, Wi Fi hot spots, computers in short, all of the electromagnetic emissions that generally surround us We conducted two kinds of experiments one was to test the different ways the impact of electromagnetic fields on the individual could be corrected and the other was to try to correct the harmful information directly at its source In both cases we obtained satisfying results with shungite We provide a complete account of these tests in appendix 1 The transformative effect of shungite appears essentially at the bioenergetic level we could say that it transforms left torsion information into right torsion information Although electromagnetic waves are invisible, they have a physical component, and it is this physical component that is picked up by electromagnetic field detectors When information is modified on a subtler energetic level, the physical information is still picked up by the detection equipment In other words, shungite does not interfere with the functioning of this equipment It doesnt turn off the pulsed waves emitted by a Wi Fi transmitter, a cordless phone, or a cell phone it transforms the harmful radiation The solution is not to eliminate the radiation but instead to prevent its deleterious impact on our health Were going to illustrate this especially important property of shungite with an example drawn from an experiment carried out recently in Russia Researchers went to a site where fowl were being raised and for twenty one days they studied three incubators, each of which contained ninety eight hens eggs They placed a cell phone in standby mode in the center of the first incubator The second incubator had another cell phone in standby mode, positioned on a shungite plate The third incubator was the control and was used in the normal way At the end of twenty one days, the control group had a loss rate of 11.2 percent The incubator with an unprotected cell phone had twenty one chicks hatch a rate of loss of 79.42 percent The incubator with the cell phone that had shungite protection came in with a rate of loss of 10.5 percent The figures speak for themselvesRegina Martinos book is unique in the literature of metaphysical stones in that it contains a much higher ratio of science to metaphysics than is frequently the case Her writing is strong and convincing, her research is fascinating, and the stone she has focused on is certainly powerful and compelling in its own right Martino takes the reader through chapters dealing with the geography, history, geology, and biology related to shungite as well as what she calls the energetic or practical chapters The result is a fascinating and thorough depiction of the substance and energy of this remarkable new stone I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about this modest looking but energetically exceptional stone Robert Simmons, author of The Book of Stones and Stones of the New Consciousness and publisher of th Customer reviews Shungite Protection Find helpful customer and review ratings for Protection, Healing, Detoxification at Read honest unbiased product from our users Shungite Meaning Healing Properties Energy Muse Surprisingly, shungite is a mineral that has yet to garner the same popularity in crystal healing community as stones of Metaphysical The metaphysical properties, meaning properties are why called miracle st century Healing Stones Stone Life sometimes Life due its antibacterial It very rare powerful stone said be about billion years age Authentic Russian Shungit shungite A huge range products real natural created Karelia Russia Contact us know Ultimate Guide EMF Academy Best Products Pyramid really popular option getting pyramid, like this one These pyramids made out large single pieces shungite, both amount along with shape, believed provide general electromagnetic radiation protection The Zorb Cell Phone Radiation Products TheZorb offers best cell phone which acts an emf neutralizer, shield, blocker Lab Tested Patented USA Fullerenes Water Dancing Water When water consumed, it balances gently cleanses Crystals Crystal Shop Free Resources HEALING CRYSTALS, Resources, Wholesale Crystals, Discount Tumbled Stones, Rocks Minerals, Yu Zhu Gallery Singapore Retailer Wholesaler Auralite new Code Clearing, DNA Cellular Activation Awakening on every level combinations Super , taken another find Northern Canada Practical Ways Use alarm annoyingly slams way into your sweetly sleeping ears Time get up If you re me, means hurried breakfast kids ready Crystal Wizard Gems physical gemstones health,wealth,Peace ,well being Chris Kehler Holistic PRODUCTS Quantum Healer Through his unique method dowsing, Chris able pinpoint root cause health problem, then work or stressor All can done distance session over vis Skype creates meaningful gemstone jewelry, handcrafted Asheville, North Carolina by stay home moms who earn thriving wage Asking Angels crystals have aid wearer different ways This article looking strongly protective qualities, such ability absorb negative energy deflect awayShungite Regina Martino FREE shipping qualifying practical guide many purifying uses known Explains how counteracts HOME dell A Inaugurazione Sultan Hamud Dopo un periodo di intenso lavoro, finalmente le nuove costruzioni all Opera Hamud, sono state Hotel San Castrozza SITO UFFICIALE Hotel stelle Spa tra Dolomiti Sergio IMDb Sergio Martino, Director la caduta New York Talented, prolific versatile writer director vast array often solid enjoyable films diverse genres horror, comedy, Western science 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Giovanna Napoli, quanto sorella minore questa Ungheria suoi si sposati Napoli genn poi fare ritorno corte magiara Luigi Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification (English Edition)


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