ᆞ The The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad ᆱ Kindle Ebook By Lesley Hazleton ሌ

ᆞ The The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad ᆱ Kindle Ebook By Lesley Hazleton ሌ ᆞ The The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad ᆱ Kindle Ebook By Lesley Hazleton ሌ Part OneOrphanChapter OneIf he werent standing lonely vigil on the mountain, you might saythat there was no sign of anything unusual about him The earliestsources describe him with infuriating vagueness for those of uswho need images He was neither tall nor short, they say Neitherdark nor fair Neither thin nor stout But here and there, specificdetails slip through, and when they do, they are surprising Surely aman spending night after night in solitary meditation would be agaunt, ascetic figure, yet far from being pale and wan, he had round,rosy cheeks and a ruddy complexion He was stockily built, almostbarrel chested, which may partly account for his distinctive gait, alwaysleaning forward slightly as though he were hurrying toward something.And he must have had a stiff neck, because people wouldremember that when he turned to look at you, he turned his wholebody instead of just his head The only sense in which he was conventionallyhandsome was his profile the swooping hawk nose long considereda sign of nobility in the Middle East.On the surface, you might conclude that he was an average Meccan.At forty years old, the son of a man he had never seen, he hadmade a far better life for himself than had ever seemed possible.The child born an outsider within his own society had finally wonacceptance, and carved out a good life despite the odds against him.He was comfortably off, a happily married business agent with therespect of his peers If he was not one of the movers and shakers of hisprosperous city, that was precisely why people trusted him to representtheir interests They saw him as a man with no axe of his own togrind, a man who would consider an offer or a dispute on its meritsand decide accordingly He had found a secure niche in the world, andhad earned every right, in middle age, to sit back and enjoy his rise torespectability So what was he doing alone up here on one of themountains that ringed the sleeping city below Why would a happilymarried man isolate himself this way, standing in meditation throughthe night There was a hint, perhaps, in his clothing By now he could certainlyhave afforded the elaborate embroidered silks of the wealthy,but his clothing was low key His sandals were worn, the leatherthongs sun bleached paler than his skin His homespun robe wouldbe almost threadbare if it hadnt been so carefully patched, and it washardly enough to shield him against the night time cold of the highdesert Yet something about the way he stood on the mountainsidemade the cold irrelevant Tilted slightly forward as though leaninginto the wind, his stance seemed that of someone who existed at anangle to the earth.Certainly a man could see the world in a different way up here Hecould find peace in the silence, with just the soughing of the wind overthe rock for company, far from the feuds and gossip of the city with itsarguments over money and power Here, a man was merely a speck inthe mountain landscape, his mind free to think and reflect, and thenfinally to stop thinking, stop reflecting, and submit itself to thevastness.Look closer and you might detect the shadow of loneliness in thecorners of his eyes, something lingering there of the outsider he hadonce been, as though he were haunted by the awareness that at anymoment everything hed worked so long and hard for could be takenaway You might see a hint of that same mix of vulnerability and resolutenessin his mouth, the full lips slightly parted as he whispered intothe darkness And then perhaps youd ask why contentment was notenough Did the fact that it had been so hard earned make him unableto accept it as a given, never to be secure in his right to it But thenwhat would What was he searching for Was it a certain peace withinhimself, perhaps Or was it something a glimpse, maybe justan intimation, of something larger One thing is certain by Muhammads own account, he was completelyunprepared for the enormity of what he would experience onthis particular night in the year 610.A rich biography Those who read it will come away well prepared to understand the prophet whose message, 14 centuries later, is the creed of than a billion and a halfpeople The San Francisco Chronicle This book offers a welcome chance to read Muhammed s life story in a familiar and accessible form than the Islamic sources The First Muslim succeeds It makes its subject vivid and immediate Hari Kunzru, The New York Times Book Review Richly detailed and beautifully written Hazleton is able to do with words what is almost never attempted in pictures indispensable The Seattle Times Like her subject, Hazleton brilliantly navigates the vast and often terrifying arena in which politics and religion intersect, revealing the deep humanity of faith More Magazine The book s focus is an effort to portray the prophet s unique circumstances and recognizable humanity Hazleton s biography covers the broad strokes of his life with fairnessshe doesn t gloss over his fallible momentsand insight NPR Hazleton is both a good storyteller and writer Here she has brought to life a man about whom much has been written and whom millions revere, yet about whose actual life very little is known A very readable book The American Spectator This story is deep with details not only of Muhammad s life journey, but with historic information about the culture of the times in Arabia filled with rich color of the locations, culture, and people it is a book plentiful with tales of Muhammad s life that follow logically from orphan to religious leader, but than that, it enriches us with the detail of a time and place in history The New York Journal of Books A humane, audacious biography An elegant narrative crafted for open minded readers a vivid canvas of Arabian life in the early seventh century Haaretz A genuine attempt to try to understand the human experience Muhammad went through Hazleton queries and questions in a way that will resonate with a non academic audience trying to come to grips with the fastest growing religion on the planet It is a welcome antidote to the barrage of hatred and distortion to which Islam has been subjected since the early Bush years , an opportunity for balance to be restored and for those of us who dont subscribe to the extremes to regain the middle ground Guernica Hazleton is in the revelation business She s out to consider Muhammad as a mortal human, a man who lived and died and was vulnerable A world class history teacher who contextualizes the realities of his far off times she can effortlessly distill years of research into a few conversational sentences The Stranger A strikingly nuanced portrait of how Muhammad the manfallible and complexbecame Muhammad the prophet With the insight of a psychologist and the details of a historian, Hazleton portrays a Muhammad both divinely inspired and deeply human Spirituality and Health Among the spate of recent biographies of the Prophet Muhammad, this one stands out Hazleton, a former Jerusalem based journalist and a psychologist, brings both of her professional skills to bear in this perceptive work, examining Muhammads life within its historical context and offering insights into the struggles of the early Muslim community Indeed, The First Muslim might be considered a prequel to her celebrated After the Prophet The Epic Story of the Shia Sunni Split Hazletons mining of the earliest biographies of Muhammad has yielded anecdotes that even scholarly Muslims may not know although the absence of discussion of Muhammads last sermon may be missed by some The First Muslim is a beautifully written and dynamic work that Muslims, those wanting to learn about Islam, and lovers of the English language will enjoy Asma Hasan, Saudi Aramco World Vivid and engaging a fluid and captivating introduction that will be invaluable for those seeking a greater understanding of Islam s message and its messenger Publishers Weekly Winning a level headed, elegant look at the life of the prophet amid the making of a legend KirkusBeautifully written, The First Muslim respectfully humanizes the inimitable prophet of Islam and sees him whole Cornel West, Professor, Union Theological Seminary, and Professor Emeritus, Princeton UniversityHazleton sets her keen eye and her sculpted prose on one of the most fascinating and misunderstood figures in history What she uncovers is a complex yet utterly relatable man whose personal trials and triumphs changed the course of history This is a wonderful book Reza Aslan, author of No God but God and How to Win a Cosmic War Hazleton has done the seemingly impossible rendered into human proportions a man who is often the subject of pious veneration or political vitriol This is the most readable, engaging study of Muhammad I have ever come across G Willow Wilson, author of Alif the Unseen and The Butterfly Mosque The First Muslim tells the mostly unknown story of the prophet Muhammad in a masterful, accessible, and engaging way Hazleton s empathetic touch softens her rigorous scholarship and research as she crucially demystifies both the man himself and the birth of Islam An absolute delight and indispensable for believers and non believers alike Hooman Majd, author of The Ayatollah Begs to Differ and The Ayatollahs Democracy The First Muslim The Story of Muhammad Lesley Hazleton on FREE shipping qualifying offers extraordinary life the man who founded Islam, and world he inhabited remade s new book Quran Contradiction Who Was Muslim Sahih Muslim, Book , Number may say that Moses were most prominent amongst their respective contemporaries In other words, both first in sense being preeminent over generations by Hazleton is a beautifully written very readable account prophet rise Islam author incorporates ideas about importance clan, lineage, home, retaliation, honor faith 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if we Things That May Surprise You About HuffPost Hazleton, Contributor Author, Timeline accidentaltheo Twitter latest Tweets agnostic eye existence Seattle Help us improve Pages updating bibliography submitting current image doubt essential TED Talk videoWhen writing Muhammad, struck something night received revelation Koran, according accounts, reaction doubt, awe, even fear yet experience became bedrock belief The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad


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