ƻ Best new Hands Of Light ც E-Pub Author Barbara Ann Brennan ᄒ

ƻ Best new Hands Of Light ც E-Pub Author Barbara Ann Brennan ᄒ ƻ Best new Hands Of Light ც E-Pub Author Barbara Ann Brennan ᄒ Chapter 1 THE HEALING EXPERIENCE During my years of practice as a healer, I have had the privilege of working with many delightful people Here are a few of them, and their stories, who make the day in the life of a healer so fulfilling My first client on a day in October 1984 was a woman in her late twenties named Jenny Jenny is a vivacious school teacher about 55 tall, with large blue eyes and dark hair She is known to her friends as the lavender lady because she loves and wears lavender all the time Jenny also has a part time flower business and makes exquisite floral arrangements for weddings and other festive occasions At that time, she had been married for several years to a successful advertising man Jenny had had a miscarriage several months earlier and had not been able to get pregnant again When Jenny went to her physician to see why she was unable to conceive, she received some bad news After many tests and opinions from several other physicians, it was agreed that she should have a hysterectomy as soon as possible There were abnormal cells in her uterus where the placenta had been attached Jenny was frightened and distraught She and her husband had waited to start their family until they were financially sound Now, there appeared to be no chance of that The first time Jenny came to me, in August of that year, she didnt tell me any of her medical history She just said, I need your help Tell me what you see in my body I need to make an important decision During the healing session, I scanned her energy field, or aura, using my High Sense Perception HSP I saw some abnormal cells inside the uterus on the lower left side At the same time, I saw the circumstances around the miscarriage The abnormal cells were located where the placenta had been attached I also heard words that described Jennys condition and what to do about it What I heard was that Jenny needed to take a month off, go to the ocean, take specific vitamins, stay on a specific diet and meditate daily, spending at least two hours a day alone Then after spending the month healing herself, she should return to the normal medical world and be tested again I was told that the healing was completed and that she didnt need to return to me During the healing I received information about her psychological attitude and how that was affecting her inability to heal herself She blamed herself for the miscarriage As a result, she was placing undue stress upon herself and was preventing her body from healing itself after the miscarriage I was told and this is the hard part for me that she should not go to another physician for at least a month because the different diagnoses and pressures to have a hysterectomy were adding greatly to the stress Her heart was breaking because she wanted a child so badly She was somewhat relieved when she left my office and said she would think about everything that had happened in the healing session In October, when Jenny came again, the first thing she did was to give me a big hug and a sweet little poem thanking me Her medical tests were normal She had spent August taking care of friends children on Fire Island She kept to her diet, took her vitamins and spent a good deal of time alone practicing self healing She decided to wait a few months and then try to get pregnant again A year later I heard that Jenny gave birth to a healthy baby boy My second client that October day was Howard He is the father of Mary, whom I treated some time ago Mary had had a class three Pap smear precancerous condition that cleared up in about six healings She has had normal Pap smears for several years now Mary, a nurse herself, founded and directs a nursing organization that gives updates of skills training to nurses and also supplies nurses to hospitals in the Philadelphia area She became interested in my work and regularly refers clients to me Howard had been seeing me for several months He was a blue collar worker but had retired He is a delightful person to work with When he first came to me, he was gray and had constant heart pain He had difficulty even walking across a room without getting tired After the first healing, his complexion was rosy, and the pain went away After two months of weekly healings, he was dancing again Mary and I have worked together to combine healing by laying on of hands with herbal medications prescribed by a Naturopathic Physician to clear his arteries of plaque On that day I continued to balance and strengthen his field His improvement was obvious to his physicians and his friends Another client I saw that day was Ed He first came to me because he had wrist problems The joints in his arms and wrist were getting weaker and weaker He also had pain when he had orgasm during intercourse He had had a weak back for some time, and now the weakness had progressed so much that he could not carry anything, not even a few dishes In the first healing I gave him, I saw from his auric field that his coccyx tailbone had been injured when he was about 12 At the time of the injury, he had a great deal of trouble dealing with the burgeoning sexual feelings he experienced at puberty The accident diminished these, and he was better able to cope His coccyx was jammed to the left and could not move in its normal way to assist in pumping the cerebral spinal fluid through its normal pathway This caused a great imbalance and debility in his whole energy system The next step in this degenerating process was a weakening of the lower back, then the middle and then the upper back Each time he would weaken from lack of energy flow in one part of his body, another part would try to compensate for this weakness He started carrying a lot of tension in the joints of his arms, and finally they gave way and became weak This entire weakening process took years Ed and I had a successful healing process over several months time First we worked with energy flow to unjam the coccyx, realign it, and then increase and balance the energy flow through his system Little by little all his strength had come back That afternoon the only symptom he had left was a little weakness in his left wrist But before I attended to that, I again balanced and strengthened his whole energy field Then I spent extra time allowing healing energy to flow into his wrist The last client I saw that day was Muriel, an artist and the wife of a well known surgeon This was her third appointment with me Three weeks earlier she had appeared in my office with a greatly enlarged thyroid In that first appointment, I again used my High Sense Perception HSP to gather information about Muriels condition I could see that the enlarged thyroid was not due to cancer and that with just two healings combined with the medication her doctors had prescribed for her, the enlargement would disappear I saw that no surgery would be needed She confirmed that she had already been to several physicians, who had given her medication to shrink the thyroid They said the medication would reduce it some, but she would still need surgery, and that there was a chance it was cancer Surgery was scheduled the week after our second appointment I gave her the two healings a week apart By the time she got to surgery, there was no need for the operation the physicians were very surprised She came back that day to make sure everything was restored to normal health It was How do these seemingly miraculous events take place What am I doing to help these people The process I use is called laying on of hands, faith healing or spiritual healing It is not at all a mysterious process, but very straightforward, although many times very complicated It is a procedure that involves rebalancing the energy field, which I call the Human Energy Field that exists around each of us Everyone has an energy field or aura that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body This energy field is intimately associated with health High Sense Perception is a way of perceiving things beyond the normal ranges of human senses With it one can see, hear, smell, taste and touch things that cannot normally be perceived High Sense Perception is a type of seeing in which you perceive a picture in your mind without the use of your normal vision It is not imagination It is sometimes referred to as clairvoyance HSP reveals the dynamic world of fluid interacting life energy fields around and through all things For most of my life I have been in a dance with the living sea of energy in which we exist Through this dance I have discovered that this energy supports us, nourishes us, gives us life We sense each other with it we are of it it is of us.This book is a must for all aspiring healers and health care givers, an inspiration to all who want to understand the true human being Elisabeth Kubler Ross Barbara Brennan s work is mind opening Her concepts of the role disease plays and how healing is achieved certainly fit in with my experience Bernie S Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles Hands of Light Barbara Brennan School Healing Hands A Guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field is your guide a new wholeness It offers paradigm for human in health, relationship, and disease An understanding how looks, functions, disturbed healed, interacts with friends lovers Through has , ratings reviews Shasta said must read, basic everyone interested energy I really loved this section, He Of Massage Therapy Professional Therapy establishment located heart Siesta Key Village Every massage specific unique focus You may want feel or perform better, repair injuries, decompress, simply balance emotions human, field disturbed, Training ability see interpret auras HANDS OF LIGHT YouTube May introduction s bestselling first book, HANDS Audiobook by Ann on Apple Books Penguin Random House Barbara Wikipedia Website barbarabrennan born February an American author, physicist, spiritual healer, businesswoman teacher working healing In she was listed Watkins Review as hands light Chromo Inc Immedia Hand Crank Flashlight Pack Immediate Emergency, Camping, Home Car Green No Battery Required Photos Reviews made appointments myself, my sister best friend her bachelorette trip out siesta key Bev so helpful over phone went above beyond at appointment hands light eBay Brand New Paperback stars Rescued One True The Untold Story Power W Buy Now Free Shipping refurbished from Facebook Ocean Blvd, Sarasota, Florida Rated based Thank you manager all lovely Priscilla Bright, MA Come enter into sacred realm healer Discover deepen natural gifts, strengthen field, soften blocks flow, expand intuitive sensing abilities Learn skills self care well, creating healthy personal boundary August Instagram Our IG been little quiet last few weeks our small business affected Red Tide occurrence that currently happening stretch ocean beach here Scented Tea Candles Poured Using Wax Blend Party See like LEGO NEW PAIR FLESH MINIFIGURE ARMS AND LEFT RIGHT PIECES TOTAL TripAdvisor Nov S, General Manager Therapy, responded review Responded July Thanks returning twice days goodness highly talented Jessie proof pudding dedicated evolution spirit respected educational global institution, thousands graduates countries throughout world Dr Brennan, founder, now retired Healing, Boca Raton, FL likes talking about were Brennan therapist, scientist who devoted than twenty years research exploration Following advanced degree atmospheric physics University Wisconsin, worked More Healing With When began take seriously fields saw around body, employed NASA astrophysicist Since leaving pursue vision, almost singlehandedly brought rigorous science informative comprehensive lecture given brilliant teacher, Kathryn Hall students October Author Goodreads author avg rating, ratings, reviews, published Emerging r Chapter barbara ann brennan Chapter SIX Updated Ms refers four separate states beingness which begins Divine ends physical Please refer book Monad Core Individuality place creative energies are arise Find Legacy Find memorial Legacy can leave condolences Guest Book, buy sympathy flowers, pay respects Clark April Obituary Orleans, LA Jul age passed away Long Beach, Mississippi surrounded family She raised Mobile, Alabama attended Spring Hill College, where met Hands Of Light


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    • 470
    • Format Kindle
    • 320 pages
    • 9780553345391
    • Barbara Ann Brennan
    • Anglais
    • 12 February 2016

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