≧ New ᥠ Jo Frost's Toddler Rules: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior ⊶ E-Pub Author Jo Frost ⋋

≧ New ᥠ Jo Frost's Toddler Rules: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior  ⊶ E-Pub Author Jo Frost ⋋ ≧ New ᥠ Jo Frost's Toddler Rules: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior ⊶ E-Pub Author Jo Frost ⋋ oneThe Five Rules of Disciplined ParentingIm sure you remember the overwhelming feeling of love you experienced when your child was first placed in your arms, that animalistic feeling of wanting to protect I bet you also remember the tremendous sense of responsibility to get it right as well, the realization that this tiny being is totally dependent on you and you want to give him everything he needs and be the best parent possible Throughout the first twelve months or so of your babys life, you were focused on meeting his needs for sleep, food, and stimulation, as well as all the other developmental milestones that come in that first year Once you figured out what his various cries meant and a schedule to meet those needs, life with your little one made you a bit confident, didnt it You felt proud you got through the first year and adjusted well, with thousands of photos to prove it.Then she starts walking and one day, as youre trying to get her to do somethingperhaps get her clothes on, or get her in her car seatit happens She digs in her heels and throws a wobbly kicking like a Premier League soccer player, screaming at the top of her lungs, throwing herself down on the ground Hello and welcome to the toddler tantrum.But it isnt just tantrums you have to deal with now Suddenly you have a Mini Me who tells you what she does and doesnt want Shes a bundle of contradictions She wants independenceand she wants you to do everything for her One minute its Feed me the next shes refusing to eat She wants to pour her own milk, but it spills all over She wants to get out of the stroller and walk, but she wont stay by your side and youre afraid shell dart out into the street Shes learned the power of the word no and uses it as frequently as possible no, she doesnt want to go to bed no, she doesnt want to share her toy no, she doesnt want to sit at the table in the restaurant No, no, no, no.Now what you need to give your child is challenging than ever before You want to give her all she needs in order to grow into a happy, healthy, productive adult with good morals, healthy boundaries, and the ability to function well in the world You see the long term vision in your mind And you still want to be the best parent possible so that one day when shes grown, shell look back and say, You did a good job, Mom Thank you Parents know that when you have a child you get the title, but heres where you start to earn it.Take a moment now and think of a picture that represents your desire to give your child the best Is it you and your little one snuggled warm and cozy in bed while you read a story Is it pushing her on a swing and her belly laughing in the wind with delight Is it the classic holiday card with you and your spouse surrounded by your smiling children Whatever it is, take a moment to visualize it Freeze the image See it in color Experience how happy and content that picture makes you feel.That picture is possible You can have it But it takes knowing what fundamentals you need to put in place, the skills you must have to get there, and the discipline to do whats needed day after day for years Remember, youre aiming to be a conscious parent to your toddler, the person who consistently provides for your child To achieve this, you have to make sure your child has The right amount of sleepConsistent mealtimes with proper portions and the right kinds of foodsOpportunities for getting out and about, for physical activity, stimulation, and socializationEarly learning activities to help with child developmentA clear sense of your familys expectations for behavior, and appropriate corrections when necessaryOf course parenting is 24 7 throughout childhood But what you give in the toddler years are paramount Thats an incredible responsibility, one that should be held in much regard and respect You have been given the gift of raising a human being in this life Not to mention for those of you who already know me, my techniques are tried, tested, and proven Youve seen me do them hundreds of times.So often I hear parents say, I dont have the time I read somewhere recently that over 40 percent of todays parents say that they dont have time to think about how to keep their children safe in their own homes Thats so rudimentary that it is inconceivable to me But if they cant even think of their toddlers physical safety, how can they possibly put these five cornerstones in place Your interest in this book tells me that you are part of the other 60 percentparents who realize the importance of putting in the needed time, and of trying hard to get things right from the start Not the clich of Ive tried, but it doesnt work.Imagine you are holding two packs of playing cards One has cards that say obesity, type 2 diabetes, poor attention and other learning issues, and social relationship problems The other has cards that say health, learning up to ones potential, fruitful relationships, and the ability to function well in the world Which pack do you want to hand to your child Its not rocket science, right Ive seen what a lack of these basics does Ive seen children delayed in their speech, arrested in their development, and having trouble socializing with other children Ive seen children frustrated by wanting to learn but not being able to because they havent been taught to sit down and pay attention Ive seen children eat and eat and be given praise for being on their third helping, when its been shown this overfeeding is a setup for obesity and type 2 diabetes while still in childhood Ive seen two and three year olds who act aggressively and have been given no guidance or boundaries turn into bullies and be kicked out of school at age six.I know you dont want those consequences for your child, and I also know that what I am asking you to do takes time and energy Thats why I say you need to be a disciplined parent It takes discipline to feed your child right, to make sure he gets to bed on time, to teach the early learning activities that will stimulate his brain, to teach him how to be out in public safely and to play nicely with others, to reinforce positive behavior and to curb naughty behavior And it takes discipline to create and follow a routine to provide everything you need to in a day With routine comes organization, good timekeeping, and the ability to do everything that needs to get done, not just for your child but for you too In doing so, you can all have fun.I remember a Colorado family I worked with They were juggling running their household and running their own company out of their house The mother had no set times for work and focusing on the kids She felt guilty they werent getting enough of her attention, so she kept them up too late as a result, they werent getting the amount of sleep they needed Being overtired and missing her led to her youngest getting up in the middle of the night, and shed feel so guilty that shed let him stay up, creating tiredness I helped her divide her day so that she could do what was necessary with her young ones and still have time to work That plus putting the Sleep Separation technique page 72 in place turned the situation around.The Five ToolerThe metaphor I like to use for what parents need to be is a five tooler In baseball, a five tooler is a player who excels at hitting for average, hitting for power, baserunning with speed, throwing, and fielding He is disciplined in five areas of the sport Im asking you to become a five toolera disciplined parent in the areas of eatingsleepinggoing outearly learningbehaviorA baseball player usually shows strength in some than others, but that doesnt mean he doesnt work on the other areas You too may find that one or two of the five come easier for you Thats okay It just indicates where you need to keep improving.By becoming a five tooler, youll become a better parent, one who knows that you are making a profound impact in your little ones life, not just now but for later on too That requires thinking long term Some parents do this better than others We live in a society that wants quick turn arounds But trust me, there are no short cuts So many parents are just trying to get through the day or the week When you think long term, you pull that healthy frozen meal out of the fridge often rather than running to the drive through You take the time to notice and praise your child for what shes done well You read that story again even though youre sick of it And though it may be easier for you when its eight oclock at night and youve just come back from some event to tuck her in quickly, you recognize the importance of the bedtime ritual, so you do a shortened version of your usual routine.Why All Five MatterThese five basic rules are extremely interrelated If you dont provide healthy food, restful sleep, great socialization, and stimulation, behavior problems will increase And if you dont deal effectively with behavior issues, you will have trouble with bedtimes, eating, getting along with others, and sitting still long enough to learn.Heres an example When I first started helping families on television, I worked with a young mother who had a little boy He could not sit down and focus on anything for even one minute When I spoke to him, I wondered, Is he partially deaf, or has he just got selective hearing So I tried an experiment Who wants ice cream I asked Well, he heard that But as soon as I said to him, Lets tidy up now, the words fell on deaf ears So I knew he chose what to listen to His parents gave him no consequences for naughty behavior, and because they hadnt gotten a grip on that, theyd lost the motivation to do early learning activities such as reading to him, because all he wanted to do was damage the book or puzzle.He didnt have any social skills either, because hed never been taught to expand his attention, to understand the rules of a game, and to take turns We were playing Chutes and Ladders, but he couldnt enjoy it because he couldnt sit still long enough to learn how to play He ended up throwing the board in frustration.Yes, this child had behavior issues, but he had learning and socialization issues as well I taught his mother how to put boundaries, expectations, and consequences in place I helped her learn how to expand his attention span I helped her teach him the importance of taking turns with others I helped her put a good routine in place so that he was getting proper sleep and nutrition at the right times And last but not least I helped her connect lovingly with him again so that she could praise him, cuddle him, and give him love These efforts, taken together, turned the situation around for the better.Love and Affection Too When talking about the five basic rules, I want to make sure you understand that they are all done with love I want you not to forget how important it is to hug, to kiss, to cuddle, to speak to your child kindly and with respect I can tell when children are held and cuddled frequently and given lots of warmth and lovetheir exterior is soft and their spirit fed Ive spoken to parents who say they were never hugged as children, so being affectionate may not come naturally And I know that when kids are misbehaving and parents dont know what to do, they can unconsciously withdraw from their children and therefore give fewer cuddles and hugs When youve had a difficult time with your child, in addition to disciplining when necessary, make sure to surround him with your love Detach his behavior from his core Hug him, kiss him, hold him He will soften and the bond between you will grow stronger.I remember working with a family of five kids headed by a single mother whose husband had just walked out on her She said, The kids are being so naughty I just cant get them to behave I saw her kids throwing food at the table, not going to bed at night, hitting, and fighting I mean, everything needed sorting out What those kids needed most, before I could do anything else, was love, comfort, and stability They missed their dad and were acting out as a result I gave lots of cuddles and hugs When they got angry and threw something, instead of going on to the Naughty Step a form of Time Out that Ill talk about later , they went into a corner where they could paint, draw, or read while they calmed down After they were comforted and loved, I could then put a healthy routine in place with early learning, proper bedtimes, and so on As they began to heal, only then did I start to implement discipline Because you hope to heal whats broken, first with love before the rest can be dealt with.Creating a RoutineAs youll see when I discuss the rule for each basic childhood need, putting routines in place is a common theme Young children love routine because its predictablethey know whats coming next Recently I came across research that backs up my belief It turns out that when a young childs environment is chaotic or disorderly, it negatively influences the development of her cortex, the part of the brain responsible for good judgment So the orderly your daily life, the better support you are providing for her brain to grow well Thats a powerful incentive To create a routine, start with a consideration of the amount of sleep your child needs See page 50 for a list of appropriate total hours of sleep by age Then work out when she needs to go to sleep and wake up Schedule the rest around the sleep times breakfast, getting ready, getting to day care or having morning learning activities, snack, activities, lunch, nap if shes still doing it, snack, play inside or out, dinner, bedtime ritual, bed See the Sample Routine box for a sample You will clearly see there are two snacks per day, three mealtimes five and a half hours dedicated to mental and physical activities for your toddler, and one or two nap times or rest periods, depending on age This also gives you a break as well, time when you can recharge.The indomitable Frost shares both her wisdom and experience for parents of toddlers The five rules are presented in her charming and conversational tone and provide not only a foundation for sanity but sure scaffolding to greater learning and happier parenting Frost is a favorite with many, and her engaging manner carries into her written work Library Journal starred review Common sense and practical advice on raising young children by an expert in the field A full chapter devoted to handling temper tantrums is an added bonus for parents in crisis mode Kirkus Reviews Home JoFrost Parenting expert and Nanny on Tour TV personality, Jo Frost, answers your top family challenges YouTube askJoFrost About Revered Global Expert, Bestselling Author, Television Personality, Frost has been a Staple in our living rooms for over fifteen 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socialization Your Step Shaping Complete troubleshooting free, welcome, honest, straightforward all need grow, thrive, make preciousPraise indomitable both wisdom Praise rules presented charming conversational tone provide only foundation sanity sure scaffolding greater learning happier From Oh, got JO FROST S TODDLER RULES Proper Behavior, Here that worked houseJo Beloved bestselling author, History originally broadcast Channel July following success Cutting Edge Bad Behaviour one shows, reaching nearly million viewers series, consistently high ratings throughout seriesSupernanny USA also shown its How Get Best Children Meet modern day Mary Poppins here rescue today beleaguered offering up practical, road tested methods childrearing indispensable based upcoming series aka answer stressed dreams primetime same name, works miracles problem All Travelling length breadth country, mission badly behaved Nude Porn Pornhub Watch porn videos Pornhub Discover growing collection quality Most 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studies frost cherished climate change science Two published completely claims made green justice warriors One tenets eco activists do save planet jojofrost Instagram photos videos Advice Advocate Coach Qs pics may Publication jofrost IMDb known returned states star producer JoFrost Twitter latest Tweets Trusted Expert,Bestselling Author Consultant NannyJo Prod PublicationFB grew brother Southwest London Her father builder mother, Gibraltar, interior decoratorFrost happy, physically active childhood Because interested history, frequented Home Facebook talking official Facebook page Updated maintained web team jo frost leading childcare experts presents show nation preferred Full Episode Apr begins looking violent computer games effect game player behavior Professor Doug Gentile, extensively researched effects Biography Jul meets six old Madison, suffers furious tantrums, Layla, never slept night bed Madison dad sought married, husband, divorce, personal March appeared Alan Carr Chatty Man, November after almost helping families, announced end Wiki FANDOM powered Wikia aged British host various programs involving child raising Top Three Parents WebMD As kicks sixth season, favorite healthy Techniques Contact Help Media Disclaimer Techniques Bye Bottle Technique Click steps instructions implementing Little Bio, Facts, Famous Birthdays Learn birthday, did before fame, life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, FREE shipping qualifying offers practical Chapel Hill, Durham NC dental implants, Climate skeptics cleaner US drops carbon dioxide emissions while Europe increases However Hoosier Gardener Hoosier Gardener Ellen Meyers Sharp, Sharp An informed, take gardening Indiana dirty topics Jo Frost's Toddler Rules: Your 5-Step Guide to Shaping Proper Behavior


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