⇕ Today Show ᠔ Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy ↜ Kindle Ebook By Panache Desai ∂

⇕ Today Show ᠔ Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy  ↜ Kindle Ebook By Panache Desai ∂ ⇕ Today Show ᠔ Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy ↜ Kindle Ebook By Panache Desai ∂ Day 1 FearMorningThere is a reason why we begin with fear So often we allow fear to run our lives Think about it Nothingabsolutely nothingis wrong, but something sets you off, and you start being fearful of something that hasnt happened and likely wont Seemingly out of the clear blue sky, you start worrying about the bills You start obsessing about your job Maybe your boss doesnt really like you Or maybe your coworker is sabotaging you Your mind runs with this for a while Possibly your fear takes the form of worry about your children Johnnys B minus on a math test might be setting him up for a life of underachievement Sophies been dealing with some middle school girl problems, and you worry that her self esteem will be permanently damaged Then, of course, theres always your health You wake up in the morning with a headache, are sure its a tumor Before you know it, youve become a sick, unemployed, poor parent, all in your mind Whatever your particular fears are, they serve to constrict you and make your whole field of energy narrow.Fear begets fear Call to mind the image of a garden What happens if we dont weed a garden If we dont tend to it, our entire gardenall of those carefully cultivated rosebushes and peonies and dayliliesbecomes overgrown Roots become strangled, cut off from the source Before you know it, all that beauty vanishes Fear is an energy It is an experience But holding on to fear is unique to our human nature Consider this Every living being feels its fear and shakes it off Cows, deer, fox, even bearsthey all feel fear and move on But we human beings dont We accumulate fear We hoard and store it in our bodies We go out of our way to prove to ourselves that the world is not a safe place Of course, there is an evolutionary place for fearafter all, it allows us to survivebut we let it run amok And then it keeps us locked into place Perhaps we stay in unsatisfying jobs or in bad relationships out of fear that something greater is not on its way All the time were doing that, were invalidating the universal principle of The grass continues to grow Rivers continue to flow into the sea Galaxies are born Life seemingly has a way of continuing to evolve into Everything in nature validates this principle.We need to find our courage, which, of course, is not the absence of fear but rather the willingness to feel the fear and move forward anyway Fear isnt going to kill us Its an energy that we can allow to move through us.Tend to the garden of your unconscious mind Imagine yourself in a house surrounded by an absolutely beautiful garden The only problem is that the garden has been overtaken by fear Fearof financial loss, of being alone, of illness, you name ithas taken the form of weeds Go out of the house and tend to that garden Visualize yourself on your knees, putting on your gardening gloves, pulling out your fear by its roots What do we have here Abandonment Betrayal Rejection Death Its all about the energy This is a radical idea, I knowbut your fears cannot hurt you Pull out your first weed The weeds are your vibrational density Think of them as a mass of tangles Dirty, all knotted up What happens next Here, your story doesnt matter The specifics of who, what, where, when, and why are beside the point Youre pulling out the energy of fear Just the energythats all When that mass of tangles is uprooted, suddenly theres space It wont necessarily feel comfortable But stop for a minute What does it feel like Maybe theres a little room now Perhaps theres the beginning of new opportunity In time, we will know In giving fear our attention, it loses its power over us The weeds arent wrong or bad Theyre just taking up space.NoonPerhaps you read the Morning passage while sitting at your kitchen table, grabbing a quick breakfast, a cup of coffee Or maybe you were already on the train Or in your car, driving to work as you listened to these words on an audiobook Wherever you found yourself, I now want you to train your heart and mindyour awarenesson the energy of fear as it appears throughout your day Each time today that fear arises within youand make no mistake, it will arisemake note of it Fear is your ground zero.Typically, we manage our daily fears in one of three ways We run.We stand our ground and fight.Or we freeze.You might be anticipating the homework assignment that requires you to read two hundred pages by tomorrow Or the results of a pathology report Or the business project that requires you to leave your wife and babies and travel halfway around the world to secure a contract The first day of a new job A first date Opening a bill, terrified that you dont have the money to cover it Life and life situations will call us out on our fear, every single time And when this happens, the most primitive part of the brain takes over The part of us that fights, flees, or freezes comes from our base animalistic response to the energy of fear Everything in the natural world does this in the presence of fear Unless of course youre a possum, in which case you play dead This happens whether or not there is a legitimate threat Our muscles contract Our breathing becomes shallow Our palms dampen Our pupils enlarge Our blood leaves our extremities and pools in the center.So what do you do You learn to allow You have a familiar place you retreat to as a result of your fear Get to know the place Perhaps its a set behavior, a pattern that you use to compensate for the presence of this uncomfortable energy Maybe for you its denial Or egoic compensation Arrogance Distraction Withdrawal Introversion The fridge The bar.We all have our survival mechanisms For me, I go to that puffed up place Youre not going to mess with me I once again become that kid in London who had to develop bravado in order to survive I can be in a business meeting, surrounded by people who know a lot than I do about the subject at hand, but if I dont like the way things are going, I tend to fall back on false strength I feel as if I need to be larger than life This is an old way of adapting, of trying to survive I have to learn, again and again, to catch myself in that behavior and stop Trust Notice And allow the fear to run through me like a river out to sea.So just for today, notice the special place you go when you start to experience fear Does your ego begin to assert itself Or do you want to hide Do you reach for something to distract you Do you become oblivious and shut down Or do you try to numb it out Do you reach for a cigarette, or your phone, or check your email for the five hundredth time Or perhaps youll choose not to engage Youll pull the rug over your head and hope the moment passes.Notice Keep an eye out It may happen only once today or a hundred times It doesnt matter There is immense power in the ability to catch yourself, to observe your own instinctive responses and behavior And when you do notice, meet yourself with absolute love The awareness signals the end of the fight Not to say that your reptilian brain wont snake its way in a new direction After all, thats what snakes do But once you train your mind to notice what its doing, fear will lose its stranglehold.NightUntil now, the invisible force of fear has been your constant companion It has informed every decision and directed every choice It is the knot in your heart that keeps you from fully loving It has appeared at pivotal moments to steer you away from who you know you really are It is the voice in your head telling you no It is the very sound of defeat It steals your birthright from you It robs you of life itself.Fear has served you well.It has been your good old friend.Until this very moment.Its time.As with a friend with whom you must part ways, its time to say thank you Its time to move on into a greater relationship, a greater receptivity, a greater expression A greater truth Its time to embrace the fearold friendand say goodbye To say, You have been with me for a long time You have been the voice in my mind, to the point where I know no other You have protected me and kept me safe But you have served your purpose, and I must go I choose to venture beyond your jurisdiction I have the courage to walk into the unknown.An invitation to change the energy that surrounds you, find the harmony that comes with self acceptance, and, in the process, discover your lifes purpose and the boundless possibilities that await you Your soul signature is your spiritual DNAit is who you are at your core, the most authentic part of you, your singular contribution to this world And yet we reject our authentic selves We allow our soul signature to become blocked by any number of emotional obstacles that life throws in our path anger, fear, guilt, shame, sadness, despair Any or all of these feelings overtake us and create a density, a heaviness that doesnt permit us to embrace who we truly are, deep inside We are energetic beings, Panache Desai reminds us, and emotions are energy in motion When we are blocked we feel unworthy, less than, unloved, incomplete In Discovering Your Soul Signature, Panache invites us on a 33 day path of meditationsshort passages to be read at morning, noon, and night that are designed to dismantle the emotional burden that holds us back and open us up to changing our lives Through this distilled, poetic, practical, and inspiring course, he invites us to live a life of authenticity, to rediscover purpose and passion, and to believe from our soul in the possibility of all things From the Hardcover edition. 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