✏ Chapter The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration for early readers ͓ By Isabel Wilkerson ᾥ

✏ Chapter The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration for early readers ͓ By Isabel Wilkerson ᾥ ✏ Chapter The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration for early readers ͓ By Isabel Wilkerson ᾥ In the Land of the ForefathersOur mattresses were made of corn shucksand soft gray Spanish moss that hung from the trees From the swamps we got soup turtles and baby alligatorsand from the woods we got raccoon, rabbit and possum.Mahalia Jackson, Movin On UpLeavingThis land is first and foremosthis handiwork.It was he who brought orderout of primeval wilderness Wherever one looks in this land,whatever one sees that is the work of man,was erected by the toilingstraining bodies of blacks.David L Cohn, God Shakes CreationThey fly from the land that bore them.W H Stillwell1Chickasaw County, Mississippi, Late October 1937ida mae brandon gladneythe night clouds were closing in on the salt licks east of the oxbow lakes along the folds in the earth beyond the Yalobusha River The cotton was at last cleared from the field Ida Mae tried now to get the children ready and to gather the clothes and quilts and somehow keep her mind off the churning within her She had sold off the turkeys and doled out in secret the old stools, the wash pots, the tin tub, the bed pallets Her husband was settling with Mr Edd over the worth of a years labor, and she did not know what would come of it None of them had been on a train beforenot unless you counted the clattering local from Bacon Switch to Okolona, where, by the time you sit down, you there, as Ida Mae put it None of them had been out of Mississippi Or Chickasaw County, for that matter.There was no explaining to little James and Velma the stuffed bags and chaos and all that was at stake or why they had to put on their shoes and not cry and bring undue attention from anyone who might happen to see them leaving Things had to look normal, like any other time they might ride into town, which was rare enough to begin with.Velma was six She sat with her ankles crossed and three braids in her hair and did what she was told James was too little to understand He was three He was upset at the commotion Hold still now, James Lemme put your shoes on, Ida Mae told him James wriggled and kicked He did not like shoes He ran free in the field What were these things He did not like them on his feet So Ida Mae let him go barefoot.Miss Theenie stood watching One by one, her children had left her and gone up north Sam and Cleve to Ohio Josie to Syracuse Irene to Milwaukee Now the man Miss Theenie had tried to keep Ida Mae from marrying in the first place was taking her away, too Miss Theenie had no choice but to accept it and let Ida Mae and the grandchildren go for good Miss Theenie drew them close to her, as she always did whenever anyone was leaving She had them bow their heads She whispered a prayer that her daughter and her daughters family be protected on the long journey ahead in the Jim Crow car.May the Lord be the first in the car, she prayed, and the last out.When the time had come, Ida Mae and little James and Velma and all that they could carry were loaded into a brother in laws truck, and the three of them went to meet Ida Maes husband at the train depot in Okolona for the night ride out of the bottomland.2Wildwood, Florida, April 14, 1945george swanson starlinga man named roscoe colton gave Lil George Starling a ride in his pickup truck to the train station in Wildwood through the fruit bearing scrubland of central Florida And Schoolboy, as the toothless orange pickers mockingly called him, boarded the Silver Meteor pointing north.A railing divided the stairs onto the train, one side of the railing for white passengers, the other for colored, so the soles of their shoes would not touch the same stair He boarded on the colored side of the railing, a final reminder from the place of his birth of the absurdity of the world he was leaving.He was getting out alive So he didnt let it bother him I got on the car where they told me to get on, he said years later.He hadnt had time to bid farewell to everyone he wanted to He stopped to say good bye to Rachel Jackson, who owned a little caf up on what they called the Avenue and the few others he could safely get to in the little time he had He figured everybody in Egypt town, the colored section of Eustis, probably knew he was leaving before he had climbed onto the train, small as the town was and as much as people talked.It was a clear afternoon in the middle of April He folded his tall frame into the hard surface of the seat, his knees knocking against the seat back in front of him He was packed into the Jim Crow car, where the railroad stored the luggage, when the train pulled away at last He was on the run, and he wouldnt rest easy until he was out of range of Lake County, beyond the reach of the grove owners whose invisible laws he had broken.The train rumbled past the forest of citrus trees that he had climbed since he was a boy and that he had tried to wrestle some dignity out of and, for a time, had They could have their trees He wasnt going to lose his life over them He had come close enough as it was.He had lived up to his familys accidental surname Starling Distant cousin to the mockingbird He had spoken up about what he had seen in the world he was born into, like the starling that sang Mozarts own music back to him or the starling out of Shakespeare that tormented the king by speaking the name of Mortimer Only, George was paying the price for tormenting the ruling class that owned the citrus groves There was no place in the Jim Crow South for a colored starling like him.He didnt know what he would do once he got to New York or what his life would be He didnt know how long it would take before he could send for Inez His wife was mad right now, but shed get over it once he got her there At least thats what he told himself He turned his face to the North and sat with his back to Florida.Leaving as he did, he figured he would never set foot in Eustis again for as long as he lived And as he settled in for the twenty three hour train ride up the coast of the Atlantic, he had no desire to have anything to do with the town he grew up in, the state of Florida, or the South as a whole, for that matter.A landmark piece of nonfiction.sure to hold many surprises for readers of any race or experience.A mesmerizing book that warrants comparison to The Promised Land, Nicholas Lemanns study of the Great Migrations early phase, and Common Ground, J Anthony Lukass great, close range look at racial strife in Boston Wilkersons closeness with, and profound affection for, her subjects reflect her deep immersion in their stories and allow the reader to share that connection Janet Maslin, The New York Times The Warmth of Other Suns is a brilliant and stirring epic, the first book to cover the full half century of the Great Migration Wilkerson combines impressive researchwith great narrative and literary power Ms Wilkerson does for the Great Migration what John Steinbeck did for the Okies in his fiction masterpiece, The Grapes of Wrath she humanizes history, giving it emotional and psychological depth.John Stauffer, Wall Street Journal A massive and masterly account of the Great Migration.A narrative epic rigorous enough to impress all but the crankiest of scholars, yet so immensely readable as to land the author a future place on Oprahs couch David Oshinsky, The New York Times Book Review Cover Review A deeply affecting, finely crafted and heroic book..Wilkerson has taken on one of the most important demographic upheavals of the past centurya phenomenon whose dimensions and significance have eluded many a scholarand told it through the lives of three people no one has ever heard of.This is narrative nonfiction, lyrical and tragic and fatalist The story exposes the story moves the story ends What Wilkerson urges, finally, isnt argument at all its compassion Hush, and listen Jill Lepore, The New Yorker The Warmth of Other Suns is epic in its reach and in its structure Told in a voice that echoes the magic cadences of Toni Morrison or the folk wisdom of Zora Neale Hurstons collected oral histories, Wilkersons book pulls not just the expanse of the migration into focus but its overall impact on politics, literature, music, sports in the nation and the world Lynell George, Los Angeles TimesOne of the most lyrical and important books of the season David Shribman, Boston Globe An extraordinary and evocative work The Washington PostMesmerizing Chicago TribuneScholarly but very readable, this book, for all its rigor, is so absorbing, it should come with a caveat Pick it up only when you can lose yourself entirely O, The Oprah Magazine An indelible and compulsively readable portrait of race, class, and politics in 20th century America History is rarely distilled so finely Grade A Entertainment WeeklyAn astonishing work Isabel Wilkerson delivers With the precision of a surgeon, Wilkerson illuminates the stories of bold, faceless African Americans who transformed cities and industries with their hard work and determination to provide their children with better lives EssenceIsabel Wilkersons majestic The Warmth of Other Suns shows that not everyone bloomed, but the migrantsWilkerson prefers to think of them as domestic immigrantsremade the entire country, North and South Its a monumental job of writing and reporting that lives up to its subtitle The Epic Story of Americas Great Migration USA Today A sweeping history of the Great Migration The Warmth of Other Suns builds upon such purely academic works to make the migrant experience both accessible and emotionally compelling NPR.org The Warmth of Other Suns is a beautifully written, in depth analysis of what Wilkerson calls one of the most underreported stories of the 20th century A masterpiece that sheds light on a significant development in our nations history The San Jose Mercury News The Warmth of Other Suns is a beautifully written book that, once begun, is nearly impossible to put aside It is an unforgettable combination of tragedy and inspiration, and gripping subject matter and characters in a writing style that grabs the reader on Page 1 and never lets go Woven into the tapestry of three individuals lives, in prose that is sweet to savor, Wilkerson tells the larger story, the general situation of life in the South for blacks If you read one only one book about history this year, read this If you read only one book about African Americans this year, read this If you read only one book this year, read this The Free Lance Star, Fredericksburg, Va A trulyauspicious debut The author deftly intersperses her characters stories with short vignettes about other individuals and consistently provides the bigger picture without interrupting the flow of the narrativeWilkersons focus on the personal aspect lends her book a markedly different, accessible tone Her powerful storytelling style, as well, gives this decades spanning history a welcome novelistic flavor An impressive take on the Great Migration Kirkus, Starred Review A magnificent, extensively researched study of the great migration The drama, poignancy, and romance of a classic immigrant saga pervade this book, hold the reader in its grasp, and resonate long after the reading is done Publishers Weekly, Starred ReviewNot since Alex Haleys Roots has there been a history of equal literary quality where the writing surmounts the rhythmic soul of fiction, where the writers voice sings a song of redemptive glory as true as Faulkners southern cantatas The San Francisco ExaminerProfound, necessary and an absolute delight to read Toni Morrison The Warmth of Other Suns is a sweeping and yet deeply personal tale of Americas hidden 20th century history the long and difficult trek of Southern blacks to the northern and western cities This is an epic for all Americans who want to understand the making of our modern nation Tom BrokawA seminal work of narrative nonfiction You will never forget these people Gay TaleseWith compelling prose and considered analysis, Isabel Wilkerson has given us a landmark portrait of one of the most significant yet little noted shifts in American history the migration of African Americans from the Jim Crow South to the cities of the North and West It is a complicated tale, with an infinity of implications for questions of race, power, politics, religion, and classimplications that are unfolding even now This book will be long remembered, and savored Jon MeachamIsabel Wilkersons The Warmth of Other Suns is an American masterpiece, a stupendous literary success that channels the social sciences as iconic biography in order to tell a vast story of a people s reinvention of itself and of a nationthe first complete history of the Great Black Migration from start to finish, north, east, west David Levering LewisIsabel Wilkersons book is a masterful narrative of the rich wisdom and deep courage of a great people Dont miss it Cornel West Warmth definition of warmth by The Free Dictionary heat, snugness, warmness, comfort, homeliness, hotness She went in, drawn the fire heat cold , chill coolness coldness chilliness iciness affection feeling love goodwill kindness tenderness friendliness cheerfulness amity cordiality affability kindliness heartiness amorousness hospitableness The Warmth Other Suns Epic Story America s has ratings and reviews Brina said In Isabel Wilkerson won Pulitzer Prize for journalism, making her composed a masterpiece narrative journalism on subject vital to our national identity, as compelling it is heartbreaking hopeful Critics, however, were less certain about whether written definitive history Great Migration Definition Merriam Webster quality or state being warm in temperature How use sentence Define at intimate attached All children need from their families an effect brightness, cheerfulness, coziness, 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    • The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration
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    • 444
    • Format Kindle
    • 640 pages
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    • Isabel Wilkerson
    • Anglais
    • 09 January 2016

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