⤞ Early reader Ꮃ The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music online ⧅ PDF Author Steve Lopez 䓛

⤞ Early reader  Ꮃ The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music online ⧅ PDF Author Steve Lopez 䓛 ⤞ Early reader Ꮃ The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music online ⧅ PDF Author Steve Lopez 䓛 Preface Im on foot in downtown Los Angeles, hustling back to the office with another deadline looming Thats when I see him Hes dressed in rags on a busy downtown street corner, playing Beethoven on a battered violin that looks like its been pulled from adumpster.That sounded pretty good, I say when hefinishes.He jumps back three steps, eyeing me with suspicion I see the name Stevie Wonder carved into the face of the violin, along with feltpendoodles.Oh, thank you very much, he says, obviously flattered Are youserious Im not a musician, I answer But yes It sounded good tome.He is black, just beyond fifty, with butterscotch eyes that warm to the compliment He is standing next to a shopping cart heaped over with all his belongings, and yet despite grubby, soiled clothing, theres a rumpled elegance about him He speaks with a slight regional accent I cant place Maybe hes from the Midwest or up near the Great Lakes, and he seems to have been told to always stand up straight, enunciate, carry himself with pride and respectothers.Im trying to get back in shape, he says But Im going to get back in there, playing better I just need to keeppracticing.So you like Stevie Wonder Iask.Oh, yes, certainly You Are the Sunshine of My Life My Cherie Amour I guess I shouldnt have written his name on my violin,though.I write a column for the Los Angeles Times The job is a little like fishing You go out and drop a line, cast a net Im figuring this vagrant violinist is a column Has tobe.Im in a hurry at the moment, I tell him, but Id like to come back and hear you playagain.Oh, all right, he says, smiling appreciatively but with trepidation He looks like a man who has learned to trust noone.Do you always play in this spot Iask.Yes, he says, pointing across the street with his bow to Pershing Square, in the heart of downtown Los Angeles I like to be near the Beethoven statue forinspiration.This guy could turn out to be a rare find in a city of undiscovered gems, fiddling away in the company of Beethoven I would drop everything if I could, and spend a few hours pulling the story out of him, but that will have to wait for another day Ive got another column lined up and not much time to shape it The deadlines come at you without mercy, even in yourdreams.Ill be back, Isay.He nodsindifferently.Back at the office I sweat out another column, scan the mail and clear the answering machine I make a note on the yellow legal pad where I keep a list ofpossibilities.ViolinMan.Its got potential Who knows where it willgo Part One1 I cant get the image out of my head, this odd picture of grubby refinement But when I go back to look for the violinist in Pershing Square, I come up empty His disappearance only makes the mystery provocative.Who was he Where did he go What is hisstory Three weeks later, hes back, reappearing in the same spot, and I watch from across the street for a while before approaching His playing is a little scratchy and tentative, but just like before, its clear this is no beginner Thered been some serious training in there, somewhere along the way He doesnt appear to be playing for money, which seems strange for a homeless guy He plays as if hes a student, oblivious to everyone around him, and this is a practicesession.Strange place to practice The ground shakes when buses roar by, and his strings are barely audible in the orchestra of horns, trucks and sirens I gaze at the tops of buildings adorned with gargoyles and grand cornices Men and women move about, dutybound, ignoring him for the most part as they disappear around corners and into entryways The man plays on, a lone fiddler He throws his head back, closes his eyes, drifts A portrait of torturedbliss.When he pauses, I movein.Hello, Isay.He jumps back, startled just asbefore.Do you remember me Iask.I remember yourvoice.Hes still suspicious of me, suspicious of everything around him, it seems He says he was trying to remember a Tchaikovsky piece he once knew quite well, but now it is as elusive as the meaning of a dream Its obvious that hes troubled in some way, like so many others who wander the streets as if they inhabit a different planet than the rest of us, wrapped in manylayered outfits to keep from coming unraveled Hes wearing a ratty blue sweater with a light brown Tshirt over it and the collar of a shirt spilling out over the top of it all Wrapped around his neck, like a scarf, is a yellow terrycloth towel His pants hang low on his waist, fitted for a man three sizes bigger, and his grimy white sneakers have nolaces.He tells me his name is Nathaniel Anthony Ayers From Cleveland Hes going to keep practicing until hes proud of what he hears, he says, and I tell him I might like to write about him for the L.A.Times.Seriously he asks Youd really want to write aboutme Why not Iask.Hes a handsome guy, lean and fitlooking, with a strong jaw and clean white teeth He reminds me a little of Miles Davis I ask where he lives and he says at the Midnight Mission, one of the biggest rescue operations on nearby Skid Row Not inside, he specifies But on the street, though he showers and takes some mealsinside.Why not sleepinside Oh, no, he says I wouldnt want to dothat.I wonder how safe it can be for a man trying to reconnect with Tchaikovsky as drug dealers, prostitutes and hustlers work streets teeming with the lame and the afflicted Skid Row is a dumping ground for inmates released from the nearby county jail, and its a place where the sirens never stopscreaming.Maybe Ill come by and visit you at the mission, I tellhim.He nods, but I can see he doesnt trust me He tucks the violin back under his chin, eager to get back to his music, and I know that if this one ever pans out, its going to take some time Ill have to check back with him now and again until hes comfortable enough to open up Maybe I could go on his rounds with him over the course of a day or so, see if anyone can help fill in the blanks in his story or explain his condition As he begins to play, I wave goodbye, and he responds with a suspicious glance in my generaldirection.Two weeks later, I go looking for him once and hes disappeared again I stroll over to the mission at Fourth and Los Angeles streets, where I see street people by the dozens, some of them drugravaged, some of them raving mad, some of them lying so still on the pavement its hard to tell whether theyre napping or waiting for a ride to themorgue.I check with Orlando Ward, the public information man at the Midnight He tells me hes seen the violinist around, but doesnt know the backstory And he hasnt seen himlately.Now Im worried that Ive lost thecolumn.Weeks go by and I get distracted by other things, shoveling whatever I can find into that empty space on the page And then one day while driving to work from my home in Silver Lake, a neighborhood five miles northwest of downtown, I cut through the Second Street tunnel and there he is, putting on a oneman concert in a location even noisier than the lastone.He remembers me thistime.Where have you been Iask.He says hes been around, here and there Nowherespecial.A car whooshes by and his mindreels.Blue car, green car, white car, he says There goes a police car, and God is on the other side of thatwall.I nod, not knowing what to say Maybe hes a little unreachable than I realized Do I take notes for a column, or do I make a few calls to see if someone can come and helphim There goes Jacqueline du Pr, Nathaniel says, pointing at a woman a block away Shes reallyamazing.I tell him I doubt that its the late cellist, who died in1987.Nathaniel says he isnt sosure.I dont know how God works, he tells me sincerely, with an expression that says anything ispossible.I scribble that down in my notebook, and I also copy what hes written on his shopping cart with a MagicMarker Little Walt Disney Concert HallBeethoven.I ask Nathaniel if he has moved to this location to be near the concert hall and he says no, he isnt even sure where Disney Hall is,exactly.Is it around here heasks.Right up the hill The great big silvery building that looks like aschooner.Oh, thats it He says he moved to this spot because he could see the Los Angeles Times Building two blocks away.Dont you work there heasks.Having lived in Cleveland, New York and Los Angeles, Nathaniel tells me, its reassuring to be able to look up at the L.A Times Building and know where heis.He plays for a while we talk for a while, an experience thats like dropping in on a dream Nathaniel takes nonsensical flights, doing figure eights through unrelated topics God, the Cleveland Browns, the mysteries of air travel and the glory of Beethoven He keeps coming back to music His lifes purpose, it seems, is to arrange the notes that lie scattered in hishead.I notice for the first time that his violin, caked with grime and a white chalky substance that looks like a fungus, is missing an important component ortwo.Your violin has only two strings, I say Youre missing the othertwo.Yes, he says Hes wellaware.All I want to do is play music, and the crisis Im having is right here This ones gone, he says of the missing top string, that ones gone, and this little guys almost out ofcommission.His goal in life, Nathaniel tells me, is to figure out how to replace the strings But he got used to playing imperfect instruments while taking music classes in Clevelands public schools, and theres a lot you can do, he assures me, with just twostrings.I notice while talking to him that someone has scrawled names on the pavement where were standing Nathaniel says he did it with a rock The list includes Babe Ruth, Susan, Nancy, Kevin andCraig.Whose names are those Iask.Oh, those people, hesays.Those were my classmates atJuilliard.Praise for Steve Lopez and The SoloistLopez is a terrific reporter The Soloist is poignant, wise, and funny.Sylvia Nasar, author of A Beautiful MindA heartbreaking, yet ultimately hopeful, read EssenceAn utterly compelling tale.Pete Earley, author of Crazy A Father s Search Through America s Mental Health MadnessWith self effacing humor, fast paced yet elegant prose, and unsparing honesty, Lopez tells an inspiring story of heartbreak and hope Publishers Weekly starred review Compelling and gruffly tenderLopez deserves congratulations for being the one person who did not avert his eyes and walk past the grubby man with the violin.Edward Humes, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist writing for the Los Angeles Times The Soloist IMDb Watch videoNothing being perfect in an imperfect world, as adult entertainment, The did not once insult my intelligence I marveled at the complexity of screenplay and realization it by its gifted director camera work Seamus McGarvey A Lost Dream, Unlikely Friendship, Steve Lopez is author several books, including Sunday Macaroni Club In , was made into a movie starring Robert Downey Jr Jamie Foxx columnist with Los Angeles Times lives California Rotten Tomatoes absorbing, illuminating film which dramatically engaging, keeps real, psychiatric sense, never patronising Real Story Behind NPR Apr friendship between Lopez, columnist, Nathaniel Ayers, homeless musician, has inspired newspaper columns, book now Jan successful variation formulaic relationship normally activist schizophrenic street musician who student Juilliard It s written skill honesty, great part success Summary SuperSummary Released adaptation directed Joe Wright starred Ayers begins first meeting on streets Soloist Definition Merriam Webster Mark Swed, latimes, Das Paradies giant globular tear ticket to heaven, June Six corps dancers have been promoted middle rank soloist, joining Alexandra Hughes what often thinnest Define Dictionary Historical Examples soloist 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    • The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Redemptive Power of Music
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    • Format Kindle
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    • 01 April 2016

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