↳ Read Format Kindle [ L.A. Requiem ] ⇜ Author Robert Crais ∈

↳ Read  Format Kindle [ L.A. Requiem ] ⇜ Author Robert Crais ∈ ↳ Read Format Kindle [ L.A. Requiem ] ⇜ Author Robert Crais ∈ Le richissime industriel Frank Garcia est ananti par le meurtre de sa fille Karen, qui a eu lieu prs de la retenue de Lake Hollywood LosAngeles Il fait appel son vieil ami Joe Pike, l ancien amant de Karen, qui a mont avec Elvis Cole une agence de dtectives privs Grce ses relations, Frank obtient du RHD, la brigade d lite des policiers de la ville, que les deux hommes suivent pour son compte le travail des enquteurs Mais Joe, qui appartenait au LAPD, la police de Los Angeles, est ha par ses anciens collgues Ils lui reprochent d tre responsable de la mort, quelques annes auparavant, d Abel Wozniak, son quipier de l poque, lors de l arrestation d un pdophile Rien n est fait pour aider les deux privs, et certainement pas la haine tenace de Krantz, responsable de la brigade Mais Joe et Elvis, qui connaissent les ficelles du mtier, recueillent des informations que semblent vouloir touffer le RHD Les circonstances de l enqute obligeront Elvis plonger dans le pass de son ami pour trouver les rponses ses questions Joe est il coupable ou tout simplement victime d une vengeance machiavlique Robert Crais fait preuve d un grand talent en alliant une parfaite matrise du suspens, un rcit plusieurs voix, souvent drle malgr la noirceur de l intrigue, des hros attachants, troublants mais jamais manichens notamment le personnage de Joe Pike, poursuivi par les dmons de son pass Un thriller d une belle intensit dramatique Claude MespldeUniformed LAPD Officer Joe Pike could hear the banda music even with the engine idling, the a.c jacked to meat locker, and the two way crackling callout codes to other units.The covey of Latina street kids clumped outside the arcade giggled at him, whispering things to each other that made them flush Squat brown men come up through the fence from Zacatecas milled on the sidewalk, shielding their eyes from the sun as veteranos told them about Sawtelle over on the Westside where they could find day labor jobs, thirty dollars cash, no papers required Here in Rampart Division south of Sunset, Guatemalans and Nicaraguans simmered with Salvadorans and Mexican nationals in a sidewalk machaca that left the air flavored with epizote, even here within the sour cage of the radio car.Pike watched the street kids part like water when his partner hurried out of the arcade Abel Wozniak was a thick man with a square head and cloudy, slate eyes Wozniak was twenty years older than Pike and had been on the street twenty years longer Once the best cop that Pike had then met,Wozniak s eyes were now strained They d been riding together for two years, and the eyes hadn t always been that way Pike regretted that, but there wasn t anything he could do about it.Especially now when they were looking for Ramona Ann Escobar.Wozniak lurched in behind the wheel, adjusting his gun for the seat, anxious to roll even with the tension between them as thick as clotted blood His informant had come through.DeVille s staying at the Islander Palms Motel.Does DeVille have the girl My guy eyeballed a little girl, but he can t say if she s still with him.Wozniak snapped the car into gear and rocked away from the curb They didn t roll Code Three No lights, no siren The Islander Palms was less than five blocks away, here on Alvarado Boulevard just south of Sunset Why send an announcement Woz Would DeVille hurt her I told you, a fuckin perv like this would be better off with a bullet in his head.It was eleven forty on a Tuesday morning At nine twenty, a five year old girl named Ramona Ann Escobar had been playing near the paddleboatconcession in Echo Park when her mother, a legal emigre from Guatemala, had turned away to chat with friends Witnesses last saw Ramona in the company of a man believed to be one Leonard DeVille, a known pedophilewho d been sighted working both Echo and MacArthur parks for the past three months When the dispatch call had come about the missing girl, Wozniak had begun working his street informants Wozniak, having beenon the street forever, knew everyone and how to find them He wasatreasure trove of information that Pike valued and respected, anddidn twant to lose But Pike couldn t do anything about that,either.Pike stared at Wozniak until Wozniak couldn t handle the weight any longer and glanced over They were forty seconds away from the Islander Palms Oh, for Christ s sake, what It isn t too late, Woz.Wozniak s eyes went back to the street, and his face tightened I m telling you, Joe Back off with this I m not going to talk about it any.I meant what I said.Wozniak wet his lips.You ve got Paulette and Evelyn to think about.Wozniak s wife and daughter.The cloudy eyes flicked to Pike, as bottomless and as dangerous as a thunderhead.I ve been thinking about them, Pike You bet your ass.For just an instant, Pike thought Wozniak s eyes filled Then Wozniak gave a shudder as if he were shaking out his feelings, and pointed.There it is Now shut the fuck up and play like a cop.The Islander Palms was a white stucco dump two stories of frayed carpets, stained beds, and neon palms that looked tacky even in Los Angeles, all of it shaped into an L around a narrow parking lot The typical customers were whores renting by the hour, wannabe pornographers shooting amateur videos, and rent jumpers needing a place to stay while they found a new landlord to stiff.Pike followed Wozniak into the manager s office, a skinny Hindu with watery eyes First thing he said was, I do not wan trouble, please.Wozniak had the lead.We re looking for a man with a little girl His name is Leonard DeVille, but he might ve used another name.The Hindu didn t know the name, or about a little girl, but he told them that a man matching the description Woz provided could be found on the second floor in the third room from the top of the L.Pike said, You want me to call it in Wozniack went out the door and up the stairs without answering Pike thought then that he should go back to the car and call, but you don t let your partner go up alone Pike followed.They found the third door, listened, but heard nothing The drapes were pulled Standing on the exposed balcony, Pike felt as if they were being watched.Wozniak took the knob side of the door, Pike the hinges Wozniak rapped on the door, identifying himself as a Los Angeles police officer Everything about Joe made him want to be the first one inside, but they had settled that two years ago Wozniak drove, Wozniak went in first, Wozniak called how they made the play Twenty two years on the job against Pike s three bought you that They had done it this way two hundred times.When DeVille opened the door, they pushed him backward, Wozniak going first and pushing hard.DeVille said, Hey, what is this Like he d never been rousted before.The room was tattered and cheesy, with a closet and bath off the rear A rumpled double bed rested against the wall like some kind of ugly altar, its dark red bedspread stained and threadbare, one of the stains looking like Mickey Mouse The room s only other piece of furniture was a cheap dresser edged with cigarette burns and notches cut by a sharp knife Wozniak held DeVille as Pike cleared the bathroom and the closet, looking for Ramona.She s not here.Anything else Clothes, suitcase, toothbrush Nothing Indicating that DeVille hadn t been living here, and didn t intend to He had other uses for the room.Wozniak, who had busted DeVille twice in the past, said, Where is she, Lennie Who Hey, I don t do that any C mon, Officer.Where s the camera DeVille spread his hands, flashing a nervous smile I got no camera I m telling you, I m off that.Leonard DeVille was five eight, with a fleshy body, dyed blond hair, and skin like a pineapple The hair was slicked straight back, and held with a rubber band Pike knew that DeVille was lying, but waited to see how Woz would play it Even with only three years on the job, Pike knew that pedophiles were always pedophiles You could bust them, treat them, counsel them, whatever, but when you released them back into the world, they were still child molesters and it was only a matter of time.Wozniak hooked a hand under the foot of the bed and heaved the bed over DeVille jumped back and stumbled into Pike, who caught and held him A rumpled overnight bag was nesting in about a million dust bunnies where the bed had been.Wozniak said, Lennie, you are about as dumb as they get.Hey, that ain t mine I got nothing to do with that bag DeVille was so scared that he sprouted sweat like a rainstorm.Wozniak opened the bag and dumped out a Polaroid camera, better than a dozen film packs, and at least a hundred pictures of children in various stages of undress That s how a guy like DeVille made his living, snapping pictures and selling them to other perverts.Wozniak toed through the pictures, his face growing darker and contained Pike couldn t see the pictures from where he stood, but he could see the vein pulsing in Wozniak s temple He thought that Wozniak must be thinking about his own daughter, but maybe not Maybe Wozniak was still thinking about the other thing.Pike squeezed DeVille s arm Where s the little girl Where s Ramona Escobar DeVille s voice went higher That stuff isn t mine I never saw it before.Wozniak squatted, fingering through the pictures without expression He lifted one, and held it to his nose.I can still smell the developing chemicals You didn t take this than an hour ago.They re not mine Wozniak stared at the picture Pike still couldn t see it.She looks about five She matches the physical description they gave us Pretty little girl Innocent Now she s not innocent any.Abel Wozniak stood and drew his gun It was the new Beretta 9 millimeter that LAPD had just mandated.If you hurt that child, I ll fucking kill you.Joe said, Woz, we ve got to call in Put your gun away.Wozniak stepped past Pike and snapped the Beretta backhand, slamming DeVille in the side of the head and dropping him like a bag of garbage.Pike jumped between them, grabbing Wozniak by the arms and pushing him back That doesn t help get the girl.Then Wozniak s eyes came to Pike hard, ugly little rivets with something behind the clouds When the two police officers went up the stairs, Fahreed Abouti, the manager, watched until they pushed the blond man back into his room The police often came to his motel to bust the prostitutes and johns and drug dealers, and Fahreed never passed up a chance to watch Once, he had seen a prostitute servicing the officers who had come to arrest her, and another time he watched as three officers beat a rapist until all the man s teeth were gone There was always something wonderful to see It was better than Wheel of Fortune.You had to be careful, though.As soon as the upstairs door closed, Fahreed crept up the stairs If you got too close, or if they caught you, the police grew angry Once, a SWAT officer in the armor and the helmet and with the big gun had grown so angry that he d knocked Fahreed s turban into a puddle of transmission fluid The cleaning cost had been horrendous.The shouting started when Fahreed was still on the stairs He couldn t understand what was being said, only that the words were angry He eased along the second floor balcony, trying to get closer, but just as he reached the room, the shouting stopped He cursed the fates, thinking he d missed all the fun, when suddenly there was a single loud shout from inside, then a thunderous, deafening explosion.People on the street stopped in their tracks and looked People pointed, and a man across the parking lot ran.Fahreed s heart pounded, because even a Hindu knew a gunshot He thought the blond man might be dead Or perhaps he had killed the officers.Fahreed heard nothing within the room.Hallu Nothing.Is everyone all right Nothing.Perhaps they had jumped from the bathroom window into the alley behind.Fahreed s palms were damp, and all his swirling fears demanded that he race back to his office and pretend to have heard nothing, but instead he threw open the door.The younger officer, the tall one with the dark glasses and the empty face, spun toward him and aimed an enormous revolver Fahreed thought in that instant that he would surely die.Please No The older officer was without a face, his remains covered in blood The blond man was dead, too, his face a mask of crimson The floor and walls and ceiling were sprayed red.No The tall officer s gun never wavered Fahreed stared into his dark bottomless glasses, and saw that they were misted with blood.Please The tall officer dropped to his fallen partner, and began CPR.Without looking up, the tall officer said, Call 911.Fahreed Abouti ran for the phone. LA Requiem Wikipedia LA is a detective novel by Robert Crais It the eighth in series of linked novels centering on private investigator Elvis Cole Awards won Dilys Award and was nominated for Edgar Award, Anthony Shamus same year Revolvy Mar , e book Download free PDF EPUB E The day starts like any other sun burns hot as Santa Ana winds blow ash from mountain fires to coat glittering city But Joe Pike, will never be again L A Cole, Crais reckoning has come City Angels Karen Garcia missing her father doesn t trust cops he wants someone knows case so enlists help Pike Goodreads Jun all these characteristics, but much powerful than efforts Like its predecessors, good plot woman par which elevated his game Robert Requiem ROBERT CRAIS EXCERPT REQUIEM Islander Palms Motel Uniformed LAPD Officer could hear banda music even with engine idling, ac jacked meat locker, two way crackling callout codes units Summary eNotes In maintains strengths fast pacing, sharp dialogue, finely drawn main characters If there weakness this outing, it thinness Thriftbooks All are entertaining, suddenly vaults ahead anyone else propels top heap writers fact, list one best fictionThis, far, I ve read l requiem eBay Find great deals eBay l Shop confidence L easily most ambitious an outstanding This extraordinary crime that should not pigeonholed genre books always land outside preset boundaries available editions my absolute favorite authors probably s perspective twist unique effective And incredible wit keeps me coming back While anticipate new works, definitely enjoy re reading regular basis PenguinRandomHouse About Terrific entertainment portrait Los Angeles our time swift, colorful, gripping, real knockout Dean Koontz Audiobook Audible At core former cop past dark foreboding demeanor His only stable relationship partner years, talented quick witted PI skeletons own ebook Rakuten Kobo Read Kobo being simply mystery writerRobert pronounced rhyme chase born June American author fictionCrais began career writing scripts television shows such Hill Street Blues, Cagney Lacey, Quincy, Miami Vice LawHis influenced Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, Ernest Hemingway, B Parker John Steinbeck Novels Order NOVELS SERIES ORDER Below listing order publication Information novels, including descriptions, excerpts, reviews, accessible clicking title Note each original selling He recipient Ross Macdonald Literary native Baton Rouge, Louisiana, grew up banks Mississippi River blue collar family oil refinery workers four generations police officers Taken search girl leads investigators into nightmarish world human trafficking New York Times bestseller When Nita Morales hires find daughter, she sure ruse orchestrated boyfriend Wikipdia uvres principales Srie d et modifier n le juin Independence Louisiane est un crivain amricain de roman policier The Monkey Raincoat Series bestselling twenty sixteen them featuring laconic ex partner, Before first novel, spent several years major Vice, Baretta, Law List Farscape Main Crichton Crichton, Jr k r played Ben Browder, International Aeronautics Space Administration commonly referred show IASA astronaut who, opening few minutes pilot episode, accidentally catapulted through wormhole across universe, thus setting scene whole parenthesis next L.A. Requiem


    • L.A. Requiem
    • 3.4
    • 278
    • Format Kindle
    • 418 pages
    • Robert Crais
    • Anglais
    • 17 June 2016

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