ῳ digital Mastering the Life Plan: The Essential Steps to Achieving Great Health and a Leaner, Stronger, and Sexier Body ῼ Ebook Author Jeffry S Life M.D Ph.D. ”

ῳ digital Mastering the Life Plan: The Essential Steps to Achieving Great Health and a Leaner, Stronger, and Sexier Body ῼ Ebook Author Jeffry S Life M.D Ph.D. ” ῳ digital Mastering the Life Plan: The Essential Steps to Achieving Great Health and a Leaner, Stronger, and Sexier Body ῼ Ebook Author Jeffry S Life M.D Ph.D. ” Mastering the Life PLan Contents Introduction Taking Control of Your Health PART ONE MASTERING THE LIFE PLAN FOR HEALTHY EATING CHAPTER 1 The Life Plan Philosophy CHAPTER 2 The Life Plan Diets CHAPTER 3 My Favorite Foods Breakfast Yogurt Breakfast Crunch Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Vegan Breakfast Skillet Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Cottage Cheese and Fruit Salad Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Poached Egg with Smoked Salmon Bhd, Fbd Lunch Fresh Mushroom Salad Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Open Faced Veggie Sandwich Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Mazatlan Shrimp with Salsa Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Tomatoes Stuffed with Chicken Salad Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Dinner Not So Naked Chicken Bhd, Fbd Quinoa Tabbouleh Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Turkey Stir Fry Bhd, Fbd Tempeh Tagine Bhd, Fbd, Hhd Shake Variations Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake Berry Banana Shake Blueberry Vanilla Shake Strawberry Banana Protein Shake Chocolate Almond Protein Shake Chocolate Almond Peanut Butter Shake Ultimate Breakfast Protein Shake CHAPTER 4 Supplementing the Life Plan Diets PART TWO MASTERING THE LIFE PLAN WORKOUTS CHAPTER 5 The Life Plan Flexibility, Core, and Balance Workout Dr Lifes Pilates Routine Exercise 1 Hamstring Stretch Exercise 2 Piriformis Stretch Exercise 3 Standing Quad Stretch Exercise 4 Quad Stretch Exercise 5 Double Leg Circles Exercise 6 Adductor Stretch Exercise 7 It Band Stretch Exercise 8 Full Roll Up Exercise 9 Supine Ab Series Exercise 10 Single Leg Extension for Abs Exercise 11 Double Leg Extension for Abs Exercise 12 Back Extensions Exercise 13 Lunges Traditional Balance Exercises Step up Balance Single Leg Balance Single Leg Squat Single Leg Toe Touch Core Abdominal Training Plank Opposite Arm Leg Reach Supermans CHAPTER 6 The Life Plan Resistance Training Workout At The Gym Exercise Descriptions Chest Dumbbell Bench Chest Press Machine Chest Press Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Decline Dumbbell Bench Press Machine Fly Upper Back Lat Pulldown Seated Row Pullups Middle Back Barbell Row Dumbbell Row Shoulders Overhead Dumbbell Press Machine Overhead Press Dumbbell Lateral Raise Reverse Fly Legs Barbell Squats Leg Press Leg Extensions Seated Leg Curls Biceps Preacher Curl Dumbbell Curl Barbell Curl Machine Curl Triceps Triceps Pushdown Dumbbell Overhead Extension Weighted Dips Core Ab Machine The Life Plan Resistance Home Travel Workout Plank Opposite Arm Leg Reach Abdominal Crunch Quadruped Opposite Arm Leg Reach Bicycle Crunch Resistance Band Crunches Resistance Band One Arm Flies Resistance Band Pushups Resistance Band Lat Pulls Resistance Band Rear Delt Fly Resistance Band One Arm Rear Fly Lateral Raise Resistance Band Overhead Press Resistance Band Squats Resistance Band Lunges Resistance Band Side Steps Resistance Band Triceps Extensions Resistance Band Biceps Curls CHAPTER 7 The Life Plan Cardio Workout The Post Cardio Static Stretch Routine Neck Stretch Upper Back Stretch Shoulder Stretch Thoracic Spine Stretch Lower Back Stretch Hip Flexor Stretch Quad Stretch Outer Thigh Stretch Adductor Stretch Calf Stretch CHAPTER 8 Mastering the Life Plan Journal PART THREE MASTERING THE LIFE PLAN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE CHAPTER 9 Hormone Optimization The Absolute Truth CHAPTER 10 The Life Plan and Your Doctor CHAPTER 11 Getting Better Every Year Acknowledgments About Jeffry S Life, MD, PhD References Index Mastering the Life PLan Introduction Taking Control of Your Health In the time since my first book came out in 2010 a lot has changed I went from being a relatively obscure personknown mostly for being that old guy in those health adsto having a national best selling book, appearing on television and in print magazines, and even being featured coast to coast in the New York Times as well as the Los Angeles Times in the same week Im proud of my program and the scrutiny it has been put under, and Im even proud of the thousands of men who have taken the first step toward better health by following it Yet at the same time, there are far too many men out there whose overall health has remained unchanged The vast majority of men are still sitting around watching TV after work, being couch potatoes or mouse potatoes , and eating poorly and gaining body fat, especially around their bellies These men still havent gotten the message that end of the day fatigue is not caused by their job, but by their lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and probable hormone deficiencies, putting them at risk not only for compromising their quality of life, but also for disease Meanwhile, the economy here and all around the world has tanked, and though were successfully fighting our way out of a terrible recession, the biggest losers have been men Simply put, our position in the workplace is plummeting The majority of people who lost their jobs during the economic downturn were men, and women have been likely to be rehired For the first time in American history the balance of the workforce has tipped toward women And sadly, many of the men trained for traditional heavy lifting jobs in construction, factory work, and warehouses are still on the sidelines I know just as well as anyone that when youre not feeling well and youve been hit by any kind of psychological blow, whether your house is upside down or youve lost your job, you cant perform as well as you used to in any aspect of your life These upsets can cause you to fall into a downward spiral of depression and poor health So it shouldnt be a surprise that the biggest complaint that men have when they come to see me is that theyve lost their energy Yet one thing I have learned is that as men, we cant provide for our families unless we start taking care of ourselves In order for men to really succeed in todays tough environment, we have to do better We need to be high energy people with a youthful appearance, and be able to maintain our health and enthusiasm for life as we age The best way to do this is by staying healthy and fit and lean, and not finding ourselves on the couch, which is a direct path to obesity, poor health, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease The Life Plan is all about recapturing your vital energy and maintaining it as you get older By mastering my program, you can turn your health around and find that zest for life, whether that means regaining your sexual function or finding your competitive edge in the workplace Youll find that your renewed energy permeates every aspect of your life, including your relationship with your significant other and relationships with your kids, your grandkids, and your peers When youre physically taking care of yourself and you have energy to do the things that you want to do, and to have the relationships you want to have, it naturally improves your mood and makes you productive More energy even makes your thinking better, which is becoming crucial in todays world The fact is that the jobs of the future are not physical jobs, theyre thinking jobs, many of which women may be intrinsically better at The bottom line is that taking care of your body is helping you take care of your ability to think, your ability to maintain focus, and your ability to succeed Whats New If this is your first introduction to the Life Plan, then welcome My philosophy, which I live and breathe, is that its never too late to reverse disease, improve health, and see lasting change I hope that youll use this book to learn the basics behind the science of my program so that you can begin your own transformation Overall, Mastering the Life Plan lets you get ready for my program in smaller, simpler steps In this new book Ive outlined exactly what I do every day to stay in great shape This streamlined version takes much of the Chinese menu approach out of the plan, and instead provides a single, comprehensive diet and exercise program So if you have been following the program, you can use this book as a way to keep motivated, especially if you are away from home for extended periods of time When I wrote The Life Plan, my goal was to give men all the information they would need to turn their health around What surprised me most was how much the media wanted to talk about the concepts of hormone replacement therapies for men And as each day goes by, Im still called for my opinion on this aspect of my program, by other doctors, the media, and regular folks just like you In this book, Ill delve much deeper into the controversy of hormone replacement therapies Youll have access to the most recent medical studies on the topic, proper dosages, necessary testing, and even ways to naturally create testosterone, growth hormone, and many of the other necessary hormones on your own In short, youll have everything you need to make an informed decision about your health and to have the tools you need to discuss this with your own physician This book will also show you how to work the health care system to make sure that you are getting the care you need As with any other wellness plan, youll want to talk to your doctor before you start my program Let him or her understand that you are interested in a healthy lifestyle that is meant to increase metabolism, prevent disease, and reverse aging Together, you can join the revolution of healthy aging Inside this book youll find a comprehensive list of the medical testing you need at every annual physical, as well as careful instructions on how to get the most out of every doctor visit This will help you create a wealth of baseline information that you can use to stay vital as you age and limit your exposure to surprise illnesses These early warning tests can be used to prevent or delay their onset If youve already read The Life Plan and enjoyed the success youve achieved on the plan, youll find that this book makes following the Life Plan even easier This book includes many recipes, along with meal plans and shopping lists that any man can manage Over the past two years Ive also discovered how easy it is to get the right nutrition through nutrient rich shakes Ive created my own line of shakes that have been specifically formulated to fit the dietary needs of men, and recipes for them are included in these pages Better still, the shakes are so delicious and easy to prepare that you can make them right at home Youll also learn how to flavor them so that they dont becoming boring Ive also included my best tips and tricks for eating out, especially if you are a frequent traveler Finally, there is a list of the top supplements you should consider taking, depending on your health and your diet Ive also streamlined the exercise program so that you can learn how to exercise exactly the way I do This book features one full resistance training workout that is based on what I do every day Ive focused my new cardiovascular program on spinning The combination of spinning, my LifeCycle stationary bicycle, and swimming is how Ive been getting my aerobic workout in over the past year The balance flexibility workout is streamlined so that you can get all three of these types of exercise into your day easily For each of these three core areas of fitness, Ive also included brand new workouts for you to do right at home if you dont belong to a gym, or when youre on the road So there are absolutely no excuses You can read this book and start exercising today How This Book Works I like to think of this book as a jumpstart to the Life Plan Once youve mastered the Life Plan, you can move on to the individualized program that I created in my first book The book you are reading now is meant to get you up to speed and give you all the tools you need to begin to restore your health Part One throws you right into my three level eating program so you can begin to reverse disease, such as obesity, heart disease, or diabetes, or avoid it entirely This is not your wifes diet, or your girlfriends These diets were created by me, specifically for men, so dont worry Youll feel satisfied after every meal Part Two outlines my unique exercise program, which incorporates every facet of physical fitness, including cardiovascular workouts, resistance training, and balance and stretching exercises based on the Pilates method and martial arts My Life Plan is different from any other exercise program because it focuses on combining these three core exercise components, what I call the Mighty Three By doing these types of exercise in combination throughout your week, you will be able to see results quickly, and continue with the program forever There are dozens of new photographs so that you can follow the directions and watch me complete the exercises, making sure that you are using correct form every time Ive also included a method for you to track your progress for the entire Life Plan Part Three gives you everything you need in order to follow the Life Plan for the rest of your life First, youll learn about the importance of correcting hormone deficiencies based on the results Ive seen in my own life and my medical practice, as well as in peer reviewed, evidence based scientific studies Then, youll learn how to get the most out of every doctors visit so that you wont be a hostage to the risk management model of medicine Instead, youll master healthy aging just as if you were in my office By following this program, you should start noticing changes in the first two weeks All it takes is making up your mind to get off the couch If I can master this type of lifestyle, any man can So lets take the first steps together, where you can begin to understand not just what you are going to do for the rest of your life, but why.A TRUE EXPERT Bill Phillips, 1 New York Times bestselling author of Body for LIFE and founder of Transformation.com Jeff s book is life changinga fabulous read Suzanne Somers New York Times bestselling author of The Sexy Years Since I ve been under the care of Dr Life, my goal of living a productive life until at least 100 seems possible My overall health has improved dramatically and I look and feel many years younger I ve recommended Dr Life to all of my friends Rick Barry member of the Basketball Hall of Fame and an NBA All time Top 50 Player Dr Jeff Life lives and breathes a paradigm of health, vitality, and fitnessmen everywhere would be smart to follow his example Anthony Robbins Entrepreneur, Author Exercise and nutrition are the paths to feeling and looking good Dr Lifes book explains his methods in easy to understand terms, and his physique and mind proves that it works Lawrence A Golding PhD., FACSM, Exercise Physiologist, University of Nevada, Las Vegas Achieving and maintaining balance is the primary goal in my life That is why I follow the expertise of Dr Life Cesar Millan TV Star and Dog Behaviorist Mastering Life Before It s Too Late Biblical Mastering Strategies for a Lifetime of Purpose Robert J Morgan on FREE shipping qualifying offers Pastor Rob provides ten biblical laws pleasantly productive people by answering the question How do I gain mastery my life before it too late A lifelong student Energies Book Maria Nemeth, Master Certified Coach and pioneer in field human development coach training, she is author two highly acclaimed books The Energy Money, available five languages, its follow up, Energies, both which have given everywhere way to begin putting success principles into immediate practice MyLab Pearson Break through improving results with Pearson MyLab We re working educators institutions improve students The Triumphant heart mind By James Allen Contents Foreword Faith Courage Manliness, Womanliness Sincerity Power Monster Inside Your Head Utopian Life monster has been called lot names imposter syndrome, lizard brain, inner fraud that voice inside your head undermining everything 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might thought, can this seventy year old doctor thirty But photos real, look just good does when control health Jeffree Star Wikipedia Jeffree born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr November American Internet celebrity, makeup artist, entrepreneur, musician He founder owner Cosmetics Jeffrey losing streak Family Children Services Services toward end long extended far beyond casino tables lost savings retirement accounts gambling addiction wife, Cynthia, knew needed lose too, or d eventually Jeffry Grime Died Jul Edenfield Parish Church grave site Cemetery Church, Location Edenfield, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom Birth Not Available, Death Timeline was died age Great Deals Women Campbell Achira Flat, Size Shop women jeffrey campbell achira flat, size m pink from Great M Pink Back Best Main Site Scott Obituary Annapolis, Maryland Legacy On Saturday, September went be Lord Friends may celebrate Jeff Friday, Octoer am until Mass Christian Burial HOLY Jeffery Slife Facebook Jeffery Facebook Join connect others know gives power share makes Smoookle West Caldwell, NJ MyLife years Currently, lives previously lived Lincoln Park, NJ, Brooklyn, NY Rockaway Beach, NYSometimes goes various nicknames including smookler jeff education includes attending james madison high schoolHis political affiliation currently registered None Mastering the Life Plan: The Essential Steps to Achieving Great Health and a Leaner, Stronger, and Sexier Body


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