ಫ Download Format Kindle ᘙ Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia ಸ Ebook By Rebecca West ೨

ಫ Download Format Kindle ᘙ Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia  ಸ Ebook By Rebecca West ೨ ಫ Download Format Kindle ᘙ Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia ಸ Ebook By Rebecca West ೨ PrologueI RAISED MYSELF ON MY ELBOW AND CALLED THROUGH THE open door into the other wagon lit My dear, I know I have inconvenienced you terribly by making you take your holiday now, and I know you did not really want to come to Yugoslavia at all But when you get there you will see why it was so important that we should make this journey, and that we should make it now, at Easter It will all be quite clear, once we are in Yugoslavia.There was, however, no reply My husband had gone to sleep It was perhaps as well I could not have gone on to justify my certainty that this train was taking us to a land where everything was comprehensible, where the mode of life was so honest that it put an end to perplexity I lay back in the darkness and marvelled that I should be feeling about Yugoslavia as if it were my mother country, for this was 1937, and I had never seen the place till 1936 Indeed, I could remember the first time I ever spoke the name Yugoslavia and that was only two and a half years before, on October the ninth, 1934.It was in a London nursing home I had had an operation, in the new miraculous way One morning a nurse had come in and given me an injection, as gently as might be, and had made a little joke which was not very good but served its purpose of taking the chill off the difficult moment Then I picked up my book and read that sonnet by Joachim du Bellay which begins Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a fait un beau voyage. I said to myself, That is one of the most beautiful poems in the world, and I rolled over in my bed, still thinking that it was one of the most beautiful poems in the world, and found that the electric light was burning and there was a new nurse standing at the end of my bed Twelve hours had passed in that moment They had taken me upstairs to a room far above the roofs of London, and had cut me about for three hours and a half, and had brought me down again, and now I was merely sleepy, and not at all sick, and still half rooted in my pleasure in the poem, still listening to a voice speaking through the ages, with barest economy that somehow is the most lavish melody Et en quelle saison Revoiray je le clos de ma pauvre maison, Qui mest une province, et beaucoup davantage I had been told beforehand that it would all be quite easy but before an operation the unconscious, which is really a shocking old fool, envisages surgery as it was in the Stone Age, and I had been very much afraid I rebuked myself for not having observed that the universe was becoming beneficent at a great rate But it was not yet wholly so My operation wound left me an illusion that I had a load of ice strapped to my body So, to distract me, I had a radio brought into my room, and for the first time I realized how uninteresting life could be and how perverse human appetite After I had listened to some talks and variety programmes, I would not have been surprised to hear that there are householders who make arrangements with the local authorities not to empty their dustbins but to fill them Nevertheless there was always good music provided by some station or other at any time in the day, and I learned to swing like a trapeze artist from programme to programme in search of it.But one evening I turned the wrong knob and found music of a kind other than I sought, the music that is above earth, that lives in the thunderclouds and rolls in human ears and sometimes deafens them without betraying the path of its melodic line I heard the announcer relate how the King of Yugoslavia had been assassinated in the streets of Marseille that morning We had passed into another phase of the mystery we are enacting here on earth, and I knew that it might be agonizing The rags and tags of knowledge that we all have about us told me what foreign power had done this thing It appeared to me inevitable that war must follow, and indeed it must have done, had not the Yugoslavian Government exercised an iron control on its population, then and thereafter, and abstained from the smallest provocative action against its enemies That forbearance, which is one of the most extraordinary feats of statesmanship performed in post war Europe, I could not be expected to foresee So I imagined myself widowed and childless, which was another instance of the archaic outlook of the unconscious, for I knew that in the next war we women would have scarcely any need to fear bereavement, since air raids unpreceded by declaration of war would send us and our loved ones to the next world in the breachless unity of scrambled eggs That thought did not then occur to me, so I rang for my nurse, and when she came I cried to her, Switch on the telephone I must speak to my husband at once A most terrible thing has happened The King of Yugoslavia has been assassinated Oh, dear she replied Did you know him No, I said Then why, she asked, do you think its so terrible Her question made me remember that the word idiot comes from a Greek root meaning private person Idiocy is the female defect intent on their private lives, women follow their fate through a darkness deep as that cast by malformed cells in the brain It is no worse than the male defect, which is lunacy they are so obsessed by public affairs that they see the world as by moonlight, which shows the outlines of every object but not the details indicative of their nature I said, Well, you know, assassinations lead to other things Do they she asked Do they not I sighed, for when I came to look back on it my life had been punctuated by the slaughter of royalties, by the shouting of newsboys who have run down the streets to tell me that someone has used a lethal weapon to turn over a new leaf in the book of history I remember when I was five years old looking upward at my mother and her cousin, who were standing side by side and looking down at a newspaper laid on a table in a circle of gaslight, the folds in their white pouched blouses and long black skirts kept as still by their consternation as if they were carved in stone There was the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, I said to the nurse, thirty six years later She was very beautiful, wasnt she she asked One of the most beautiful women who ever lived, I said But wasnt she mad she asked Perhaps, I said, perhaps, but only a little, and at the end She was certainly brilliantly clever Before she was thirty she had given proof of greatness How she asked To her increasing distress I told her, for I know quite a lot of Habsburg history, until I saw how bored she was and let her go and leave me in darkness that was now patterned by the lovely triangle of Elizabeths face.How great she was In her early pictures she wears the same look of fiery sullenness we see in the young Napoleon she knows that within her there is a spring of life and she is afraid that the world will not let it flow forth and do its fructifying work In her later pictures she wears a look that was never on the face of Napoleon The world had not let the spring flow forth and it had turned to bitterness But she was not without achievements of the finest sort, of a sort, indeed, that Napoleon never equalled When she was sixteen she came, a Wittelsbach from the country bumpkin court of Munich, to marry the young Emperor of Austria and be the governing prisoner of the court of Vienna, which was the court of courts since the French Revolution had annulled the Tuileries and Versailles The change would have made many women into nothing But five years later she made a tour of Lombardy and Venetia at Franz Josefs side which was in many ways a miracle It was, in the first place, a miracle of courage, because he and his officials had made these provinces loathe them for their brutality and inefficiency The young girl sat with unbowed head in theatres that became silent as the grave at her coming, that were black with mourning worn to insult her, and she walked unperturbed through streets that emptied before her as if she were the plague But when she came face to face with any Italians there occurred to her always the right word and gesture by which she uncovered her nature and pled Look, I am the Empress, but I am not evil Forgive me and my husband and Austria for the evil we have done you, and let us love one another and work for peace between us.It was useless, of course Her successes were immediately annulled by the arrests and floggings carried out by the Habsburg officials It was inevitable that the two provinces should be absorbed in the new kingdom of Italy But Elizabeths sweetness had not been merely automatic, she had been thinking like a liberal and like an Empress She knew there was a real link between Austria and Hungary, and that it was being strained by misgovernment So the next year she made a journey through Hungary, which was also a matter of courage, for it was almost as gravely disaffected as Lombardy and Venetia, and afterwards she learned Hungarian, though it is one of the most difficult of languages, cultivated the friendship of many important Hungarians, and acquainted herself with the nature of the concessions desired by Hungary Her plans fell into abeyance when she parted from Franz Josef and travelled for five years But in 1866 Austria was defeated by the Prussians, and she came back to console her husband, and then she induced him to create the Dual Monarchy and give autonomy to Hungary It was by this device alone that the Austro Hungarian Empire was able to survive into the twentieth century, and both the idea and the driving force behind the execution belonged to Elizabeth That was statesmanship Nothing of Napoleons making lasted so long, nor was made so nobly.Elizabeth should have gone on and medicined some of the other sores that were poisoning the Empire She should have solved the problem of the Slav populations under Habsburg rule The Slavs were a people, quarrelsome, courageous, artistic, intellectual, and profoundly perplexing to all other peoples, who came from Asia into the Balkan Peninsula early in the Christian era and were Christianized by Byzantine influence Thereafter they founded violent and magnificent kingdoms of infinite promise in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Bosnia, but these were overthrown when the Turks invaded Europe in the fourteenth century, and all were enslaved except the Slavs on the western borders of the Peninsula These lived under the wing of the great powers, of Venice and Austria and Hungary, which was a doubtful privilege, since they were used as helots and as man power to be spent without thrift against the Turks Now all of these were under the Austro Hungarian Empire, the Czechs and the Croats, and the Slovenes and the Slovaks and the Dalmatians and they were alike treated oppressively, largely because the German Austrians felt a violent, instinctive loathing of all Slavs and particularly of the Czechs, whose great intelligence and ability made them dangerous competitors in the labour market Moreover, Serbia and Bulgaria had thrown off the Turkish yoke during the nineteenth century and had established themselves as free states, and the reactionary parties in Austria and Hungary feared that if their Slav populations were given liberty they would seek union with Serbia under Russian protection Therefore they harried the Slavs as much as they could, by all possible economic and social penalties, tried with especial venom to destroy their languages, and created for themselves an increasing amount of internal disorder which all sane men saw to carry a threat of disruption It might have saved the Empire altogether, it might have averted the war of 1914, if Elizabeth had dealt with the Slavs as she dealt with the Hungarians But after thirty she did no work for the Empire.Her work stopped because her marriage, which was the medium for her work, ceased to be tolerable It appears probable, from the evidence we have, that Elizabeth could not reconcile herself to a certain paradox which often appears in the lives of very feminine women She knew that certain virtues are understood to be desirable in women beauty, tenderness, grace, house pride, the power to bear and rear children She believed that she possessed some of these virtues and that her husband loved her for it Indeed, he seemed to have given definite proof that he loved her by marrying her against the will of his mother, the Archduchess Sophie And she thought that because he loved her he must be her friend In that she was artless Her husband, like many other human beings, was divided between the love of life and the love of death His love of life made him love Elizabeth His love of death made him love his abominable mother, and give her an authority over Elizabeth which she horribly misused.The Archduchess Sophie is a figure of universal significance She was the kind of woman whom men respect for no other reason than that she is lethal, whom a male committee will appoint to the post of hospital matron She had none of the womanly virtues Especially did she lack tenderness There is no record of her ever having said a gentle word to the girl of sixteen whom her son brought home to endure this troublesome greatness, and she arranged for the Archbishop who performed their marriage ceremony to address an insulting homily to the bride, bidding her remember that she was a nobody who had been called to a great position, and try to do her best In politics she was practised in every kind of folly that most affronted the girls instinctive wisdom She was always thrusting the blunt muzzle of her stupidity into conclaves of state, treading down intelligent debate as a beast treads down the grass at a gate into mud, undermining the foundations of the Empire by insisting that everybody possible should be opposed and hurt She was personally responsible for some very ugly persecutions one of her victims was the peasant philosopher Konrad Deubler She was also a great slut She had done nothing to reform the medievalism of the Austrian Palaces It was the middle of the nineteenth century when Elizabeth came to Vienna, but both at the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace, at the Hofburg and Schnbrunn, was she expected to perform her excretory functions at a commode behind a screen in a passage which was patrolled by a sentry The Archduchess Sophie saw to it that the evil she did should live after her by snatching Elizabeths children away from her and allowing her no part in their upbringing One little girl died in her care, attended by a doctor whom Elizabeth thought old fashioned and incompetent and the unhappy character of the Crown Prince Rudolf, restless, undisciplined, tactless, and insatiable, bears witness to her inability to look after their minds.After Franz Josef had lost Elizabeth by putting this inferior over her and proving that love is not necessarily kind, he showed her endless kindness and indulgence, financing her wanderings and her castle buildings with great good temper and receiving her gladly when she came home and it seems she had no ill feeling against him She introduced the actress, Katherina Schratt, into his life very much as a woman might put flowers into a room she felt to be dreary But she must have hated him as the Habsburg of Habsburgs, the centre of the imbecile system, when on January the thirtieth, 1889, Rudolf was found dead in his shooting box at Mayerling beside the body of a girl of seventeen named Marie Vetsera This event still remains a mystery Marie Vetsera had been his mistress for a year and it is usually supposed that he and she had agreed to die together because Franz Josef had demanded they should part But this is very hard to believe Marie Vetsera was a very fat and plain little girl, bouncing with a vulgar ardour stimulated by improper French novels, which had already led her into an affair with an English officer in Egypt and it seems unlikely that Rudolf, who was a man of many love affairs, should have thought her of supreme value after a years possession, particularly considering that he had spent the night before he went to Mayerling with an actress to whom he had long been attached It would seem much probable that he had taken his life or which is possible if his farewell notes were forged been murdered as a result of troubles arising from his political opinions.Of these we know a great deal, because he wrote a great number of articles for anonymous publication in the Neues Wiener Tageblatt and an even greater number of letters to its editor, a gifted Jew named Moritz Szeps These show that he was a fervent liberal and loathed the Habsburg system He loathed the expanding militarism of Germany, and prophesied that a German alliance would mean the destruction of Austria, body and soul and he revered France with its deeply rooted culture and democratic tradition He was enraged by anti Semitism and wrote one of his most forcible articles against a gang of aristocrats who after a drunken orgy had gone round the Ghetto of Prague smashing windows, and had been let off scot free by the police He was scandalized by the corruption of the banks and law courts, and by the lack of integrity among high officials and politicians, and most of all by the Austro Hungarian Empire As a simple onlooker, he wrote, I am curious to know how such an old and tough organism as the Austrian Empire can last so long without cracking at the joints and breaking into pieces Particularly was he eager to deal with the Slav problem, which had now grown even complicated Bosnia and Herzegovina had driven out the Turks and had been cheated of the freedom they had thus won by the Treaty of Berlin, which had given the Austro Hungarian Empire the right to occupy and administer them This had enraged the Slavs and given Serbia a grievance, so it was held by reactionaries to be all the necessary to defend Austrian and Hungarian privileges Rudolf had shown what he felt early in his career when Franz Josef had appointed him colonel he had chosen to be attached to a Czech regiment with middle class officers which was then stationed in Prague.Whatever the explanation of Mayerling it must have raised Elizabeths impatience with Vienna to loathing The situation was unmitigated waste and ruin She had never achieved a happy relationship with her son, although there was a strong intellectual sympathy between them, because of the early alienating influence of the Archduchess Sophie, and the Habsburgs had spoiled what they had not let her save Rudolf had been forced for dynastic reasons into a marriage with a tedious Belgian princess, an acidulated child with golden hair, small eyes, and the conservative opinions one would expect from a very old member of the Carlton Club She was literally a child at the time of her wedding she had not yet shown the signs of womanhood Owing to a slip in the enormously complicated domestic machinery of the Habsburgs she and her young bridegroom, who was only twenty two, had been sent for their honeymoon to a remote castle which had been left servantless and unprepared This ill begun marriage had gone from bad to worse, and both husband and wife tortured and were tortured in turn But it was the Habsburg situation, not merely the specific wrongs the Habsburgs brought on Rudolf, that was his ruin Chamberlains fussed, spies scribbled, the police bullied and nagged, everybody knew where everybody else was at every moment of the day Franz Josef rose at four each morning and worked on official papers for twelve or fourteen hours and not a minutes thought was given to correcting the evils that were undermining the foundations of the Empire Rudolf, as any intelligent member of the family must have done, tried to remedy this Either he made some too ambitious plan and was detected and killed himself or was killed, or from discouragement he soused himself with brandy till it seemed proper to die for a plump little hoyden of seventeen Now he lay dead, and the Austro Hungarian Empire was without a direct or satisfactory heir.Elizabeth lived nine years after her sons death, as drearily as any other of the unemployed Then, perhaps as a punishment for having turned her back on the Slav problem, the key to Eastern Europe, a Western problem slew her For the newspaper my mother and her cousin spread in the gaslight was wrong when it said that the man who killed her, Luccheni, was a madman It is true that he said that he had killed Elizabeth because he had vowed to kill the first royal person he could find, and that he had gone to vian to stab the Duke of Orlans but had missed him and had come back to Geneva to get Elizabeth instead and this is an insane avowal, for no benefit whatsoever could be derived by anybody from the death of either of these people But for all that Luccheni was not mad Many people are unable to say what they mean only because they have not been given an adequate vocabulary by their environment and their apparently meaningless remarks may be inspired by a sane enough consciousness of real facts.There is a phase of ancient history which ought never to be forgotten by those who wish to understand their fellow men In Africa during the fourth century a great many Christians joined a body of schismatics known as the Donatists who were wrecking the Church by maintaining that only sacraments administered by a righteous priest were valid, and that a number of contemporary priests had proved themselves unrighteous by showing cowardice during the persecutions of Diocletian They raved for according to the Church Christ is the real dispenser of the sacraments, and it is inconceivable that a relationship prescribed by Him could break down through the personality of the mediator, and in many cases the tales were scandalmongering But though these people raved they were not mad They were making the only noises they knew to express the misery inflicted on them by the economic collapse of the Western Roman Empire Since there was no economic literature there was no vocabulary suitable to their misery, so they had to use the vocabulary given them by the Church and they screamed nonsense about the sacraments because they very sensibly recognized that the Western Roman Empire was going to die, and so were they.It was so with Luccheni He performed his meaningless act out of his consciousness of what is perhaps the most real distress of our age He was an Italian born in Paris of parents forced to emigrate by their poverty and trodden down into an alien criminal class that is to say, he belonged to an urban population for which the existing forms of government made no provision, which wandered often workless and always traditionless, without power to control its destiny It was indeed most appropriate that he should register his discontent by killing Elizabeth, for Vienna is the archetype of the great city which breeds such a population Its luxury was financed by an exploited peasant class bled so white that it was ready to send its boys into the factories and the girls into service on any terms The beggars in the streets of Vienna, who, the innocent suppose, were put there by the Treaty of St Germain, are descendants of an army as old as the nineteenth century Luccheni said with his stiletto to the symbol of power, Hey, what are you going to do with me He made no suggestions, but cannot be blamed for it It was the essence of his case against society that it had left him unfit to offer suggestions, unable to form thoughts or design actions other than the crudest and most violent He lived many years in prison, almost until his like had found a vocabulary and a name for themselves and had astonished the world with the farce of Fascism.So Elizabeth died, with a terrible ease All her life her corsets had deformed and impeded her beautiful body, but they did not protect her from the assassins stiletto That cut clean through to her heart Even so her imperial rank had insulated her from emotional and intellectual achievement, but freely admitted sorrow And it would not leave her alone after her death She had expressed in her will a solemn desire to be buried in the Isle of Corfu, but for all that Franz Josef had her laid in the Habsburg vault at the Capuchin church of Vienna, fifteenth in the row of Empresses The Habsburgs did not restrict themselves to the fields of the living in the exercise of their passion for preventing people from doing what they liked Rudolf also asked that he might not be buried among his ancestors, but he had to yield up his skeleton and the Prime Minister himself, Count Taaffe, called on Marie Vetseras mother and asked her not to pray beside her daughters grave, and received many police reports on her refusal to abandon this practice, which seems innocent enough even from the point of view of the court, since the whole of Vienna already knew how the girl had died This was the kind of matter the Austrian Secret Police could handle In the important matter of keeping royal personages alive they were not nearly so successful.A masterpiece as astonishing in its range, in the subtlety and power of its judgment, as it is brilliant in expression The Times London Surely one of the great books of our century Diana Trilling Black Lamb Consignments, Carnegie, PA At Black Consignments we appreciate that fine furniture and goods of quality were built to last forever As our commitment a world limited resources becomes an 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    • Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia
    • 3.4
    • 271
    • Format Kindle
    • 1232 pages
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    • Rebecca West
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    • 10 August 2017

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