ಶ Relié Read [ ῲ The Formula: A Personalized 40-30-30 Fat-Burning Nutrition Program ] ⚪ By Gene Daoust ⚾

ಶ Relié Read [ ῲ The Formula: A Personalized 40-30-30 Fat-Burning Nutrition Program ] ⚪ By Gene Daoust ⚾ ಶ Relié Read [ ῲ The Formula: A Personalized 40-30-30 Fat-Burning Nutrition Program ] ⚪ By Gene Daoust ⚾ Your body requires six essential nutrient classes for growth,maintenance, and repair of its tissues Essential nutrients are those thatthe body cannot make and must obtain from an outside source To provide awell balanced diet, the foods you eat must contain all of the essentialnutrients in the amounts appropriate for good health The challenge is toeat a balanced diet that provides these nutrients without overeating Acloser look at the nutrients helps you understand their importance as partof a balanced diet The six classes of essential nutrients arecarbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.The Six Classes of Essential Nutrients1.Carbohydrates2.Protein3.Fats4.Vitamins5.Minerals6.WaterCarbohydrates, proteins, and fats are classified as macronutrients andmust be consumed in large amounts throughout the day Theseenergy producing nutrients break down to supply calories the measure ofenergy in food One gram of carbohydrate equals four calories, one gramof protein also equals four calories, and one gram of fat equals ninecalories.Vitamins and minerals are classified as micronutrients These essentialorganic and inorganic nutrients are found in the foods you eat and arevital to life They act as cofactors and are critical for proper bodyfunction Many foods today lack vitamins and minerals, having been grownin depleted soils or overprocessed For this reason, we recommendsupplementing your diet with a well balanced vitamin and mineral capsule.Think of it as nutritional insurance.Water, of course, is indispensable for life This essential nutrient flowsthrough every cell in your body, bringing in nourishment and taking wastesaway However, most people dont drink enough water If you dont getenough water daily, you may experience heartburn, stomach cramps, low backpain, headache, and fatigue But if you drink adequate amounts of water,your body runs smoothly, your circulation is improved, your digestionenhanced, and your complexion brightened.How much water you drink depends on your size and activity level Ratherthan the standard eight 8 ounce glasses per day, try this method Divideyour weight by two and drink that many ounces of water per day Thus for awoman weighing 130 pounds 130 4 2 5 65 the eight 8 ounce glasses ofwater per day is right on target However, a 200 pound man needsapproximately 100 ounces per day, or about eight 12 ounce glasses per day.Burning fat is also a very dehydrating process Toxins are stored in fatcells, and as excess body fat is being burned for energy, these storedtoxins enter the bloodstream Water becomes the vehicle for transportingtoxins from your body Because of this process, water becomes even important when you are burning fat and losing weight.Determine your water requirements and challenge yourself to drink thatamount of water daily You will be amazed at how good you feel when yousimply drink adequate amounts of pure water.Years of experience working with thousands of people taught us that mostpeople dont know which foods are classified as carbohydrates, proteins,or fats That makes it difficult when you attempt to eat 40% of caloriesfrom carbohydrates, 30% from protein, and 30% from fat The following is asimple review of the three groups of macronutrients It can help youunderstand the unique characteristics of each of these essential nutrientsand why it is important to include all of them in every meal you eat.Although most foods contain a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, andfats, we classify foods according to their predominant nutrient.CARBOHYDRATESCarbohydrates are found in virtually all plant foods Fruits, vegetables,grains, legumes beans , and starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta,and bread consist primarily of carbohydrates Add to that list sugaryfoods such as ice cream, cookies, cakes, candies, and pies, plus chips,pretzels, popcorn, soda pop, and juice, andBody Weight Water Requirement Calculator1.Total body weight____2.Divide by 2____3.Daily ounces per day____you can see that you are bombarded with carbohydrate foods In fact, thereare very few people suffering from carbohydrate deficiency, unless, ofcourse, they are in ketosisbut well discuss that later.The primary role of carbohydrates is to supply energy to the body, or important, to provide energy to the brain No matter what form ofcarbohydrate, simple or complex, all carbohydrates convert into the samethingblood sugar, properly termed glucose So, whether you eat acandy bar or pure sugar, an apple or whole wheat pasta, they all breakdown into the same thing glucose.If you eat a meal that is primarily carbohydrate, such as a bowl ofcereal, juice, and toast, the level of glucose in your body will rise.When large amounts of glucose enter the bloodstream at one time, yourblood sugar level rises and insulin is released to lower it Elevatedinsulin levels force your body to burn glucose for energy instead ofstored body fat Even worse, elevated insulin levels convert excesscarbohydrates into fat.Problems also occur when carbohydrates are avoided for example, eggs andbacon without toast or juice for breakfast High protein, high fat, lowcarbohydrate diets can promote a sluggish feeling because the brainrequires large amounts of glucose to maintain proper mental function Ifyou dont eat enough carbohydrates, blood sugar levels drop too low andthe brain suffers.The best sources of carbohydrates are foods that are high in fiber, low instarch, and low in sugar low glycemic We use low to medium glycemiccarbohydrates in the 21 Day Fat Flush Formula meals These high fibercarbohydrates are nutrient dense, which means they are naturally low incalories and high in vitamins and minerals They should be your primarysource of carbohydrates and will produce the best and fastest results.Best High Quality Carbohydrate SourcesFruits Apples, oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, pears, peaches, andplumsVegetables Broccoli, asparagus, green beans, cauliflower, zucchini, andspinachGrains Barley, oatmeal, rye, brown and wild rice, and whole wheat pastaLegumes Black beans, white beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, andlentilswhat are your carbohydrate requirements In the Formula, we use the revolutionary 40 30 30 nutrition ratio Fortypercent of your calories should come from carbohydrates To determine yourcarbohydrate requirements, you must know that you will need one third carbohydrates than protein We know most people dont like to work on mathproblems when they are hungry, so we have done this for you in theMacronutrient Chart page 65.PROTEINProtein foods are primarily foods that come from an animal source Thequality of a protein food is determined by two factors the amino acidbalance it contains and its digestibility A complete protein contains allof the essential amino acids in relatively the same amount as humansrequire High quality protein sources should also be easy to digest andlow in fat, making some of the best protein sources eggs less someyolks , lowfat dairy products, skinless chicken and turkey, fish, and leancuts of red meat Lowfat soy products may also be included.As protein is digested, long peptide chains begin to break down into aminoacids, enter the bloodstream, and are rearranged into than 50,000 newbody proteins Just as the letters of the alphabet can be arranged tocreate thousands of different words, the 22 commonly known amino acids areprecisely arranged in the bloodstream to build thousands of necessary bodyproteins that make up, build, and repair the human body on a continuousbasis These body proteins include hair, skin, nails, blood, hormones,digestive and regulatory enzymes, muscle tissue, brain neurotransmitters,your immune system, and much Remember that only amino acids rebuildthese vital body proteins.If you consume adequate amounts of quality protein at every meal, acontinuous supply of amino acids is available to build and repair yourbody Protein in a meal also stimulates the release of glucagon, a fatburning hormone that maintains stable blood glucose levels and releasesstored fat so it can be burned for energy.Many people have heard that beans and rice are a good source of proteinfor vegetarians When two plant foods, each containing the amino acidsthat the other lacks, are eaten at the same meal, they canBest High Quality Protein Sources Cottage cheese lowfat and nonfat Chicken and turkey skinless Eggs and egg whites Fish Lean meats Lowfat tofu and tempeh soy products Whey protein powder 90% pure make a complete protein However, a high quality protein must be not onlycomplete but also digestible The fibers found in plant foods wrap aroundthe protein chains, making it difficult to digest and utilize the aminoacids they contain Besides, beans are 75% carbohydrates, and rice is 90%.So we consider beans and rice carbohydrate foods and recommend addingadditional easy to digest high quality protein with these foods.A low protein diet can cause amino acid imbalance, muscle loss, anddecreased metabolism, and prevents the release of glucagon necessary forburning body fat.But too much protein can also cause problems A high protein diet can setyou up for the abnormal metabolic state known as ketosis Sure, the firstweek may bring your weight down, but be aware that at best a pound or twoof what you lose is fat and the rest can be lean muscle, water weight, andmineral loss Once the dieter goes off the diet, the weight can zoom backup, quite often to a point higher than before.what are your protein requirements The Formula uses the revolutionary 40 30 30 nutrition ratio Thirtypercent of your calories come from protein Your gender, size, andactivity level determine how much protein you require You need between.5and 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle weight per day We knowmost people dont like to work on math problems when they are hungry, sowe have done this for you in the Macronutrient Chart page 65.FATThe last of the three macronutrients is fat, certainly the most confusingof all In the past you were told that fat is bad and to avoid it Now youhear that there are good fats and bad fats The most important point toremember is that fat is an essential nutrient and that we need it everyday from an outside source I often hear people say they dont need to eatany fat, since they already have plenty of it The truth is, you need fatto burn fat.To maintain good health and to burn fat, your diet must contain adequateamounts of fat sources that supply essential fatty acids Essential fattyacids play a critical role in energy production, balancing hormones,controlling hunger, and stabilizing blood sugar It is important toremember that fat in a meal slows the digestion of the meal so that ittrickles into the bloodstream, keeping blood glucose levels normal.The right kind of fat provides omega 3 and 6 fatty acids These goodfats are unprocessed and occur naturally in foods Good sources are rawnuts and seeds, olives and avocados, and vegetable oils such as safflower,canola, and olive Although fish is primarily thought of as a proteinsource, it also provides valuable EPA eicosapentaenoic acid fatty acids.Coldwater fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and mackerel are some ofyour best sources of fat.A healthy diet should contains 30% of Best High Quality Fat SourcesOlives and olive oilAvocadosAlmonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and pecansAll types of raw nuts and seedsFish and fish oilsVegetable oilsits total calories from fat, with 10% of the total calories from saturatedfat, 10% from unsaturated fat, and 10% from monounsaturated fat Animalproteins contain saturated fats, vegetables and vegetable oils containunsaturated fats, and avocados, olives, olive oil, nuts, and seeds containmonounsaturated fats.The fats to avoid are called trans fats and are found in hydrogenatedvegetable oils.what are your fat requirements The Formula uses the revolutionary 40 30 30 nutrition ratio Thirtypercent of your calories come from fat We know most people dont like towork on math problems when they are hungry, so we have done this for youin the Macronutrient Chart page 65.SUMMARYThe key thing to remember about nutrition is balance Balanced nutritionis the magic bullet to good nutrition It always has been and it alwayswill be, and the Formula is simply balanced nutrition made easy TheFormula is a balanced nutrition program personalized for your specificrequirements Each meal and snack contains the 40 30 30 ratio ofcarbohydrates, protein, and fat to fuel your body correctly Every timeyou eat, the carbohydrates in the meal provide glucose for your brain andprevent ketosis The protein provides amino acids needed to build andrepair body proteins and releases glucagon, your fat burning hormone Andfat supplies the fatty acids critical for blood sugar control, appetitesuppression, and hormone production.The Formula40% Carbohydrates To provide fuel for your brain To prevent ketosis30% Protein To provide amino acids to build and repair your body To release your fat burning hormones30% Fat To stabilize blood sugar and control hunger To provide essential fatty acids for hormone productionAre you frustrated by low fat high carbohydrate or all protein diets that don t work Tired of white knuckle restrictions or doing math at every meal Fed up with a constant craving for sugars and carbohydrates Do you wish you had a magic formula for losing weight and keeping it off Well, now you do Pioneering weight loss and certified sports nutritionists Gene and Joyce Daoust have personally helped thousands of people lose weight, tone up, and enjoy a healthier, fit lifestyle Their advice Drop the rice cakes and calorie counting, and stop trying to figure out those complicated food blocks The Formula teaches an easy way to balanced nutrition that will have you burning fat 24 hours a day while eating foods you enjoy Featuring menu plans, shopping lists, and progress charts, The Formula provides a personalized program for each person s specific needs and body type So whether you re a couch potato, a professional athlete, or somewhere in between, you ll discover Five different versions of the Formula and how to find the right one for your weight and activity level The 21 Day Fat Flush Formula for accelerated weight loss More than 200 delicious recipes, including perfectly balanced 40 30 30 fajitas, chili, pork tenderloin, and New York cheesecake Special Kids Favorites and Family Style meals Healthy advice on prepared foods, fast foods, and vegetarian meals A plan for life, The Formula is a dieter s dream the lifetime secret to losing weight, staying slim, and feeling great The Formula film Wikipedia The Jump to navigation search is a American mystery directed by John G Avildsen and released Metro Goldwyn Mayer It features preeminent cast 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