᠕ Hardcover Read קּ Pensees For Free ᡝ Kindle By Blaise Pascal ᢅ

᠕ Hardcover Read קּ Pensees For Free ᡝ Kindle By Blaise Pascal ᢅ ᠕ Hardcover Read קּ Pensees For Free ᡝ Kindle By Blaise Pascal ᢅ This book, representing Pascal s pensees , or thoughts, contains many provocative views that have managed to arouse critics from many different perspectives In many ways, Pascal s insights into human character as it relates to the divine are not easily dismissed, at least intellectually Because Pensees is a collection of thoughts rather than a systematic presentation, the reader will likely find Pascal to be quite quotable There are quite a few one liners in here that are profound to the point of being humorous Pascal, in arguing in favor of the truth of Christianity, makes a very big investment in fulfilled prophecy and the history of the Jews that readers should find interesting His discourse on indifference at the beginning of the second section is exceptional they have succeeded in providing a considerable amount of discomfort to atheists for three centuries now The portion of Pensees that is the most well known is Pascal s wager argument early in the second section Unfortunately, this argument is not the most compelling one made by Pascal, making it a shame that it has overshadowed his most provocative argument in favor of the Christian religion the anthropological one Section 1 of Pensees spends considerable time developing the notion that the extreme paradox of humanity as Pascal sees it of both immense greatness and horrible evil demand an explanation How can man be both, and what worldview best explains this clear reality These are the questions that Pascal presents, arguing that only the Biblical narrative of man from creation forward provides an intelligent framework upon which to explain the human condition adequately It is a very provocative argument that a number of thoughtful theologians from Groothuis to McKenzie have opined upon, and an argument that deserves extensive thought not just about the Christian religion, but about the very nature of man and whether Pascal s grasp of it is correct or not Being a Jansenist, Pascal was not as willing as mainstream Roman Catholicism to rely on human reason, believing that man s wretchedness calls such reason into question As such, the reader will notice that Pascal tends to employ a general polemic against reason, even though he clearly refutes the complete abandonment of reason But as part of this general polemic, he clearly distrusts natural theology as well as the rationalizations of the philosophers which is kind of ironic , believing that philosophical rationalizing is ultimately an impediment to faith Pascal intends here to walk a fine line between what he believed to be the logical absurdity of faith in complete contradiction to reason, but also of the bankruptcy as he saw it of reason alone becoming the basis for our faith All in all, Pensees is a highly provocative book that has, and will continue, to arouse thought and contemplation at the deepest levels. 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    • 23 April 2017

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