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ᥖ digital Homeopathy for Today’s World ᦥ Ebook By DR RAJAN SANKARAN ᦾ ᥖ digital Homeopathy for Today’s World ᦥ Ebook By DR RAJAN SANKARAN ᦾ Chapter 4 A Map to the Inner World Through careful observation, we come to the paradoxical conclusion that each human being lives two lives simultaneously Although this statement initially appears contradictory, a careful observation of human nature shows it to be true One life is our life as a human being, where energy sings the human song On delving deeper, we find a completely different world inside which seems to sing the Other Song, another melody altogether This other melody is not innately human but is a reflection of a pattern that we have borrowed from nature be it from a plant, a mineral, or an animal Therefore, this energy pattern is appropriate to nature, not to us The natural world consists of animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, and the energy of each of these kingdoms is very different As humans, we borrow an energy pattern from one of these kingdoms that corresponds to our inner way of perceiving and reacting Depending on which kingdom is the source of the Other Song within, human beings can be mapped into one of the following three kingdoms by the basic issues that they face Plant kingdom people have heightened sensitivity Animal kingdom people deal with survival, competition, and victim aggressor issues Mineral kingdom people feel deficient in their own makeup or structure, or fear losing a part of their structure Recognition of the Mineral Song The fundamental issue in minerals is the formation, maintenance, and loss of structure The central features of the mineral kingdom are its structure and organization These are the features that help scientists understand this kingdom so well The structure of minerals is ordered and predictable in many ways, allowing an exact classification of all elements into the periodic table In persons whose other song is derived from the mineral kingdom, the issues of capacity, strength, resistance, stability, and solidity which are the innate features of minerals are reflected in human form as capability, toughness, performance, and security The core issue for these people is how to maintain the stability of their structure, be it their health, relationships, family, finances, talents, power, or position in an organization All the elements in the first column of the periodic table vertically on the far left side of the table contain only one electron in their outer shell These elements are therefore very unstable and react readily with other elements in order to attain the shared stability of eight electrons in their outer shell In contrast, the noble gases in the last column of the table vertically on the far right side of the table all contain eight electrons in their outer shell and are called noble because they are nonreactive and inert chemically They are already stable, in themselves Thus moving from left to right each row in the periodic table represents and maps a journey toward stability of structure The Third Row Development of Identity The third row represents the progressive development from dependence to independence in the areas of care, nourishment, and choice If your inner song comes from the third row of the periodic table, you exist as an entity on your own, but you are apt to be unsure of your identity The question now is I am, but who am I The elements on the left of the third row sodium and magnesium perceive this lack of identity as living someone elses life and being completely dependent on the choices of others In effect these people have dissolved their own identity into that of another person In contrast, elements on the right side phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine have a developed sense of their identity since the ego and sense of self becomes clearer as we move across the row to the right They have become free of the need for care and nourishment and have a significant degree of self sufficiency Case Study A twenty three year old girl came to me with a skin problem called lichen planus She had dark spots all over her lower limbs with much itching This condition, which is known to be stress related, is quite difficult to treat However, what was even of a problem was the girls state of mind She was unmarried and was staying with her parents, and every day there would be intense quarrels between her and her parents in which the patient would become abusive She was desperate and sometimes even had suicidal thoughts I started by asking for her description of the skin problem She said there were two types of skin spots, with different characteristics, and both of them coexisted at the same time, in the same place I was intrigued by this description, and asked her to describe this phenomenon She said that they were completely opposite and remotely similar, that they were completely opposite like cheese and chalk At this point the description of her condition was so strange that it had to come from her other song I asked for , and she generalized by saying that it is the same situation where she lives with her parents, where each one is completely different from the other She felt she had to listen to them because, I am unable to think for myself The essence of her perception is one of her own nondevelopment Since her own sense of identity and choice are not clearly established, there is a conflict within her whether she should listen to herself or to others This conflict is so confusing that she is frustrated enough to want to destroy herself The issue of nondevelopment of self is a mineral kingdom issue In this girl it is particularly manifested in the area of development of her identity, which is an issue of the elements of the third row of the periodic table Along with her own awareness of her problem, arrived at through the interview process, the homeopathic remedy Alumina from the third row healed her both in skin and mind.His Rajan Sankaran interviewing techniques alone are worth the price of the book It also will stimulate interest in items like Bach Flower Essences Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer, May 2011 The focus on understanding and learning ones inner song to reduce negativity and stress makes this a top pick for any alternative healing library Midwest Book Review, November 2011 This book is truly groundbreaking in the information it presents, and it explores an entire other universe from most homeopathy books Whole Life Times, November 2011 Explaining that there are 7 levels to our experiences, Dr Sankaran provides techniques to decode the words and gestures we use to describe our pain, emotions, and health conditions, allowing us to probe deeper into our experiences of stress and illness to determine what animal, plant, or mineral is singing within us Showing how this core identity can be used by homeopathic physicians to treat our problems at their source, he reveals how becoming aware of our inner song can reduce the intensity of its negative effects, leading to less stress, better health, and harmony in our lives Branches of Light, October 2012 Dr Sankarans approach is the greatest single advance in homeopathic medicinal practice in the past century The American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine Dr Rajan Sankaran is one of the most insightful homeopathic practitioners and thinkers alive today The depth and originality of his vision have expanded the boundaries of homeopathic philosophy and practice, gaining him thousands of adherents among professional homeopaths worldwide In this unique volume, Dr Sankaran shares his perspective on homeopathy in a manner designed to be accessible to the layperson as well as the clinician Julian Jonas, CCH, Lic Ac., Center for Homeopathy of Southern Vermont Homeopathy for Todays World is a triumph the healing art is revealed Rajan Sankarans experiences and insights to date are united within an overarching philosophy and are made explicit and intelligible His quest for the most reliable form of homeopathy has been unremitting I will recommend this book to all my students Misha Norland, founder and principal of the School of Homeopathy, Devon, England Dr Rajan Sankaran has given us a valuable tool to discover the other song, the inner individualizing experience inherent in every person The nature of this core feeling plays an important role in the response to stressful situations and generally in the maladies of life Dr Sankarans clarity of thought in the methodology of how to access the continuous inner sensation has opened an immense perspective His method serves as a deep journey into the self and is a valuable advancement of homeopathic practice today and in the future Anne Schadde, founder of the Homeopathy Forum in Munich and cofounder of the European and Internatio a useful reading for homoeopathy practitioners beginners and old timers alike Its merit lies in the scale of its view revealing the art of healing The authors overarching philosophy is explicit and intelligible, and the exposition is such as to make understanding of the subject easy The Hindu, online edition of India s national newspaper Homeopathy Wikipedia Homeopathy or hom opathy is a system of alternative medicine created in by Samuel Hahnemann, based on his doctrine like cures similia similibus curentur , claim that substance causes the symptoms disease healthy people would cure similar sick pseudoscience belief Home The Net s best homeopathic premier site for all things homeopathic world directory, commercial and other web links full reference library Zone Revolutionary Mind Body Medicine What homeopathy classical powerful healing uniquely able to restore health well being correcting spiritual imbalance lies at core illnessThrough one can gradually permanently overcome chronic life long homeopathy Skeptic Dictionary Skepdic reader comments further reading books articles Barrett, Stephen William T Jarvis eds Health Robbers A Close Look Quackery America, Amherst Beyond Flat Earth BeyondFlatEarth line distributor Medicine, round introductory book available, xkcd Dilution This work licensed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial License means you re free copy share these Homeopathic Medicine Children Babies Homeopathic Children, Babies Many most common illnesses childhood be quickly effectively treated home with medicines Autism Treatment Autism India leading center Autism For treatment India, find doctors, latest research updates, guidance about CEASE therapy, occupational ABA, Casein Gluten diet, immunization, MMR vaccine, special schools autistic children NASAL ALLERGY HOMEOPATHY DrHomeo Write Dr Sharma get reply how help treating your condition Healers hundreds years, beautiful montana plant has been recognized its properties Today, it popular natural remedies availableOrganisations Rajan Sankaran Clinic song Academy Launched July International Advanced Homoeopathy, pioneering institute offers possible homoeopathic patients, teaches advancement field Homoeopathy doctors The Soul Remedies internationally renowned as clear thinker known path breaking concepts, especially understanding delusion, use mind dreams, classification remedy states into kingdoms additions existing miasms Rajan School Homeopathy only effective practitioners Having right education keystone making good practitioner Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree Dog, fascinating journey evolution Sankaran, ground physician At same time an interesting look s, era little understood many West Everyone BEST safe medical science developed Hahnemann German It principle Find Your Favourite Author Indulekha item Rs shopping cart empty Categories TOP MALAYALAM BOOKS Authors Mathrubhumi Books Books My Account Search Dr Dinesh Chauhan Chauhan practices Mumbai, Insightful passionate homoeopathy, he influential figures today T M Soundararajan biography living person needs additional citations verification Please adding reliable sourcesContentious material persons unsourced poorly sourced must removed immediately, if potentially libelous harmful Learn when remove this template message Software Repertory program Hompath HOMPATH MOST TRUSTED HOMEOPATHIC SOFTWARE Hompath innovative next generation software researchers, practitioners, teachers students Evaluation Resource Center Annual Report Evaluation annual report provides detailed insights evaluation activities UNDP, UNCDF UNV highlights key achievements, challenges, lessons presents future plan ways forward A P J Abdul Kalam Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen b d l k m listen October was Indian scientist who served th President from He born raised Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu studied Archive News Hindu K Why Arvind Swami went heartthrob Varadan Chekka Chivantha Vaanam All Employees List cpri Central Power Research Institute commonly CPRI, presently autonomous Society Ministry Power, Govt CPRI serves apex body undertaking Testing Certification power equipment transformers, cables, Towers, Energy Meters, Domestic Electrical appliances, Bus duct, Switch gear, Insulator, conductor, circuit breaker HV, LV Fuse etc mca page cin company din director name uklptc kerala lakshadweep mahe elaneer producer limited hemchand velayudhan Sankaran medicine NPTEL NPTEL E learning through online Web Video courses various streams Homeopathy for Today’s World


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