☊ The Complete Book of Abs: Revised and Expanded Edition download ☦ PDF by Kurt Brungardt ♕

☊ The Complete Book of Abs: Revised and Expanded Edition download ☦ PDF by Kurt Brungardt ♕ ☊ The Complete Book of Abs: Revised and Expanded Edition download ☦ PDF by Kurt Brungardt ♕ Proper Training Technique, The Bodyby BRETT BRUNGARDTProper training technique is essential for a successful workout program It is important for two key reasons It provides the best results in the least amount of time, and it decreases the chance of injury during training This chapter will contain important training principles that are essential for complete AB development The Complete ABs PhilosophyTo achieve these goals you need to train and condition all the major muscles in your abdomen Incomplete abdominal training will cause a muscular imbalance or weakness This can cause bad posture, lower back pain, and increased chances of injuries To achieve proper technique, you must look at the ABs as a system The muscle groups of the abdominal area are synergistic they act and react together In most movements, one muscle group is a prime mover, another group is a secondary mover, and a third may be used as a stabilizer If you don t work for balanced development, one or of the muscle groups will not perform optimally The Basic PrinciplesSTARTING OUT One of the most frequently asked questions is Where should I start or Which exercises should I do and how many There is no one correct answer Every person is different You must experiment to find the correct starting point Two principles will help you determine a place to begin When learning a new exercise, use minimal intensity if possible and perform it while you are fresh Once that exercise has been mastered with correct technique, increase the intensity very gradually, until you can no longer perform the movement for the prescribed number of repetitions or you have a breakdown in technique This may sound tedious, but remember technique is the key to success Be patient you will be able to perform and exercises with greater ease, and achieve better results when you concentrate on proper technique from the beginning Full Range of MotionIt is important to perform all exercises through a full range of motion You must maintain resistance on the muscles throughout the entire movement This is especially important for sports performance Most sports skills are dynamic in motion , therefore your muscles need to be strengthened throughout their full range of natural motion Overload and ProgressionYour AB muscles are the same as any other Training principles don t change For a muscle to get stronger, it has to be overloaded Overloading means placing a greater amount of stress on a muscle than it is used to In simple terms this causes it to adapt and get stronger Muscle enlargement develops out of necessity When they are exposed to a greater resistance, they adapt to overcome it In other words, they get bigger and stronger Adaptation is synonymous with development Overloading the AB muscles can be accomplished in two ways, both progressive First, by either increasing the repetitions per set or adding an exercise to increase total exercise volume second, by increasing the intensity of training, which can be accomplished by increasing the resistance doing a difficult exercise or adding weight or by decreasing the rest time between sets and exercises These two forms of overloading should be done separately either increase volume or intensity to create adaptations When both intensity and volume are increased simultaneously, you are in danger of overtraining Speed of MovementThe speed with which you do an exercise is an important part of successful AB training Generally, the speed should be slow and controlled through both the raising and lowering phases As you reach advanced levels of training, it is important to vary the speed of exercise movements to achieve a complete development Three basic movement speeds are described in Chapter 9 Constant TensionSimply stated, you must maintain constant tension on the muscle, feeling its contraction throughout the full range of motion Do not let momentum take over Control the motion, feeling the muscle do the work Workout LengthThe length of a training session is dependent on total volume, type of exercise, and goals of the individual You will be provided with a variety of routines to fit your needs and goals Another variable is intensity High intensity work will increase the need for recovery time between exercises, possibly increasing total workout length Top athletes and bodybuilders generally spend eight to twenty minutes a session specifically training their ABs Part 4 offers a wide variety of routines from which to choose Frequeney of Training and Recovery Time Between WorkoutsFrequency of training is dependent upon many variables, including recovery time, level of experience, and goals of the exerciser Recovery time is important be cause strength gains and muscle growth occur during these periods If recovery time is not adequate between workouts, strength gains will not be optimal, and overtraining can take place Recovery time is different for each individual, but abdominals can be trained frequently than most other muscle groups Beginners should start by training three times a week As the exerciser becomes advanced, you will have to find new ways to increase intensity and volume The number of routines can be expanded to five, six, or even seven days of training per week Just remember that overtraining leads to injuries and burnout Exercise is for a lifetime, so stay smart and dig in for the long haul Don t try to do too much too quickly Exercise OrderThere are many factors to consider when choosing exercise order sports specific routines, individual weak areas, fitness levels A popular exercise order for ABs is to work lower, oblique, then the upper ABs Although the ability to completely isolate these groups is questionable, this order makes sense The exercises are completed in an order of highest energy expenditure to the lowest because you work from the largest muscle areas to the smallest muscle areas The RoutinesThe problem of exercise order, to large extent, is already worked out for you in the routines, but at some point you will want to determine your genetic strengths and weaknesses and choose the exercises for fine tuning As with everything else in life, at some point you will be left alone to face the truth about your ABs But have no fear you won t fall into the ABs abyss Chapter 20, Creating Your Own Routine, will guide you safely through this existential experience Warm upIt is always important to warm your body up before exercising This prepares your body for action in two ways 1 It increases blood flow in the muscle and increases general muscle metabolism This makes the muscles efficient 2 It allows the muscles to contract forcefully and with greater speed due to an increase in muscle temperature If the muscles are warm, contraction will be optimal This reduces injury potential For a specific warm up routine, go to the AB warm up and stretching routine, page 59 BreathingAs in all exercising, proper breathing during abdominal training is important Breathing technique is basically the same as that used when lifting weights Inhale at the start of the negative contraction, when you are moving against the least resistance exhale during the last half to two thirds of the positive contraction, when you are moving against the most resistance During a crunch, you would exhale as you raise your shoulders off the floor and inhale as you lower your torso If this breathing pattern is too difficult, natural breathing luring an AB exercise would be satisfactory, but under no circumstances should you hold your breath IntensityIntensity is a complex subject For our purposes, intensity means the amount of energy it takes to complete an exercise Intensity can be increased or decreased by choosing easier or difficult exercises or by adding weight You should aim for the intensity level that will produce muscular exhaustion in the prescribed number of repetitions, each workout trying to push yourself an extra repetition VariationVariation is often the most neglected training principle People get comfortable in a routine and don t want to change We are creatures of habit But the body thrives on both structure and change You will start on a routine, and the body will hook into that structure and thrive on it This will be a growth period There will be gains in strength, endurance, and or body appearance But after a certain period of time, your body will start to adapt to this routine, and stagnate or plateau This means it s time for a change The body wants something new It needs a new routine to challenge and cause adaptation and growth Variation also prevents boredom and monotony in training And hitting the muscles from a variety of angles gives better overall development Chapter 18, The Complete Multi Level System, has variety built into each level RepetitionsA repetition is the completion of the entire movement of an exercise If an athlete performs ten sit ups, he has completed ten repetitions Repetitions are also referred to as reps SetA set is a consecutive series of repetitions If you perform ten repetitions of the Crunch, rest, and perform another ten repetitions, you have performed two sets of ten repetitions each How Much Do I Aim for The number of repetitions and sets you do depends on your fitness level and your goals There is no hard and fast rule Professional bodybuilders and top athletes have gotten results using a wide variety of routines differing in numbers of sets, reps, and exercises The general consensus for ABs work is to stay between ten and thirty repetitions and between one and five sets per exercise This allows for a wide variety of groupings and combinations within a routine OVERTRAINING Overtraining simply means doing too much and not giving yourself enough rest It means you have worked the muscle too often and too intensely, not giving it enough time to repair itself It is the same as being over worked at the office You start to become less efficient at your work, and you start to burn out Sometimes less is If you re a certain type of person, it is easy to push yourself too hard, becoming too critical, always wanting and It shouldn t become an unhealthy obsession Remember, the purpose of exercise is to improve the quality of your life mentally and physically , not just your appearance Be patient, train smart, and enjoy every repetition Get into the process, not just the results Quality of the RepThe most important element in training is not quantity but quality Don t worry about how many reps you are doing Concentrate on quality and technique keep your technique strict, and go through a full range of motion on each repetition Feel the contraction of each rep keep constant tension on the AB muscles throughout the movement Indulge in each and every repetition Rest Periods During WorkoutsThe purpose of rest periods between sets is to recover in order to perform the next set In general, you should keep your rest time as short as needed for recovery But again, this depends on your goals and your fitness level Beginners need rest time If you are doing an advanced routine with weight, you will also need rest time As a rule of thumb, you should never rest than sixty seconds between sets As your fitness level increases, your rest time should decrease from thirty seconds to no rest stops But remember Always keep the principle of variety in mind PainAn important part of working out is getting in touch with your body Part of this experience is learning to distinguish between good pain and bad pain So be smart and listen to your body Good pain is the feeling of being pumped, having the muscle fill with blood And yes, even that burning sensation that comes from lactic acid buildup It signals fatigue in the muscle you are working which is the goal of exercise These are feelings you will learn to thrive on and may even come to regard as a pleasure Bad pain is a warning sign It means you ve injured yourself When you feel this type of pain, stop immediately If you have any doubts, its always better to play it safe rather than to risk an injury If you have lowerback problems, this is something you must be especially careful about Be aware of your lower back at all times Warning signs are shooting pains, sharp pains, spasms, and pain that moves into such peripheral areas as legs, arms, feet, or hands You don t want to push yourself through bad pain It is a sign that you need to take time off and see a doctor, or change to exercises that don t cause problems SorenessMuscle soreness is common after a workout Don t worry if you re a little sore good pain Soreness is most likely caused by microscopic tears in muscle tissue They need recuperation time and proper nutrition to repair The increased blood flow and movement in the area will repair the tissue If you are too sore to train during your next session, you have overdone it Train hard, train smart exercise is for a lifetime RefereneesBrungardt, Brett The Strength Kit, 2nd Edition Aspen, CO Strength Advantage, 1990 O Bryant, Harold, and Mike Stone Weight Training A Scientific Approach Minneapolis Burgess Publishing Co., 1984.Anyone who works out knows that abdominal exercises have progressed light years beyond the basic sit up In fact, a whole new generation of ab exercises and machines have advanced abdominal workouts to new levels of sophistication, designed for maximum efficiency to provide the trim, toned midsection that everyone wants But how do you put the exercises together into a routine for your specific physique and needs The Complete Book of Abs shows you how The first ab book for everyone from beginners to fitness professionals More than one hundred ab exercises from traditional crunches and sit ups to such cutting edge techniques as corkscrews and hanging knee raises drawn from diverse sources, including gymnastics, yoga, and the martial arts Includes the Fifteen Minutes a Day to Ultimate Abs system, which will take you from an undeveloped stomach to a rippled washboard look in six months Dozens of favorite and new routines from America s foremost coaches, trainers, and bodybuilders How to be your own personal trainer and put together your own routines The most up to date information on diet and nutrition, including a personal template to maximize diet exercise efficiencyAlready a fitness classic, The Complete Book of Abs, is the definitive guide for abdominal toning and strengthening No one who s serious about working out should be without it. 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